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Vince gets a lot of criticism these days, and a lot of it is justified.

But you have to admit, as an onscreen character in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras the guy was AMAZING!!
One of the most entertaining, charismatic and at times just off the wall performers the WWF/E has ever seen.
Some of his promo's, lines and in ring moments are up there with some of my favourite pieces of WWF/E history.
I love his "Life Sucks, then you die" promo especially. Just brilliant.

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Yeah, he was a great heel. Stephanie should learn a things or two. :draper2

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For me the reason why he was so great was that he was willing to be the butt of the joke, take the fall and come out losing more than not. This IMHO is were his daughters character falls down.

Austin always won as no matter how hard Vince tried he couldn't get the damn belt off him. When he finally managed it after the longest time Austin just stared embarrassing the corp on a weekly basis.
Austin was the employee sticking it to his boss which in itself strikes a chord with many. Who wants to see a boss being Nasty to their employees with employees having no choice but to take it.
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