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Vignette featuring Awesome Kong featured on FCW TV

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PWInsider's says that during the latest edition of Florida Championship Wrestling TV featured a video package with Kia "Awesome/Amazing Kong" Stevens. She attended the 'Mania XXVII activities last weekend and will soon be in developmental.

Really? Lindsay Hayward goes straight to NXT and a more well known super heavyweight female needs to be trained for a year before appearing on official WWE Programming?
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Did it occur to you that maybe she wanted to go through FCW? Daniel Bryan volunteered to go through FCW to curry favor with management and get used to working the style.
That would be cool but knowing Vince he'll have her debut as Mark Henry's sister or love interest and it will be a joke.

Didn't Kong just do a "sexy" photoshoot for the WWE?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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