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Welcome to Video Game Mafia V!

All the usual rules stand in this game....!!
- Don't talk about the game outside the thread unless otherwise specified. Don't leak a QT to anyone who shouldn't have access.
- If you have questions, please PM me instead of asking in the thread.
- You're only allowed to make one non-gameplay related post after your death and nothing more.
- If you're gonna be gone for a while, PM me. If you need to rep out, PM me.

Special info regarding this game:
- Any character can be any alignment.
- Characters are linked to their roles, though sometimes loosely.
- There are no cults, no jesters, and no alignment changing roles.
- Some abilities have flavor, some don't. There are better ways to hunt.
- Roleblocked shots are not refunded.
- Days and Nights are around 24 hours with slight variance depending on my schedule.
- Win Condition for every player if not stated otherwise: You win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop it from happening.

Example Town Role PM:

Welcome to Video Game Mafia V!

You are Magilou from Tales of Berseria.

You are aligned with the Town.

Your abilities are:

Vanille Townie - Your vote is your only power.

Players Alive: (7)
3. Mikey
8. Jeffa
12. Odo
14. Doddsy
15. Big Man
17. Lawls
20. TKOK

Players Dead: (15)
Killed N1: NotGuilty - Desmond Miles - 3x Hider
Killed N1: CamillePunk - The Red Prince - Hated Townie, 5% (increasing) Vigilante
Killed D2: Phenom - Sora - JOAT (Guard, Scan, Cheer)
Lynched D2: Tweets - Ace - 1x Restricted Day Vig
Killed N2: krtgolfing - Nathan Drake - 2x Grave Digger
Killed N2: Curry - Tim - Gang Mason, Outta Retirement (1x vigi if last standing in his QT)
Lynched D3: Brutus - Aiden Pearce - *hacker voice* I'm in (1x Watcher, Tracker, Voyeur, Follower)
Killed N3: Jam - Trevor - Gang Mason, 1x Torturer (invite to QT and choice to kill any night after)
Killed D4: Lethal - Crash Bandicoot - Aku Aku mask (moving BP)
Lynched D4: Barry - Big Boss - Mason, Snakes! (Vig/BP split mason)
Dueled D4: Bananas Rugrat Chimpy - Vivi - 2x Blk Mag JOAT (Fire, Sleep, Blizzard, Slow, Thunder, Bio, Osmose, Death)
Killed N4: Poyser - Lionel Messi - Scoring/Passing Double Voter (double vote if first/last on wagon that goes through)
Indie Victory N4: Retep - ToeJam and Earl - Gift Giver (Boombox, Decoy, Doorway, Earthling, Telephone, Tomatoes), Funky Indie (survive till under 10 other players alive)
Lynched D5: Skybox - Misha - Interpreter (places vote of someone who didn't vote)
Lynched D6: Alco - Cesar Vialpando - Gang Mason, 1x Bus Driver

Rep list:

End of Day 1
End of Night 1
Mid-Day 2
End of Day 2
End of Night 2
End of Day 3
End of Night 3
Mid-Day 4
End of Day 4
End of Night 4
End of Day 5
End of Night 5
End of Day 6 and END OF THE GAME

Retep the Funky Indie wins!
Mafia wins!!!

Still searching
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Also FWIW Rop straight up asked in the discord what a reasonable split would be and we settled on somewhere in the region of 15/5/1/1 or 16/5/1.
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