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Here's some news on Season 2!

Earlier this week it was announced that Viceland has officially renewed their series Dark Side of the Ring for a second season.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there will be ten new documentaries for the new season with two episodes that were filmed for the first season for Dino Bravo and Chris Benoit.

At the time, they weren’t completed as filming stopped when the ten weeks planned at the time were cut to six. Interviews have yet to be conducted for the Benoit episode.

Viceland either has or will soon talk to Bravo’s widow for his episode. Brawl for All is also an expected topic as they’ve already spoke to Bart Gunn for it. A story on Jimmy Snuka has also been talked about.
Season 1 was fascinating to watch, though sadly, it does speak volumes of how many said tales there are in wrestling that they can expand Season 2 to 10 episodes and I still can't fully guess all of what they are going to cover.

So far, it looks like we're getting:
1) The Chris Benoit Murder/Suicide (Certainly the can't miss doc of the season. Nothing highlights the dark side of wrestling quite like this tale)

2) Dino Bravo's Murder (This is a weird case in Pro Wrestling history that would have been worthy of Unsolved Mysteries if given the chance)

3) Jimmy Snuka Kills His Girlfriend? (This situation is freaking weird, and surprisingly doesn't get talked about as much as you'd expect)

4) The Brawl for All (I guess this one would be more of a funny weird one about how shoot fights actually got promoted in the WWF for a brief period. I'd love to hear Bart Gunn's take on all these and maybe take a little about how it basically destroyed Dr. Death's career).

Other options for stories?
- The Foley/Taker Hell in a Cell = Its been talked about to death and I don't know what they can add, but I can see them doing it just for how big the match is. Heck they could probably just do a whole episode on Foley and all the stuff that has happened to him (losing an ear, the concussions, etc.)
- The Mass Transit Incident = If there is an ECW centric episode they can do, it would have to be this, right?
- The Death of Owen Hart = One of the greatest tragedies in wrestling with one of the biggest controversies about continuing the show following Owen's fall. Lot of ground to cover there.
- The Sid/Arn Scissors Incident = Could you imagine if this happened in the age of the internet and Social Media? Man, Twitter would have gone completely bonkers. As is, it is one of those weird backstage legends that we all know about but I don't see too many shoots on it.
- Tales from the Forgotten Eras in Wrestling (1900s-50s) = Stuff like the Montreal Screwjob was almost common place in the olden days and it would be fascinating to hear about some of the backstabbing that happened in the business before it became what it is today.
- The Steroid Scandal and The Trial of Vince McMahon = This almost killed the WWF, soiled Hulk Hogan's reputation, and made it feel like the business would never recover.
- Wrestlers Get Rough With Reporters = There are a surprising amount of instances of wrestlers getting a little too rowdy with the media. The Schultz/Stossel slap, the Hogan/Belzer incident, and Vader's fiasco in Kuwait. This could be a story about what happens when wrestlers go too far to protect the business.
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