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I signed up a few months ago as JC Epick but I got sidetracked with other things and never had the time to roleplay. I now have more time on my hands and will be bringing in a new character.


Real Name: Drake Mathias BUT he has an alter ego named, Venom, which is his wrestling name.


Age: 27

Height: 6'3

Weight: 240

Gimmick: It is similar to the Joker off Batman. It will mostly be Venom speaking but sometimes the person, Drake Mathias will be talking as well. Venom loves to inflict pain on his opponent and is a master of mindgames.

Hometown/Country of Origin: Parts Unknown

Alignment: Heel

Theme Music:


Character Rep:

Ring Entrance Description: Venom walks out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He laughs evily before entering the ring. Once he enters, Venom chases off the ring announcer and waits for his opponent to come out.

Top 10 Moves:

Arm Drag
AA Take Down
Scoop Slam
Snap Suplex
Sleeper Hold
Arm Bar
Cross Body
European Uppercut

Signature Moves:

Spine Buster
Million Dollar Dream

Primary Finisher:

Dead End (Cross Rhodes)

Secondary Finisher:

Tombstone Piledriver​
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