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Match #1
1. Apa vs FBI w/nunzio(match hasn't been made yet)
okay so I am not goning to write the whole matches just maybe how the last five minutes of each match should go. Brawshaw should go for the clothsline from hell and Stamboli would duck. Then chuck who would be there would be knocked out of the ring but the clothsline. Bradshaw would turn around into a pump handle slam from Stamboli. Stambolu would then get a two count as bradshaw would kick out. Stambpli would pull his head up a little and pound on him with fists until the ref started counting and grabs his arm at three. he would then pick him up whip him into the ropes and Nunzio would use a chair on bradshaws back. Stamboli would then whack(Stamboli's finisher) Bradshaw. He Ron simmons would then chase after nunzio would lead him into chuck who throws his head into the ring post. Stamboli beats on Bradshaw while this is happening. Chuck climbs into the ring and Stamboli and Chuck nail their backbreaker leg drop combo for the win.

winner=the FBI

Match #2
2. Ultimo dragon vs Jamie Knoble(not made but hopefully will)
near the end Nidia gets to and kisses Ultimo dragon distracting him long enough for Jamie knoble to get up turn him around and powerbomb him. Jamie knoble seems furious at nidia for kissing a guy with a mask and goes to the outside to talk to her. After about 20 seconds of argueing ultimo dragon comes out of nowhere and nails both of them with a asai moonsault. ultimo dragon brings Jamie knoble back into the ring and begins to use his martial arts kicks to beat down Jamie knoble. Jamie knoble reveseres into a sleeper hold but evenually Ultimo breaks out with the fans support. Ultimo then drops him with a backdrop. Ultimo dragon goes up top and gets their however Jamie knoble kicks the ref into the ropes knocking Ulitmo off his feet. The ref is busy warning knoble nidia chokes Ultimo dragon with some kind of a gold necklace she bought with there new money. Then she pushes him off the top turnbuckle to the mat and jumps down. The ref looks at her but she acts all innocent. Jamie knoble then locks in the trailer hitch. Jamie knoble does this close to the rope so Nidia can grab his arms and give him extra power to put into the move. The ref sees this and makes him break the hold. Jamie knoble looks pissed. Ulito dragon drop toe hold Jamie to the mat and begins to fight again. Ultimo dragon nails a dropkick and then goes up top and nails a moonsault. The ref begins the count 1...2...No Nidia puts Jamies foot on the rope and points it out to the ref. The ref realized she might have done it and goes outsie to kick her to the back. back in the ring Jamie koble low blows Ultimo drgaon and then nails a ddt. He locks in the trailer park hitch again and Ultimo almost taps out. Jamie contiues the hold but Ultimo gets to the ropes. However since the ref is still dealing with nidia, Jamie pulls him back into the center and locks on the hold again. nidia goes and the ref turns around to ulitmo tapping out to the trailer park hitch. The ref calls for the bell and the match is over. Nidia comes running back down from the top of the ramp and celebrates their victory while we go to the back.

winner=Jamie knoble w/nidia

Segment 1. Steph with Zach gowen

(Stephanie comes into the lcker oom of zach gowen and finds him sitting on a bench. She sits next to him. )

Steph: I know my dad made us both have matches tonight. You against my dad and me against sable, but trust me everthing is going to be all right. I have to go because my match with sable is next. You just trust me that everything will be okay tonight alright.(both of these matches were made on smackdown so don't blame me for writing them)

Zach: okay steph

(stephanie then gets up and leaves the room) We got back to tazz and micheal cole talking about Jamie knoble and Nidia when sables music hits and she comes out in wrestling gear. She stuts her stuff and walks down to the ring. Then I all grown up hits and steph walks out ot the ring in her wrestling gear. She walks out to a huge aplluase and enters the ring.)

Match # 3
Steph vs Sable
Short match so I write the whole thing. It starts off with Sable getting slap by stephanie and steph by sable. They then begin to catfight for a minute or so switching places pulling hair and wacking eachothers heads on the mat. Sable then gets up and goes to the other side of the ring then steph is on. Sable runs at steph and steph move sable bounces off the ropes and into a snapmare by stephanie. Steph goes for the cover 1...2..no sable kicks out. Steph picks Sable up and goes for a DDt however sable reverses and sets her up for the TKO. Sable begins to spin but Steph revesres that into a reverse DDT and goes for the Cover but sable kicks out at two. steph then whips Sable into the ropes and puts her held down but is kicked in the face. Sable then scoop slams stephanie to the mat and goes for the cover, but ont gets a two count. Stephanie then gets picked up and sable bombed onto the mat. Sable goes for the cover but somehow only after a one count steph gets her leg on the bottom ropes. Sable picks Stephanie up for another sable bomb but stephanie reverses it into a huge aired DDT for the three count. Steph celebrates in the ring. After the match sable kocks steph out and leaves her in the ring.


(We go to the back and see Zach Gowen talking to someone behind a door but we can't see who the hell it is.)

Match # 4(made on Smackdown) Tag title Kidman/Mysterio vs Hass/Benjirmin
Near the end Hass locks Kidman in the Hass of pain however rey mysterio comes out of nohwere, and uses his over the top leg drop on hass knocking him out of the hold. Kidman then rolls out of the ring and Rey nails the 619 on Hass. Rey mysteio goes for the cover but the ref won't count cause he is not legal man. Bejirmin knocks him around a little and then puts him onto the top rope. He goes up for the superplex but Rey mysterio blocks it and reverses it will a bulldog on Benjirmin off the top turnbuckle. He goes for the cover on bejirmin but the ref won't count cause Hass and kiman are the legal men. Rey mysterio then goes back up top and as hass is finally getting up gives him a hurricanrana. Hass and Mysterio are down. Kidman comes in and and covers Hass for the 1..2...3. The ref hands him the tag team belts and the other to a rey mysterio who the ref is helping up. However Kidman goes over to rey DDT's him drops them belts and nails his tag team partner with a shooting star press. Then he grabs both tag titles and runs off with them.

winners=Rey mysterio and kidman

(Backstage Josh matthews catches up with billy Kidman who has both the tag belts on his shoulders and begins an interview)

Josh Matthews: Excuse billy Kidman why did you do that to your tag team partner.

Kidman: what tag team partner. Oh you mean Rey mysterio. While I am the sole tag team champion. That right I won that match all by myself. I Ddidn't get any help from that loser and that is why i am declaring myself the owner of both tag team belts. If he wants his tag team belt, well he is not going to get it. Well Unless next tursday on smackdown he can beat the best cruiserweight ever Me in a one on one confritation. Now excuse me I have to go and party now.

(Kidman walk away and we go back to the ring)

Match#5 Zach Gowen vs Mr. Mcmahon
Both come out to the ring and zach is ocupanied by Stephanie mcmahon who is a little banged up from ealier. Steph sits at ring side to begin the match. The matcb begins with mcmahon trying to knock Zach down and take off one of his legs. His Finally does it after about five reverses from zach knocking mr. mcahon back. Zach then crawls to the rope and begins to bounce on one leg. Mr. mcahon begins to punch zach and knock him off his leg. Stephanie looks a little scared, then zach kicks mr. machon through the middle and top rope. Zach gets some breathing time and then the boos gets back into the ring. Zach bounces and kicks the boss down again. the boss gets up and someone uses his version of the stunner on Zach gowen. Steph jumps up real quick and gets on the apron distracting the ref. Vince goes for the cover while his daughter distracts the ref. He looks up and sees her being a distraction. He stands up and begins to walk over to steph when zach grabs his leg. Mr. machon turns around and is gored by rhyno who came running down the ramp. Rhyno the rushes out of the ring and steph gets down. Zach goes up and nails his moonsault for the victory over mr. mcmcahon. Zach/rhyno and Steph celebrate outside of the ring as mcmahon looks at them shocked that he lost this match-up.

winner=Zach Gowen

Match #6 Billy Gunn vs Matt Hardy-U.S. title match.
Near the end Matt hardy nails the twist of fate. However torrie wilson goes to the top and shows her but to matt hardy. he gets distracted walks over and kisses her, then he bounces her head off the top rope knocking her to the outside. Matt hardy turns around to a kick to the gut and a Fameasser and Billy Gunn becomes the new U.S. champion. Torrie gets up after a while and celbrates with Billy Gunn as Shannon moore and matt hardy leave up the ramp.

winner=Billy Gunn w/torrie

Match#7 John cena vs Undertaker
Undertaker no sells most of the match. John cena hits a kneeling fire-man's carry and then goes for the cover only getting a one count. John cena gets upset after a while and punches cena with the chain around his fist while the ref is knocked out on the mat. John cena picks up the undertaker and nails the F-U as the ref comes to for the 1...2...3.

winner=John cena

Match#8 wwe championship Kurt vs Brock vs Big show
In the end Brock F-5's the big show and then Kurt angle comes fromthe outside and nails Brock with an angle slam. Then he locks the ankle lock on brock lesnar. Lesnar kickout out bouncing Kurt into the ropes. Brock jumps up and goes for an F-5 but Kurt lands on his feet nails Brock with another angle slam for the victory.

winner=New champ kurt angle

so what do you guys think of how i would do vengence.

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jamie knoble wud never beat ultimo dragon, ultimo dragon is a newcomer (in the wwe) and he wudnt be beaten by jamie knoble-sum1 who isn't being used by WWE at the moment.

i like the idea of Kidman n Rey .

don't think angle will win it at vengeance but hope he will.

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im sure Haas & Benjamin are gonna win. Maybe when they lose, Kidman could get mad at Rey saying that its his fault they lost, leading up to them fighting at SS. Ultimo would beat Noble. other than that i agree.
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