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Velvet Sky as a singles competitor

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As great as I think Velvet Sky is. I tend to wonder how she would fair on her own. I mean since coming to TNA, she's always been placed with others. Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Lacey Von Eric etc. I don't recall her working on her own, so it makes me wonder about what she would be like working on her own. I mean Angelina Love I think could pull it off, she seems to be more independant and the fact that she worked a singles stint when she returned even if it was a short time. But Velvet? Is she capabable or is she more dependant on others.
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s been singles matches before, back when Angelina was champ, she was the token jobber for whoever Angelina was feuding, like ODB, Kong, Tara, etc.

Her as a singles wrestler will be no different than most WWE diva matches anyway, just dont except anything good, and you'll be fine.
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