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Val Venis' take on the Hardy boys

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Val Venis vid
Well he comes off as pretty bitter but I agree that Matt Hardy thinks he is much better then he really is and I like the Paul London plug. To say Matt has had zero talent his whole career is pretty dumb, and I despise present day Matt Hardy, but he was in his prime a decade ago and I'll never forget the TLCs.

Kind of odd he doesn't mention them being in TNA but I guess he doesn't want to burn bridges with the real high ups. Unless I'm being punked and he's coming to TNA to fued with Matt, but I doubt he would mock Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and Michael Hayes if that was the case.
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haha this is so funny. you ppl were begging for Matt Hardy to be pushed to WWE's main event scene when he is actually getting a big push in TNA you criticize him? And Venis is a horrible wrestler his stint in TNA was a horrible memory he has no right talking trash plus Matt has paid his dues
The only two things wrong with Morley in TNA was he came in with Hogan and that made him look like a talentless lackey like the Nasty Boys when Sean could still clearly wrestle. Also, they made him go over Christopher Daniels clean in his debut in a matter of minutes and got nothing out of that feud. That feud could have produced several quality matches and would have been good as a first or second PPV match a few times.

The only thing I disagree with is dues paying, because Matt and Jeff toiled in jobber hell obscurity for several years and did some insane things with their bodies. After that, I co-sign the whole thing, not that Morley really needs co-signing on something that is 100 percent true.
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