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Val Venis' take on the Hardy boys

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Val Venis vid
Well he comes off as pretty bitter but I agree that Matt Hardy thinks he is much better then he really is and I like the Paul London plug. To say Matt has had zero talent his whole career is pretty dumb, and I despise present day Matt Hardy, but he was in his prime a decade ago and I'll never forget the TLCs.

Kind of odd he doesn't mention them being in TNA but I guess he doesn't want to burn bridges with the real high ups. Unless I'm being punked and he's coming to TNA to fued with Matt, but I doubt he would mock Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and Michael Hayes if that was the case.
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If the Hardy Boyz were still in the other company I wonder if they would get as much flak from people and I don't just mean Morley who's always been a mid carder, I agree Matt could do with losing a few pounds but no way is he fat.
Yes they would, apparently you didn't see how many people crushed Matt his final months with WWE. Val does seem bitter, but he's not completely wrong about Matt.

BTW, who the hell drives and records a video at the same time?
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