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Those who remember me, good, those who don't, Don't worry. I didn't give up on my fed, I just had some problems before I delivered it. I'm turning a negative (Board problems) and turning it into a positive, now some estranged people know what's going on, will read, and stay tuned. Here you go, everything I've wrote so far, RAW, house show, Smackdown.



Jeff Jarret
Booker T
Chris Benoit
Kurt Angle
A.J Styles
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho
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The Hardy Boyz
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Back story

After Wrestlemainia 21 Vince McMahon just upped and shut down the WWE, for no apparent reason, only giving excuses like “I don’t want untalented rookies such as Batista as World Champions” or “HHH is taking over too much of the company” Most wrestlers had to flock to TNA and other companies, some survived, some didn’t.

But Now, thanks to a strange, eccentric multi-millionaire, the business has risen from the ashes. Vinnie Breakyourlegs (the new owner of WWE) claims that this is a new era, where he, and his two general managers will have full control over the staff. Nearly all the wrestlers have come back, and some have brought people from other companies. There will be wars coming, there will be action, there will be everything you could possibly want in a wrestling federation! Let it all begin again….

2 months till the first RAW

www.prowrestling.com report

Spike TV was yesterday taken over by the Italian-American business man, Vinnie Breakyourlegs. Vinnie apparently is a big wrestling fan, and knows a lot about the business, which was a bad thing for TNA, as just moments ago, he announced they would be taken off the air, after just under three months on the air. Coming on just after WWE closed down in April. There are many possible reasons for this, most probable, Jeff Jarrett being sick of the company, after it was branded a ‘WWE rip-off’ after it fired many TNA regulars, to make way for the WWE stars that were out of work. After all that, the Carters pulled out of TNA just two weeks ago, even though it was just beginning to make a profit. We don’t know the exact reason for taking TNA off, it could be to bring in ROH, which has been doing fantastic thanks to old WWE wrestlers such as Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. The other explanation is that he’s going to start up his OWN company. Whatever the developments, we’ll keep you posted.

6 weeks till the first RAW

www.prowrestling.com news report:

The latest shocking in a long line of shocking news, owner of Spike! TV, Vinnie Breakyourlegs is to bring back to WWE! In a press conference earlier today, which was expected to be about Spike! TV’s summer programming, well, you can just see what happened instead:

*Link to highlights of the press-conference*


“When I heard that WWE closed down, I was terribly disappointed, just like all the common fans out there.”

“TNA just isn’t good enough”

“This is why I bought Spike! TV.”

“I will spare no expense in making the new WWE.”

“I will run TNA into the ground.”

“I will run the company, I may not be very experienced, but I will have the team of employees.”

“I will not let the McMahon run the company.”

“I will try to get as many of the old WWE wrestlers as possible, maybe some new.”

“I’m sure you’ll hear much more over the coming weeks until the first show, which has not been decided.”

As you saw from that footage, there is going to be a lot of chaos over the next few weeks, but as ever, We’ll keep you posted.

1 month till the first RAW

www.prowrestling.com report

Since Vinnie Breakyourlegs announced the return of WWE two weeks ago, wrestlers have been flocking to him. Nearly every hour we have reported new signings, now the total has officially reached 30, Here they are at the moment

Booker T
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Kurt Angle
Eddie Guerrero
Randy Orton
The Hardy Boyz
The Dudely Boys
Shelton Benjamin
The Basham’s
Muhammed Hassan W/ Daivari
Juventud Guerra
Billy Kidman
Shannon Moore
Rey Mysterio
Chavo Guerrero
Paul London
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus

Yes, that’s right, you read it, the ROH pure champion AND the world champion are back in WWE. More on this story later.

2 Weeks till the first RAW:

www.prowresltingtorch.com report

Perhaps the biggest news of the new WWE so far, Jeff Jarrett has left the company he built, so sick of it, and has joined TNA! This is amazing news, since only day after the return of WWE was broadcast, he defended his company, saying Vinnie Breakyourlegs was unfair, and was considering a law-suit (for kicking his show off the air for no good reason). The other big (unsurprising) news is that A.J Styles followed his close friend out of there. It was suspected A.J would leave for a long time now, since he’s been stuck in the mid-card forever. The people that Vince McMahon claim as ‘the people that destroyed WWE’, HHH, John Cena and Dave Batista, have stayed put, apparently HHH is now taking over the company. The latest news will be delivered to you as soon as we get it.

2 weeks till the first RAW

www.prowrestling.com report

The website of the new WWE is up. It has information about the show, the arena, the roster and such. They have their own version of events from the last couple of weeks, check them out, it’s pretty accurate


After Wrestlemainia 21 Vince McMahon just upped and shut down the WWE, for no apparent reason, only giving excuses like “I don’t want untalented rookies such as Batista as World Champions” or “HHH is taking over too much of the company” Most wrestlers had to flock to TNA and other companies, some survived, some didn’t.

But Now, thanks to a strange, eccentric multi-millionaire, the business has risen from the ashes. Vinnie Breakyourlegs (the new owner of WWE) claims that this is a new era, where he, and his two general managers will have full control over the staff. Nearly all the wrestlers have come back, and some have brought people from other companies. There will be wars coming, there will be action, there will be everything you could possibly want in a wrestling federation! Let it all begin again….

Information: Our first show, RAW will be held in the home of wrestling, Madison Square Garden! Tickets are on sale on the 26’th August.

Full Roster:

Paul Heyman
Jeff Jarred
Booker T
Chris Benoit
Kurt Angle
A.J Styles
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Randy Orton
The Hardy Boyz
The Dudely Boys
Shelton Benjamin
Rene Dupree
The Basham’s
William Regal
Muhammed Hassan W/ Daivari
Juventud Guerra
Billy Kidman
Shannon Moore
Rey Mysterio
Paul London
Chavo Guerrero
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Joy Giovani
Molly Holly
Christy Hemme
Gail Kim

Welcome to our roster recently: Jeff Jarrett, A.J Styles, Funaki, Joy Giovani, Victoria

10 days till the first RAW:

www.prowrestling.com news report

It seems Vinnie Breakyourlegs has signed three new talents that he’s not telling us about, since on the roster update has three question marks on, possibly people who have never worked for this company before. It’s unlikely that these men will be unveiled before the show, but if there are any new signings or these man are unveiled, then we’ll let you know.

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1 week till the first RAW

www.prowrestling.com report:

More big news, the people who flat out refused to work for the WWE, John Cena, Batista and HHH, have finally signed contracts. After days of negotiations, they have finally caved in, realising that a failing TNA will pay them lots less than the money-bags Breakyourlegs would. It’s seems without HHH, TNA
is a sinking ship.

2 days until the first RAW:

www.prowrestling.com news report.

It’s finally happened, as we all expected, Vince McMahon’s caved in a signed a contract. The man who closed down WWE on April 1’st has come back to the company, just two days before the first RAW. His statements were obviously through gritted teeth as he said that he regretted closing down WWE, and that Vinnie Breakyourlegs was the perfect person to start it up again. Breakyourlegs stood behind him with a look of satisfaction, as would anybody who hated Vince after closing down WWE. McMahon took the offer after his family told him they were out of options, and that they were low on money. Obviously Vince will play a part in the shows, but we don’t know quite how yet.


‘One Step Closer’ by Linkin Park plays as a massive crowd at the home of wrestling, MSG goes wild. There are WWE shirts and comical banner ‘We want HHH‘s Moustache’ is a popular one. The camera pans in on the new WWE announce team, three commentators this time, Jim Ross, Bobby Heenen, and Joey Styles!

Joey Styles:….OH MY GOD!

J.R: Yes folks, we welcome you to a new era in WWE! and we’re your commentators, what some would call a dream commentating team, don’t you think ‘Brain’?

Bobby: No, what they said was I’M the dream commentator, you two are just the sidekicks.

Styles: well, whatever you say Bobby. We’re not really sure on the matches tonight, or titles…

J.R is cut short when ‘Freak on a leash’ by CoRe screams out throughout the arena and out walks the new owner, Vinnie Breakyoulegs! He struts down to the ring, the grabs a mic

Vinnie: Good Evening New York

Massive pop

Vinnie: thank you, thank you, I’m glad I’m getting some pops, even if they are cheesy! I hope you don’t mind me saying, but New York City, You are on fire!

Another huge pop

Vinnie: yes, Thank you again, now, onto the serious business. The new WWE is all about action, giving you, the fans, what you’ve wanted all along! We’ve got wrestlers from the old WWE (some strange boos), TNA, all around. Even some wrestlers you haven’t seen in ages! So, without further ado, please may I introduce the GM, making the matches for RAW, PAUL HEYMAN!!!

ECW music plays as the ex-ECW owner walks down with a purpose, gets in the ring and tries to grab Vinnie’s mic, but the owner shoves him away, telling him he’ll have to wait.

Vinnie: And Now, the GM of Smackdown, another entrepreneur of wrestling, Vince McMahon!

The Familiar sound of ‘No Chance’ plays and Vince McMahon power walks out like only he can do. He then takes a mic from ring announcer Lillian Garcia and starts to talk

McMahon: Well, Vinnie, I’m delighted to be in the new WWE. When I got called about coming here, I jumped at the chance to join.

Vinnie: Even though you unnecessarily destroyed the first one

McMahon: (flustered) Well… yeah, anyway, as I was going to say although I’m very happy to be here, I have to talk to you about TV. If you want high drama, brilliant matches, and of course me, then you really need to only tune into Smackdown, because, simply, whatever the rivalry is, Paul Heyman will always put his wrestlers in a crappy barbed wire death match….

Vinnie: Vince, you better watch your mouth, because that is putting people off the show you are on right now! And if your not careful with what you say about this companies shows, you will end up fired, clear?

McMahon: Crystal Vinnie

Vinnie: Mr Breakyourlegs to you. Paul, anything to add?

Heyman: I’ll you know Mr McMahon, oh sorry, you own the company now, so I don’t have to kiss your ass to keep myself employed. Vince. ECW chants can still be heard throughout arenas across the world, and do you know why? Because it’s when wrestlers have good matches and have passion, something the old WWE never had!

An ECW chant starts out as the two men go face to face

McMahon: (taking off shirt) Oh yeah! You wanna go with me you fat mullet-headed freak? You wanna fight the biggest grapefruits in WWE?

Vinnie: Alright, Alright, if you two get in a fight I’ll be firing both your asses! OH, and by the way Vince, I have the biggest grapefruits in WWE, your wife can back me up!

Heyman calms down as Vince looks on in disgust that his boss would say that to him.

Vinnie: O.K, let me explain how the titles are going to be decided, first there’s going be the Cruiserweight title, that will be decided in a fatal four way, with Juventud Guerra, Psicosis, Rey Misterio and a mystery wrestler. The tag titles are yet to have been decided, but are Smackdown‘s GM tells me he has something planned. Next, it’s the U.S Title is up for grabs, that match will be between THE UNDERTAKER

Huge pop, as Heyman and Vince smile sweetly, but look at each other with haterad

Vinnie: Let me finish, it’ll be between the Undertaker, and A.J STYLES

J.R: Oh my God

Bobby: A.J Styles hasn’t got a hope in hell!

Joey Styles: I wouldn’t be so sure, his surname IS Styles

Bobby: That’s WHY he hasn’t got a hope!

Vinnie: and finally the WORLD TITLE! That will be decided on Thursday’s Smackdown! Between two MYSTERY WRESTLERS! Now you thinking this is amazing, well just wait for the action to begin. This is the start of something unstoppable!

He smiles as the two GM’s stare cautiously at each other, then slowly leave the ring, The boss shakes his head, then leaves the ring

Bobby: the new boss is damn awesome! What matches!

J.R: but I interested in the two mystery wrestler competing for the world title

Styles: well, we ain’t finding out till Thursday, but I can’t wait for tonight!

J.R: Up next, the cruiserweight title is decided!


We go into the locker room, where everyone is there, including HHH, HBK, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. Standing on a bench, talking to everyone, is BIKER STYLE UNDERTAKER

Taker: Listen, This is the beginning of something incredible, we begin all over again, this is the time to fight, whether you like me or not, You will respect me.

Taker: Tonight, will destroy the third vanilla midget, A.J Styles, then with the U.S title, I will show why I’m the best damn wrestler in the locker room.

A.J Styles: Don’t count on it

Taker: What the hell do you want

A.J: you think you can beat the phenomenal A.J Styles? Your old Undertaker, you’re past it, finished….

Taker: I said, whether you like me or not, you will respect me, and if that doesn’t start in the locker room, it’ll end in the ring

A.J: We’ll have to see who wins, a phenomenal young talent like myself, or a washed up has-been who keeps character switching!

J.R: well, strong words by the Undertaker and A.J, but now it’s time for the cruiserweight title match.

Styles: I’m waiting for the ’mystery’ man, and knowing cruiserweights, it’s gonna be someone awesome!







The Mexicools music hits and out runs the Juice! He runs straight into the ring goes for the attack on Rey, he charges at him, only to be back-dropped over the top rope! Mysterio bounces off the ropes and dives over the top rope with a hurricanrana!

More Mexicools music as Pyscosis storms to the ring, he jumps to the second turnbuckle and moonsaults off into the two men on the floor!

J.R: Jesus, these three men have just taken some risks, and we’ve got more to go!

Bobby: Who the hell is this guy?

Indian music plays as SABU runs out wielding a chair. As he charges into the ring he doesn’t bother putting it up and dives through the second rope, the chair hitting the men on the outside as everyone crashes to the floor!

Styles: OH MY GOD! The Homicidal, suicidal, genocidel lunatic is here! trust me, this match is gonna pick up!

Sabu finally gets up and salutes the crowd, then throws Psichosis, and the chair back into the ring, while Rey and Juvi make their way up. Sabu sets up the chair then runs to the opposite ropes, then goes for the triple jump moonsault, but Psychosis gets his knees up! He stumbles over to Juvi, who’s just gotten in the ring, and gets hit with the juvi driver! The Juice pins, 1...2...NO, sabu just kicks out.

Bobby: That was close, a juvi driver early on in the match nearly finished off Sabu.

Styles: yeah, but we all know about Sabu’s intestinal fortitude

Rey Mysterio’s now in the ring, and goes to attack Juvi, as he’s putting his right hands into Guerra’s’ head, psychosis comes up and nails him from behind, they beat on him for a while, until Sabu gets up, as Juvi drives him into a corner and puts the boots to him, Psychosis puts his famed wearing down move, the boston crab on Rey. Juvi puts sabu’s chair in the middel of the ring, picks Sabu up and whips him to the ropes, while Mysterio is screaming in pain, near the ropes, but Psycosis has it locked on too tightly for the much smaller Mysterio to move. The Juice goes for a drop toe hold on Sabu, but Sabu starts kicking him on the ground, the picks him up and chucks him outside. Just when Rey Mysterio is about to submit, Sabu nails a DDT on psycosis. He helps Mysterio up then puts psycosis against the second rope, Rey gives him the chair and Sabu places it on the head of the former masked luchador, Rey goes for the 619, but Psycosis ducks, and the chairs crashes off Sabu’s ribs as Rey stands on the apron, shocked. Juvi grabs Rey and sends him Rib-first into the guardrail, while Psicosis nails a sit-down power bomb for the 1...2...3, wow, Sabu is eliminated


Styles: I don’t believe it, Sabu’s gone

Bobby: Maybe he isn’t as tough as you say

J.R: Well, he was in the ring with some of the best cruiserweights in the world

Styles: But still…

The action continues however, as Juvi gets back in the ring and brings Rey with him. Him and psycosis lay the boots into Rey, they lift him up and deliver a devastating double suplex! Mysterio is holding his back in extreme pain, but the two LUCHADORES show no remorse, and put a double boston crab on him, each holding a leg.

Bobby: These guys have turned into a team, they look like they’re gonna eliminate Rey, but then what happens?

J.R: They’ll have to fight each other

Bobby: No, you don’t say, Mr Obvious…. *sighs* This is why the boss employed me

By now Sabu is up and complaining to the referee, Psychosis lets go of Mysterio, and tells him to shutup in his own unique way, by kicking him in the gut! He goes to clothesline Sabu over the top rope, but Sabu ducks and starts to take his frustration out on the original pychosis, punching and delivering vicious kicks, he whips him to the ropes and comes up behind with a clothesline, now, Guerra gets of Mysterio and goes for Sabu, but the eliminated Indian kicks him in the gut and throws him into the ropes. He bounces off the opposite ropes but gets back-body dropped to the outside by the Juice and Psycosis. Rey’s now up and runs towards them, grabs their arm, jumps to the top rope and s comes off with a DDT to both of them, spiking their heads into the mat!

J.R: Jesus, did you see the impact of that!

Bobby: Make the cover Rey, it’ll be over!

Psycosis rolls out of the ring as Mysterio cover Juvi 1...2...NO he just kicks out . Rey begins to get the Juice up, and kicks him in the gut. He whips him to the ropes and nails a spear on Guerra. He picks him up again and rams his head into the turnbuckle repeatedly, until the Juice blocks one of the shots, and whips him to the ropes, where he is tripped up by Psycosis! The crowd boos psycosis, and get behind Mysterio as Juventud is stomping on him, psicosis is back in the ring, as they both pick Rey up, then ram him into the ring post, but instead of his shoulder smacking the steel, his head makes a sickening thud against it! Rey falls back to the ground as you can see a little trickle of blood in the eye holes of his mask. Juvi and Psycosis smile at each other as the Juice goes to the tope rope, Psycosis holds Rey’s legs, so that he stays still. Juvi jumps off with a 450 splash, but Rey handsprings up, dropkicking Psycosis in the chin in the process and making Juventud smack face-first into the mat! Rey leans against the ropes to recover, wipes the blood off his eyes, then runs at Juvi, who flips him high into the air, rey land on Psicosis, and nails a hurricanrana pin for the 1...2... Juventud, even though standing doesn’t bother to make the save and instead goes to the top rope instead…3!


The Commentators don’t have a chance to say anything because as soon as Rey gets up, he turns around and is nailed by a tornado DDT from Guerra! He cover 1...2...NO Psicosis makes his way up and can’t understand why Juvi didn’t make the save

J.R: That DDT was so close! Now Psicosis has been eliminated. It’s down to Rey and Juventud Guerra

Styles: Folks, we have to take a commercial break, but this match will continue, when we come back!


When we come back we see that Rey is putting Juvi on the top turnbuckle, and giving him a few forearms to keep him there.

J.R: Welcome back folks, and what action we’ve had during the break, lets take a look

The replay starts with Juvi having a dragon sleeper locked in on Rey, when Psycosis, who is on the outside of the ring, calls the juice over

Styles: Guerra had the advantage, until Psycosis called him over, and then this happened.

We see the cruiserweights talking, juvi leaning on the second rope, when Rey mysterio comes flying out of nowhere with a 619, nailing Psycosis in the back of the head, and him and Juvi crack skulls together! The next bit of footage is of Rey, in control of the Juice, nails his jumping sun-set flip like move for the 1..2..OH MY GOD he kicked out at the last possible second!

Bobby: well, that was during the break, but the I think Rey’s attempting a superplex now!

Rey is up on the top turnbuckle and drapes Juvi’s arm over his shoulder, but his opponent gives him a stiff shot to the ribs, then an uppercut. Guerra rises to the top rope now, and drapes Rey’s shoulder over his, he then proceeds to supereplex him to the thinly matted arena floor below!

J.R: OH MY GOD! Did you see the impact of that, both men must be reeling

Styles: We need to get a replay on that!

Bobby: Their backs just mashed onto the mat!

Mysterio’s face just screws up as he tries to get his breath back. Guerra is propping himself up on the guard rail, a little surprised that he pulled the move off himself. He drags Rey, who is struggling to get up using the ring apron, and throws him into the ring, then starts his long tired descent to the top rope. Finally he gets, stand up and salutes to the fans, he comes off with a 450 splash, but Mysterio knees him in the face! He falls back to the second rope and just rests there. Rey has to make his way up, he hold his back, still feeling the effects of the superplex. Mysterio bounces off the ropes and nails his third 619 of the night! Juice is sent reeling, but gets up, Rey springboards off the top rope and goes for the west coast pop, but Juvi catches him in the powerbomb position, spins him round in mid-air and nails a juvi drive!!! Pins him 1.……2.………3

Winner, and New cruiserweight Champion…Juventud Guerra!!!

J.R: Jesus, what a match!

Styles: And we have a new cruiserweight champ!

Bobby: If that’s the competition, then he’s got a tough road ahead of him

J.R: This is the best cruiserweight division in the world, Mexicans, Indians , Japanese, Americans, I can’t wait for the next matches

Juvi stands in the ring holding the title belt, Rey rolls out of the ring, not sure whether to hold his back or his head, as we go to a advert for Smackdown

( Catch Smackdown at its new time of 9PM, LIVE on UPN, The best action from wrestling, live and in your homes. Smackdown live, get ready for the outer-body experience!)

We come back ands The Juice is back in the locker room to big cheers ahshutpayaface

Undertaker: Well done kid, you did really well

Chris Benoit: Congrats, man

Matt Hardy: But I’ll tell you something Juvi, I ran into Psycosis in the hallway, and he sure is pissed with you after you let him get pinned, I think he wanted to bring the title home for Raw

Bubba-Ray Dudley: It doesn’t matter who wins, what matters is we have the Cruiserweight championship for RAW!

Juvi: well, holmes, thanks. I just want to say…

Juventud falls to the ground as he is nailed in the back with a steel chair by Psycosis! Psycosis hits him again, then drops the chair, he looks up and sees the whole Locker room staring at him

JBL: What the hell was that?

Psicosis: what was that? That was my revenge! I had your back Juvi, all you had to do was break up the pin, Juvi, that’s all you had to do, but you were just too selfish, weren’t you? ME AND YOU, SMACKDOWN. I’LL BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU!

Psycosis leaves as the whole locker room gathers round to help the cruiserweight champion.


We’re back, and we hear Caribbean music play, as we get set for the first appearance of Carlito since his embarrassment at Wrestlemaina 21.
He has a new set for his new show, Carlito’s Cabana!

Carlito: The man who makes WWE cool is back. Yes, Yes, thank you, I know I’m the greatest, that’s why you stinking New-Yorkers came to see me.

Big Heat from the crowd

Carlito: You know, you could just get yourselves jobs cleaning the streets, you live there anyway

The Crowd go berserk at carlito, you suck and sideshow Bob chants start

Carlito: Here’s something cool, after tonight, I will be the Number 1 Contender for the U.S Title, you see, tonight, there’s a 10-man tag team elimination match, with the winner going on to wrestle the Undertaker for the U.S Title on Smckdown! Now, Carlito knows what your thinking, well, it’s only thing going on in your stupid brains, your thinking how can you have 5 U.S title contenders? Well, once the other team is eliminated, if there’s more than one man left on the winning team, they will do battle. So, when Carlito beats 9 other men, he will go on to Smackdown, where he’ll either meet the undertaker (big Pop), who’s a has been (big heat), or A.J Styles (another big pop) who’s…

Can you dig it SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA blast throughout the arena as Booker T makes his way out, dancing and prancing, raising his hands, though no fireworks actually go off. He makes his way into the ring and is handed a mic.

Booker: Hang on, you say you gonna win the tag match,

Carlito: Yeah, why wouldn’t I?

Booker: Maybe it’s because your in the ring wit’ Booker T, fool! Man, What the hell is wrong wit’ you? You go around saying your cool, when you go around wit’ dat’ hair cut!

The crowd laugh at Carlito, and a Sideshow Bob chant starts up

“Side Show Bob!”

Carlito: Hey, Hey stop chanting that, you fat lazy…

Booker: Hey Carlito, this is why you have know friends, and friends give you the name of a good barbers, NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT…S…

The interruptions continue as ‘Break the walls down’ plays and Chris Jericho spins around at the top of the RAW stage, Carlito and Booker T look disgusted as he swings on the ropes and gets in the ring.

Jericho: Look Sideshow Knob (laughs), we know everyone here wants to see me in the Highlight reel, but instead they have to watch the Copa Cabana!

J.R: Jericho is ranting and raving tonight, he going wild!

Styles: I presume Jericho is in the tag match

Bobby: Well, Mr Obvious is back

Styles: You know, you don’t have to be so rude

Bobby: You don’t have to be so stupid *sighs* I bet Mr Breakyoulegs is happy that he hired these twerps

Jericho: but what will make up for the disappointing Copa Cabana is that tonight, you will see Y2J win the tag match and move on to win the U.S title on Smackdown BABY…

Carlito: what makes you so sure your going to win, and by the way, Booker T, the mop on you head is way less cool than mine!

Everyone starts arguing with each other until ‘Aillllaaahhhh, ailiaaaaahhh’ hits and out walks a pissed Hassan, accompanied by Daivari, he stomps down to the ring, as the three men look up and grabs a microphone.

Hassan: This is a disgrace, everyone here knows that I am the best wrestler here in the WWE, and yet I am not included in the tag team match, I’m not even given a chance, this just goes to show that even an man like Mr Breakyourlegs, who’s also not a full American, can’t even treat me with the respect I deserve, you all know that if I was in this match, I would destroy all of you, but know, they don’t ever give an Islamic person a chance, you all think I’m some kind of terrorist.

Daviri: saad frodd ontodlaompa jai Muhammed great useflet, you ass Y2J onlampa…


Chris Benoit walks out to a thunderous ovation, either because he was so popular, or because he shut Daivari up. He is in his wrestling tights, but also wearing a t-shirt.

Benoit: Look Hassan, will you just quit your whining and shut-up!

The crowd go wild for Benoit

Benoit: Now, I’m not in this tag match either (boos) but I’m not out here complaining, if you want a shot, you have to earn it, and that means fighting, so kid, do you wanna fight with me?

Hassan: First of all, don’t call me kid. Now, as I said, if Americans don’t show me respect, then I beat it out of them, and your not showing me any respect, you must be stupid, wanting to fight the best wrestler in WWE, maybe when I beat you, then you people will change you mind…

Hassan stops and has right hands drummed into his head as he is backed into the corner.

Carlito: Hey, Hey, Hey, don’t start a fight, you’ll ruin the set

Carlito is squashed by Hassan being backed into the corner, while all the wrestlers retreat out the ring, a referee jumps in and rings the bell, just as Benoit DDT’s Hassan, knocking all the apples out of the barrel, and pins 1...2...NO Hassan kicks out. The maintenance crew try to get all the stuff out the ring as we cut to a commercial break

J.R: Folks, please stay with us, as we try to clean up the ring, this match will continue, when we get back!




We come back to Hassan having Benoit in the reverse chin lock, straining at his neck

Styles: Well, with a little help from Daivari, Muhammed Hassan is in control of this match

J.R: Lets show you what happened during the match

Daivari is on the outside, yelling something in Arabic to the referee, Chris Benoit sticks his head through the ropes to argue back, and is kicked to the outside by Daivari! As Hassan is yelling at the referee, Daivari is on the the apron, and dives off with a hellio on the rabid wolverine!

We’re back in the present, and Hassan still has the chin lock on, the referee is asking if he wants to give up, but the crippler comes up to one knee, sending the crowd into chants. He is up on his feet, but Hassan still won’t let go, so Benoit rams his back into the corner, somehow Hassan still has it on, so the rabid wolverine delivers a snapmare, then a dropkick to the back of his head! Benoit waits for him to rise, then grabs him and goes for the crippler crossface! Hassan quickly runs to the ropes however, and grabs the top rope with his free arm. He smile as he shoves Chris to the centre of the ring, then runs at him, but Benoit grabs his feet, takes him down and locks on the Sharpshooter!

Styles: Sharpshooter, Sharpshooter! He’s got it locked in, oh my, Hassan is screaming in pain

J.R: Hassan’s outsmarted himself, he went from reversing a move, to being in one!

Muhammed Hassan is screaming, as the rabid wolverine sits down on his back further, Hassan tries to make it to the ropes, but is nowhere near the referee asks, but he says no, Benoit is yelling at him as he struggles, he’s nearly there, but Benoit brings him back to the centre! The fans are going wild, and Hassan is about to tap, when Daivari gets on the apron and starts arguing with the referee, while Hassan is tapping like mad, Daivari is runnig out of ideas, so he goes to the corner and takes the turnbuckle off! While the referee is trying to put it back on, Daivari slips in the other side of the ring, and delivers a massive bulldog to Benoit!

Styles: What a moron

Bobby: Styles, this is your problem, you don’t know the difference between cheating and smart wrestling.

Benoit is down, as is Hassan, but they both make their way to their feet, and Hassan nails a complete shot! He pins him, 1.… ………… 2.……………………………


NO! Benoit kicks out at the last possible second! The arena, which was still before the pin, explodes! They are willing Benoit on, which gives him the strength to get up and deliver a series of chops, making Hassan back away and beg for mercy, but the rabid Wolverine kicks him in the gut and whips him against the ropes, then spins around him and nails a DDT! He slits his throat and signals for the end! Benoit climbs up the turnbuckles and gets ready for a head butt, but once again Daivari is up on the apron, Chris gets down, and goes for Davari, knocking him off the apron, much to the fans delight, but from behind Hassan rolls him up, holding the tights, 1.………… 2.………… NO, Once again he just kicks out!

Styles: Yes, he kicked out, it’s not over yet, Daivari cheating couldn’t beat him

Bobby: I told you, it’s not cheating, it’s smart wrestling

J.R: No brain, it’s cheating

The fans boo as Hassan gets up, then stomps on Benoit before he can get up, he delivers three elbow drops to Benoit’s back in succession, then brings him up and delivers a devastating backbreaker!

J.R: He’s after Benoit’s back

Bobby: No, you don’t say

Hassan gets up and starts mouthing off with a fan, before locking in the camel clutch! Benoit is screaming, the pain obvious in his face, he’s about to tap, but the fans are just willing him on, out of nowhere, he picks himself up, with Hassan still on his back, he has no idea what to do, so he places Hassan on the top turnbuckle, but he still has hold of him. The fans are anticipating an exciting move, and that’s what Benoit gives them, climbing to the second rope, and then coming off with a stunner!

Styles: Oh my God! Did you see that

J.R: Amazing, Benoit can hit a move in any situation!

He goes for the pin, but the referee is too busy with Daivari, up on the apron again, Benoit is sick of him interfering, and jaws with him, Daivari yelling in Arabic. Finally he goes to punch him, but Daivari ducks, as he spins round he sees Hassan running towards him, he dodges out the way and Hassan hits Daivari, sending him flying off the apron! Hassan steps back looking at his manager, and is caught in the Crippler Crossface! He has nowhere to go, he tries to move for a little while, but Benoit has it clamped! With nowhere to go he gives up and taps out

Winner, By Submission: Chris Benoit!

J.R: Benoit did it, Daivari cheated one to many times

Styles: Benoit put in a great effort, after such short notice

Bobby: I’ll give him credit, he beat Hassan

Benoit gets on the turnbuckle celebrating, as Hassan rolls out the ring, being shouted at by Daivari, Benoit sees this and a smile spreads across his face. Madison Square Garden goes wild as Benoit grabs the manager, who has a terrible look of fear in his face. Chris suplexs him into the ring, and then starts laying into his on the ground with left hands, making Daivari dazed, he lets of him, and lets him get up, he ries to run, but Benoit pulls him back, then irish whips him to the ropes, where Hassan pulls him out, to major heat from the crowd.

Styles: A close call there for Daivari

Bobby: You’re telling me! That could’ve been nasty!


J.R: Welcome back folks, and we’ve just had an announcement, here are all the men in the 10-man elimination tag tonight.

Styles: Boy, I can’t wait for that

Bobby: It’s gonna be a classic main event, to end a classic night

J.R: I totally agree with you two, but that’s later, right now, we’re going to an interview with our new interviewer, and boy am I glad to see him. Take it away King!

We backstage to see the old RAW interview set, with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler standing there!

King: Hello everyone, I’m your new announcer, though I don’t really see the point, I’m the best commentator in the business… Anyway, I standing next the Cerebral Assassin, yes that’s right it’s Triple H

HHH: Look Lawler, shutup and listen. What is wrong with you morons, first, you cheer that loser Chris Benoit, and then you cheer Vinnie Breakyourlegs.

Lawler: What’s wrong with the boss?

HHH: I’ll tell you what wrong, that guy’s a freaking idiot! Everyone here knows that I am the best damn wrestler in the business, I’ve beaten everyone, from Chris Jerico to Hulk Hogan, I am that damn good!

Lawler: What does that have to do with Mr Breakyourlegs?

HHH: Don’t you get it Burger King? He should just hand the title over to me, tonight, in fact, I’m gonna go tell him that right now.

Mystery voice: Not before I do!

HHH turns around, disgusted at the mere thought of someone interrupting him. Standing in front of his face is the self proclaimed ‘King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett!

HHH: What, In the HELL do you want?

Jarrett: What do I want, what kind of question is that? I want what you want, the world title handed to me.

HHH: What makes you think you deserve it more than me? When you left the WWE in 99, you were a mid-carder, what’s changed now?

Jarret: What changed? I’ll tell you what’s changed slapnuts, I’ve become the King of the Mountain, the main attraction, I could probably beat those monkeys who are fighting for the world title.

HHH: Well, king of the Mountain, how about me and you settle this in the ring, once I’m declared world champion of course.

From seemingly nowhere, the boss Vinnie Breakyourlegs arrives, to calm the situation down.

Vinnie: Look, neither of you are getting the world title, I’m sticking with my decision.

Jarrett: What, this is ridicules!

Vinnie: Listen, if your as good as you say you are then you will get your shot at the world title! On Smackdown, as well as the crowning of the world champion, there’s also gonna be another big match, it’s gonna be the game going one and one with the ‘King of the mountain’, Jeff Jarrett!

Big pop by the massive fans in MSG

Vinnie: Oh Yeah, and that’s not all, the winner will go onto face the world champion on next week’s RAW!

Both men go their separate way, looking pretty pissed. This just leaves King and Vinnie

King: er, boss… can I ask you something

Vinnie: Go ahead

King: Can you tell me who the participants are for the world title match?

Vinnie: I’m not telling anyone King

King: Well, can you just tell us all why you think these two deserve it so much?

Vinnie: Well, basically King, These two men have made extraordinary contributions to the world of wrestling, and they deserve a world title shot, now that prestige is back to the WWE, and I think these men will bring prestige to this historic match

J.R: Oh My God, did you just hear that?

Styles: HHH versus Jarrett, and the winner is facing the world champion? WOW

Bobby: But who the hell are these two are that are fighting for the world title?

J.R: I have no idea, but up next is the U.S Title match, and what a slobber knocker this gonna be.

Styles: A.J Styles is finally in the WWE, you know this a dream of many wrestling fans

Bobby: Yeah, so would you shutting up!


To the great excitement of the fans, they hear a motorcycle rev up, and out comes the American Badass, the fans are going wild as he Undertaker gets off his bike and into the ring. He holds his arms up into the air and the fans show their delight.

Styles: Well, these fans showing obvious appreciation for the dead man

‘I Am’ plays and out comes A.J Styles to some boos from the crowd, but they are mostly supported by cheers

J.R: Not everyone here in New York supports A.J

Bobby: That’s because they’re idiots!

Styles: It could be because the Undertaker is so popular

Bobby: Shuddup!


A.J Styles

Vs The Undertaker

A.J Styles Doesn’t wait for the bell, as he jumps to the apron and comes off with a springboard DDT! He flip over and starts laying hands into the Undertaker, right, left, right, left. He gets off him and starts stomping on him, and Undertaker has to roll out the ring.

J.R: A.J Styles has the right idea for how to win this match, he just delivered a devastating DD… OH MY GOD!!!!!

J.R scream as Styles jumps over the top rope, not even touching it, onto the Undertaker!

Styles: Did you see that, that was amazing

Bobby: I want a replay!

Once the replay has been shown, and the commentators have gotten over it, both men are up, A.J rolls the Dead Man into the ring. A.J is on the apron, then jumps in to inside second rope, and lands a moonsault onto Undertaker! He pins 1.…………… 2.… …………No, he just kicks out, very close! Both men get up and A.J start going wild on Undertaker, with plenty of punches and kicks to his ribs, then he locks in a abdominal stretch, making undertaker scream, the fans are actually booing A.J for his flurry of attacks. Instead of booing, they change to cheers for the Undertaker as he needs their support. He slowly comes up from his bent position, and hip tosses A.J! A.J quickly gets up though, only to receive another hip toss. He gets up again, and runs at Taker, he’s picked and dropped with a sidewalk slam by the Undertaker! Undertaker pins
1……… 2.………… NO
Styles kicks out at the last moment.

Bobby: Man that was close, what impact on the sidewalk slam!

J.R: I was sure it was over right there, what resilience from Styles! Man…

The action returns and Undertaker picks Styles up, and grabs his throat, getting ready for a chokeslam! Before he can do it though, A.J kicks him in the gut. He clubs Undertaker’s back forcing him to release his hand from round the throat of Styles. A.J runs to the ropes, only to walk into a shoulder block from an angry Dead Man. Undertaker picks him up, then whip him to the corner, A.J Styles stops, then jumps to the top rope, comes off, grabbing the head of the undertaker, and delivering a reverse DDT! He pins him 1.…………… 2.…………………………… ……NO! Once more there is an agonizing close fall.

J.R: Both men putting their heart and soul into this

Bobby: Who would of thought we would have such close falls so early in the match?

Styles: I didn’t, but then you never know what to expect from A.J Styles and the Undertaker

Once again Styles is up, frustrated that he couldn’t get the pin. H brings Taker to the middle of the ring then whips him to the ropes. He runs to the opposite ropes, and waits for the Undertaker to come, then he jumps to the second rope and comes off with a big kick to the face! He hold his hands up high as the crowd have a change of mind and start cheering him. He waits for Undertaker to get to his feet, then puts him between his legs and goes for a styles clash! But Undertaker is so big, he won’t move him. Undertaker picks him up, walks backwards, and slams his head into the turnbuckle! Undertaker gets up, with A.J in a heap in the corner. He raises his arms and the fans think they know what he’s going to do. He grabs A.J’s arm, then walks on the top rope. He yells ‘OLD SCHOOL’ to the crowd, which is when A.J pulls his arm, making him fall and leaving him in a very awkward position! A.J recovers, then takes undertaker’s arm, slams him down to the ground, and locks in an armbar. Undertaker is in pain, but he won’t let go. Slowly, Styles changes his leg position in a head scissors, taking all the oxygen out of him. Undertaker is nearly tapping, buthe lifts his arm up and the crowd start to get into it, he comes back to his feet, but A.J won’t let go, and just changes it to a triangle hold. Taker has no choice but to bring him up, then nail a power bomb! He goes down to one knee, then goes and pins Styles. 1…………… 2…………… No. A.J Styles fights on!

J.R: My God, how did he kick out of that

Styles: A modified Last Ride, he was so close

Bobby: What action, this is going back and forth!

The action continues as Undertaker is recovering, waiting for A.J to get up, finally, after he gets back to life, he walks over to him, but can’t do anything, as Styles immediately nails his backflip- inziguri like move! Taker rolls onto his front as Styles leans on the top ropes, taunting to the fans. He steps outside to the apron, then goes to the top rope. He comes off with a Spiral Tap, but the American Badass rolls away, Styles landing on his back, hurt. He rolls around in pain, while the Undertaker makes his way up. Styles walks around, groggy, and straight into a chokeslam by the Undertaker! He pins him. 1………………………………........................................ ………………………………......................2……………

Once again A.J Styles, on the verge of being pinned, kicks out!

J.R: God, I can’t believe him!

Styles: He’s, well…Phenomenal.

Bobby: That’s his name, smart arse

J.R: I can’t believe this night, it’s just been amazing!

Undertaker can’t believe, he slaps the mat three times to show the referee how to count, then drags A.J up. Styles has a sudden rush of adrenaline, and starts going after the Undertaker, with wild punches and kicks, not doing much damage. He turns around to the audience to say how much damage he thinks he’s done, but when he turns around, he’s hit with a vicious uppercut, sending his eye’s into the back of his head!

J.R: Many have tried that, but they all learn, you never try to trade punches with the Undertaker!

Taker stalks Styles, then runs at him with a big boot, but the phenomenal one throws the referee in front of him, and a cracking sound is heard, as The Deadman’s foot flies into the jaw of the ref

Styles: Did you hear that, that poor bastard, god, that could of broken his jaw!

A.J Styles is on his knees, and as Undertaker turns round, he gets low blowed. He has to lean on the ropes to stay, which is when Styles get out the ring, then pulls the Undertaker out with him. He throws him by the time-keepers table, sending Lillian Garcia scampering. There are two chairs there, one, he sits Undertaker down on, the other, he picks up. He then repositions the steel steps, so they are in front of the Undertaker.

Styles: Do we really wanna know what Styles is going to do with that chair?

Bobby: Well, we’re gonna find out anyway!

Bobby Heenen is right, as A.J has the chair in his hands, then runs up the steps, he jumps off, dropkicking the chair into The Undertaker’s face! Taker just falls to the ground, limp.

J.R: My God, have you every seen anything like that?

Styles: This is just amazing, It’s…awesome! *sighs* My god, these men are putting their bodies on the line here tonight!

A.J Styles stands up, to applause from the crowd, then sees the referee still down, and gets a smile on his face. He goes over to the announcers desk, rips the top off and clears it of papers and monitors. He picks up a lifeless Undertaker, and places him on the table, hitting him in the head with a monitor, just to make sure he stays there. The commentators are moving as far away as possible when A.J jumps on the apron. He looks around at the crowd, who can’t wait to see what happens. Styles jumps, and comes back with a ASIA MOONSAULT ONTO UNDERTAKER, THROUGH THE TABLE

Styles:………………….OH MY GOD

J.R:……………………………........I’m speechless

Bobby: That’s a first, J.R. But Jesus, That was incredible

J.R: All in a attempt to win the U.S Title, how amazing is that?

The ‘Holy S**T’ chant going around the arena starts to fade after about a minute, when A.J Styles gets up, his face apparently caught the side of the table and he has been busted open. He manages to drag the Undertaker to his feet, and has to use all his strength to pick him up and out him back in the ring. He pins him, but the referee is still down. A.J Styles wearily goes over and tires to get him to wake up, but he just lays there, giving the Undertaker time to recover. Finally he is dragged to the Undertaker, which revives the ref. A.J pins 1………………………………............................ 2………………………………............................ The referee was too slow!

J.R: God, that was close.

Bobby: Trying to wake the ref up gave the Undertaker time to recover, bad move by Styles.

Styles doesn’t take too kindly to the slow count, and goes and kicks the referee right in the face!

J.R: God, That was uncalled for, wasn’t it?

A.J, with a cocky smile on his face, goes to the top rope and waits for the Undertaker. When Taker finally is back on his feet, Styles jumps off, looking for a spinning huricanrana, but he is caught, Undertaker lifts him up for the last ride, to a massive pop from the fans, but A.J punches at him, and goes for another huricanrana, but just before he can flip Undertaker over, The Deadman puts his legs over A.J’s arms, and nails his own version of the Style’s clash! He rolls him over to pin him, a new referee comes in.

2……………………………….............. 3!!!!!!

Winner and New U.S Champion,
The Undertaker

J.R: H did it! He did it! My God what a battle!

Styles: Both men with extraordinary gut

Bobby: That was back and forth, just incredible!

The Undertaker gets up, exhausted and leaning on the ropes. He is handed the U.S belt, gets off the ropes and holds it above his head, as the fans go wild. He then rest it over his shoulder as he steps over the top rope and onto his motorcycle. At the top of the ramp, he lifts up his arm to show respect to the crowd, while the camera pans in on a bloody, battered A.J Styles

Bobby: Styles fought with great resistance, and I respect him for that

J.R: He just couldn’t take the 305-pounds of Undertaker crashing down on him with his version of the Styles Clash, and can you blame him?

Styles: Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t like to be these two men in the morning! Coming up next though, is the 10-man, number 1 contender match for THAT title.


(The New WWE Presents it’s first PPV, SummerSlam! Coming Live To YOU August 28’th. What will happen when the First Pay-Per-View of the new era of WWE comes to the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York!)

Vince McMahon, new GM of Smackdown! Is sitting in his office, filing papers, when in bursts Juventud Guerra, to a loud pop from the crowd.

Juvi: Hey, ******, did you see what happened, I just go out of the training room.

Vince: Yeah, I saw it, what do you want me to do.

Juvi: Like Psicosis said, me, him, Smackdown!

Vince: Well, I’m afraid I’ve already booked Smackdown! Sorry, your just going to have to wait.

Juvi: McMahon, I don’t wait, he beat the hell out of me, I want a match

Psicosis: Hang on there ******, what the hell you saying?

Juvi: I’m saying that after I won the Cruiserweight title, YOU beat the hell out of me!

Psicosis: holmes, if you hadn’t left me in the ring, this wouldn’t of happened.

Vince: Look, you two have been friends for years, can’t you just work it out?

Psicosis: No way Vince, this has gone past this, now all you want is the cruiserweight title, not caring about friend or fans

Big Heat from the crowd for the obviously false statement.

Vince: *sighs* well, if that’s what you really want, I suppose I could make space for you on Smackdown!

Juvi: Hey, it’s gonna be used well, your not gonna regret it. (turns to Psicosis) I’ll see YOU, on Thursday!

Vince: Men, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to address the crowd about the tag title situation.

We pan into J.R, Heenen and Styles

J.R: Wease….I mean brain, and Joey Styles, what a night this has been,

Styles: It’s been incredible, and we’ve still got our main event to come

Bobby: Oh yeah, it’s gonna be awe…some!

Styles: All you need to do is look at all the talent in the ring, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, this really is gonna show what the WWE is made of!

‘No Chance’ rings out and out struts the GM of Smackdown!

Styles: Here comes trouble J.R

McMahon walks into the ring and is handed a microphone.

Vince: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, as the GM of Smackdown! I would like to address how the WWE will decide the new tag-team champions (big Pop)

Vince: Now, before the old WWE was disbanded, I was the greatest mind in wrestling

Massive heat, and a you suck chant goes around

Vince: Shut the hell up, you all know it’s true!

Even more heat, and a huge ‘ASS-HOLE’ chant

Vince: Well, I’ll just continue then, as I’m the greatest mind in wrestling, one of my greatest achievements was the tag team division. What? You don’t believe me? I was the person who gave you fans the valiant brothers, the brain busters, the Hart Foundation, DX, The Hardy boys, the Dudley boys, TLC!

A big pop for all the great tag-teams

Vince: Thank you, thank you, now, I was in my office thinking “I really do know something about tag-teams!” So Mr Breakyourlegs, this is my plan as I know more about tag-teams than any other person in this company, actually, in this WORLD, I propose that I decide two tag-teams who deserve to be the tag-team champions, and these teams will fight it out on MY show, Smackdown! So, as that has been sorted I would like to announce the teams for the tag-title match. Wait for it, this is gonna be awesome, MNM Vs Edge…

‘Freak on a leash’ by CoRe plays and out walk the owner of WWE, Vinnie Breakyourlegs, he struts from on end of the stage to another

Vinnie: Interesting idea, but eh…NO VINCE!

Huge pop from the crowd, and some laugh at McMahon

Vince: Mr Breakyourlegs, I think should know that I have the best ideas…

Vinne: I’ll tell you what’s a good idea and what’s not! Anyway, I’ve been thinking as well, and I’VE decided what’s going to happen to the tag-team titles. Next week, here on RAW *Huge Cheap Pop* there will something…new, what I like to call the ‘Tag-Team Termination’ match.

J.R: A Tag team termination match, what the hell does that mean?

Vinnie: I hear what all you fans are asking, what is a tag team termination match? Well basically, 6 teams will enter the match, you can be eliminated by Pin, Submission, Count out or DQ, but once 4 teams have been eliminated, and we are down to two, then the tag-team title will be held high, and the match will become a LADDER MATCH

Huge pop, the fans know that match is going to be great .

Vinnie: The first team to climb up and get the titles will win them! Now, I would like to begin our main event, so McMahon, get the hell out!

McMahon just stands there stunned, but finally gets out the ring.

Styles: God, can you believe, a tag team termination match? I’m just trying to get my head around it, it’s gonna be amazing

Bobby: But now we’ve gotta wait a whole week until it comes, I can’t wait that long for it

J.R: Well Brain, we’ve gotta get through Smackdown! First!

The camera shows Vinnie Breakyourlegs walking through the curtain and backstage, his mobile phone rings

Vinnie: Hello

Muffled Voice is heard talking

Vinnie: What? He’s here already? Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to be a mystery wrestler?

More Muffles Voice

Vinnie: Yes, but he’s fighting for the world title

The Fans go insane and want to see who it is

Vinnie: He’s in the parking lot, I’m gonna have to go and see him.

His walking turns into a jog as he heads for the parking lot

J.R: Well, I guess one of our world heavyweight title competitors is here! But up next, it’s the 10-man tag match, the main event, don’t you DARE go away!


(While in the indies: A video package of what happened AFTER WWE closed down. TNA signed many talents, and it was soon on Spike! TV Rey Mysterio Won the X-Division title in a ultimate X match, which also included Paul London, Christopher Daniels, and A.J Styles. ROH prospered, signing nearly every technical wrestler. In his first week, Chris Benoit won the Pure Wrestling championship. Meanwhile Kurt Angle won the World title. Fast Forward a few months, and Eddie Guerrero wins the TNA world championship in a king of the mountain match. Edge and Rene Dupree become the only tag team to simultaneously hold both the TNA AND ROH tag championships. many TNA regulars get fired to make way for WWE wrestlers. TNA get a lot of criticism for this being labelled ‘a WWE rip-off’, Jeff Jarrett nearly has a nervous breakdown as the Caters pull out, not leaving much money. X champion Mysterio has an amazing feud with TNA champ Eddie, resulting in the match of the year, a ladder match at Slamiversery. When Vinnie Breakyourlegs takes over Spike! TV, he chucks TNA off and brings back WWE (footage of the press conference). Many wrestlers resign with the WWE, but HHH, Cena and Batista stay, mainly because they were the reason it shut down in the first place, but eventually have much better salaries than TNA. Vince McMahon hates the idea, but has no choice but to go back. It shows footage of the fireworks two hours ago, at the very first RAW!)

Styles: Well fans, that was then, this is NOW, as we go to our main event.

Lillian Garcia is standing in the ring with a big smile on her face

Lillian: Now fans, it’s time for our main event! The ten-man elimination tag match!

Huge pop as the fans can’t wait

Lillian: Let me explain the rules, the first team to eliminate all members of the other team will win, when that team has won, the remaining members will go on to face each other, until only one man is left!

I think I’m cute, I know I’m sexy rings out throughout the arena, and the fans go insane. The load of fireworks are nearly drowned out by MSG

Lillian: Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, Shawn Michaels!

Michaels waits at the bottom of the ramp as ‘ Can You Dig It, Suckaaaaaaa’ plays. Booker comes out with his wife Sharmell, who is smoking! His holds his hands up at the ramp, and the arena bursts into flames. He stands there, talking to Michaels, waiting for the next team mate

Lillian: From Houston, Texas, Booker T!

‘Just Close your eyes’ plays and out comes captain charisma, Christian!

Lillian: Next, from Ontario Canada, Captain Charisma, Christian.

Christian, who is blowing kisses and slapping his chest, stop when Lillian talks and walks towards the ring, he gets in and whispers to Garcia

Lillian: I apologize, from Ontario, Canada, No longer is he Captain Charisma, Christian!

As Christian gets out the ring, Michaels and Booker just stare at him as ‘Take what’s mine’ starts up, and out walks, the legend killer, Randy Orton, much to the disgust of the crowd.

Lillian: From St Louis, Randy Orton!

J.R: Man, this guy has changed, when in TNA, he turned on all his old friends, he disgusted me, and I think the fans feel the same way.

The fireworks go off and One of a Kind plays, and out runs the whole F’n show RVD!

Lillian: Hailing from Battle Creek Michigan, Rob Van Dam!

J.R: Fans, we’ve got to take a commercial break, when come back though, it’s gonna be wrasslin time!


We’re back and Kurt Angle, Carlito, Chris Jericho and Kane are in the ring

‘Can You Feel the Heat?’ Plays and out comes Eddie Guerrero, no Low-Rider, looking bitter

Styles: Eddie Guerrero is a changed man, he’s bitter, demented. He looks like he’s lost weight, he’s down to about 200 pounds

Lillian: From El Paso, Texas, Eddie Guerrero!

Lillian Garcia exit’s the ring, as all the competitors get in the ring and stare each other down, To start off we have Booker T and Chris Jericho.

HBK, Randy Orton, Booker T, Christian, RVD


Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Carlito, Kane, Eddie Guerrero

Booker T grapples with Chris Jericho, and Jericho backs him into a corner. He whips him out of the corner, but Book reverses it, and sends him into the corner. Jericho comes out of the corner, and straight into a back body drop. Booker T just starts stomping the back of Jericho, and then picks him up. He rams him into the corner, then again, then again. He does this about three times before he holds his hands up to the crowd. He picks Jericho up, then dumps him the mats below with a suplex, much to the delight of Sharmell

J.R: God, did you see the impact of that? Jericho is screaming

Styles: That was real painful, those mats aren’t that thick!

The crowd let out a collective moan, as Booker T steps out to the apron and waits for him to get up. He jumps off with a double axe-handle, going right into Jericho’s already injured back. He rams him up against the guardrail, then whips him into the steel steps. Booker’s team are by the steps and Christian and Randy Orton just start kicking the crap out of him. Booker goes up and shoves them off, not very happy with them. He throws Y2J back in the ring, then delivers an elbow drop to his back. He tags in Shawn Michaels, and holds Y2J while HBK goes sailing over the top rope and hits a splash right on the back of Jericho! As Booker steps out the ring, HBK picks Jericho up, but gets a thumb to the eye. Y2J runs to his corner to get a tag, but is stopped by Michaels, who just grabs his hair, and then nails a devastating backbreaker!

J.R: We all know HBK’s back trouble,

Bobby: Yeah, but at the moment, he’s causing back trouble!

HBK brings him up, then takes him to the corner, where he tags in Rob Van Dam! He steps outside and holds Jericho against the ropes, while RVD just kicks at him repeatedly, all the kicks making cracking noises as the smash into Jericho’s back. Van Dam pulls him off the ropes, and then delivers a devastating back drop! Jericho is holding his back in immense pain. Van Dam props Jericho up, the grabs his arms and jams his knee into Jericho’s back. Jericho is in terrible pain, but the audience get behind the first undisputed champion, and he has enough strength to stand up, and RVD has to put his knee down, but still has the arms. Jericho moves towards his team, but he has no arms to tag. RVD brings him back and nails a full nelson suplex! Van Dam picks Y2J up once again, and tags in Christian.

Styles: This is smart wrestling here, keep Jericho injured, and keep tagging

Bobby: That’s right and here comes Captai…I mean Christian!

The fans immediately break into ‘Captain Charisma!’ chants, as Christian climbs to top rope, while RVD holds Y2J and comes off with a elbow right to the spine. Christian taunts the other team, as he locks on a boston crab. Chris Jericho is screaming in pain, and is close to tapping, Christian sits down even further, but Jericho ploughs on. He goes close to his tag-team partners, but Christian pulls him back again. Jericho realises he’s better off going to the side ropes, and fights his way there, he’s so close, will he make it? Yes! As he does it, the fans go wild, but Christian soon lets go, taunting the other team and the fans, making some of the wrestlers quite pissed off. He grabs Jericho and pulls him to his feet. He spins him around and goes for the un-prettier, but he lets go of Y2J for a second, just to taunt them, which gives Jericho just enough time to shove Christian into his team mates, and he gets a hard shot to the head by Carlito! Jericho runs behind him and nails a face-buster! Both men are in the centre of the ring, and the fans are screaming. Both men are crawling, their partners are cheering them on. Just as Christian tags in Randy Orton, a tired, worn out Jericho tags in the big red machine, Kane!

J.R: He made the tag!

Bobby: Now Randy Orton’s got to contend with Kane!

Orton comes in with a cocky smile on his face, then realises he has to contend with Kane! He slowly backs out of the ring, through the ropes, but Kane brings him in the hard way! Randy gets up, scared with nowhere to run. Kane shows no sympathy, and delivers devastating punches, beating the hell out of him, then clothslines him out the ring. The other team get straight on to beating on him, Carlito and Angle stomping the hell out of him. Kane goes outside and picks him up. He rams his head hard into the announce table, but the Legend Killer blocks it, and slams HIS head into the announce table. Kane just stands there, looking at him. Orton tries to run, but Jericho grabs him, and throws him into Kane. Kane picks him up, and drives him straight into the ring post! Orton is screaming in pain, but Kane just throws him in the ring. A few of Orton’s team mates are in the ring, trying to help him, but RVD gets a big boot, and Christian gets a chokeslam! He slits his throat, signalling for the end of Randy Orton, but out of nowhere, Randy comes up and nails him with a RKO! He rolls him over and the referee counts, 1.………………………2.……………………………3 he got him!

J.R: Oh My God, Kane has just been eliminated!

Styles: The big red machine is out!

Eliminated: Kane

Randy gets up, and holds his hands out, but not for long as Carlito attacks him from behind. He thumps him hard, sending him down to the ground. He stomps him until he backs into the corner, then picks the Legend Killer up. He whips him to the ropes. As Orton comes off he’s nailed with a big clothesline! Carlito smiles, then says something to Kurt Angle. He picks Orton up once again and whips him to the ropes, Kurt Angle goes to grab him, but Orton sees it coming and shoulder blocks him off the apron. He goes to kick Carlito, but he grabs his leg. Orton just smiles and hits him round the back of the head with a inziguri! He walks over and tags in Shawn Michaels, to a big ovation from the crowd. Micheals nails a backdrop, then rolls into a reverse chin lock. Carlito is having his chin yanked back, but he fights out and pulls him to the ropes, where Michaels lets go and is punched at and chopped at until he is on the ground. He goes to the top ropes, with Michaels team opposite him, they shake the ropes until he falls down, in a very awkward position! He’s in so much pain, he falls off the tope rope and onto the mats below. Shawn Michaels get up, and sees his opponent on the floor below, and looks confused, but makes the most of it by climbing to the top rope himself. He dives off with a moonsault, but Carlito is smart and moves forward, leaving Michaels to land in nowhere. Carlito is taunting the crowd, but he doesn’t see Shawn landed on his feet, and has his head shoved into the ring post! He moves back and HBK connects with a Superkick!

J.R: He hit it, he hit it, he nailed a super kick

Styles: What velocity!

He rolls him in the ring, and pins, 1.…2.………….3!

Eliminated: Carlito

HBK has no time to celebrate as Kurt Angle comes up from behind him and nails a Angle Slam just as he gets to his feet. The referee rushes over and counts, 1.…………….2.……………………………3!!!

Eliminated: Shawn Michaels

J.R: What the hell? Kurt Angle just eliminated Shawn Michaels

Styles: He hit him with the Angle slam from behind

Bobby: He just eliminated his tag partner, what did you expect, a hug?

J.R: Well folks, we’ve got to take our final commercial break, but when we come back, we’ll get down to the final 7!


We come straight into the TV screen saying ‘during the break’

J.R: Well folks, during the commercial break we’ve has ANOTHER elimination. Lets take a look.

After Angle pined HBK, RVD came and squared off with Angle. The next shot we see is of later on when Angle locks RVD in the Ankle Lock, Van Dam is in such pain, he tries not to, but has to tap.

Eliminated: Rob Van Dam

We’re back in normal time as Booker T is chopping at the Olympic Hero, as Angle staggers away, Booker nails him with a Harlem side kick! He goes over and tags in his partner, Christian. Christian comes in and starts stomping on Angle, he goes to the second ropes and comes off with huge leg-drop to Angle, who he pins, 1.…2.…………NO, Captain Charisma has a argument with the referee, which gives Angle enough time to get up, come from behind and nail a Angle slam, he rolls him over, 1.……………………..2.………………………NOOOO, so close, and Angle can’t believe it,

J.R: By God, he kicked out, he kicked out

Styles: How did Christian kick out of the Angle Slam?

Bobby: I have no idea, that was impossible

J.R: I don’t like the guy, but I’ve got to admire his guts

he’s screaming at the referee, but sees that it’s no use, and pulls his straps down. He climbs to the top rope, and just as he’s about to go fro the moonsault, he sees a disturbance on the apron, as Daivari Muhammad Hassan’s manager, is arguing with the referee. Angle gets down, to see what’s going on, and as he turns around, he clocked with a steel chair by Hassan!

Styles: What the Hell? He just nailed Angle with a chair

Bobby: Did you hear it shatter off his skull?

J.R: God, hear comes Chris Benoit

The Rabid Wolverine comes down the ramp, and pulls Hassan out, but leaving the chair in the ring. On the outside Benoit locks in the Crippler Crossface! Hassan is screaming, and Daivari comes over and kicks Benoit, but Chris just gets up and starts punching at him, sending him up the ramp. In the ring, meanwhile, Christian crawls to Kurt and hooks the leg, 1.…………………………….........2.………………….. ………………….3!!!

Eliminated: Kurt Angle

J.R: Darn it, he got him, damn Hassan

Bobby: Angle’s gonna pissed tomorrow.

Styles: But look who’s in the ring, Eddie Guerrero has the advantage, he’s hasn’t been in the ring at all this match.

Eddie gets in, to major heat from the crowd. He waits for Christian to get up, before slamming into him with rights and lefts, backing him into the ropes. He sends him to the ropes, and connects with a big elbow to the face. He brings him over to the corner and tags in Jericho, they start hitting him with knees to the ribs, then they pull him out of the corner, then throw him back hard. Jericho starts to chop at Christian, and then whip him to the corner, but Christian reverses it, and sends Jericho right in Orton and Booker. As Christian runs towards Jericho, he comes out the corner and picks Captain Charisma up, but as he’s coming down, Christian makes the tag to Randy Orton. Unbeknownst to Jericho, who goes for a Lionsault on Christian, but the Legend killer comes from behind, and knocks him off the second rope, out the ring! Randy just stands in the ring, posing to the MSG crowd, who are trying to boo him out of the arena. He’s so busy taunting, that he doesn’t hear his team mates screaming at him, because Y2J’s just getting in the ring. Out of nowhere, he spins him around and locks in the walls of Jericho! Booker and Christian run in, but Eddie Guerrero manages to fend both of them off. Orton has nowhere to go, and taps out.

Eliminated: Randy Orton

J.R: By Gawd, Randy Orton has been eliminated, he tapped out to the walls of Jericho

Bobby: What’s wrong with you Randy, why you tap out to that ham’ an’ egger?

We’re down to four men, as Eddie battles off Booker T and Christian, Jericho comes from behind and goes to work on Booker T, obviously now making him the legal man. He punches away at Booker, sending him into the corner. Meanwhile Eddie gets the upper hand on Christian, and throws him out the ring, before getting out to his corner. Jericho lifts Booker up ands seats him on the top rope. He goes to the top as well, and comes off with a huge Superplex! Both men are rolling around, holding their backs

Stlyes: God, did you see that?

Bobby: Yeah, it really took it out of both men, with Jericho’s back still hurting from earlier on.

Jericho crawls over and tags in Eddie Guerrero, Booker is close to Christian, but Latino Heat pulls him back with a cocky smile on his face, to huge heat from the crowd. He Picks him up and goes for a suplex, but Booker blocks it, still recovering from the superplex. He’s tired, but goes wild on Guerrero, with chops, punches and kicks. Eddie blocks a punch, however and nails three punches of his own. He fires himself up, then bounces off the ropes and goes for Booker, but Booker uses his own momentum to send Guerrero face first into the corner, then rolls him up with a backslide as he staggers back, 1.………….2.…………………….NOOO, just kicks out! Booker staggers over, tired, to his partner and tags in Christian. Christian comes over and starts with right hands, he whips him to the ropes, and bends down, setting him up for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but instead Eddie counters into a swinging neckbreaker! He quickly rolls through, locking in the Laso from El Paso! Christian is trying so hard to move, he’s in the centre of the ring, with to go, but slowely he manages to get close to the ropes, he just a hand away……But Eddie pull him back to the centre of the ring! Just as he’s about to give, Booker T comes from out of nowhere with a kick to Eddie, then he lays him out with a scissors kick! Jericho runs in with a guns blazing, furious punches to the head of Booker, but Christian’s up now and goes for Y2J. There’s chaos in the ring, and the referee has no idea what to do as Eddie comes from behind and low blows Christian, fortunately for Latino Heat, he’s not seen, but the referee does see however, Christian rolling up Eddie with a schoolboy, 1.………………..2.………………..He’s got a handful of tights!………3!!!He got him!

Eliminated: Eddie Guerrero

J.R: Christian just beat Eddie at his own game!

Bobby: This guys the best wrestler

Styles: You like anyone who cheats!

Bobby: No, I like people who are smart, that’s why I don’t like you!

Back in the ring, Christian and Booker looks at each other, then High-5, obviously forming some sort of team. They then realize that they’ve only got Jericho to eliminate, and pick him up. They whip him to the ropes, and land a big double back body drop, before Booker steps out the ring. Christian starts ramming his knees into the back of Y2J. He picks him up and delivers two backbreakers, before bringing him back to his feet and whipping him to the ropes, and out of nowhere, is put in a rolling Boston crab! He’s screaming for his life, but he has no partners to help him, he has to make his way to the ropes as Christian applies more pressure. He slowely makes his way to the ropes, as Captain Charisma tries to stop him, but to no avail as he gets to the ropes. Christian doesn’t let go, but has to at the count of four. He goes to the centre of the ring, just to taunt the fans. He runs at Y2J, who’s recovering from the Boston Crab by leaning on the ropes. As Christian runs towards him he ducks under his arm, and rolls him up, 1.…………………………….................2 ……………………………….........................3!!!

Eliminated: Christian

Styles: Oh My God, we’re down to two

Bobby: What a match this has been, all ten men put in one-hundred percent

Booker T gets in the ring, as Y2J makes his way up, they stare at each other, as the fans cheer both men

J.R: These two men started this match, and these two will finish it

Bobby: There’s gonna be no team elimination, the rules say that the remaining members of the winning team will fight it out, well, there’s no remaining members, so someone’s gonna go straight through.

Both men hold their hands up, getting ready to grapple, but just as they’re about to put their hands together, Christian comes from behind and plants Jericho with a un-prettier! Right in front of the referee, and Jericho wins by DQ!

Eliminated: Booker T

Winning Team: Chris Jericho, Carlito, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Kane

U.S Title No.1 Contender: Chris Jericho

Booker just stares at Christian, but then starts arguing with him, yelling at him for costing him the match, but Christian replies that they’re a team now, and they shouldn’t argue over things like this. All of a sudden, Kurt Angle comes up from behind and locks in the Ankle lock on Booker, but RVD comes down the ramp to save him, as does HBK, who is attacked by Randy Orton. Pretty soon all the members of the tag match are out, followed by Muhammed Hassan with his manager Daivari, who are still being chased by Chris Benoit, and the ring dissolves into chaos as all the men fight between each other. The chaos only gets worse as HHH, who’s in a furious mood over earlier, runs down and goes after anyone, but is stopped by the King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett. Everyone is in a battle as all ten cruiserweights run out, causing even more disorientated combat, they are shortly followed by the Undertaker and A.J Styles, The Hardy boys, the Dudely boys, William Regal, Eugene, Shelton Benjamin and the Big Show. There are battles in the ring, on the apron, on the floor through the crowd, as anyone who was in the dressing room who hasn’t already come out runs down the ramp. There are about eight men fighting on the floor and on the ramp, and out of nowhere, Rey Mysterio runs from the ropes, with on jump gets to the top rope, and comes down onto all of the, taking everyone down!!!

J.R: Oh My God! He just dived onto about eight or nine people there!

Styles: I’ve never seen anything like this, everybody from the locker room is out here!

Kane and Randy Orton are fighting up at the top of the ramp, as Big Show throws Shelton Benjamin’s head into a drinks machine in the crowd, when all of a sudden a familiar music is heard, and the crowd rise to their feet to see the man Vinnie Breakyourlegs was talking about, the man who’s fighting for the world title on Smackdown……………………………….............................


‘Invasion’ blasts throughout the arena and The fans can’t believe it, but they lift the roof off when Goldberg Runs out! There’s never been a bigger reaction in MSG as he comes running through the curtain. The first person he goes for is RVD, who gets a huge side kick to the face, sending him rolling down the ramp, clutching his chin. Kane goes for him, but he grabs hold of him and slams him head into the set! Nearly shattering the RAW side screen! The eight wrestlers who were jumped on by Mysterio are now getting up, but Goldberg comes sprinting down the ramp, and takes them all over with a HUGE spear! He stomps into the ring, and grabs poor Shannon Moore and Choleslams him high in the air! By now the Big Show is in the ring, but is sent out over the top rope with another big spear. HHH stops fighting Jeff Jarrett, and starts laying hands into Bill. They have no effect whatsoever, and HHH is picked up, and dumped over the top with a military press onto Randy Orton, Kurt Angle and D-Von Dudly. The ring is cleared out, except for Jeff Jarrett, who’s just getting up, he just freezes when he sees Goldberg, as Goldberg has been stalking him, he gets a huge kick to the gut, and then put under his armpit. The fans go wild as he’s lifted high into the air, and planted with a devastating JACKHAMMER! Goldberg stands up and the fans go insane, as he jumps high in the air and yells to the fans.


J.R: My god, he’s here, it’s Goldberg

Bobby: And he’s fighting for the world title!

Styles: He’s just blazed a path through wrestler here

J.R: Who in the hell is gonna beat this guy?

Styles: I really don’t know, but folks, thank you for being with us for the resurrection of WWE, and what a night it’s been

Bobby: Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next week!

The final seen is of Goldberg, looking as intense as ever, as the screen fades to black on his face.


RAW quick results:

Juventud Guerrera B. Rey Mysterio, Psicosis and Sabu in a fatal-four way match for the Cruiserweight title

Order of Elimination:

Sabu, by Pin

Psicosis, By Pin

Rey Mysterio, by Pin

Chris Benoit B. Muhammed Hassan by Submission

The Undertaker B. A.J Styles for the U.S Title by pin

Chris Jericho, Carlito, Kurt Angle, Kane and Eddie Guerrero B. Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton, Booker T and Christian.

Order of Elimination:

Kane, by Pin,

Carlito, By pin

Shawn Michales, by Pin

Rob Van Dam, by submission

Kurt Angle, by Pin

Randy Orton, by Submission

Eddie Guerrero, by pin

Christian, by pin

Booker T, by DQ

Therefore, Chris Jericho will go on to face The Undertaker on Smackdown!

www.prowrestling.com news report:

TNA Officially closes:

TNA has finally ceased production after the WWE has claimed most of it’s major stars. The company started in 2002, and then surged in 2005 as WWE close. Most of it’s talent has now gone, including HHH, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, A.J Styles, who had been there since the first show, and even part owner Jeff Jarrett. Other owner Jerry Jarrett, farther of Jeff, has been suffering from ill health recently (see below) and decided it would be best to quit instead of losing more money.

TNA 2002-2005-RIP

In other news:

- Chris Benoit suffered a small shoulder injury in the match on RAW against ----Muhammad Hassan, which is why he wasn’t at the house show (Kurt Angle had to take his place in the main event). Though he is expected to be fit for next weeks RAW.

- Jerry Jarrett has had some health problems the last 9 days, expect Jeff to be away from shows for a little while after Smackdown.

- There is a mass of rumours over who will face Goldberg on Smackdown. Some say it’s Ric Flair, some say Hulk Hogan, one said Ricky Steamboat was ready to go, and the stupidest of all, some say Jerry ‘King’ Lawler’s coming out of retirement. Interestingly, www.wwe.com has not denied or confirmed these rumours, so some may be true.

House Show Results: Wednesday 3rd August at the War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, New York:

Match 1: Paul London & Shannon Moore Vs The Dudley Boys

This was a great match. London and Moore got some ok pops, but not a lot of reaction for the Dudleys’. Bubba and D-Von dominated early on with their size and strength, but Moore made the hot tag and London nailed a double dropsault. From there, he nailed all the moves in his arsenal, creating many near falls. From behind, D-Von nails a saving grace, causing some heat. When Shannon tries to get involved he gets a 3D for his troubles! The Dudleys pretty much double team London while the Prince of Punk lays on the floor outside. D-Von puts Paul and Bubba, who’s sitting on the top rope, shoulder, but Paul reverses it into a massive hurricanrana! D-Von’s about to break up the pin, but out of nowhere, Shannon Moore nails a springboard dropkick, sending him out the ring! 1.……………………2.……………………3!!!!

Winners: Paul London & Shannon Moore 9:23

Match 2: The Big Show VS Kane

This was an ok match, and both men got considerable reactions. The finish came when Kane went up for a flying clothesline, but Big Show came up and delivered a devastating choke slam! 1.…2.……………………..3!!!

Winner: The Big Shoe 5:58

Match 3: Shelton Benjamin VS Randy Orton

Fantastic match, both men put in a really great effort. Shelton Benjamin nailed a T-Bone off the top rope, but yet Randy still kicked out! He went for another later, but The legend killer blocked it, and nailed a RKO, 1.………..2.…………..NO! There was more great wrestling, as Randy grabbed a chair, Shelton nailed a spinning wheel kick, knocking him out, but for another two. Benjamin went for a Dragon whip, but Randy ducked, and Shelton hit the referee! Randy then low blowed him on the chair, and hit a RKO on the chair, he went for the pin, but there was no ref. As he was waking him up, Shelton hit him in the back, then T-Boned him on the chair for the 1.…………2.………………3!!!!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin, 16:34

Match 4: New Contenders Tournament 1’st Round, Abyss VS CM Punk

Now that the WWE is back, it’s recruiting new superstars, and many TNA and ROH wrestlers want to join, so the WWE has started up the New Contenders tournament. 8 wrestlers will battle it out, one match on each house show, till we get down to the finals, which will take place on the SummerSlam preview show. The winner of this match will then get a WWE contract. The first match of this is Abyss V CM Punk. The fans really did not know who they were, and really didn’t care, but they soon did, by the end, fans were screaming there heads off for CM Punk. On the wrestling side, it was a classic, among so many other highlights, Abyss went for a Black Hole Slam, but Punk landed behind him, and connected with the Urinagi (NOTE: Right Spelling?) slam. Abyss countered a Pepsi Plunge by back dropping him off the turnbuckle, then turned around and nailed a leg-drop from the second rope! The finish came when Abyss grabbed the chain, tried to hit Punk with it, but he duck, and landed a neck breaker to Abyss! He then grabbed one end of the chain, and tied the big man to the other, then with all his strength, got to the top rope, dragged Abyss up by the chain, and nailed the Pepsi Plunge for the 1.………….2.……………….3!!!!

Winner, and advancing to the semi-finals: CM Punk, 22:43

The fans gave both men a standing ovation for their efforts. They really needed a intermission after the last two exciting matches!

Match 5: 6-Man Tag, Booker T, Christian, Jeff Hardy VS The Basham Bros, Joey Mercury

It seems that Booker T and Christian have formed some team, after how well they worked together in the tag-match on RAW (Except for the end). Surprisingly, they got a good reception from the crowd. This match was far too short, but had some insane dives from Hardy, including one where he hit a whisper in the wind onto all five men. Joey Mercury hit his standing 450 splash on Booker for a 1.….2.……NO. The finish came when the referee was distracted by Mercury, Christian saw his chance, grabbed a chair, and went to whack Doug Basham with it, instead, Doug ducked and Christian hit his partner, Booker. Danny threw Christian out of the ring, and Doug delivered a pump-handle power bomb for the pin.

Winners: The Basham Bros and Joey Mercury, 8:46

Match 6, Funaki VS Sabu VS Tajiri VS Nunzio, Fatal Four-way

This was another classic match, kind of like the awesome cruiserweight match on RAW, there were so many highlights, it was insane. Tajiri kicked lumps out of Nunzio, and went for a Buzzsaw kick, but Nunzio ducked, then rolled him up and grabbed the tights for the 3!
Tajiri is eliminated!

A few minuets later, after more intense combat, Nunzio has the Sicilian crab locked in to Sabu, he’s about to tap when Tajiri comes in a delivers a large kick round his head. He’s out on the ground, and Sabu nails a Atomic Arabian Facebuster for the 1.………2.……………………………..3!
Eliminated: Nunzio
Finally, it’s Funaki and Sabu, The Japanese man goes for a hurricanrana, but Sabu stops him and hit’s a huge piledriver off the top rope! 1.………2.…………..No, Sabu grab a chair, sets it up, and place Funaki in the corner, he runs at him and goes to kick him, but Funaki gets there quicker and dropkicks him in the jaw! He sets the chair up, and sits Sabu down. He continues to batter him with kick and chops, until Sabu falls to the ground. Funaki then proceeds to run up the chair, to the top turnbuckle, and come off with a big moonsault, but Sabu get the legs up. He gets up, brings the chair to the centre of the ring, and nails a double under-hook suplex onto the chair for the 1.…………2.……………………………....3!!!

Winner, Sabu, 18:32

Match 7: RVD VS Carlito

Good match, Carlito controlled, but RVD kept coming back. Carlito went for a double axe-handle off the top rope, but RVD gave him a massive spinning heel kick! Carlito lays in the corner as RVD rams him shoulder into him once, twice, does a backflip, NO, he hit the corner, and Carlito rolls him up with a sunset flip, then rolls out and puts his feet on the ropes. 1.………………2.………………………..3!!!

Winner: Carlito, 8:29

Match 8: The Undertaker & Chris Jericho VS Edge & Rene Dupree

The two opponents on Smackdown! Have to team up to try and beat the ex-ROH camps. In the end, they weren’t good enough to defeat the experienced Edge and Dupree. Rene rakes the eyes of the Undertaker, so he can’t see. Mistaking Y2J for Edge, he delivers a hellacious choke slam! Edge then spears him for the 1.……….2.………..3!!!

Winners: Edge & Rene Dupree, 9:14

Match 9: Women’s Tag Match: Trish Stratus & Gail Kim VS Jazz & Molly Holly

Three of the best women in the business put on one hell of a match, it was hard hitting, with a lot of inventive submissions. The fans loved this style of wrestling, and were on their feet most of the match. It was truly one of the best American womens matches EVER. The finish came when Jazz had Trish in a standing chicken wing, then Gail Kim kicked her hard in the ribs, Stratus recovered, and nailed a hard chick kick. Out of nowhere, Molly Holly came off the top with a Molly-Go-Round, 1.…….2.……….Gail Kim grabs her arms, uses her legs to lock in some strange variation of the triangle choke, Molly has nowhere to go, and no choice but to tap out!

Winners: Trish Stratus & Gail Kim, 22: 36

Match 10: HBK VS Eddie Guerrero

HBK go the largest ovation of the night. Eddie got booed out the building. This became another instant classic, it was brilliant. HBK nailed sweet chin music, Eddie kicked out, Eddie hit the three amigos and the frog splash, HBK kicked out, Shawn Michaels locked in the Sharpshooter, Eddie turned it round into a Laso from El-Paso, the showstopper got to the ropes. The crowd went insane for both men, even cheering Eddie, until he deliberately knock the referee out. He low-blowed HBK, then got a ring bell. As the referee was getting up, he passed it to HBK then laid down. Instead of panicking, HBK actually HIT the referee with the ring bell, Eddie got up confused. That’s when Shawn hit him with the ring bell, then tuned up the band and hit the super kick! Another referee comes in, 1.………2.…………..3!!!!!

Winner: Shawn Michaels, 32:51

Match 11, Main Event, HHH & Muhammed Hassan VS Jeff Jarrett & Kurt Angle

This wasn’t the best match of the night, but it was still very good. Hassan got heat like no one else, the crowd went insane. HHH was booed as well. Angle and Jarrett actually got quite good reactions. Hassan and Angle went back and forth for the most of this match, with Hassan getting the advantage, thanks to Daivari cheating every time Angle mounted a comeback. Finally HHH came in, and totally beat down on Angle, even hitting a huge pedigree on the Olympic champion. While Daivari held Jarrett’s legs to stop him getting in, HHH pinned. 1.……2.…………….NO, somehow Angle kicked out! Finally, after more beating, Angle made the hot tag to ‘the king of the mountain’ Jarrett cleared house, until his famous guitar came into play. Daivari grabbed it and went to hit him with it, but just as he was about to, Jarrett turned around, and just smiled. Not because he could see Daivari, but because GOLDBERG was crouched in the corner, the crowd just popped like crazy, it was insane. Goldberg nailed a HUGE spear on Daivari. Jeff then took his guitar back and smashed it over the head of Hassan! HHH turned around and jumped when he saw the WCW champion. Bill kicked him in the gut and picked him up for a DEVASTATING JACKHAMMER!!! Angle, Jarrett and Goldberg stood in the ring as the crowd went insane, it was then that the two face who had been teaming realized who they were really with, as the stood together, they turned around in fear, and got a DOUBLE-SPEAR!!!!!!! Goldberg gets up and shout, screams and jumps in the ring as the fans are still going nuts as they leave the building.

NO WINNER, DQ, 18:25

Great show, some matches weren’t that good, like Kane/Show, but HBK/Guerrero and the women’s matches made it the best house show I’ve ever been to.

Biggest Pops:


2. HBK


4.Shelton Benjamin

5. Booker T/Christian

Biggest Heat:

1. Muhammad Hassan/Daivari

2. HHH

3. Eddie Guerrero

4.Randy Orton


Smackdown! Preview:

Monday night RAW became the most awesome night in wrestling history, and this week Smackdown going to surpass it! After Bill Goldberg showed up at the end of the night, what will he do on Smackdown? The main event though is the world heavyweight title match, where Bill will face off against a mystery wrestler, we have no idea who this is, though us here would like to have many guesses, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

On the main event of RAW, Y2J won a 10-man tag-team match to get his shot at the U.S Title on Smackdown! Will the Undertaker be dethroned after just one match?

The first match of the new WWE was the brilliant fatal-four way for Cruiserweight title, which Juventud Guerrera won by defeating his old friend Psicosis, Psicosis became jealous and attacked Juvi after the match, then demanding a cruiserweight title match on Smackdown! Vince McMahon gave them the match.

Tune in LIVE, Friday Night at 10 PM, for all this and so much more!

Friday August 5, First Smackdown!

Arena: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI

Dark Match: William Regal & Eugene defeated MNM

Dark Match: D-Von Dudley defeated Shannon Moore

We begin the show with a video package of the amazing events of RAW:

- Breakyourlegs welcoming everyone to the new WWE
- Highlights of the Cruiserweight match
- Vinnie announcing HHH VS Jarrett for Smackdown!
-Benoit making Hassan tap
-A.J Styles and The Undertaker having a awesome match for the U.S Title
-The Brilliant tag match and all the eliminations
-Everyone brawling, and then…
GOLDBERG comes down an destroys everyone!

‘In Too Deep’ by Sum 41 plays, and an opening video starts for Smackdown, including Undertaker, HHH, Sabu and so many more…

There’s no time for fireworks, as an acoustic (No words) version of Rob Thomas’s ‘Lonely No More’ blasts through the arena and Juventud Guerra running out, all fired up with the cruiserweight title round his waist

Styles: Welcome fans to the WWE, I’m one third of your hosts, Joey Styles, sitting next to me is Good’ OL Jim Ross, and B…

Brain: Shuddup, these fans don’t wanna hear your high pitched voice, they want ME, the great Bobby, The Brain…

J.R: Alright Brain, there’s no time for talking, we’ve got a action packed night for you, first, the cruiserweight title match, and this is heated, and then we’ve got the number 1 contender match between Triple H and Jeff Jarrett…

Bobby: Yep, tonight’s to the night that the Cerebral Assassin proves why he’s the real King of the Mountain

Styles: Yes, but who’s he going to face? Will it be Goldberg, or the mystery wrestler, who the hell is this guy, the rumours have been flying around.

J.R: And then there’s the U.S title match, this truly gonna be one of the greatest nights in the history of wrestling.

And with that, Mexican music hits and out runs Psicosis!

Cruiserweight Title Match:

Juventud Guerra



He flies into the ring and the LUCHADORES go straight to work with right hands, finally Psicosis Juvi in the eyes, and then goes to work on him with the hands, finally delivering a big clothesline over the top rope. Psicosis then steps out and goes to hit Juvi, but juvi blocks, and knees him in the ribs. The Juice, in a fit of rage, smacks Psicosis’s head off the announce table, then he smacks it off there again, then rams his back into the ring apron, and delivers three loud knife-edge chops, sending ‘Wooo’ s throughout the crowd. He pulls him a bit closer, and delivers a calculated kick to the knee! Juvi is all fired up, and yells something in Mexican, as the crowd is going wild. Psicosis is on one knee, his other taken out by Juvi, Juvi runs from one side of the mats to the other end where Psicosis is, and nails a huge Shining Wizard!

Styles: He has flipped, what a kick

J.R: He has lost it, man he’s pissed

Brain: Why should he be mad? It was Juvi who turned on Psi… whatever, that guy

The crowd are going wild as he gets up, still hell-bent on beating Psicosis, picks him up, and tries to whip him into the steps, but Psicosis, with all his strength, reverses it and sends the Juice into the steel stairs. Juvi hits them so hard, that he flips right over them, cracking his head on the top to a loud ‘ooh’ from the crowd. As Psicosis staggers, still feeling the effects of the shining wizard, the referee checks on Guerra, who’s nearly out cold. Psicosis brings him up, and rolls him into the ring. He jumps on the apron and hit’s a heelio over the top rope onto Juvi, then rolls over and pins, 1.………….2.……………NO, he just gets the shoulder up, and Psicosis is mad, but goes straight back to work, bringing Juventud up, then whipping him to the ropes, he comes of, and Psicosis hit him with a dropkick, this time to the side of the head, making a loud cracking sound, and makes the cover, 1.……2.………….No, and once again Psicosis is getting frustrated, but continues, he picks him up once again, and whips him to the corner with great force. As Juvi staggers back, he walks into a very well timed backbreaker. He then turns Juvi onto his stomach and steps on his back, and pulls his arms, Juvi is in a lot of pain, but he won’t tap when the referee asks, instead he pushes his back up, causing the former WCW cruiserweight champion to fall off. As Psicosis gets up, the juice goes for him, but Psicosis blocks, and comes round to his back. He holds his head likes he’s going for a reverse DDT, then drops his back across his knee, breaking him in half!

J.R: Great move there

Styles: That was great, the way he’s working on his back

Brain: It’s how the Mexicans do it

J.R: That’s true, a great wrestling style

This time when Psicosis steps on Juvi’s back, he turns it into a surfboard stretch, and making Juventud scream in the process. Juice is in the centre of the ring, with nowhere to go, so he has to make his own way out. He begins fighting, and rolls out of it, standing at Psicosis’s head, holding his arms. Psicosis rolls backwards too, and faces Guerra. He goes to grab him, but Juvi blocks both his arms, and then nails a spinning wheel kick to a stunned Psicosis. As Psicosis gets up, dazed, Juvi runs to the top rope, and comes off with a corkscrew moonsault! He pins, 1.………2.………NOO, he just kicks out at the last second!

Styles: God that was close, he so nearly had him!

Brain: Great move by hoot-n-toot!

J.R: Hoot-N-Toot? I think you mean Juventud

Brain: Shuddup.

Juvi gets up and stalks Psicosis, looking for the Juvi driver, but As he turns around…Bam! He’s hit over the skull with a steel char! Juvi falls to the ground, as the attacker smacks him again and again. Finally he drops the chair and high-fives Psicosis.

Styles: whaa…wha…Is that?

Brain: Eddie Guerrero? What the hell is he doing?

J.R: I…I….Don’t know

Eddie and Psicosis are yelling at the fans and Juventud, when all of a sudden Rey Mysterio runs down! He goes wild, kicking at Psicosis, then hitting a spinning wheel kick. He goes to work on Eddie, beating him in the corner, Eddie grabs his leg, and Rey hit’s a Enziguri! Psicosis runs at him, but he hit’s a drop-toe hold, sending him onto the ropes. Then he nails a 619 to the delight of the fans. Out of nowhere, he Eddie get up, and as Rey jumps off with a seated Senton, he’s now cracked in the skull with a chair. Psicosis gets up and both men start stomping on Rey, Psicosis picks him up, and nails a sit-down power bomb on the chair! He then holds the chair on Rey’s body, as Eddie ascends the turnbuckles, and comes off with a huge Frog-Splash, crushing the chair on Rey. He gets up and calls for a microphone.

Eddie: You know…..

Eddie is cut off by ‘You Suck’ and ‘Ass-hole’ chants, and when they calm down, he has to speak extra fast to get everything in before they start again.

Eddie: You know if you people just shut the hell up, I might not kick the crap out of your termite hero!

Crowd still go wild

Eddie: I know, I know, you people want to know why I came out here, and destroyed these two ‘wonder kids’? Right? That’s what you want to know, hey? YOU PEOPLE MUST BE STUPIDER THAN YOU LOOK!

More intense crowd heat

Eddie: It’s simple Holmes, look at the facts. Juventud Guerra didn’t care for you the fans, he didn’t care for anything but the title, but that means he didn’t care for his friends. And look at Rey Mysterio, he loves you fans, and look where it gets him, flat on his face! (Laughs) I know, I know, he sucks. But anyway, look at my friend over here *Pats Psicosis on the shoulder* This man has it all holmes! I mean look at dis guy, he’s strong, fast, great skills, and basically, he’s the nicest guy in the world! This is the real familia esse, not Chavo, not Gory, not Rey!

The crowd just boo through the whole promo, especially the last statement

Eddie: But finally, finally, with the help of Psicosis, I can do what I did in WCW, I can finally conquer the Cruiserweight division!

Guerrero stops as Juventud is trying to stand up, and cracks him across the skull with the Microphone! He then hands it to Psicosis

Psicosis: Yo, ******, listen, we’re taking over, me and la famillia, Eddie. And we DEMAND that we get our title shot from that coward Juvi, Juvi, you think you’re the ‘juice’ well ******, after we’re finished with you, you’ll be nothing but a squirt!

With that they drop the microphone and leave the ring, as the referees try to get Mysterio and Guerra up.

J.R: That was totally uncalled for, wasn’t it?

Styles: What the hell is gotten into Psicosis?

Brain: He been turned away by Guerra

Styles: We all know that’s utter crap

J.R: Well anyway fans, after the commercial, it’s Carlito’s Cabana!


When we come back, the ring is all set up, and *COOL* Stops playing, and Carlito is in the ring to large ‘sideshow Bob’ chants, getting him agitated.

Carlito: Hang On, Hang on, Carlito thought, and now knows, that everyone in Detroit…Is not Cool! Actually, your worse than uncool, you just plain suck!

Crowd boo and jeer

Carlito: Hey I don’t care what you people think, and the man I’m introducing sure doesn’t either, please welcome…

Sideshow Bob chants are getting too loud for even Carlito to talk, but finally they calm down

Carlito: Now if you just shut up for a minute, I’m going to introduce tonight’s guest, Kurt Angle!

With that, *Medals* play, and out comes the Olympic champion himself, Kurt Angle. The ‘you suck chants’ blend nicely with a small pop, but a mostly mixed reaction. He stands on the stage and holds his hands up high, then walks down to the ring and steps through the ropes to talk to Carlito.

Kurt: you know Carlito, your right, I don’t care about these fans *Fans Boo*, but what I do care about is getting my hands on that coward Muhammad Hassan! *Crowd Pops*

Carlito: So…Kurt, are you saying that, because…your not cool?

Kurt: What the hell are you on about, Hassan cost our team the win last week

Carlito: Oh, right, sorry, I just get a little over excited about calling people uncool

Kurt: Don’t worry, anyway I need to ask you *Turns into a whisper, that can still be heard on the microphone* what barber do you use, I’m growing a few hairs on top, and I want them in good shape

The crowd just laughs, while Carlito stares on, possibly in shock.

Carlito: Ah… Ah…Anyway, as I was saying, this is my plan. As I expected, you want to get your hands on Muhammad Hassan, so next week on Monday night RAW, Carlito’s special guest, will be none other than….Hassan and Daivari! Lets see if he accepts your challenge, or is the coward you say he is! Now that, tha’s COOL!!!

J.R: Wow, is that a fire cracker for RAW!

Styles: All that and so much more on RAW

Brain: Did you see all that hair on Angles head?

J.R: Yeah….Ok, whatever you say Bobby. Well fans, when we come back, it’s the U.S Title match

Styles: Oh Boy, things are gonna heat up!

(SummerSlam comes too you live from the Nassau Colliseum in Manhattan, with The Magic Numbers performing the theme song, and all the stars of WWE coming, there is only ONE place to be this summer!)


The crowd erupt as Taker comes out on his bike, he beats on his chest before making his way to the ring, as the fans cheer rapidly. Finally he gets off the bike and steps into the ring, holding his hands up high.

J.R: What a reception for the Undertaker!

Styles: This man, has done it all ladies and gentlemen, he’s been a four-time world champion, a tag-team champion, yes, he’s one of the greatest in the world

‘Break the Walls down plays and out comes Y2J, Chris Jericho, he spins around on stage, before walking down the ramp and leaning on the ropes, He steps in and goes straight into a stare-down with the Undertaker, as the lights come back on and the bell rings

U.S Title Match:

The Undertaker ©


Chris Jericho

They go straight into action as Jericho hit’s a big right on Undertaker, then runs at him with a cross-body, pins, 1.……2.…NO, both men get up, and Y2J comes from behind with a school boy, 1.….2.…..NO. Jericho gets up and goes to grab him, but Taker hits a big uppercut, sending him out, then followed up by a clothesline! Pins, 1.…….2.…….NO! Taker picks him back up, and clubs him on the back, before putting him between his legs and lifting him up for a power bomb! But Jericho fights out, and elevates himself over his shoulders, to go into a backslide, 1.…….2.……..NO! As they get up, Jericho runs a Taker, but Taker sidesteps it and throws him into the ropes, Jericho, being agile jumps to the second rope and comes off, hooking Taker’s head and hitting a huricanrana! He pins, 1.…….2.…………….NO! Just kicks out, and Taker turns it into a roll-up, 1.…….2.……………….NO! As the men get up, the fans start clapping, but ‘ahh’ as Y2J runs, and walks into a big-boot.

Styles: What a start to this match, this should be great

Brain: You know, I used to hate both these men….And I still do!

J.R: Have you been drinking again Bobby?

Brain: Drink? I never touch the stuff

Back in the ring, Taker picks Jericho up, and slams him down with a scoop slam, then hit’s a big leg drop, 1.…..2.…….NO! As Jericho gets up, holding, his throat, he leans on the turnbuckle for support. This is when the Undertaker comes, and clotheslines him into the turnbuckle, he then is whipped to the other buckle, where the same thing happens. Taker then goes to the other side of the ring, and waits for Y2J, before delivering a huge side-walk slam! Pins, 1.…………..2.…………………NO!!! He kicks out at the last second! The biker picks him up, but Jericho fights back, with left after right hand to the Undertaker’s ribs and face. Finally he runs to the ropes, but gets caught in a sleeper! Jericho won’t give in, but finally falls down to one knee, then both knees, finally laying on the floor. He keeps moving, but begins fading……Fading, until the referee checks the arm, once, twice…….NO, he keeps himself alive! He fights his way up, with a elbow to the ribs, another, finally he breaks out, then hit’s a big jaw-breaker to the Undertaker! He goes toward the recovering Taker, before grabbing him, and rolling him up with a victory roll, 1.…… …..2.……………….NOO, even with a handful of tights he doesn’t get three. Jericho waits for him to get up, and sets him up for his face-buster, but Undertaker counters and picks him up. Undertaker spins him for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Jericho reverses into a head scissors!

J.R: God, did you see that

Styles: This is hard hitting and physical, what the WWE is all about

This time Undertaker does get up, and Jericho does nail a face buster. He then runs to the ropes and hit’s a Lion-Sault! He pins,1.…………………………….... 2. ………………………………................................NOOOO, so close!!!!

J.R: He kicked out, he kicked out

Brain: Wha

J.R: He kicked out

Brain: Will you let me get a word in edge-ways? For God sake, he didn’t find a cure for cancer, did he?

The action continues, as Jericho yells at the referee, and claims it was three. Finally he gives up, and picks the undertaker up. He whips him to the ropes. Then as he comes back, he’s nails Undertaker with a big dropkick, straight to the chops, pins, 1.………………2.……………….NO, once again, Taker doesn’t give up. Instead, Jericho goes to the top rope. He stands there, while the weary Undertaker gets up. Jericho takes a page out of A.J Styles book, delivering a moonsault, grabbing the Undertaker and hitting a reverse DDT! He pins once more, 1.………2.………NO!!

Styles: How the hell is Undertaker doing this?

Brain: Even I’m becoming impressed

Jericho is banging his hands on the mat, but picks the Undertakers legs up, and yells he’s going for a Walls of Jericho, but Undertaker uses his legs and shoves him off. He runs at Jericho, but Jericho moves away, and sends Undertaker through the ropes, landing on the apron. Jericho jumps from the second turnbuckle, and tries for a dropkick, but Taker ducks, and Jericho has to hold on to the top rope to remain from falling on the floor. He brings himself up, and the Undertaker hit’s a large right, but Jericho chops, punch, chop, until Y2J ducks a punch, and clotheslines him into the ring. He Jumps on the top rope, looking for a springboard huricanrana, but Taker catches him, and goes for a last ride! Jericho, however, wriggles out and does a backflip, landing on his feet and catching Undertaker’s legs this time locking in the Walls Of Jericho!

J.R: He’s locked it in! Jericho has got the Walls of Jericho locked in!

Styles: You’ve got to imagine it’s over now!

Brain: Wait, what’s that on the stage?

As Jericho locks in the Walls, a Big White Limo comes out on stage, reversing down. As the Undertaker screams and yells, he sees the limo as he tries to make it to the ropes. Finally the limo stops and out comes JBL! He smiles with his ten-gallon hat and suit on. He then produces a piece of material, and proceeds to tie this to the end of his limo, and then onto Taker’s bike. As this happens, Taker is just a hand away from the ropes, and………………He gets there! As Taker gets up, he uses his leg strength to send Jericho flying. He gets up, and stares at what’s happening, Jericho not really knowing what’s happening either. Undertaker can’t stare for long, as soon Jericho runs up. Taker sees him, and elbows him in the face, Jericho stumbles, then walks straight into a chokeslam!!! He pins, 1.…………2.………………………. ……………………………….........3!!!

Winner, and still U.S Champion: The Undertaker!!

Styles: He did it! He overcame the odds, then to find his bike being taken by JBL!

Brain: What the hell is Layfield doing

J.R: I have no idea, all I know is that Undertaker will not be happy

The final scene is of Undertaker steeping through the ropes as his bike is taken away by JBL.


We come back and Undertaker is running through the backstage area. Finally he gets to the parking lot, just to see JBL drive away with his limo and Taker’s bike. Taker yells, and we cut back to the commentary desk.

J.R: Well ladies and gentlemen, we don’t know what JBL is going to do with The Undertaker’s motor bike, but I suspect he’s not gonna take it to the carwash

Styles: This means were getting closer and closer to the main event, it’s gonna be Goldberg, who we’ve not seen all day, we tried for a interview, but he denied, he’s going against whoever it is Vinnie Breakyourlegs has planned for us, but if it’s like Goldberg, it’s gonna be a amazing night.

Brain: This could be the biggest night in out sport, and the people backstage are making rumours left, right and centre about who Goldberg’s gonna be facing

J.R: Oh boy that’s gonna be great, but now we take you to our new Smackdown! interview team, take it away guys!

The camera comes to Funaki, and the crowd pops as he has his arm around none other than Hiroko! They’re standing next to the tag team of Booker T and Christian, with Sharmell by Booker’s side

Funaki: Welcome, I’m Funaki, this is Hiroko, and we are


Hiroko: Booker T, after you lost to Chris Jericho, were you angry with Christian

Booker: well…..

Christian (Cutting in) Of course he’s not angry! Look, he forgives me, were best buds *Puts arm round Booker* Isn’t that right?

Booker: Yeah, whatever…..

Funaki: do…..

Christian: Hey, go have the Japanese version of sex, weirdo’s. I wasn’t finished. On Monday night, we’re going to walk into Florida (Boos, and Christian stops) It sucks ( Cheers) But It’s better than here (Massive Heat) as I was saying, we’re gonna walk into Florida, and walk out again as the world Tag Team Champions!

Funaki: Hey, don’t call me or my girlfriend weird, I could take you!

Christian: *Laughs* Yeah, right…….

Christian walks off, Booker and Sharmell kind of try to apologise, then follow. We once again pan in on the commentators

Styles: Well…I don’t really know what to make of that…..

Brain: I know….well, it’s probably for the best, two Japanese, then they won’t stand on each others feet

J.R: I think he was talking about the tag team

Brain: That doesn’t matter

Styles: I think it does, there now one of the confirmed teams for the tag-team termination match, RAW is shaping up awesome!

J.R: But yet ANOTHER big match next, there coming full on tonight, it’s Triple H versus Jeff Jarrett, lets show you the recap of the interview

Short Video package with the interview, then Vinnie’s announcement, package closes, and ‘King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett comes out to a surprisingly large number of cheers, that subside quickly. He gets in the ring and hold his guitar high in the air, but doesn’t get long because……………………

Time to Play the Game!

‘The Game’ by Motorhead hits, and out walks to one and only, HHH, he gets a rousing chorus of boos, but less than usual, He stands on the ramp, but doesn’t do his usual entrance. He takes a drink from his water, then throws it to the ground and storms to the ring, hungry for the title. The second he gets in the ring, he attacks Jarrett with right hands, and it’s on!

No.1 contenders match: HHH


Jeff Jarrett

HHH batters king of the Mountain, and backs him to the ropes, finally hitting a huge clothesline over the top rope. Hunter goes to the outside and comes off with a double axe-handle to Jarrett’s back. HHH picks him up and rams him into the steel guard rail. He then picks him up and drops him throat first into the guard rail! He taunts the crowd to loud boos. Then delivers rapid-fire forearms to the face of Jarrett. He bangs his skull off the steel steps before rolling him in, and covering, 1.……………… .2.…………………………….........................NOO, he kicks out at the last second. HHH gets up and yells at the referee. He tells him to count properly, before going back to work on Jarrett.

J.R: Triple H is being very aggressive, he is so hungry for that title shot

Brain: We all know, the Game SHOULD be champion, he’s just showing it

HHH whips Jarrett into the corner so hard, he goes down to his knees, then gets up and runs at him with a huge high knee to the face, and smashing into Jarrett’s Jaw and nose. He pins, 1.…………..2.…………….NOO, once again Jarrett kicks out, and HHH can’t believe it, he yells at the referee and backs him into the corner, screaming for him to count faster, not seeing Jeff get back up. Jarrett goes and clubs HHH in the back three times, spins him around and hits three thunderous chops, each combined with a large ‘wooooo’ from the crowd. He tries to whip him to the ropes, but Hunter reverses and sends him to the right hand ropes, as Jarrett comes off he gets a hellacious spinning spine-buster that even Arn Anderson would be proud of! He covers, 1.………………….2.…………..NO. HHH goes to the outside and picks up a chair, he gets in the ring and goes to hit Jarrett, but the referee grabs the chair. HHH then mouths off at the ref, but gives in after a little while, letting him out of the ropes. As the ref disposes of the chair, Jarrett sees his chance and Low-Blows HHH to a large pop from the crowd!

Styles: Jeff Jarrett getting a measure of revenge on Triple H tonight!

Brain: Will you stop kissing his ass

J.R: What the hell are you on about? Your always kissing Triple H’s ass!

Brain: That’s just because he’s the best wrestler in the world!

Styles: See what we mean

Jarrett finally has HHH where he wants him. He whips him to the turnbuckle, then runs at him, only to get a big boot to the face! HHH walks out of the corner smiling with Jeff bent over holding his chin. HHH goes for a Russian leg-sweep, but Jeff elbows him in the ribs, then the head, and turns it into a STROKE!!! He pins him, 1.……………………………........................2.…………… ………………………………..........................................................NOOOOOOO! He kicks out at two and a quarter!

Styles: OH MY GOD, that was so close

J.R: He had him, folks we’ll be back in a minute!


We come back to the scene of Jarrett with the leg of HHH, and he twists him round into a figure four leg lock!

J.R: Folks, welcome back, and during the break, Jeff Jarrett has taken complete control over this match

Styles: He has dominated since that stroke, what a move, he was so close to winning it right there

Brain: Come on Trippers, don’t tap, come on, hold on……..!!!

HHH is screaming in pain, the hold clamping down on his legs, and Jeff knows he’s got it won. He presses harder and harder, and finally HHH lays down, 1.…………..2.……… …………………………….NO, he sits up, only to get a slap to the face. The slap seems to revive him, as he sits further up, and turns slowly…………He Turned him over! Jarrett is screaming now, and finally lets go. HHH stands up, stretching his painful legs. His legs are still tangled up with Jarrett’s, he sees his chance, and jumps into a Indian death lock! Jarrett is now in immense pain, his legs now caught. He tells the ref he doesn’t give up, and slowly makes his way to the ropes. HHH is livid, trying his best not to let Jarrett get away. But Jeff fights, with Punches to the skull, while crawling to the ropes. Finally he’s grabs the ropes to a large pop from the crowd.

J.R: He got there, he got to the ropes

Brain: Dam it Triple H, finish him off!

HHH picks Jarrett up, determined to beat him. He whips his to the ropes, but Jeff ducks a clothesline, and comes back with one of his own! HHH gets up and receives another! Jarrett makes his way to the second rope, and proceeds with a big forearm off the second rope, right into the mush of Hunter. He pins, 1.………………… ..2.…………………………….......NO! The referee holds up two fingers, as the crowd sighs.

Styles: Man, what a battle

Brain: This is incredible, don’t you think Hunter is incredible too?

J.R: A great effort by both men

Brain: But especially Triple H

Jarrett throws up his hands and signals for the end. He goes to the outside and pulls out his famed guitar, and goes into the ring. Before he can go to HHH, the cerebral assassin puts the referee in front of him, and Jarrett drops the guitar. HHH comes up and delivers a big eye rake, and finally hit’s a Russian leg-sweep. He follows up with a big knee drop to the face, gets up and taunts the crowd. He then yells to Jarrett ‘It’s Over’ He picks him up and yanks him to the corner, where he hit’s a well timed, hard chop, ‘whooooo’ then another, ‘woooooo’ finally he hits many, sending Jeff’s chest red raw. He then batters him with right hands, sending him into the bottom corner, where he’s kicked and yelled at, until the referee pulls him off. HHH looks at the ref, then shoves him hard.

J.R: Triple H better be careful, he could get himself DQ’d right here

Brain: He’ll never get disqualified, he’s that damn good!

HHH sees Jeff getting up and whips him to the ropes, but Jeff reverses and gets momentum. HHH dodges a clothesline however, and grabs his arm, spins him around, and lifts him up high for a suplex! He keeps him up there for a record thirty seconds, before slamming him down with a massive brain-buster, Jarrett landing right on his head! Cover, 1.…………………………2.……………………….. ……………………………….....................................................NNOOOO, last second kick out!

J.R: OH My God, he landed right on his head!

Styles: And he kicked out!

Brain: This is just an amazing match

HHH smiles and picks Jeff up, he clubs him on the back, then places him between his legs, looking for the Pedigree! But Jarrett reverses, and slingshot’s him into the corner! HHH stumbles back, into Jeff setting up the stroke! HHH somehow elbows out, then slides under the bottom rope. He picks up the chair again and slides into the ring. The referee tries to stop him again, but Jarrett runs at HHH, and the referee is squashed by HHH and the chair! The cerebral assassin sees this, and goes to hit Jarrett with the chair, but Jeff kicks him in the nether regions! Jeff picks up the chair and smiles, he’s about to hit HHH when……………………


‘2001, a space odyssey’ hits and the crowd goes wild, knowing who’s here. Jeff drops the chair and walks to the side of the ring, and waits. He gets on the second rope and tells Flair to bring it on, but no one comes. The fans are still going crazy as Jeff turns around into a steel chair shot to the head from Triple H!!! He smiles evilly, then picks Jeff up and pedigrees him on the chair! The referee is now crawling over 1.………………………… 2.……………………………..........................................................................3!!!

Winner, and NO.1 contender: HHH

Styles: What in the hell just happened here

J.R: I have no idea

Brain: It doesn’t matter, what matters is Triple H won the match!

HHH makes his way up, smiles and grabs a microphone:

HHH: *Laughs* What did I tell you, Jeff Jarrett is no more than a slimy scum who couldn’t make it in the WWE. Hey, hey, he’s worse than the disappearing ‘legend’ Ric Flair. Come on, he’s no legend, he has nothing on me, I’m the best damn wrestler in the world today, get used to it!

The crowd just start to boo

HHH: I don’t expect to be liked by you, look at the facts, I’m a nine time world heavyweight champion, and the fact is, next week, I’m gonna be a ten time world champion, but most importantly, YOU showed how stupid you are. You and Jeff ‘King of the Dumpster’ Jarrett believed into Ric Flair, the fairy tale. Get it, there’s no Ric Flair, there never will be a Ric Flair, he’s retired, dead in a ditch for all I care. I never needed him, just like I never needed DX, or Evolution. I don’t care if it’s Goldberg, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, or whoever’s they’ve got behind that curtain. I will stop at nothing to win that world title, because I am the game, and I have proved time, after time, after time that NO ONE CAN PLAY THE GAME

With that he drops the microphone, ‘time to play the game’ out and HHH walks out.

J.R: The game just swerved all of us

Brain: He just proved why he’s the greatest wrestler in the world today, and the smartest

Styles: You must be kidding me, he just cheated Jeff Jarrett out of the match, he cheated everyone

Brain: It was Jeff Jarrett’s own fault, he believed into it all

Styles: So did you

Brain: No I didn’t, I was just playing along

J.R: Well folks, up next it’s a cruiserweight number 1 contenders match, Sabu versus Tajiri, that will be great!


HBK is standing in a studio, plugging feds:

HBK: Now, you might be thinking were here plugging feds out of the goodness of our hearts, but the truth is, we think they all suck, and of course, we’re the best. In fact, the only reason we’re doing this is because there paying us loads of money, and we‘re trying to keep up with the HWA! *Cheesy thumbs up*

Coolstuff’s WWE:


Kid Jericho’s WWE:


No.1 Peeps WWE:


JTj’s APW:


Heavymike’s WWE 2K5:


HBK: Check these out!

HBK is standing in a studio, plugging feds:

HBK: Now, you might be thinking were here plugging feds out of the goodness of our hearts, but the truth is, we think they all suck, and of course, we’re the best. In fact, the only reason we’re doing this is because there paying us loads of money, and we‘re trying to keep up with the WIWA! *Cheesy thumbs up*

GreenDrill’s WWE: Rise of Glory


Someguy999’s WIWA:


Wolf Guy’s Being the Booker:


Forever Delayed does WWE:


Sneapy’s WWE: My Way


HBK: Check them out!

We come back and Tajiri is already in the ring, Taka Michinoku like music plays and out comes Sabu, to a small ovation, nothing massive, but they know who he is.

J.R: Welcome back folks, and what a amazing night it’s been already, Eddie Guerrero has formed a alliance with Psicosis, beating the hell out of Juventud Guerra. Then the Undertaker beat Y2J Chris Jericho, and Taker had his Bike stolen by JBL. Just now Triple H defeated Jeff Jarrett

Styles: By cheating, I might add

Brian: Yeah, cheating……..

J.R: And don’t forget, the main event, Goldberg against, well…we don’t know who, but man is everyone pumped up about it.

Brain: Oh yeah, but do you know what I’m excited about? The game winning the world title next week

Styles: That remains to be seen

Brain: It’s a dead cert

Cruiserweight title No.1 Contenders match:




They lock up in the centre of the ring, and Sabu backs the Japanese buzz saw into a corner, then hits three loud chops, each getting a ‘whoo’ from the crowd. He whips him to the other corner, and runs at him, only for Tajiri to spin around him, go for a kicks, but Sabu blocks, then ducks a Inziguri. Sabu has both legs, but Tajiri pushes up and headlocks Sabu in mid-air. Sabu throws him off, into the ropes, and Tajiri bounces off……into a quick clothesline, and the crowd ‘ooh’ as his head bounces off the mat, hard! Sabu picks Tajiri up, and delivers a backdrop, with Tajiri landing right on his head! He pins, 1.…………………….2.…………………NO! he kicks out at two and the fans are amazed. He picks him up again, but this time Tajiri fights back, with a ridiculously quick multiple punch/kick combo. He then runs to the ropes, back flips off and hit’s a hand-spring elbow! He then waits for the Indian madman, and measures him. He goes for a Buzz-saw kick, but Sabu ducks! He gets up, kicks Tajiri in the ribs, and hits a double under-hook suplex. Finally he signals to the crowd, he jumps on the ropes nearest Tajiri’s head, jumps to the ones parallel, then hit’s a moonsault! He pins, 1.………………………….2.……………………………................ ..NO!!! So nearly three!

J.R: God that was close

Styles: This is another incredible match

Sabu has no idea what to do, but gets up and steps through the ropes. He is about to do a spring-board move, when Tajiri springs up, and goes for Sabu. He punches him a couple of times, then delivers a stiff kick to the ribs. Then, with Sabu bending over Tajiri Kicks him hard in the head, through the ropes! Then, with Sabu bending over, leaning on the middle rope, Tajiri hit’s a sunset flip power bomb to the mats below!!! Tajiri stands up and sticks his hands in the air and bending down, for his trademark pose, while Sabu on his knees, holding his back. Tajiri picks him up, and whips him to the guard rail. Sabu stops himself as he reaches the rail, however, and jumps on top of it. He comes off, corkscrewing, then hooking the Japanese Buzzsaw, and hitting a hurricanrana!!!!

Styles: Oh my god, did you see that, he just hit a hurricanrana onto Tajiri, from the Guard rail

Brain: This is a incredible athlete, at his best

J.R: You put it best Brain

Sabu gets up, signals to the crowd, and gets a chair, to the delight of the crowd. He gets in the rings, dragging a beaten Tajiri with him. He’s about to hit him, when the referee reminds him that he can’t use it. So instead, he sets it up in the middle of the ring. With the crowd in anticipation, he runs up it, jumps to the top rope, and goes for a moonsault, only to get Tajiri’s knees in his ribs! The Japanese buzz saw gets up, and delivers a horrible sounding back kick to the side of his head! Sabu goes down like a tree, and Tajiri pins, 1.……………………………..2.………………..NO! Tajiri can’t believe it, he thinks about going for a buzz saw kick, but decides to pick the chair up, and place it on the top turnbuckle, using it as a seat to keep Sabu, who he’s placed there as well. He then goes to the second rope, and looks to come off with a hurricanrana, but at the last second, Sabu turns it into a power bomb! He crawls over and pins, 1.……………………2.…………………………….........Kick out! Sabu realizes Tajiri is nearly finished, and sets him up for a German suplex. As he lifts him, Tajiri back-flips and lands on his feet. Sabu doesn’t see this, and gets up. Tajiri picks up the chair, and throws it at Sabu, but Sabu catches it. Tajiri goes to the ropes, bounces off the second and hit’s a kick right into the chair! The crowd go wild for the move, as Tajiri yells something in Japanese, before climbing to the top rope. As Sabu slowly makes his way up, Tajiri comes off with a sunset flip, but Sabu stays on his knees. Tajiri fights back with a big kick to the back, and then comes around and hit’s a kick to the chest for good measure. Finally he ascends the turnbuckle again, but this time Sabu, much like the Japanese Buzz saw earlier, has a rush of energy, and jumps up. He jumps on the second rope, and dropkicks Tajiri, right into the announce table! Tajiri hits it with the side of his head, and blood starts coming out, right near his eye.

J.R: Jesus, he landed right by our announce table!

Styles: Sabu will just not quit!

Brain: This has been a very impressive match!

J.R: Wait, who’s that coming down

With that, the referee runs outside to check on the Japanese Buzz saw, who’s nearly out. Just then, Sabu has to catch a chair, and gets hit with a Van Daminator by RVD!!!!! He’s hit square in the face, and is completely out of it.

Styles: what the hell just happened here? Was that Rob Van Dam?

J.R: You know, I think it was, what the hell was RVD doing here?

Brain: All I know is Sabu’s out of it!

Van Dam walks out with a smile on his face, while Tajiri is just getting up. He gets in the ring, but doesn’t understand what’s going on, neither does the referee. He cautiously approaches, as Sabu is getting up, and walks into a Buzzsaw Kick!!! He covers, 1.………………………..2.……………………………...................................... ……………………………….............................................3!!!

Winner: Tajiri!!!

J.R: You know what, Rob Van Dam just screwed Sabu

Styles: These two men have been partners and friends for years

Brain: I just don’t understand it, I mean I like it, but I don’t understand it


We come back, and RVD is standing in the Smackdown interview set with Funaki and Hiroko

Hiroko: Mister Dam, you requested this interview time to talk about Sabu, why did you attack him and cost him his match?

RVD: Why did I attack him? And what did you say?

Funaki: She said, why did you cost Sabu his match

RVD: Shut up, I cost Sabu one damn match, he’s cost me my whole lively hood. Look at it. While I was out with my knee injury, I missed yet another Wrestlemania, what a surprise, the great Rob Van Dam under mimed again. Yet when ‘Sabu’ had his bad back, all of which was his own stupidity, he has people rushing to pay his bills, and he had his own damn tribute night. Where’s MY tribute night, where’s Rob Van Dam, whole F’N show’s tribute night. Well I’m sick of it, it’s my time, and I’m taking it back, and I’ll start with Sabu, just as a example…..

With that, Sabu shows up on camera, snarling and growling in RVD’s face, but doesn’t say anything.

RVD: See, just like years ago in ECW *Fans pop*, your still my BITCH!

Sabu: *More Snarling, then through clenched teeth* You…..Me…….It’s ON!

And with that, he hits him with right hands, RVD tries to fight back, but gets overpowered, finally getting shoved into a wall. He goes down, and Sabu stomps on him, getting some metal poles, which are conveniently lying against a wall, and pushing them all onto Van Dam, crashing against him. He tries to struggle out, but Sabu gets a chair and whacks it across Van Dam’s back, causing a loud crack. With Van Dam kneeling in pain, Sabu throws the chair, hitting him square in the face! Sabu smiles, then gets a table with all sorts of drinks and make-up. He throws this all off, and places it near the set. He then puts RVD on it, and smacks him with the chair for good luck. The homicidal, genocidal, suicidal maniac begins to climb to rungs of the Smackdown interview set. By now, the Road agents and referee’s have arrived to break it up. They beg Sabu not to jump, but he doesn’t listen and they all have to scatter as he moonsaults thought the air, onto the table!!!!! They both lay motionless, and the referees come to check as we go back to the announcers.

Styles: ………………Wow!

J.R: Can you believe that?

Brain: That was incredible, he just dived onto RVD!

Styles: And you know, that’s the first time I’ve heard Sabu speak!

J.R: Well that looks a great match, but this is what we’ve all been waiting for, yes, it’s the World Heavyweight title match, and everyone’s been asking, who’s Goldberg facing?

Styles: We’re gonna find out!

Brain: *Girly* Oh My God, Oh My God!!!!


‘Invasion’ hits and out comes…………GOLDBERG to a thunderous reception, and the crowd are going wild, the smoke plays, and the big man hits and kicks the air, psyhing himself up for the biggest match of his career. He gets in the ring, does more moves then leans against the ropes as the lights go out.

J.R: you could curt the tension here with a knife

Styles:…………………… …………………………… …………………..

Pow Pow Pow Pow!!!!!!!!

Fireworks go off and the fans scream and stand up in sheer amazement! Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Hitman, Bret Hart appears and fans go insane. He stands out with his pink and black and soaks up the cheers from the crowd.


J.R: Wha…..wha, it’s the hitman! The hitman Bret Hart is here!!!!

Brain: What is going on? First Goldberg, then Hart?

J.R: I just don’t understand

Even Goldberg looks on in shock as Bret makes his way down to ring side. He stops to slap fans hands, and then puts his glasses on some lucky kid in the front row. He steps slowly into the ring as the fans are still going crazy.

J.R: It’s Bret Hart’s return, this may go down as one of the most famous moments in Wrestling history

Styles: This is Bret Hart/Goldberg, this is the same match that ended, or should I say supposedly ended Bret’s carer in 1999!

Brain: I just can’t believe what’s happening, Bret Hart, back, how?

J.R: We’ll soon find out how he wrestles, after we come back!

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World Heavyweight Title match:



Bret Hart

We’re back in the ring as the bell rings, and both superstars get set to wrestle. They begin towards each other and the crowd erupt. They hold their hands up and get prepared for a test of strength . They just lock up and the crowd burst into chants of ‘Lets go Goldberg!’ followed by ‘lets go Hitman! Goldberg soon gets the upper hand, bringing Hart’s arms down, then backing him into a corner. He’s about to hit, but the referee breaks it. They go back to the centre of the ring, and lock up again, surprisingly, Bret Hart gets the advantage, and grabs one arm, turning it into a hammerlock, Goldberg struggles, but elbows Hart and spins behind him, hitting a back clothesline, cracking his skull! He then picks him up, and holds him in a full nelson, Bret yelling, but not giving up. Goldberg goes for a full nelson slam, but Hart elbows out, and whips him to the ropes. The big man holds onto the ropes, and Bret runs at him, only to get back dropped over the top, onto the floor, back first!

J.R: Man, did you hear that, his back smacking against the floor, what impact!

Brain: I’m still getting over the fact that Bret Hart is here, this is amazing

Styles: This is totally unpredictable

Goldberg gets on the outside as Hart is recuperating. Bret starts fighting back with a forearm and a fist, but Goldberg just kicks him in the gut with force, then slams his skull off the announce table! He takes him, and once again bounces his head off the announce position. once again he takes his head, but this time hits it against the steel steps to a large twang! Goldberg looks at the crowd, who are still loving this match and are in anticipation of what Goldberg’s going to do. He then runs to the other side of the ring and slams Bret back first off the ring post! A sick thwack is heard as the crowd ooh and ahh over the returning submission master. Bret is screwing his face up, his back in severe pain. Goldberg smiles and rolls him into the ring. Bret gets up and Goldberg immediately gets on him, he picks up and rams him into the corner, as Hart is still holding his back. The big man picks him up, and does the same thing again, causing more pain to the Hitman’s back. Once again, Goldberg does the same thing, now letting him go, as Hart staggers forward, and is caught by Goldberg, who twists round and hits a massive spine buster! Goldberg stands up and does his famous pose, he jumps up and downs, holds his arms in the air, an roars, as the fans go insane, knowing he going to go for the Jackhammer! He picks Hart and puts him under his armpit. Suddenly, Bret gets out and kicks Goldberg in the ribs, causing him to bend down. The excellence of execution goes to get him, but his legs are grabbed, he’s shoved down and put into Goldberg’s version of the sharpshooter!

J.R: Oh my God! This is Bret Hart’s signature move, will he be able to get out of it?

Goldberg has it locked in, and the fans are going crazy. He applies more and more pressure to the back of Bret Hart, as he is screaming in pain. The fans think it is over, that Bret Hart will lose his return match in a matter of minutes, but he begins crawling, ever so slowly, but the fans know he can do it, and go wild. He gets further, and is so close, but is in so much pain, but………………………………...He gets there!!! The crowd are going wild, and Goldberg can’t believe it. As Bret is still getting up, Goldberg goes for him, with punch after punch, but Bret finally ducks one, he goes behind Goldberg, spins him around and delivers a devastating DDT! Hart is starting to get momentum, and the fans are switching between the two great athletes. Bret Hart picks him up and batters him with three right hands, all smacking the skull of Goldberg. He then backs him into a corner, and delivers hard chops, one after another. Finally, Goldberg stands up and stops felling the pain the crowd get on their feet again Hart tries everything, and goes to punch him, but Goldberg grabs his arm. With Bret nowhere to go, Goldberg grabs him by the throat, and sends him flying across the ring with a choke slam! Hart is lying on the ground, catching his breath while Goldberg is shaking off the punches, then crouches in the corner, and the crowd all know what’s coming next. Bret gets up, and Goldberg charges, but Hart moves out of the way! Goldberg goes shoulder first into the ring post, and the sound echo’s throughout the arena! The fans are in awe, as Bret goes to Goldberg, grabs his legs and rolls him up into a school boy, 1.……………………………... ..................................................................................2.…………………………….............................................................................................................NO! He kicks out at the last second, two and nine tenths!

Brain: He’s Got him! No, I was sure that was three

Styles: This is absolutely incredible, the crowd are going wild

J.R: Your right, and we’ll be back after we take our last commercial break!


We come back and Bret Hart has the arm of Goldberg, and locks in a brilliant arm-bar

J.R: Folks, during the break, Bret Hart took total control, working on Goldberg’s shoulder, and Brain, I don’t see anyway for him to make it back now

Brain: No way, Goldberg is in such pain with his shoulder, after hitting it on the steel post earlier

Styles: This is Bill Goldberg we’re talking about, this mans a great athlete, if anyone can make it back after this assault, it’s him

Back in the ring Goldberg is still in great pain, and knows he hasn’t got many options. He tries to get to the ropes, but is too far away and can’t move. He begins to scrunch his face up and call for the fans too help him. They begin to get behind Bill, as he rallies support. With his one free arm he pushes himself up. He has to push Bret to the ropes, and he finally lets go. Bill grabs him and throws him to the opposite ropes, Bret comes off into a shoulder block……with Goldberg’s weak shoulder. The move is so weak, Hart barely moves back, and Bill is left holding his shoulder. Bret smiles, and then rams his shoulder into Goldberg’s, again and again, each time with Goldberg yelling out in pain. Finally he put in such a simple move, a arm wrench, but yet he’s in so much pain. Bret is putting pressure on, and now Goldberg is even screaming. He finally finishes it with a elbow to his shoulder, leaving Goldberg down. Bret still has a hold of the arm, and decides to repeatedly kick at the shoulder of Goldberg, he attacks him again and again, until the referee tells him he’s got to get off. He begrudgingly leaves and yells, holding his hands in the air, as the fans are cheering him, while still rallying behind Goldberg. As Bill slowly gets up, Bret attacks him with right hands and kicks. He then surprisingly steps out onto the apron. First smacking Goldberg’s head off the turnbuckle, then grabs his bad arm. The crowd know what’s coming, and yell as Bret dives down, taking Goldberg’s arm over the top rope! Goldberg staggers back, screaming in pain. Bret sits on the apron with a kind of cocky look on his face, thinking he’s going to win. As he climbs in, he gets on the second rope. As Bill Goldberg gets up, Bret jumps off with a double axe-handle onto his shoulder! The referee is thinking about stopping the match, when Goldberg yells that he won’t give up, sending Bret into a anger. He picks him up, and just to antagonize him, lets him try to punch him with his weak arm. After one or two nearly non-existent punches, Bret catches one and turns it into a Chris Benoit like Crossface!

Styles: This is ripping at the shoulder, Bret should know this, he’s been locked in it!

Brain: I think this is the end of Goldberg, he’s finished!

J.R: Look how much pain he is in!

Goldberg is so close to tapping, he’s screaming, and cannot move. He doesn’t know what to do, and just lays down. Suddenly the crowd have a burst of energy, and even the referee can’t believe it as he begins to get to the ropes! The fans are going wild, but the reaction stops when Bret puts the brakes on, and uses his feet to move backwards! Out of nowhere, Goldberg actually starts standing up! He stands up and lifts Bret off his feet, then drops him down with a back-drop! The crowd are going wild, but Bret gets up and looks angry. Just as Goldberg gets up, he’s attacked, with rights and lefts, then chops. Bret whips him to the ropes, and Goldberg comes back. Out of nowhere, he hit’s a Spear!!!!!!! He sends Bret flying, and in the process, nearly knocks himself out! The fans are once again standing, as Goldberg makes the slow crawl to the other side of the ring, he just gets to his feet, and dives over there, collapsing, with his hand over the most famous of Hart’s. 1.…………………………….............. ...............................................................2.……………………………................................ .....…………………................................................NO!!!!!!!! How did he kick out of that?

J.R: Bu…..By God! He kicked out! He Kicked out!

Styles: When will this end?

Brain: Reversal after reversal, this is incredible, a moment these fans here in the arena and sat at home will never forget

Goldberg gets up, holding his injured arm, and stares in shock, that Bret kicked out of the spear. He stands in the corner, recovering till Hart gets to his feet. With his one good arm he goes over and lays hands into him, knocking him into the ropes. He then delivers a chop, so hard, it echo’s throughout the arena. Bret gets over it, and hit’s a even harder chop! Then a exchange starts, each hitting a chop harder than the last, and this continues for a long time, they both hit at least 20 chops, and it ends with a sick looking head butt by Goldberg! Goldberg signals to the crowd, and then bangs Hart’s head off the top turnbuckle, as the fans count, 1.……2.………3.……4, Bret elbows him in the gut, with Bill bending over, he rams his shoulder into the ring post, again! With him in the corner, The excellence of Execution get on the second rope, and pounds away at Goldberg, as the crowd count, 1.……2.……3.……4.……5.……6. ……7.……8.……9.………………Goldberg grabs a hold of him, only using his one good arm, and walks forward, dropping him with a reverse atomic drop! Bret jumps about in pain, a then receives a big slap to the chest for Bill Goldberg! Bill shakes out the cobwebs and runs to the ropes, comes off, probably looking for another spear, but before he can do this, Bret gets to his senses and sidesteps, grabs his bad arm and locks in a fujiwama armbar! Goldberg is in such pain, and could tap, but the fans cheer on and he gets some leverage, rolling over, and pinning Bret Hart, 1.……………………………...............................2.…………………………….NOOO, once again a very close call!

J.R: This is insanity

Styles: These men will just not quit

Brain: They have punished each other so much, I can’t believe they’re still standing

The crowd are giving these men a standing ovation, as they get up, weary, with Goldberg holding his arm. Bret delivers a slow punch, as does Goldberg, and they battle it out once again, only this time for Bret to get the upper hand with a kick to the stomach, surprising Goldberg. He then whips him to the ropes, which Goldberg reverses and turns into whip of his own. He comes off and into a clothesline, but delivers one of his own, with both men going down! The ref begins to count, 1.……2.……3.……4.……5.……6.……7.……8.…Both men kip up to a massive applause from the crowd. They look at each other, exhausted and hurt, but Goldberg bends down and tells Bret to bring it on. Bret runs at him, but Goldberg tosses over with a backdrop, Bret lands on his feet, and rolls Goldberg up. He stands up with Goldberg down, the referee is about to count, when Bret turns round, grabs his legs and locks on the sharpshooter!!!!

J.R: My God, he’s got it locked in!

Brain: It’s the sharpshooter, the most deadly submission moreover in wrestling!

Styles: Will Goldberg give in?

Goldberg is in he centre of the ring, with nowhere to go, and Bret has it locked in! Goldberg screams and shouts in pain, his back hurting him badly, but he doesn’t give in, he tries to move, but Bret has it locked so tight. You can see Goldberg’s back being bent awkwardly, but he gets up and moves slightly, till Bret stops him. For a little while, he moves very slowly to towards the ropes. The fans get on their feet as he makes a dash, and is so close to the ropes…………Bret pulls him back! He is stuck in the middle of the ring, with Bret smiling, knowing that Goldberg can’t move!

J.R: Just give up Bill, there’s no shame in tapping

Brain: Goldberg has been incredible to last this long, he should of finished ages ago

But he keeps fighting, getting one leg free, and kicking Hart off! But Hart still has one leg, and picks himself up, locking it in again. This time however, Goldberg has moved enough to get close to the ropes, and the fans explode when he props himself up and moves towards the ropes, then Bret puts the brakes on. He’s so close, will he get there? He goes to jump, and the fans wait in anticipation. If he gets there, the match continues, if he doesn’t, Bret is the new World Champion……………………










He Gets there!!!!!!

Goldberg gets to the ropes and the fans explode, knowing that the match will still go on. The referee counts, 1.……………..2.………………..3.……………4.… and finally Hart gets off. He is furious, and kicks the ropes in anger.

Styles: OH Maw Gawd, he got there!!!

J.R: Can you believe it?

Brain: Bret Hart must be furious

Styles: Can you blame him, that was everything he had!

Bret tells Goldberg to get up, then climbs on to the second rope, he holds his hands up, looking for a double Axe-Handle! As he dives off, Goldberg gets a rush of energy, and hit’s a spear!!!!!!! He gets up and explodes, just like the fans. He crouches besides Hart, grabs him, and the world goes silent as he puts him under his armpit, lifts him up, and drops him with a Jackhammer!!!!!!!! He slowly pins, 1.……… ……………………………….........................................………2.……………………………...............................................................................................................3!!!!!!!!


J.R: My God, can you believe it, Goldberg has won the world championship!

Brain: What a battle, what an intense battle. These two men both deserve a world title after that amazing match

J.R: Your right Bobby, and it’s sad that one man had to lose, but that man was Bret Hart, and he has to be disappointed with that

Styles: Of course he will, he was so close to victory on a number of occasions

J.R: Goldberg is elated with his win here, what a way to end a momentous Smackdown!

Goldberg stands up and is handed the world title, out of sheer exaustion, he falls to his knees, clutching the world title, he yells in happiness, and the rest of the crowd go insane. He gets up once again, and leans on the ropes for support. Once he finally stands up, his hand is raised, and he holds different body parts, while still having the title in the other. Finally Bret stands up, and is helped out by two referees. He stops near the edge, and shoves them away. Goldberg notices this and moves towards him. Bret stumbles back to the ropes to prop himself up, but finally stands on his own. They make a staredown, and the crowd goes eerily silent. Suddenly, Bret puts his hand out, and the fans go nuts as Bill Goldberg accepts! Bret leaves the ring, dazed and holding his head. Goldberg however stands in the ring, still hurt, but amazed. He has the belt places around his waist, and jumps up and down as fireworks go off!!!!!!


Thank you, thank you. This show is a bit shorter, but I believe much better than the last. I think I’ve improved on interviews, and the last match was great to write. If you don't read the full matches, please do, it's the good thing about my feds, I put full effort into it.