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Welcome to UWA. The greatest thing to come to Be The Booker since anything (jk). Anyways, here is a backround story-

Vince McMahon gave up on WWE. He then signed TNA and after 1 short year he made TNA go down the drain as well. Vince decided to hang it up and pursue another career, working with the UFC. So Eric Bischoff got an idea and used it. He made his own wrestling franchise, the UWA! Bischoff signed many stars and signed them all to at least a 2 year deal with the UWA. Some new titles were made and the UWA started.


Triple H
Brock Lesnar
The Rock
Bret Hart
Shawn Michaels
Kurt Angle
Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Shelton Benjamin
Booker T
Rey Mysterio
Muhammad Hassan
Orlando Jordan
Mark Jindrak
Luther Reigns
Charlie Haas
Rob Van Dam
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Chris Masters
Ken Kennedy
Paul London
Super Crazy
Joey Merury
Johnny Nitro
Matt Striker
Johnny Parisi
Rob Conway
Ric Flair
Kevin Nash
Lance Cade
Trevor Murdoch
Chavo Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Simon Dean
The Hurricane
Rene Dupree
Johnny Stamboli
Steven Richards
Sylvain Greiner
Billy Kidman
William Regal
Paul Burchill
Bobby Lashley
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Bubba Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Spike Dudley
Val Venis
Billy Gunn
Road Dogg
The Blue Meanie

Eric Bischoff knew that he had too many superstars but he was willing to keep them all and come up with some feuds for most of them or give them something to do. To make it equal, Eric Bischoff made 2 shows but 1 roster just like the old WCW days. The shows are:

Monday Nitro

and Friday Night Smackdown

Eric Bischoff felt that keeping a WWE name was right so Vince does not feel like a complete loser. Eric also made a PPC list that will be going for all year round and may change as the years go by. Here is the PPV List:

January- Ground Zero
February- No Mercy
March- Wrestlemania
April- Friday the 13th (special show of Smackdown that is only shown on PPV)
May- High Voltage
June- Fully Loaded
July- The Great American Bash
August- Summer Bash
September- Autumn Assault
October- Halloween Havoc
November- Survivor Series
December- Clash of the Champions

Eric Bischoff was very happy with the PPV list and made a list of titles. Here is the list of titles:

UWA Heavyweight Title- Vacant (Will face Intercontinental Champ at COTC)

Intercontinental Title- Vacant (Will face Heavyweight Champ at COTC)

Atlantic Title- Vacant (Will face European Champ at COTC)

European Title- Vacant (Will face Atlantic Champ at COTC)

Cruserweight Title- Vacant (Will take on Tag Champions with a partner at COTC)

Tag Team Titles- Vacant (Takes on Cruserweight Champ with a partner at COTC)

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Hey man I love your rosters and I can already see soem good feuds you can get out of these guys. The PPV schedule is very interesting and so is your backstory. I think 6 titles may be too many but I am going to see how you handle all of them. This should be great. I can't wait.

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Thanks. Here is the Preview for the first show!

Nitro Preview:

Tonight is the first night ever of UWA! What a night is should be. Tonight, all 6 titles will be decided in singles matches. Except for the Tag Team Titles match which is a Tag Team Match.

The Main Event will be Kurt Angle vs JBL for the UWA Heavyweight Title. It is rumored that JBL will be anouncing his new cabinet members. Who will they be?

Will any feuds build to the first PPV of the year, Ground Zero? Watch Monday Night Nitro tonight at 8: 00 P.M. Watch this special 3 hour debut show!

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A nice preview it looks very good. Can't wait to see how your going to write Kurt vs JBL that should be a very good match.

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Monday Night Nitro

January 4, 2005

Live From Toronto, Ontario from the Air Canada Center!

*Nitro* hits through the arena. When it is done we go to the commentators, Jim Ross and Tazz.

JR: Boy, a new night, a new company, a new Dynasty!

Tazz: I certainly know what you’re saying! I can’t believe that we are finally here with the UWA!

JR: Sorry folks but I did not introduce myself. My name is Jim Ross and this is my partner, Tazz.

Tazz: Well, if you couldn’t tell then I am obviously Tazz. What a night we have planned for you on this special 3 hour Nitro.

JR: All 6 titles will be decided tonight. I can’t wait to see who wins the titles.

Tazz: Enough chitter-chatter JR, we have a night to start.

*I’m Back* hits through the arena. Eric Bischoff comes out and walks to the ring.

Bischoff: Welcome, everyone, to the Undisputed Wrestling Alliance. This is better then WCW, better then ECW and way better then the WWE! I am in charge around here and I am calling all the shots. You all better be ready for the night of your lives as Nitro will be off the meter! Tonight we will have 6 matches and 6 titles on the line! The Main Event is for the UWA Heavyweight Title. That match is between Kurt Angle and JBL. To bring something up about JBL, you all might have heard rumors about JBL telling the whole world who is in his Cabinet. Well, those are rumors are definitely NOT……….LYING! (crowd cheer) Tonight JBL will be telling us who his chief of staff is and who his Secretaries of Defense are! I know you guys can’t wait and neither can I. Also the newly made Atlantic Title will be on the line when Billy Kidman takes on Rob Van Dam. I know you guys would like to see some high-flying moves from Rob Van Dam so that is why I stopped the no high-risk moves ban. Now, you guys can get all the action you want. Hey, don’t forget that even Billy Kidman will be doing some high-flying moves. Don’t forget the Tag Team Titles match. That match will be between Mercury and Nitro, MNM, vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Cade and Murdoch are a new Tag Team and I will be very interested to see what they can do. I already know what MNM is capable of. Also an old rivalry will be re-borned when Eddie Guerrero takes on Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Title. The two men in the European Title match say that they both have great bodies. But which body will come out on top when “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters takes on “The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak! I would really love to see that match. And who can forget the first match of the night. That match will be making history as the Cruiserweight Title is on the line when Paul London takes on Tajiri. That match will be next! Thank you so much for your time. I hope that you enjoy the first night of UWA, which I know you will!

Eric Bischoff drops the mic and then goes back to his room.

Tazz: What announcements for the night.

JR: I know. I personally can’t wait for JBL vs Kurt Angle.

Tazz: I can’t wait to see who is in JBL’s Cabinet!

JR: We will find that our later tonight!

Commercial Break

*Paul London* hits as Paul London speeds to the ring.

*Japanese Buzzsaw* hits as Tajiri walks slowly to the ring.

Paul London vs Tajiri
Singles Match
Cruiserweight Title Match

Match Summary- A great back and forth match. Paul London goes for a 450 Splash but misses after Tajiri rolls over. Tajiri takes advantage of that and gives Paul London the Buzz Kick for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner- Tajiri (New Cruiserweight Champion)

Tazz: Wow! What an electrifying match!

JR: I know. I thought Paul London had it won but I guess it just wasn’t Paul London’s time to hold the Cruiserweight Title.

Tazz: I think this match might be one of the greatest for the week, the month or the year!

JR: Yeah, but we have only seen 1 match in UWA. This could be a sign of how every match will be.

Tazz: Yeah. You are probably right.

Commercial Break

We come back to JBL standing backstage looking towards the camera.

JBL: I promised to reveal who is in my Cabinet. I am a man of my word so I will tell you who. But first let me remind you who I am. I am John Bradshaw Layfield. I am a wrestling god. The whole world knows me like the whole Major League Baseball knows Rafael Palmeiro. Except I don’t need steroids to be great. I was made great. I am JBL and soon everyone in the UWA will be chanting my name. J,B,L,J,B,L,J,B,L! Now as promised, here is my Cabinet. Introducing to you, my Chief of Staff, a man of great wisdom to the wrestling community. A man who will some day be almost as great as me. A man called, Luther Reigns!

Luther Reigns comes into the picture and shakes JBL’s hand.

JBL: And now, introducing to you, my Secretaries of Defense! They are both probably the World’s Greatest Tag Team. They have skill and submission. Both men were once great in the WWE as a Tag Team. They are the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

Benjamin and Haas come into the picture and shake both Luther Reigns’ and JBL’s hand.

JBL: We are the Cabinet. We are better then any faction that has ever been in the wrestling world. We are better then Raven’s Flock, The Ministry, DX and sure as hell better then The Kliq! We will take over the UWA and run things our way.

JBL now puts a smile on his face as The Cabinet leaves.

Tazz: What a shocker. I would never expect those 3 men to be part of JBL’s Cabinet. Those men used to hate JBL in the WWE days.

JR: I know. If those men actually plan on doing what JBL just said then I think they will be the dominant men in the UWA. All of those men have great skills. The World’s Greatest Tag Team is the World’s Greatest. They can win the Tag Team Titles easily. And Luther Reigns is a beast that could win the Atlantic Title or Intercontinental Title.

Tazz: I agree with you. I can’t believe that the Cabinet is so big in size and masterful in skill.

JR: Folks, we will be right back. But first coming up next, we have Billy Kidman going one-on-one with Rob Van Dam for the Atlantic Title.

Commercial Break

*Kidman* hits as Billy Kidman comes out. He walks to the ring at a normal speed.

*One of A Kind* hits and Rob Van Dam comes out to a huge cheer.

Billy Kidman vs Rob Van Dam
Singles Match
Atlantic Title Match

Match Summary- An amazing high-flying MOTN contender. Billy Kidman and Rob Van Dam both tried their hardest but Billy Kidman came out on top after hitting the Shooting Star Press on Rob Van Dam for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner- Billy Kidman (New Atlantic Champion)

JR: It just gets better and better doesn’t it?

Tazz: I’m guessing yes since we are getting hit with surprises left and right.

JR: I am just thrilled to be here in the UWA.

Tazz: Everyone has to be. This will definitely go much farther then the WWE has.

Commercial Break

We come back to Kurt Angle sitting somewhere in the backstage area.

Kurt: Hello everyone. I am Kurt Angle if you didn’t already know. I am the man who won a Gold Medal with a broken freakin’ neck! I am better then every single man on this roster. No I am not. I am better then every single man on the planet. Goldberg is nothing, Brock Lesnar is nothing, JBL is nothing! I will beat JBL easier then Triple H could beat Spike Dudley. Everyone here in this arena must know what I am saying. Just like in the WWE when I vowed to win the Kin fog the Ring and I did, I am now vowing to win the UWA Heavyweight Title! And that my friends, that’s true!

Tazz: So we see a very pumped up Kurt Angle. I guess he is feeling in the zone tonight.

JR: Yes he is but nobody will know what is going to happen tonight at the Main Event.

Tazz: Maybe someone will get lucky and have a 100% feeling on who is going to win and guess right.

JR: Yeah but that is still not knowing completely. If a match is Goldberg vs Spike Dudley then you know who would win but this is a match between JBL and Kurt Angle, two great competitors. Nobody knows about what is going to happen at tonight’s Main Event.

Commercial Break

*Texans* hits and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch walk to the ring.

*Paparazzi* hits as MNM slowly walks to the ring as they show off their bodies.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs MNM
Tag Team Match
Tag Team Titles Match

Match Summary- This was another great match but not as great as the first two matches. In the last 5 minutes MNM completely take control. They end after hitting the Snapshot on Trevor Murdoch for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners- MNM (New Tag Team Champions)

JR: Oh my gawd!

Tazz: What are you so surprised about?

JR: How did Trevor Murdoch’s chin survive that Snapshot?

Tazz: Oh, so you got jokes now huh. Pretty funny jokes actually. Haha!

Commercial Break

We come back to MNM in their room looking tired from their match.

Nitro: We did it man.

Mercury: Yeah we did. Have you noticed that in the WWE when Melina was with us, we never won the Tag Team Titles? Now, we don’t have her and we won on our first try. I like it here with no divas. It’s easier to get around and concentrate more on your matches.

Nitro: I completely agree with you. I am just so happy that we won the titles. We are going to defend it soon though. That is the sucky part about this.

Mercury: So what? Every great Tag Team has to defend their titles once in a while. I mean we are probably the greatest tag team ever.

Nitro: No arguing with that. We are the best. We are going to completely dominate the UWA!

Mercury: Of course. We are MNM. We can do anything we want since we are the greatest. All we need now is a hot chick by our side and we got it made.

Nitro: That is why I miss Melina.

Mercury: Melina wasn’t a hot chick. She was just there for us. She didn’t care about us, she cared about having us have the Tag Team Titles.

Nitro: Maybe you’re right.

Mercury: Not maybe, I AM right!

Nitro: Ok, whatever.

We then go to Tazz and JR.

JR: So I am guessing that Johnny Nitro has a little bit of heart left for Melina doesn’t he.

Tazz: I guess so. I mean, anyone who is wondering about someone they used to be with must miss that person.

JR: What did you say?

Tazz: Oh jeez! Do you understand anything?

Commercial Break

We come back to Test standing in Eric Bischoff’s office when Albert walks in.

Bischoff: Now what the hell do you want Albert?

Albert: I want a title shot, at any title!

Bischoff: No can do. I already have some Number One Contenders for singles matches. And Test here, happens to be one of them.

Albert: Oh yeah? Then which title?

Test: The Atlantic Title. Got a problem with that? Or does the hair on your back have a problem with that?

Albert: What did you say?!?!

Bischoff: Guys, calm the hell down! I have a proposal. Since both of you guys want title shots then I will give you both a title shot. Here is the catch, you guys are having a Number One Contender’s match against The Cabinet on Smackdown for the Tag Team Titles! If you don’t want that then sorry, no title matches for you.

Test: That’s cool.

Albert: Yeah it is. Just like our old group, T & A!

Test: All we need now is Trish Stratus and we can start that all over again.

Bischoff: Well, aren’t you guys lucky. I have recently signed 4 divas to the UWA. Would you like to know who they are?

Test: Of course.

Bischoff: Torrie Wilson, Stacy Kiebler, Melina and Trish Stratus! Well Stacy is not going to be on t.v. She is just here for advertisements to promote the UWA!

Albert: Are you serious? Trish is really coming to the UWA?

Bischoff: Yes, I am telling the truth.

Test: Albert, looks like we got some titles to win.

Test and Albert look at each other and smile. They then leave the office as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

*Masterpiece* hits and Chris Masters walks to the ring.

*Reflection of Perfection* hits and Mark Jindrak comes running to the ring.

Chris Masters vs Mark Jindrak
Singles Match
European Title

Match Summary- A fairly good match. The fans enjoyed the technical moves from Jindrak and the power moves from Masters. The match ends when Mark Jindrak hits a Missile Dropkick to Chris Masters’ face for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner- Mark Jindrak (New European Champion)

Tazz: What a match. Mark Jindrak overcame all odds and defeated “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters.

JR: I have to admit. That was a very good win for Mark Jindrak.

Tazz: I wonder how long Jindrak can keep the European title.

JR: If he keeps wrestling like he did tonight then for a very long time, I am guessing. Now folks, later tonight we have JBL vs Kurt Angle for the UWA Heavyweight Title! You won’t wanna miss it!

Commercial Break

*Arab-American* hits as Muhammad Hassan and Daivari walk to the ring.

Hassan: Here I am in Canada. I thought that maybe Canada would be better then America and treat me better. But no, Canada is still no better then America! (crowd heat) Listen to this, I was coming to the arena and was stopped by a police officer. You wanna know why I was stopped? Well, it is because all these low-life people such as these police officers think that I am a terrorist. I am lucky that the WWE went out of business. My wrestling career would’ve been over if the WWE didn’t go out of business. I was contacted by Eric Bischoff telling me about the UWA. I was very interested. Then the part that really got me to come here was when Eric Bischoff said that this was the Land of Opportunity. So, I thought to myself. Hey, this could be great. But NO! I am still treated badly. I was supposed to be going against Rey Mysterio tonight for the Intercontinental Title. But because I am Arab-American Eric Bischoff took me off the spot and put Eddie Guerrero in my place. If you were me, you would be feeling very bad. I am not feeling bad because I will get my revenge one day. And that day will be the end of all the hate and prejudice. I have a question for you all! Did any of you people see Bride and Prejudice? You know, that movie with the Indian people. Well, I am feeling like the Indian People here in North America. I am being mistreated and I sure as hell don’t deserve this crap!

*I’m Back* hits and Eric Bischoff comes down the ramp.

Bischoff: So Hassan, I see that you have a problem here. I catch what you are trying to say so that is why on Smackdown on Friday, you will be going against Luther Reigns of the Cabinet in a Number One Contender’s match for the Intercontinental Title! (cheap crowd pop) However, if you interfere in tonight’s Main Event, then that opportunity will be given to somebody else. Do you get what I am saying?

Daivari: (speaks Arabian)

Hassan: Yes, I get what you are saying. So all I have to do is wait until Friday and get my chance?

Bischoff: That is all. Now, if you don’t mind. I have a show to run so if you could get out of the ring so the competitors in the next match can enter shortly.

Hassan: Sure Mr. Bischoff. I will leave right now. Daivari let’s go.

Muhammad Hassan and Daivari both leave the ring and go backstage.

JR: Oh boy! What an announcement. On Friday we are having a Number One Contender’s Match for the Intercontinental Title.

Tazz: With Hassan’s speed and Luther Reigns’ power, we are bound to get a good match out of them!

Commercial Break

*Can You Feel the Heat* hits and Eddie Guerrero walks slowly to the ring.

*619* hits and Rey Mysterio jogs to the ring.

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
Singles Match
Intercontinental Title Match

Match Summary- A very good high-flying match. Rey fighting back at Eddie Guerrero at every chance he gets. Eddie lands a Frog Splash out of nowhere to get Rey Mysterio for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner- Eddie Guerrero (New Intercontinental Champion)

Tazz: Eddie beats Rey again!

JR: I remember that on Smackdown Rey Mysterio beat Eddie Guerrero 7 times in a row. And then finally Eddie Guerrero wins one against Rey Mysterio. And now Eddie makes it two in a row!

Tazz: I think if Guerrero keeps this up Rey may never be able to beat him again!

JR: Folks, get ready because coming up next our Main Event is going to happen.

Tazz: That’s right. JBL vs Kurt Angle for the UWA Heavyweight Title!

JR: What a match it should be!

Commercial Break

*Longhorn* hits and JBL walks slowly to the ring.

*Medal* hits and Kurt Angle walks with focus to the ring.

JBL vs Kurt Angle
Singles Match
UWA Heavyweight Title Match

Match Summary- JBL had to do this all by himself since the Cabinet was banned from ringside. JBL puts up a big fight. Kurt Angle and JBL put up a great match for the fans that goes at least for 35 minutes. The match ends when JBL hits a Clothesline from Hell out of nowhere for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner- JBL (New UWA Heavyweight Champion)

JR: I don’t believe it! With no Cabinet, JBL still manages to beat Kurt Angle.

Tazz: I must say. The UWA fans must’ve enjoyed a lot of this here! I mean this match went for 35 minutes with a Commercial Break and has a spectacular ending.

JR: What a night we had tonight. And I must say, Good Night!

Tazz: Good night folks, see you on Friday!

The show ends with JBL standing in the middle of the ring with the UWA Heavyweight Title in the air.
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