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King: Welcome to our first UWA(Unlimited wrestling action) PPV, Independance day brought to you by SUBWAY and SNICKERS!!!! With me is The coach!!! Nice to have you here with us coach!!!!

Coach: Hello Ladies and gentlemen we are coming to you live from Portland, OR!!! This is going to be a hell of a show with Triple HHH defending his UWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP belt against Undertaker and Batista in a triple threat match held inside a barbed wire steel cage!!!!

King: That will be an easy one for the game coach cuz he's that damn good!!! Also coming up your way Shawn Micheals Vs. Randy Orton!!! (John Cena's music hits) well coach are ya ready for this???? John Cena Vs. Kane for the internatonal champion ship!!!

Coach: This is going to be an amazing match!!!! Kane has made life a living hell for john cena over the past few weeks !!!!! (Finkel announces the defending champion)

King: Well What else can you expect from a monster like Kane???? Ever since he got his face burnt again by Snitsky He disappeared for 4 mths and came back 3 weeks ago with a mask on and attacked cena (They show the replay of how kane came and attacked RVD and Cena, Kane chokeslammed RVD and hit cena with a steel chair 4 times!! He took cena out of the ring walked up the ramp and chokeslammed him through the announce table)

Coach: It's Retribution Baby!!!!! Cena will be looking for revenge (Kane's music hits and finkel announces him as the challenger)

( Kane stares down at cena!!!! After a long stare cena and kane lock up but kane kicks out and starts giving a few right hands to cena Cena counterattacks and gives a knee to kane!!! Cena whips kane to the turnbuckle but kane overpowers cena and throws him!!! Kane then hits a few right hands and throws cena to the turnbuckle!!! Kane then gives a huge right hand!!! Kane lifts up cena and throws him out of the ring!!!! Kane goes out and smashes cena into the steps He then takes cena and puts him over the spanish announce table(Ididn't let king and coach announce the spanish announcers name cuz i dont know their names) Kane then hits an elbow on cena!!!! Cena's down!!!! Kane then climbs up the turnbuckle and tries to give a huge elbow drop on cena (Kane;s new move) but cena gets out of the way!!!! Kane and cena both are down!!!! Cena gets up slowly and is about to reach out to kane when kane sits up )

King: Oh! My! God! Coach the monster's up!!!

Coach: You'r right king is there no way to keep the monster down???

(Kane then grabs cena by the throat and tries to give a chokeslam on the smashed table but cena counters and and hits a reverse ddt!!! cena is starting to feel it he takes kane and smashes his head on the steel steps!!! Cena then takes kane back into the ring and gives an elbow drop!! Cena then signals for the knucks he runs into the rope and backforth he brushes his shoulders and is about to give the knucks to the face of kane when Kane grabs cena by the throat gets up and gives a chokeslam!! Kane then attempts a pin on cena but cena kicks out at the count of 2!!)

King: What!!!! Cena Kicked out of that monstrous chokeslam Have you ever seen anything like that coach!!!!

Coach: It is unbeleivable king but that goes to show you that cena is a tough kid and he will not give up that easily!!!

(Kane is shocked!!!! He then picks up cena and goes for another chokeslam but cena counters and goes to deliver the F-U He delivers and cena attempts a pin on Kane But Kane miraculously kicks out after just the 1st count)

King: Ha! Ha! Ha! I told you coach!!! Cena is an idiot how could he possibly think that he could beat the monster!!!!

Coach: I'm Stunned king just like everyone here!!!

(Cena is shocked he then takes his custom knucks and tries to take it towards kane but the refree snatches the knucks from him and goes to give it to the attendant!! Cena takes advantage of this and hits kane with the steel chain But Kane stands right there!!! Cena is surprised and starts giving right hands but kane grabs Cena and delivers the tombstone piledriver!!! He then pins cena and wins the match)

King: Yes!!! The monster did it coach!!!! I knew he would do it!!!

Coach: My god I've never in my whole life have seen somebody just stand right there even after being hit hard with the steel chain!!!! KANE IS BACK Ladies and gentlemen he's back and god forgive those men or women whom kane targets!!!!!

{Backstage:} HHH: Ric Batista will pay for the way he stabbed me from the back!!! He will pay the son of a [email protected]#$% !!!!

Ric: Hunter!!! Your the best in this industry !!!! You will be the winner tonight I guarantee it!!!!

HHH: Guarantee what do you mean???

Ric: I have a surprise in store for batista..................And for the undertaker!!!

HHH: What!!! Under.... but this was a match between me and batista!!!!!!

Ric: When you took the night of last week!!!! ....... Paul Heyman announced that tonight' main event would be a triple threat match between you batista and the undertaker!!!!!

HHH: What the son of a [email protected]#$* I'll talk to the damn midget ......... what?

Ric: I said I have a plan!!!! Dont worry!!!! talking with heyman will make matters worse for you!!!!!

( Shawn Micheals makes his way out to the the ring)

Coach: Interesting conversation between Ric Flair and TripleH!!! and what did he mean by having a surprise for the undertaker and batista??? Well we'll find out later tonight

King: Well You know coach that HHH is the best wrestler in the business!!! And with nature boy Ric Flair the dirtiest player in the game in his corner, He is the favourite to win tonight!!!!

Coach: I think your right King but do not count out batista!!! He's 6'4, 318 lbs and also do not count out the phenom!!! The dead man!!!! The undertaker!!!! He's held the belt 4 times!!! He's a true legend!!! (shawn michael's music hits) And speaking of legends this man has done it all!!! He has held every belt this sport had to offer!!! But he has the danger of getting his name destroyed by Randy Orton who challenged shawn 2 weeks ago and disrespected shawn when he spit in his face!!! This going to be a hell of a match!!! And it's up next!!!
(Commercial Break)

Tell me about the show !!!I only have 4 matches in mind as of now you saw one!! you'll be seeing the second one after you send me replies about the show!! I know i;m not that good at writing stories but I tried!!!!

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It was decent. You show have made an inagural show and then about four to five shows after that. I would like it if you didn't put commentary between matches and just type it. The matches were okay, but not really something to talk about. Decent PPV. 6/10. Keep trying.

Into the night..
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Cena takes advantage of this and hits kane with the steel chain But Kane stands right there!!! Cena is surprised and starts giving right hands but kane grabs Cena and delivers the tombstone piledriver!!! He then pins cena and wins the match)
That seems way to unrealistic

But overall the show was quite good expect for the fact that you used !!!!!!!! too much. I enjoyed the backstage segment with Ric Flair and HHH and I can actually see that happening if in the future there will be an actualy Triple Threat Match like that. Also enjoyed the part about Orton spitting on HBKs face. Post the other matches soon.....
Overall: 7/10

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Thanx mr. wrestlemania and grand master sexy!!!!!! It feels good to hear comments from experts like you!!!!! Any ways my story continues I'll use color from now on!!!!!
(As Micheals makes his way down to the ring they show Orton spitting on micheals' face after signing the contract and RKOing him later)

King:Well Coach You said this man has done it all but can he beat the legend killer???? I don't think so!!!! Randy Orton is the third generation superstar!!!!! He'll beat micheals in a minute!!!!

Coach: Well, King Let's see!!!!! (RandY Orton Makes his way to the ring) Wow!!! What a night this is gonna be!!!! Sit back folks and enjoy it!!!! This is gonna be a treat!!!

(The Bell rings!!!! Both men lock up!!! Randy gets the headlock on micheals but micheals whips him to the ropes and puts a dropkick on him!!!! Randy gets up fast and hits an armdrag on micheals!!! Micheals gets up and both of them stare at each other (The crowd pops at this) Randy Orton Spreads his arms as he does during his entrance and the crowd boos!! Micheal and Orton lock up again and orton pushes micheals to the turnbuckle!!! The refree seperates the two men Orton then hits a right hand and a knee kick!!! Orton whips micheals to the ropes but micheals hits a huge clothesline!!!! Micheals picks up Orton and hits a right hand in the midsection!!!! Micheals goes for the powerslam and connects it!! He goes for a quick cover but orton kicks out after the 1 count!!! Micheals picks up orton and goes for a submission maneauver{sort of like the steiner recliner} The refree asks orton whether he wants to continue orton holds his fists and tries to kick out of it!!! Orton kicks out and gives a huge armdrag to micheals!!! Micheals is out of the ring and orton is trying to recuperate!!!! Micheals gets inside and goes to work on orton but orton hits an elbow to the jaw of micheals!!!! Orton gives a few right hands and then hits a massive clothesline!!! Orton hits the elbow drop on micheals!!! Orton is all smiles as the crowd boos!!! Orton climbs the top rope and hits a huge elbow drop on micheals Orton then mocks micheals!!!!! He goes for the cover but micheal kickes out after 2 1/2 !!!!! Orton then goes for his own submission maneauver!!! He tries to go for the sharpshooter but makes a mockery of it!!!!! Micheals holds the ropes and the refree tells orton to break the submission maneauver!!!! Orton picks up orton and whips him to the ropes, he tries to clothesline micheals but micheals ducks and gives him the sleeper hold!!! After about 2 minutes of sleeper hold Orton starts to feel dazed as drool comes out of his mouth!!!! Refree asks orton if he wants to continue!!!! Orton then kicks out of the sleeper hold by giving several elbows tothe abdomen of micheals!!!! Orton then whips micheals to the ropes and gives a quick sidewalk slam!!!!! Orton goes for the cover but angle kicks out!!!!! Orton feels frustrated and goes outside to get the steel chair!!!! He takes the steel chair and is about to strike at micheals when the refree takes the steel chair away from him!!! Orton goes to argue with the refree when micheals gets up!!!! Orton turns around only to be hit with a massive clothesline!!!! Both players are down and the refree starts to count!!!! (The crowd cheers for micheals) After the 8th count micheals gets up by kicking himself up and orton gets up as well!!! (The crowd gives a huge pop as soon as micheals gets up!!!!) Both men exchange blows but soon micheals gets the upperhand and knocks down orton Micheals is starting to feel it!!! Orton gets up slowly and micheals bodyslams him!!! Orton climbs the top rope and gives the elbow drop!!! Micheals is starting to feel it now as the crowd goes wild!!!!! Micheals is now ready to give the sweet chin music!!!! Orton gets up slowly and dazed!!!! Micheals goes to give the sweet chin music but orton ducks and micheals hits the refree!!!! The refree is down!!!! micheals turns around and finds orton trying to RKO him but micheals avoids the RKO and whips orton to he ropes and delivers the sweet chin music on him!!! Micheals is about to win the match but there's no refree!!! (suddenly Muhammed Hassan's mussic hits) Hassan comes running down the ramp with Diavari!!! Micheals is ready for it he goes down and both of them exchange blows!!!! Diavari Goes and gets the steel chair!!! Micheals tries to clothesline hassan on the ramp when diavari sneaks up from behind him and hits him with the steel chair. Micheals goes down as hassan and diavari stomp on him!!! Hassan pick up micheals and smashes him into the steel steps, Diavari again hits micheals with the steel chair on the forehead as micheals is busted open!!! Orton is already up and is all smiles as Hassan places micheals in the ring Orton measures micheals and delivers the RKO!! The refree also wakes up and starts to count as orton pins him and gains the victory!!!!!!! Hassan and diavari get in and Hassan puts the camel clutch on Micheals. Micheals is a bloody mess. Diavari takes the mike and swears at micheals in urdu. Hassan and Diavari get out of the ring and hassan poses as the crowd start USA chants!!!!!)

Coach: Oh my god King!! Just when Micheals had it in the bag Hassan interfered and beat the holy hell out of micheals!!

King: You're right coach but you cant take that as an excuse for micheals' loss to orton!!! Orton didn't even know hassan had interfered!!!! It was because of Orton's skill that he won. He showed the whole world that he's a true legend killer.

Coach: I dont think so king!!! Why the hell did Orton smile then when he saw hassan!!!

king: Coach!!! That's why you'll never be like J.R. You never see the bright side of the story!!! Orton won and that is what has amazed the fans tonite!!

Coach: well whatever!! But speaking of J.R. Ladies and Gentlemen he is recovering from the massive blows that he received at the hands of that psychotic freak Snitsky!!! We all hope he gets well soon and returns to commentary.

King: You're right coach! Let's show you how snitsky brutally attacked J.R. during his interview.

(They show how snitsky hit J.R. on the forehead during the interview in the ring. Snitsky then takes the steel chair and smashes the knee of J.R. Snitsky then delivers the pumphandle slam on J.R)

{Backstage} ( they show a room full of darkness and suddenly the undertaker appears as the crowd roars)

Undertaker(Looking at the camera):Triple H, you've defeated all of them but you lost to me at wrestlemania. Tonight you will find out what it is to be with the dragon in the ring. Tonight you and Batista will REST IN PEACE

Coach: It's always eerie when the undertaker makes a statement. What will happen tonight ladies and gentlemen in the main event?
(They show Triple H posing with the belt)

Coach: Will the 10 time champion retain his title? Or will the animal Batista take the title away from him?
(They show batista posing)

Coach: Also you heard the dead man make his statement!!! You can NEVER count ot the phenom!!

King: You're right coach but I think Triple H with Nature Boy Ric Flair in his corner will be favourite to win!!

(Backstage Todd Grisham is standing with Batista)

Todd: Batista what do you think about you chances at winning the world heavyweight championship??

Batista(Looking at the camera):Triple H You said I was a brother to you until I turned on you!! The fact is you turned on me! You were afraid that I could beat you! So you wanted to send me to smackdown. But let me tell you something Hunter, You only won at wrestlemania because of Ric. But tonight in the steel cage there is no escape. There will bo no Ric Flair to save your ass. Tonight you will see the animal unleashed! TONIGHT I WILL DEFEAT YOU HUNTER

Todd: Batista what about the undertaker?

Batista: Todd I deeply respect the legend of the Undertaker, But tonight he too will fall victim to the Batista Bomb.

Coach: Batista there pretty confident that he'll win but ladies and gentlemen up next It's THE BIG SHOW vs. JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD! J.B.L has been making fun of the Big Show for the past couple of weeks! Will the BIG SHOW triumph or will he fall victim to J.B.L.? The match is up next.

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Lol I really dont think Im an expert but thanks for the comment.
Anyways I liked the backstage segment with HHH, Batista and Taker. I also enjoyed the Heel Orton vs HBK. What a shame the match ended in such a way.HBK sure had a lot of clotheslines! Keep up the good work. Cant wait till the Steel Cage Match!
Overall: 8/10

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Mr. WrestleMania said:
See this is what I hate. Some people do their shows and decide after two shows that they quit and won't continue. BTB is a place where you continue with your show and such. Oh, well.
Mr. Wrestlemania, I like your writing skills and also I liked your thread UWEF very much I cant wait till Global Warming. But as far as this thread goes. I will not be able to do this cus I've started a new show called WWE AFTER WRESTLEMANIA. I am doing the show with SSJ4ROHAN. I'll be doing SMACKDOWN whereas SSJ4ROHAN will be doing RAW. As My college studies interfere I will not be able to do both shows. I'm EXTREMELY SORRY!!!!! So if you find anyone interested to do this show. please your welcome.
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