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Uso's theme in Vaseline commercial with Michael Strahan?

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couldn't help the mental images of Jimmy grinding during that dance contest a few weeks back on Raw. All kinds of bad.

Tajiri's old theme was used on Americas Next Top Model a few seasons back :p
And Steve Blackman's theme has been used on loads of commercials for tv programs.

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I remember a year or two back Jeff Hardys WWE theme was used on Masterchef UK randomly
Yeah, I've heard Jeffs "Loaded" theme in a few places actually, Masterchefs one, A police show, and a show on e! mighta been a Kardasians show or something. His theme gets around lol.

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I'd like to see the Usos come out on the RAW tomorrow wearing shirts with the Vaseline logo on them :lmao
This could be a great source of revenue for the WWE, just use jobbers as living Google ads. Who cares about the Usos anyway? Make them change their names to Vase and Line and wear Vaseline shirts whenever they appear in public. I'm sure Chavo would make more money living as Dorito anyway.
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