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Using wrestling terms in real life

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(Edit: Damn, can't edit the title. I guess it should read "Using wrestling terms outside of wrestling."

Anyone else do this? O_O

Now immediately this sounds like a terrible idea that will pretty much make you socially unacceptable but just bear with me >_>

Anyway, my friends and I, like many of you, have been wrestling fans ever since we were little kids, and ever since our first year in high school, we developed a habit of calling people "jobbers." We're all in our third years in college now, yet when it's just our little group hanging out, we throw around the word "jobber" like crazy. Like, "Yeah, there were so many jobbers at that party." As horrible as it is, it's our way of describing people who we typically wrongly stereotype upon seeing them (in other words, people who we don't like just by our initial reaction of what we see). Or if one of us screw up, we say, "Wow you jobbed pretty hard there."

We don't say this stuff at like parties or in social situations, it's more of an inside joke we've had forever. Anyone else have odd wrestling related inside jokes like this?
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When my friend shot someone with a fire extinguisher in the face at a party and the kid was complaining my very drunk replied, "Don't be a bitch, Hardcore Holly got shot with fire extinguishers all the time and did he bitch about it? No. He finished the fucking match." I was somewhat less than him and found it hilarious.

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This is soo embarassing but I seriously almost used the phrase "no sold" in a real conversation before, lol. Luckily I stopped myself before it fully came out of my mouth and no one noticed but after that I was like "Okay maybe I'm spending too much time talking about wrestling." lol.

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I think I've used the word "botch" a number of times before at stupid moments. Like if my niece fucks up her eyeshadow or something. Lol. "BOTCHED MAKEUP!"

There's hardly anyone I know who watches or likes wrestling, it's kind of shit that you can't use inside jokes around most people.

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i use

"no-sell," or "sold"

my mom now uses no-sell herself. its pretty cool

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The only time I ever use wrestling terms is with my little nephew, he is the WWE champ and a face while I am the constant challenger and a heel.
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