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Hey guys, I'm back tomorrow and I was hoping you could all give me an update with whats happened in your shows in the past 3 weeks, just a quick rundown of the storyline developments because I don;t think I'll have a whole lot of time when I get back home to read all of them, after that tho I will be up to date.


PS: Mainly JarMac, Orton17, The Showstopper, Wolf Beast, Red Cold, TruHighLight_HBK.

Thanks all, anyone else who has started feel free and I'll start reading your shows.

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(Some of these will be posted Monday, but most of us read spoilers and still watch, so why not read spoilers and still read)

America's Most Wanted continues to get strange messages on the TitanTron week in and week out. More on AMW, the will face Lance Storm and Petey Williams (New Impact Players) at No Mercy for the World Tag Team Titles

No.1 Contender for the Women's Title, Trinity, was given a wake up call in WWE when Gail Kim made her submit followed by a beating afterwords by Jazz.

Shawn Michaels has continued his cocky attitude disrespecting Bret Hart. Randy Orton reconsiled with Mick Foley before No Mercy, and gave Bret Hart the real story about Triple H.

Triple H and Chris Beniot collided in a Slegehammer on a pole match. Triple H shattered the ankle of the Crippler, then boasted that he "Crippled the Crippler". Beniot vows to compete in the Gauntlet for the Gold, a match that Edge was added to.

Tyson Tomko was granted his North American Championship match against William Regal. Tomko, who came to the ring with fellow Toroto Connection member Test, was defeated by Regal, but only after Test and Tomko got him DQed and left Regal laid out in the ring.

Facing JBL and Chris Nowinski, The Intelectuals, The Rock revealed his mystery parnter to be Faarooq.

The card for No Mercy, my side of it, goes as follows:
World Heaveyweight Championship: Chris Jericho vs Rene Dupree vs Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Edge vs Chris Beniot vs Kane

World Tag Team Championship: America's Most Wanted w/Stacy Keibler vs New Impact Players w/Scott D'Amore 2 out of 3 falls match

Intercontinental Championship: 20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal, last two men have a one on one match right after the Battle Royal

Six Man Tag: Triple H, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton, Mick Foley, and Bret Hart

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Okay, in Rebirth........
The RAW side shaped up like this:

2nd August :
After Orton cheated to retain the I.C Title in the four way tourney, Mr. Mc Mahon forced Eric Bischoff to make a Fatal Four way for the I.C Title at SummerSlam.......Orton vs Jericho vs Edge vs Benjamin.
AND, Bischoff also in an attempt to please McMahon, made the stipulation that if their was ANY interfereance in ANY Raw match, then that superstar would be fired.

It was announced that JBL has signed for RAW and would debut on August 16th

Eugene returned to gain revenge on Christian.

AMW took on Triple H and Randy Orton, ending in a no contest, with a twelve man brawl, resulting in a ten man tag for the following weeks RAW....


9th August:
The RAW previous to SS, saw Randy Orton screw Chris Jericho in a match against Ric Flair.

Trish Stratus tried to trick Eugene, in a bid to help out Christian, but this failed.

Main Event: AMW, Edge, Benjamin, Benoit vs HHH, Orton, Batista and La Resistance.
VERY long match, with a lot of emotions going into SS, ending in a no contest again, after run ins from Flair and Jericho...

The Smackdown Side of things....I'm not totally sure, but Red Cold can update you on that one.

At SummerSlam....
Eugene defeated Christian
AMW won the Tag Titles from La Resistance
Orton cheated to retain the I.C Title from Benjamin, Edge and Jericho.
Benoit made HHH tap to the crossface to retain the WHC.
Mordecai retained the US Title in a three way over Jindrak and Cena
Kidman retained the CW Title in a truly amazing TLC Match against Mysterio
Lesnar won the four way against Nash, Kane and Taker.
HBK became the NEW WWE Champion, by beating Eddie Guerrero, thanks to the nWo.
Also at SS, two huge staredowns took place between RAW superstar Triple H, and SD Superstar, John Cena.
(Grendrill, if you read any PPV, PLEASE check out SummerSlam. 35 Pages on Word. Would appreciate it if you checked it. PLEASE.) (No pressure)

Following night on RAW:
AMW successfully defended the Tag Titles against T&A, but afterwards were beat down by Evolution.
Raven made his in ring debut, beating Val Venis.
It was announced that next week, HHH vs Y2J vs Edge for #1 Contendership for WHC at Unforgiven.
Also, Shelton Benjamin vs Flair and Batista, and if he wins he has a shot at Orton at Unforgiven for the I.C Title.
Chris Benoit defeated Christian to retain the WHC.

Thats just about it. It will be good to have you back Grendrill...I've missed you're RAWS!!!!! See ya soon!!!

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Randy Orton became the Soul Survivor at the Survivor Series after overcoming the 6-2 odds in the final match.

On Raw, JBL made a surprise appearance and says that he has forfeited the WWE Championship to come to Raw. He has an alliance with Triple H now.

After the main event, Kane walked out to the ring and took care of JBL and HHH after they tried escaping in the limo.

As you can see in my signature, the Taboo Tuesday Card is complete and should be posted up within the next couple of days.

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OK, this is how it's poppin' in WWE: Afterlife....

The next Raw brand PPV is Taboo Tuesday, which will be a completely interactive PPV. The card so far goes like this....

World Heavyweight Title - Fatal Fourway Elimination Match
Goldberg (c) vs. Triple H vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton

Intercontinental Title - Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Harcore Title
Kevin Nash vs. Rob Van Dam

Now storyline developments....

Kane defeated Abyss in a FCA, No DQ match.
Triple H took out Chris Benoit. Benoit will be out for between 4-8 weeks.
The Hardy Boyz are on a revenge mission and are facing La Resistance on this week's Raw.
J.R was taken out by Triple H
DDP returned and screwed Trish to join with Molly Holly. Edge has since come to Trish's aid.
Vince McMahon called the announcement of a interactive PPV, ''something which the WWE will regret''.
Y2J interfeared and made his presence felt on Smackdown and at No Mercy to The Rock....

That's pretty much it from the Raw side, if I remember anything I'll update it.

Smackdown side of things....

At No Mercy, Paul Heyman was buried alive and The Undertaker retained the WWE Title.
The following Smackdown, Y2J showed up and took out The Rock.
Harlem Heat made their debut's on Smackdown and beat the Dudleyz at NM.
Madusa defeated Chyna at NM for the Smackdown Women's Title.
AJ Styles is still Cruiserweight Champ.
Rikishi screwed STH and alligned with Sexay.
Kurt Angle joined the 'American Dream' with JBL as Eddie Guerrero resurected the 'LWO'........

Next joint PPV is Survivor Series, but Taboo Tuesday will be up soon, hopefully this gave you an insight....Welcome Back :D

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Here are the breif summaries of Raw for my thread.

RAW, Week before Halloween Havoc

Dont know if you caught this Raw or not but Eugene was the superstar traded to Raw from Smackdown, he screwed over William Regal during the tag team contenders battle royal at the Smackdown only pay per view, No Mercy.

He came out with a more cleancut look in a shirt and tie and joined up with Bischoff and Morley in his debut. For more info read the beginning of the Raw after No Mercy. He is now known as NIcholas Dinsmore.

Match 1- Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero defeated Shelton Benjamin and Edge after the use of brass knucks.

Match 2- Dudleyz and Torrie Wilson vs Test, A-Train, and Trish Stratus. (If Dudleyz win they get a tag title shot at Halloween Havoc)
The match is a no contest after the newly formed Right To Censor (Steven Richards and Orlando Jordan) interfere. Shane then makes a triple threat tag team title match at Halloween Havoc between The Dudleyz, T&A, and RTC.

Match 3- Tajiri def. Matt Hardy in a falls count anywhere match.

Highlight Reel with Kurt Angle as the special guest ends in a brawl. Chris Jericho is beating the hell out of Angle when the lights go out and the promo for the returning superstar airs again.

Match 4- Nicholas Dinsmore def. Rhyno with the help of Chief Morley

Shane McMahon makes it Tajiri and Lita vs Molly and Matt Hardy at Halloween Havoc. Bishcoff followes that up making it Dinsmore and Morley vs Rhyno in a handi-cap match at Halloween Havoc.

The final card for Halloween Havoc-

Return of the mystery superstar
Special announcement by Vince McMahon
Tajiri and Lita vs Matt Hardy and Molly Holly
Nicholas Dinsmore and Morley vs Rhyno
Kane vs Batista
(Tag Titles) T&A vs Dudleyz vs RTC
(I.C. Title) Rob Van Dam vs Shelton Benjamin
Edge vs Eddie Guerrero
(street fight world title contenders match) Randy Orton vs Triple H
(World Title Cage Match) Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle

Main Event- Batista and Triple H vs Kane and Randy Orton ends in a no contest when Batista shockingly turns on Triple H and rejoins evolution. Orton, and Flair also turn on their "body guard" Kane saying they dont need him anymore. Raw ends with Batista, Flair, and Orton standing tall in the middle of the ring.


Match 1: Rob Van Dam defeated Shelton Benjamin to retain the I.C. Title.

Match 2: Tajiri and Lita def. Matt Hardy and Molly Holly. After the match Molly Holly beat down Lita bad and choked her out with a camera cord. Lita was taken to the hospital later in the night.

Match 3: Dinsmore and Morley def. Rhyno after ALOT of interference from Eric Bischoff.

Match 4: Edge def. Eddie Guerrero

Vince McMahon came out to make his announcement. He said he has been watching a cold war develop between Raw and Smackdown over the last few weeks (if you remember Raw and Smackdown have been insaulting eachother on some shows.) He announces that at Survivor Series it will be Raw vs Smackdown in an interpromotional Survivor Series elimination match at Survivor Series. Vince then calls out Bischoff and finally fires him for his shennanigans the past few weeks and especially in tonights handi-cap match. He promotes Shane to full G.M. of Raw.

Match 5: Kane defeates Batista (Kane after being attacked by evolution has transormed into more of a monster, earlier in the night after cutting a promo backstage he took out his old mask and put it on. He has worn it since and it symbolizes how he has become more of a monster as of late.)

Match 6: Right To Censor wins the tag titles after defeating the Dudleyz and T&A in the triple threat tag match.

Match 7: Randy Orton, without the help of any evolution members, defeats Triple H in a brutal street fight.

Match 8: Chris Jericho retains his title against Kurt Angle after help from the returning superstar..............KEN SHAMROCK! After the match Jericho is celebrating when the new contender Randy Orton RKO's the champ and leaves him laying out on the mat as Halloween Havoc goes off of the air.

I suggest you read this event though and let me know what you think since you werent around when it was posted. Read WolfBeast and Red Cold's Summerslam that is also a great event.


Angle calls out Shamrock and challenges him to a match but Shane McMahon says they wont be opponents at Survivor Series but rather will be partners because he has made them the first two members of team Raw for the interpromotional Survivor Series match

Match 1: RTC defeates The Dudleyz to retain the tag titles

Eric Bishcoff enters the ring from the crowd after a distraction by Dinsmroe to the security and demands his job as G.M. back. Shane rounds up the security and has Bischoff arrested. As Bischoff is being carried out he persuades Shane to accept a challenge to a match at Survivor Series. Shane accepts the conditions that at Survivor Series it will be him vs Eric Bischoff one on one and the winner is the 100% full G.M. of Raw.

Match 2: Molly def. Nidia to retain the womens title. She does the same thing to Nidia that she did to Lita at HH (Strangles her with the cord.)

Match 3: Nicholas Dinsmore def. Kane via DQ. Kane is about to tombstone Dinsmore on the chair but Batista runs out and makes the save. He hits Kane with the chair and him and Dinsmore run off. Kane sits up seconds later and pursues.

JR announces Triple H will be out 2-3 months due to injuries from the street fight the nigth before. Trish then comes out and officially resigns as the manager of Test and A-Train saying they dont have what it takes. She says that next week she will reveal to the world her new client.

Match 4: Randy Orton def. Rhyno. After the match Jericho comes out and beats him down. He applies the walls of Jericho but lets go of it soon after giving Orton just a small taste of Survivor Series.

Main Event: Rob Van Dam defeated Shelton Benjamin in a ladder match to retain the I.C. Title after interference from Eddie Guerrero. Edge came out to make the save from a double team on Benjamin. After a miscommunication Benjamin levels Edge with the chair. He clears RVD and Eddie out of the ring and turns into a spear by Edge. Raw then goes off the air.


Vince announces he will be the referee for the Survivor Series Raw vs Smackdown match and announces that since Dinsmore left Smackdown on a bad note he will be the next man on team Raw to take on his former brands competitors.

Match 1: Batista and Flair defeated the Dudleyz to become the contenders for the tag titles after interference from RTC.

A backstage segment between Trish and Orton took place. Trish "hinted" the fact that she slept with Randy in a deal that if she did he would let her be his manager. Orton tried to deny it but Jericho interupted and insaulted both Orton and Trish.

Match 2: Molly defeated Victoria to retain the womens title and went to strangle her with the cord like she has done to past divas but LITA returns and makes the save.

Vince McMahon enters Randy's locker room giving him an inspirational speach trying to make Randy realize his own potential and that if he changes his attitude he can become of the biggest stars in the history of the company. (Read it hard to explain in a summary)

Cameras cut to Orton's locker room when Vince McMahon walks up to it. As Vince goes to walk in the door opens and Trish walks out dissapointed. Vince looks at her and shakes his head before entering the locker room where Orton is stretching for his match. Orton looks up and stops stretching as he sees the owner standing in the room. He looks confused as Vince walks over to him.

Vince: How is it going Randy? I came in here for a couple of things. First thing is first and that is congratulations on earning your title shot at Survivor Series, it was one hell of a match against Triple H at Halloween Havoc.

Randy: Well thankyou sir.

Vince: Before you become a brown nose let me tell you something, I have seen many superstars come and go in this company. Guys that couldnt handle the pressure of being at the top or thought they were too good for the business. Right now Randy you have a path to choose, two roads to take because you see you are in the postion right now that many superstars in both locker rooms would kill to be in. You have a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!!! The pressure is on you Randy, whether you like it or not you are one of the companies major players and have the potential to become bigger than the business. Something only guys such as The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H have become. You showed the world you are for real when you beat Triple H and now you have the chance to become the youngest champion in WWE history. If you win that title then you have to make the decision, what road will you take? Will you falter under pressure or let the ego get to your head to the point where you are "too good" for this business OR will you become something the WWE has never seen before the youngest and single most sucsessful wrestler in history? The spotlight is on you Randy legend or distant memory? Brock Lesnar or Hulk Hogan? The choice is yours, good look tonight and most of all good luck at the Survivor Series. Think about what I have said maybe it will change your attitude a little bit!

Vince walks out as Orton stands there mesmorized by the speach. He begins to think as Raw cuts to a comercial

Match 3: Ken Shamrock defeats RVD by DQ in an I.C. Title match. Angle interfered causing the DQ.

Shane interrupts the Smackdown Rebound as an insault to Smackdown and announces two matches. One being at Survivor Series it will be RVD vs Shelton Benjamin vs Edge vs Eddie Guerrero in a Survival foruway elimination match for the I.C. Title. The rules are a no holds barred fourway match where each superstar has to be pinned twice in order to be eliminated. The final competitor remaining will be declared the sole survivor and I.C. Champion.

Match 4: Kane demolishes the FBI in a handi cap match.

Orton shows signs of changing his attitude as Vince's speach has effected him (perhaps a face turn) He comes out for the main event.

Main Event: Randy Orton and Eddie Guerrero defeated Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho. Orton's teased face turn is a fraud as Trish helps him defeat Jericho. Orton, Trish, and evolution proceed with a viscous beatdown on Jericho and Orton and Trish celebrate with evolution as Raw goes off the air.

That is what happened on the Raw side of things the last few weeks. I will have Highlight Reel (my new Smackdown writer) post what happened on the Smackdown side of things later including results to tongights Smackdown. My next Raw is up Monday and Survivor Series is October 24th.

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Well here is my update:

Rampage After SummerSlam (Week 1)

*Shawn starts the show off by challenging anyone backstage, Chris Benoit enters the ring challenging Shawn Michaels for the title tonight! HBK accepts

*Disco Inferno & Rico defeated Shannon Moore/Shane Helms via Rosey interfering

*Juvi and Psychosis attack Kidman/London backstage

*Sylvan defeated Eugene via Regal accidently tripping Eugene's leg.

*Sting is seen awaiting in the parking lot for Undertaker

*Booker T defeated Edge and Cena in Triple Threat

*Triple H & Batista defeated JBL & Orton

*Sting is still waiting in parking lot when a car attempts to run over Sting. Sting dodges, Undertaker then jumps in the car...who drove the car?

*Main Event: HBK defeated Chris Benoit due to help of Y2J


Mayhem Week 2

*Undertaker welcomes the crowd and is about to announce the Undertaker when...Sting comes from the roof, he is about to hit Undertaker when he takes off his mask to reveal to be KANE!
Kane was the driver of the car

*Blitzkrieg defeated Juvi due to help by Kidman/London

*Shane Douglas defeated Shelton benjamin fairly to put an end to their fued

*Handicap Match- Shane Helms & Shannon Moore defeat Rosey to put an end to their fued

*La Resistance Vs. Regal & Eugene-
During the match Eugene turns on Regal hitting him with the chair. Eugene talks on the microphone revealing he was a fraud all along and he will stand by the side of La resistance. Eugene says he will now be known as Nick Dismore!

*Womens Title- Trish Stratus and Lita fight to a no contest due to Victoria and Gail Kim interefering

*Matt Chat w/Edge and John Cena- The two men fight and challenge one another at Bad Company

*Chris Jericho defeated JBL and wins the 2nd fall of the Rapid Series to fight Benoit at Bad Company

*Dave Batista Vs. Randy Orton
Triple H runs down to the ring during the match but only to be turned on by Batista. Both Orton and Batista join forces to belt up HHH



*Booker T and Christian defeated Rikishi & RVD

*Ultimo Dragon pins Shannon Moore

*La Resistance versus William Regal and a mystery partner
The Mystery Partner reveals to be Doug Williams peforming in NGW for one night only.
William Regal & Williams get the victory

*Eric announces it will be a Fatal 4 way at Bad Company, Lita V Victoria V Trish V Gail Kim for the Womens Title. He also remind the fans that there will be a lottery with 20 of the best superstars on this weeks mayhem. The name chosen will face HBK for the title that night!
He also announces at Bad Company, Nick Dismore V William Regal & Dudleys V NBT V Awesome/Kanyon which the winner will face the Tag Champs at No Mercy

*World Tag Team Titles- Batista/Orton defeat Dudleys

*Chris Jericho defeated Undertaker via DQ to win the Rapid Series and to verse Benoit @ Bad Company

*Sting Vs Kane, Undertaker interferes and the two belt up Sting until HBK makes the save...

*Check Thread for Mayhem which will be up mid this week and the Bad Company card
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