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University of Windsor Associate Professors Do Study On Romantic Story & Women In WWE

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- University of Windsor associate professors Betty Barrett and Dana Levin recently published a study on 2011 WWE programming and the romantic storylines that were portrayed.

They got interested when Linda McMahon claimed how she had cleaned up the WWE and made it a more PG version of family entertainment. Barrett, who described herself as a wrestling fan, told The Windsor Star that it made her interested in examining the product and whether or not McMahon was telling the truth. Barrett and Levin found that Linda wasn’t and that women were almost always portrayed in relationships as inferior to men, as psychos, gold diggers, cougars or vengeful scorned crazies.

Barrett and Levin admitted that the men in the relationships weren’t portrayed all that great either. Barrett said the roles of women they portray are old and stale, but they work. They said the difference is that other shows who use these roles of women don’t aim their programming so much at younger kids and said while WWE isn’t real and adults know it, younger viewers are less sure and the waters are muddied.

Barrett said WWE has missed the chance to portray women as athletes and actresses who can portray something more positive.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
interesting read
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Re: University of Windsor Associate Professors Do Study On Romantic Storys & Women In

Who wants to watch women and men that are close to reality? It's a TV show ... "reality" is what you see in real life. I don't want to see "real" characters. I want to see psychos, crazies, vengeful gold diggers ... It's escapist fun.

That said, the babyfaces in recent years are as pure as they come as well. I can't remember the last time Nat was portrayed as any of the above. Once AJ turns face, she'll be more of the same as well. Naomi and Cameron are pure faces. When did they act like any of the above? When did Kaitlyn act like this? Study is nothing more than confirmation bias from what little I can tell of it and not objective at all. At least not how they've portrayed it in a couple of paras.

The good guy/gal role model hasn't been forced out of the WWE. They're still there if you actually watch the product.
There aren't any characters in the divas division though. Nearly all of them are "reality" show bimbos who act like they're still in high school. Do you really think watching the Bella Twins, Eva Marie, Cameron, etc. is "escapist fun"? Because those are the ones who get most of the air time. Cameron is a pure face? She doesn't have ANY endearing qualities. You're right about Kaitlyn, except you left out the fact that she barely did anything because she was always taking the backseat to less talented people.
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