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I am making a new fed with myself as the owner. Here is the roster and other useful stuff:

Universal Championship
Xtreme Championship
Tag Team Championship

Friday Night Showdown – 1:30 hours

Owner: Matt Davis
Commissioner: ?
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Backstage Announcer: Josh Mathews

A.J. Styles
BG James
Billy Gunn
Brock Lesnar
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Harris
Chris Jericho
Diamond Dallas Page
Eddie Guerrero
The Hurricane
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jerry Lynn
Matt Hardy
Paul London
Sean Waltman

Tag Teams:
America’s Most Wanted
Hardy Boyz
Los Guerreros
New Age Outlaws

Weekly TV Show: Friday Night Showdown (1:30 hours)

2005 PPV Calendar:
June – Uprising
July – Summer of Survival
August – Total Chaos
September – Revolt
October – Highway to Hell
November – Carnage
December – Battle for the Belt

The first show will be up in a few days probably

1,410 Posts
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The reason the roster's small and there aren't many high-profile stars is because I wanted to have a realistic look, where stars come when the show starts to pick up and more big name stars will debut. I just don't want to have several top stars coz I don't think it would be that realistic
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