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Aero Star
AJ Styles
Akira Tozawa
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Daniel Bryan
Dragon Kid
Dragon Rojo Jr.
El Generico
Frankie Kazarian
Hector Garza
Jeremy Buck
Jushin Liger
Kenny Omega
Koji Kanemoto
Kota Ibushi
Laredo Kid
La Sombra
Masato Yoshino
Matt Sydal
Max Buck
Naruki Doi
Samoa Joe
Shingo Tagaki
Taiji Ishimori
Volador Jr.
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UWA World Championship Tournament

Bracket A
Homicide vs. Taiji Ishimori
Dragon Rojo Jr. vs. Kota Ibushi
Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe
Volador Jr. vs. Yamato

Bracket B
Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick
Kiyoshi vs. Ricochet
Amazing Red vs. Koji Kanemoto
CIMA vs. Hector Garza

Bracket C
AJ Styles vs. Mistico
Alex Shelley vs. Jeremy Buck
Dragon Kid vs. Naruki Doi
Frankie Kazarian vs. Masato Yoshino

Bracket D
Christopher Daniels vs. La Sombra
El Generico vs. Jushin Liger
Frightmare vs. Kenny Omega
Matt Sydal vs. Shingo Tagaki​
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Bracket A: Homicide def. Taiji Ishimori with Da Cop Killa.
Bracket A: Kota Ibushi vs. Dragon Rojo Jr. with a Firebird Splash.
Bracket A: Daniel Bryan def. Samoa Joe with the Cattle Mutilation.
Bracket A: Volador Jr. def Yamato after La Quebrada Moonsault.
Bracket B: Akira Tozawa def. Brian Kendrick with a Rolling German Suplex.
Bracket B: Kiyoshi def. Ricochet with The Great Muta Moonsault.
Bracket B: Amazing Red def. Koji Kanemoto with a Code Red.
Bracket B: CIMA def. Hector Garza with a Crossfire.

Show Notes:
Bryan vs. Joe took home Match of the Night honours.
After their match, the beaten Kanemoto attacked Amazing Red, kicking him in the side of the head.
Finish of the Night went to Kota Ibushi for his breathtaking Firebird Splash.

Bracket C: AJ Styles def. Mistico with a Springboard 450 Splash.
Bracket C: Alex Shelley def. Jeremy Buck with a Border City Stretch.
Bracket C: Dragon Kid def. Naruki Doi with a Dragonrana.
Bracket C: Masato Yoshino def. Frankie Kazarian with a Lightning Spiral.
Bracket D: Christopher Daniels def. La Sombra with the Angel's Wings.
Bracket D: Jushin Liger def. El Generico with a Liger Bomb.
Bracket D: Kenny Omega def. Frightmare with Croyt's Wrath.
Bracket D: Shingo Tagaki def. Matt Sydal with the Last Falconry.

Show Notes:
UWA 2's official Match of the Night was awarded to the thrilling encounter between AJ Styles and Mistico. Both men came close to picking up the win until The Phenomenal One finally snatched the victory. After the contest, Mistico refused to shake hands with Styles, storming to the back.
Finish of the Night was Jushin Liger's incredible counter of a Huracanrana into a Liger Bomb to defeat El Generico.
A Title match was announced for UWA 5; The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Laredo Kid & Aero Star for the UWA World Tag Team Championship.​
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UWA World Championship Tournament

Bracket A
Homicide vs. Volador Jr.
Kota Ibushi vs. Daniel Bryan

Bracket B
Akira Tozawa vs. Amazing Red
Kiyoshi vs. CIMA

Bracket C
AJ Styles vs. Masato Yoshino
Alex Shelley vs. Dragon Kid

Bracket D
Christopher Daniels vs. Shingo Tagaki
Jushin Liger vs. Kenny Omega
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