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Unforgiven My Way PLEASE READ!

Unforgiven My Way!

The Opening Video has a voice description of the Kane/Shane and HHH/Goldberg feuds of how we worked our way to Unforgiven.
Then the voice says Austin and Bischoff present WWE Unforgiven!

J.R welcomes us to the second only RAW PPV on a night where it will be Title vs Career and Last Man Standing. But .....
first we have the 6 man Table match.

Dudleyz vs La Resistance

The Dudleys enter first to huge USA chants with Bubba and D-Von carrying Spike on a table with Spike holding the American flag.
They set the table up on the outside of the ring.
Then La Resistance music hits and out they come to a chorus of boos.
They are carrying a French flag which gets heat from the Hershey crowd.

The match opens with Spike and Conway , Conway gets on his knees and challenges Spike to take him down which to the annoyance of Conway , Spike does successfully to pops from the American crowd.
Spike seems to be enjoying this until the now much serious Conway gets up and clotheslines Spike. Conway then tells Grenier and Dupree to get the tables which they go to do only to be meet by the two Dudley Boys and a brawl on the outside ensues much to the delight of the crowd the Duds have the upper hand.

On the inside Conway is dominating Spike getting arrogant doing the French dance and all , that is until Spike delivers the Dudley Dog to Conway and makes the hot tag to Bubba who gets his special 'Suck It' punches in before lifting Conway up for the powerslam and the WASSUPP!
Bubba: D-Von get the TABLESSSSS!
But before D-von can get the wood Grenier and Dupree enter with the French flags and put out the lights of the two Dudley brothers.
Grenier calls for Dupree to get the Tables in Dudley fashion much to the anger of the crowd.Dupree gets the wood and sets it up in the centre of the ring. But suddenly , a grin comes the two Frenchies faces as they look at the table on the outside and across the ring at Spike. They grab Spike and Double Spinebust him from the inside of the ring through a table on the outside. Holy S**t chants echo around the arena.

But behind the French team's back Bubba and D-Von are up and storking Conway for the 3-D which they deliver to the turncoat.
As Bubba and Grenier stare each other down on the inside , D-Von and Dupree both get a table each from either side of the ring and slide their tables in the ring and set them up on each side of the ring. All four men brawl with the French duo getting the advantage. As La Resistance are set for a......
3D on D-Von to the shock of the crowd which they execute reasonably well. It is now a handicap match in favour of French team. But Bubba picks up an equaliser in the shape of the American flag levelling Grenier with it. As Dupree turns around to save his partner he is shocked to be in the position for a Bubba Bomb through the wood which he crashs through with a crunch.

But just as it looks as if it is over there are no tables on the inside so Bubba slides under to look under the ring but there is none as he continues to look. Conway who had gone to the back , suddenly returns with a table and sets it up on the inside and he attacks Bubba with the US flag to jeers. and slides him to the ring where Grenier is waiting to Spinebust his ass through the table which he does successfully. Grenier and Conway celebrate in the ring and put the U.S flag over the Dudleys in a disgraceful act. They then do the Dudley salute to the crowd and wave the French flag much to the dismay of the crowd.

WINNERS. La Resistance at 18:30

I'll be back with my next match later! Tell me what you think. Personally , I think it SUCKS. Give me feedback on whether to do the rest of the card My Way
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