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would it be wrong to say that its the best biography ive ever read? i bought it yday and im already more then half way through ive barely put it down since ive got it :D i love how jericho takes advantage of the fact that its HIS book and he can say whatever he wants and write in anyway he sees fit. its like he's actually talking to the reader not to mention he's hilarious when i was reading it in the library i had to put my scarf over my mouth to muffle the literal laugh out loud

e.g. when he was talking about how his manager curtis hughes had a tendancy to fall asleep at anytime and when jericho and the rock were having a match and jericho accidently throw spit in the rocks face and thought it was lemonade/water and jericho wrote and i quote...

'i was mortified, rock was disgusted, hughes was sleeping'

anyways for those of you who havent read it i really recommend it not only isit funny but its got some really juicy secrets about the past

your thoughts?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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