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After a botched RESET, the Underground has returned to the beginning, when the human fell. Most retain their memories of the last timeline, in which the human, through friendship and MERCY, saved everyone and freed them to the Surface. Flowey, however, has no desire to let the human win again. He has sought out the remaining monsters who did not keep their memories, and convinced them that the human and their allies are out to kill them. His recruits have one task. Destroy the human and those who want to protect them, and reduce them all to dust. This is a very different Underground. This is...


1. Remember to always play to your win condition.
2. Do not discuss the game except in the thread or in any QT that has been provided for you. Do not share QT links, just poke the moderator if you need the Dead QT.
3. Do not, under any circumstances, quote or copy any part of your role PM in this thread. Learn to paraphrase. It’s not hard.
4. Day 1 lasts 36 hours maximum. Day 2 and onward last 24 hours maximum. The length of Night is 16 hours maximum, but depends mostly on how fast you send in your actions.
5. Ask questions about how roles would interact if you want, but I won’t be roped into answering in a way that confirms or denies the existence of a certain role. If a role interacts in a way you didn’t expect, don’t blame me if you didn’t ask.
6. Actions will happen in the following standard order, if they exist in the game: passive block > hide/commute > redirect/bus drive > block > framer/lawyer > investigate > protect > others > kill > check motion > recruit. Actions in the same “step” happen simultaneously. You’ll only receive results if you are alive at end of Night. (A block can take precedence over a redirect/bus drive if those roles interact in such a way as to cause a paradox.)
7. If your shot is blocked, it’s not coming back. This is standard stuff.
8. The game can end in a draw if a situation is entered that no side can fulfill its win condition, or if multiple sides would end the game with their win condition fulfilled (e.g. if on the final night, a scum member and a vig shot at each other).
9. Toxic behaviour and flaming are not on. I don’t want to modkill anyone, but I consider it an option.

Flavour Guide

• Town and scum are Good Aligned and Flowey Aligned respectively.
• The Good Aligned win condition is to remove all threats to the Underground. The Flowey Aligned win condition is to ensure that Flowey’s plan cannot be stopped.
• Remember that flavour dictates that Flowey has tricked and recruited several previously-virtuous characters to his side. This means that most characters, with a few obvious exceptions, could be on the side of either town or scum.
• Flavour is not directly linked to role, but a connection can be inferred most of the time. Similar to my previous games.
• Flavour is largely taken from a given character’s in-game CHECK text, with some liberties taken if no such text exists. Do not hunt off this.
• Scum have fakes of unspecified quality, but as I implied above, might not need them.
• The mention of another role in your role PM does not mean that it is necessarily in the game.

Dummy – Good Aligned
A cotton heart and button eye, you are the apple of my eye.

Vanilla: You don’t have a role.

Your task is to remove all threats to the Underground.

1. Jeff
2. Tweet
3. Junk
4. Poyser
5. Retep
7. CP
8. NG
9. Mikey
10. Lawls
11. Banana
12. Jam
13. Lethal
14. Rop3
15. BigMan
16. Alco Chimp Cr1st0
17. Odo
18. Doddsy


The Game So Far
Day 1:
Junk, a.k.a. Monster Kid (Vanilla), was lynched.

Night 1:
Poyser, a.k.a. ??? (actually Toriel, 2x BG/2x RB), was killed.
BigMan, a.k.a. Asgore (1x Governor/N3: 1x No Mercy), was killed.

Day 2:
Lethal, a.k.a. Astigmatism (2x Rolecop), was lynched.

Night 2:
Retep, a.k.a. Napstablook (Stump), was killed.
Jam, a.k.a. Chara (Compulsive Serial Killer), was killed.

Day 3:
CP, a.k.a. Flowey (GF/2x Redirector/Nexus), was lynched.

Night 3:
No one died.

Day 4:
Alco Chimp Cr1st0, a.k.a. Muffet (Odd Night JK), was lynched.

Night 4:
PHEN0M, a.k.a. Snowdrake's Mother (Vanilla), was killed.

Day 5:
Tweet, a.k.a. Woshua (1x Janitor/2x Lawyer), was lynched.

Jeff, a.k.a. Undyne (2x Vigilante/Delayed Death), survived to the end.
NG, a.k.a. Temmie (PR/1x Bulletproof Benefactor), survived to the end.
Mikey, a.k.a. Sans (Odd Night Gunsmith/Even Night Cop), survived to the end.
Lawls, a.k.a. Papyrus (1x Oracle), survived to the end.
Banana, a.k.a. The Dogi (Double Voter), survived to the end.
Rop3, a.k.a. Frisk (Even Night Flavour Cop/Pacifism/Priest), survived to the end.
Odo, a.k.a. Jerry (Hated Miller/25% Commuter), survived to the end.
Doddsy, a.k.a. Burgerpants (4x Food Vendor), survived to the end.

It is now Day 1. With 18 players alive, it takes 10 to decide a lynch. You have 36 hours.

In the bleak midwinter ....
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Ye I’m miller

Jerry (I have no idea who this guy is and I’ve completed the game 3 times :heston)

Absolute Scumbag.
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Re: UNDERTALE MAFIA - Game Thread (Day 1)

saying the game won't start till after the site fix then starting it anyways :francis guessing we'll have quite a few inactives for the day

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Re: UNDERTALE MAFIA - Game Thread (Day 1)

Oopez TeM didnt reade! Tem's PM fullE! This iz Goin To anNoy Da FuK out! of Tem!!!!!!

JuNk is ScareD Scum TeM thiNkZ!!

In the bleak midwinter ....
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It’s worth pointing out, per the OP that characters other than Flowey don’t matter in this game, therefore a PR isn’t actually indicative of anything, it’s just unlikely to be faked

NotGuilty is Temmie, an absolute piece of shit

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Re: UNDERTALE MAFIA - Game Thread (Day 1)

Tem ThincK its Funne! that a townz JunK wud thInKz he wud Get CauGhT Day Wun!! afTer 3 Big Scum Winz.

OdO iz a Bum!!
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