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Undertaker's Streak sacrificed for WWE Network !!

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- Equity research firm Belus Capital Advisors CEO Brian Sozzi spoke to Yahoo! Finance about WWE stock tanking this week. Sozzi noted the weaker-than-expected Network subscription numbers, and feels that The Undertaker's streak was sacrificed to bolster post-WrestleMania Network registrations. Sozzi also provided some advice to the company and suggested an off-season, strengthening the drug policy (noting the relaxation of the Therapeutic Use Exception and the three strikes policy last summer) and to take better care of retired wrestlers


This sounds like something Vince would do to help push the WWE Network....

Reminds me of when Austin would always talk about how the WWE would use you up, rotate you back down, and spit you back out. Vince knows Taker doesn't have much gas left and could've been finished any day now, so he sacrificed Taker & The Streak to help launch his WWE Network-
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Stupid speculative theory, nothing more. This guy speculating doesn't even know who the current champion is. he's going on about wellness violation and all kinds of stupid shit that has nothing to do with Network subscribers.
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