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Undertaker vs Stone Cold, or The Rock at WrestleMania, Make It Happen!!!

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Austin has said he has a match left in him & that his neck is finally back to 100%.
It would draw HUGE.
Now i realise there would be many problems for example who will be the jobber, but SOMEHOW the Creative needs to find a way to do this.
MUCH bigger than Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25!!

Now that Rocky and Austin have returned it is the perfect time, WWE won't get another chance like this.

Him vs Barrett would be a joke. Nooo Barrett please.

Have Taker win, and at WrestleMania 2012 he faces John Cena. It would make perfect sense. Cena faces at next WM the man who went over Austin or Rock. The hype would be crazy. Will the man who defeated Austin or Rock would win and keep the streak alive, or will Cena defeat the man who beat Austin or Rock and break the streak? Just f'in imagine the hype. (Also can have Cena face one of Rock or Austin at this year's WM.) And it would be totally unpredictable who will win. Could be the biggest hype in WWE history. If WWE isn't dumb.

WWE needs to persuade Austin or Rock to job to Taker WHO WOULD FACE CENA AT NEXT WM. Hell, it doesn't have to be a clean pin or something, make it controversial but save the streak for next year's wrestlemania, even somebody can cost Taker's opponent the match. Make it so, that it takes nothing away from Austin or Rock's credibility. It will be a WIN for WWE. And Rock or Austin doesn't have too much to lose, it won't tarnish any of their reputation, they should do it for the sake of the company's future. Unless they decide to be a selfish dick like Hogan. It would mean soo much to the business.

THIS could be BIGGER than Austin vs Rock WrestleMania X-Seven........
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I would personally prefer the triple threat we never got........Austin, Rock, HHH

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I just wouldn't like to see either of those matches for the simple fact that i wouldn't want to see Stone Cold Steve Austin return just to lose to The Undertaker at WrestleMania and as i don't believe we will ever see The Rock return for any more than maybe just one more match i wouldn't want that one match to be wasted in losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania either. Because of the fact that no one would believe The Undertaker losing at WrestleMania i don't think it would ever draw as HUGE as it would have a few years ago when they were all on the roster at the same time.

If and i say IF we do get to see The Rock return for another match then i think it would be silly to go with anything else other than Cena/Rock because of all the hype already behind it inside and outside of WWE, just look how the internet and the wrestling industry and social network sites have gone into overdrive because of Cena/Rock. If and i say IF we were to see Stone Cold Steve Austin return for another match then i would much rather it be with someone who can get a great match from him like Chris Jericho, CM Punk or a heel Triple H or against someone who would get a major rub from working with him.
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