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Underrated "Feud" that won't be as big as it should

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I think The Rock vs The Miz feud is underrated and could potientally be more entertaining actually than Cena Rock could
It's like Mis sometimes reminds me of guys like me and my friends that grew up watching wrestling
It's like you can tell he's a fan and he sometimes says things a fan might say and he revels and the Heeldom and he pretty much was inspired by the Rock (The Miz, pausing catchphrase)
The things he has said like "You and your 55 catchphrases" (I don't remember the exact number lol) and coming out clowning as the Rock and doing the People's Elbow, you can tell he's a fan and is having a good time with it

It's like too bad Miz wasn't a bigger star and could truly step up to The Rock like he's doing and it'd be a legit major feud that people like casual fans would really want to see.