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Undercard/Midcard Build Is Atrocious

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Does anybody even know what will happen to the Tag Team, U.S., and Intercontinental belts? It appears that there will be a Bryan/Sheamus match at Wrestlemania and that is the only thing getting anything even close to a build.

We are just a few weeks away from Wrestlemania and the belts and so many wrestlers are up in the air as to what they will do. McIntyre, Kingston, Ted DiBiase Jr, Morrison, Evan Bourne, Ryder, the Usos, Tyson Kid and DH Smith and that is just for starters.

I can see most of the Smackdown midcarders being all mushed together in a Corre/We Have No Idea What To Do With You clusterfuck of a tag match and that is just a shame.

The lack of Money in the Bank or smaller Rumbler or King of the Ring type match hurts.
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(POTENTIAL SPOILER--yeah, right, as if anybody cares in this context)

Morrison/Ziggler with some divas including Trish Stratus seems to be in the cards, judging by both the Wrestling Observer's once-spoilery card and the latest Raw. Aside from that, the ostensible US Championship match and the Corre/Big Show plus Directionless Midcarders tag bout, there's really not much. A lot of guys are on the brink of being left out in the cold this year.

The most conspicuous guy who belongs on the card and probably won't be on it is McIntyre, considering that he's been a prominent midcarder who's clearly being groomed to be one of their future big-time main event players.

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It is pretty terrible, if they aren't going to have Money in the Bank they at least need to put a degree of effort into creating new mid-card programmes for the guys who wold have been in the MITB match. And since it's not going to be a random multi-man match, they need to have some kind of story or feud going into it that the fans might buy into. So far we haven't had much which is strange considering some of the guys left off so far.

Morrison and Ziggler are two of the best and biggest mid-card guys in the company. Morrison has had a TERRIBLE three weeks and Ziggler is newly on RAW now. Morrison just lost clean to Ziggler but since there isn't anyone else for Ziggler to face, I figure Morrison/Ziggler may turn out to be a match...but where's the feud? There isn't anything there to get invested in, and for these two guys, they deserve better.

Sheamus/Bryan (if it happens) has came out of nowhere and it seems strange that Sheamus can go from WWE Champion to putting his career on the line for the US Title. Could be a good match but it's come out of nowhere.

Corre vs. Show/Kane has had decent build so far, but it's still fairly boring to me.
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