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I'm baaacccckkkk
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1st real "RP" in about a month, & first UE match rp in ages, so a little rusty with this 1st rp, but will improve next 2. Anyways, here's 1st of the 3 rps. Enjoy, & can't wait to face off against you Unknown.

Unknown…One of the best EPW vets still around…
Unknown…A former Champion. If not the best EPW Ultimate Edge Champion ever.
Unknown…Known for his ruthlessness and his year-long undefeated streak.
Unknown…no longer what he used to be.

Hi, remember me?
Yep. That little punk kid you beat several months back.
Guess what?
That punk kid has changed, as has you and everybody else, my friend.

September 12, 2010.
A day that lies in the history books.
Apparently the day that the unraveling of the real Unknown started to show…

A year long historic undefeated streak.
One of the highest reigning Superstars in EPW.
One, if not the most legendary, EPW Ultimate Edge Champion in history.
All shaken and crumbled by a Rookie. Nate Cook.

Tough break, huh?

Unknown is a Legend in my eyes.
Part of the body that keeps kicking that is EPW.

But he all wasted it.

The real Unknown is starting to shine.
To surface from underneath after all of these years.

A year long undefeated streak, and reign as EPW Ultimate Edge Champion, shambled by a Rookie.
That’s unacceptable of you, Unknown.

All of these years of hardships.
All of these years of kicking ass and taking names.
All of these years of reigning at the top.
Its all coming to an end.

A loss like this is very disappointing. And everyone knows its unacceptable for a legend like you.

Sure, if I got beat by Nate Cook it’d be acceptable.
As I’m a rookie myself.
I have flaws, I’m not a perfectionist.
I’m not a veteran nor am I a legend in this business.

But guess what?
It’d never happen.

I’m a lot different than you, and that former “punk kid” I used to be, Unknown.

Ever since you beat me I’ve been paving my way to success…
Going through anyone and everyone in my path.
Going through good and bad.
Taking charge of my destiny and going for gold…
And showing that I am the future.

A few wins.
But lately, it’s started to get harder and harder for you to overcome the odds.
The burden gets higher and higher.
The stress building up.
Your destiny and legendary status on your shoulders.
Everything starting to become a stressful burden.
And its all over…

The real Unknown finally being revealed to the masses.
The skyrocketing legendary champion beginning to fall from his reign on top.
With his first loss in an entire year.

What’s next for Unknown, many want to ask…

The truth is, it’s all set in stone.
Let me quote a song that I know, which explains clearly what I mean…

“I’m falling to pieces…Yeah…
I’m falling to pieces…Yeah…
I’m falling to pieces, ones still in love while the other ones leaving…
I’m falling to pieces, ‘cuz when a heart breaks no it don’t break even…”

Unknown, your career is taking a turn.
The real you has started to show.
You truly are ‘falling to pieces’.
Your ‘heart’ shows the passion for the business, but the business is killing you.
Its killing you to make way for the stars of tomorrow.
The future Legends of EPW.

And Unknown, one of them is the man who will bring you your second consecutive loss in a row.
The man that holds the key to his success.
The man that is the future of this company…

The Legend in the Making.
Drew Maverick

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Cue the obvious humor.

It's a surprise you haven't caught on yet after all these months.
Calling you an embarrassment wouldn't even be a personal attack, obvious humor.

Don't cut me out just yet...not when I'm this close.

Breathing down your neck.

More concerned about my loss than I am.

You fucking child.

What about yours?
What about what I did to you?

Oh, you've changed?

I haven't.

Grisly grin.

Don't look at me as some messiah, I'm not here to save you, elevate you.

You're a dime a dozen, kid.

Same song, different arrangement.

A faceless...fucking clot..who differentiates himself from the field in a special way.

I lost.

I wasn't devastated. No sense of derelict.

I didn't fall apart.

The fuck do I get for it, though?

I got another chance at you. The first time, apparently I took your sense of purpose. You're a new man. Win a few petty matches and you're a better man.

Write me off all you want.

Your head lifted to the "stars" as you walk through a fucking minefield, boy..

Flesh and bone removed.

Ripped apart.


Because I'm a better man than you. I'm just happy I get another chance to prove it.

I'm baaacccckkkk
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Humor, huh?
The only thing funny I see is you, Unknown.

Sure, talk trash about me.
About what you did to me … MONTHS ago.
Just an attempt to elevate your ego from that one year undefeated streak.
Its pathetic.

I’m concerned about your loss more than you, huh?
Why try and defend yourself like that?
To prove you’re something that you used to be?
Keyword. Used to be.

You’re just a shell of your former self now, my friend.

And this week, that losing streak is going to 2-and-0.
By, well….

You continue on and on about how you beat me months ago.
Yeah, continue as you may.
I respect that you’re proud of it.
Because unfortunately, it was the first, and last, time you will ever do it.

That’s right, you heard it.

As I said before, you’re falling down the food chain.
You are a legend in this business, but a shell of your former self.
A has been.
A past his prime, over the hill, disease-ridden scum.

You call me a dime a dozen.
Fact time: Whether you like it or not, I gave one hell of an effort the last time we locked horns.
And you have to admit, I gave you a fight, and took you to a limit like no other “dime a dozen”.
I’ve improved since then.
I’ve taken my understandable rookie flaws in, to greater limits of success.
And its time I take you past the limit, and beat you.

I’m no dime in a dozen.
You’re the old whale.
I’m the young, hungry shark.
And you’re on the food chain.

The only thing you will prove is no matter what you say, you’re not in your prime anymore.
You’re aging, and its time for me to shine.
And you are one of the big stepping stones.
And that’s exactly what I’ll do.

You talk and look happy.
But that loss did hit a spot in that old heart of yours.
And that heart is just ready to burst.

Be ready Unknown, its going to be a pleasure.
You say you’re a better man.
It’s me that holds the better fight, and the thrive to ‘step right over you’.

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My, have we misconstrued.

Our leather clad fighter has found himself amongst another dreary moment.
He can do no more than make the best of it.

Even if it's sharing it with

Maverick, you're stupid.
My words make fools smash their fists against concrete walls.
My words cause inept scum to sputter out shallow retorts in clumsy fashion.
My words strike chords of frustration in the lamest of brains.

My words of truth cause you to hurt.
You've only made things worse.

He drops down onto the nearest bench, crossing his legs on impact.
His arms laid across, being held up by the sturdy oak.

And he smirks.

One loss won't break me.
I've dealt with them before. I'm no longer surprised at failure. Swallowed that bitterness long ago. Took that upon my shoulders, and have been carrying it since. Lash me to the bone. I'm not afraid. The pain would be a welcome change. Let me know I can still feel. Let me know I haven't won yet.

Past my prime?

When I've been doing this for four years?

Cue the dumb ass.

Most magnificent assertions, wise one.
So defensive, though.

It's usually how those in denial react.
And in turn I will become the reaction to your mistake. You've taken your already bruised hand and opened the door to your fate.

You're anything but unexpected, Maverick, so I will not expect much.
Step right over me?

I'm not surprised.

It's the fools that have the nerve to proclaim such in an obligatory manner as if it's definite.
That's what surprises me.

You seek to make a work of art out of EPW?
In my world of ruin you've walked into?
Your picture frame is cracked.


Blunt words from a glass jaw. A fool's ambition rests amongst a glass heart.


You may be disappointed, but I'm far unimpressed.
Unimpressed with your inability to fathom such simple words. Not once did I say there wasn't competition present.

Meaning, Maverick.


I feel as though I'm trying get through to a Wall.
Though, most of your comments reek of a wall.

You fucking dry wrestler.

Preaching about the horrible man I've become.
How disappointed you are in me.

It sounded so cute coming from a man I personally knew.

But you?

A concerned tilt of the head from Unknown.

Who the hell are you really?

A starving, deluded artist who will get no more from me than a boot down his throat.
Keep on sticking your chest out, Drew. Stick it out as far as you can.

All the more longer and enjoyable for me to cave the motherfucker in.
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