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The scene opens with Dragón Oscuro sitting on the floor, with a Coca-Cola can next to him. The room is only illuminated by a little lamp that’s on front of Pedro.

Hello everyone, this is Dragón Oscuro, talking to you from my own personal dark room, from which I usually give my pre-match speeches. In those speeches I usually talk about how confident I am of victory, and how I’m going to make the poor son of a bitch that faces me tap out. But tonight, well… I am not in the mood of doing it and, let’s face facts, it’s Unknown I’m facing inside that cage, so I’m probably going to get killed by that bad motherfucker.

And I’m starting to think that maybe, maybe, that’s what EPW wants. Maybe it’s just me, who’s starting to get paranoid, but I’m starting to get tired of those continuous gimmick matches that they keep putting me in… And trust me, it’s not fear, it’s not laziness. It’s just that ever since I started to speak about how much I hate this unnecessary violence that EPW provides to the fans, it seems like someone has been trying to shut me up.

Months ago, Pedro Rodríguez kept talking about the powers to be inside this company, and how all they cared was about their own personal benefits, forgetting about the business that is pro wrestling. And what happened to him? They screwed him out in a match and now he’s gone, maybe for good. But Pedro was right, this business, just like the modern day society, is poisoned, and it needs to be saved. It needs a savior.

So I came into EPW, and started to criticize this non-sense. And what do they do? They don’t try to stop this downward spiral; they try to make me change. They put me in probably one of the most dangerous matches there are, a ladder match. I go in that match, I fight, I scratch, but I survive. Sure, that cheater Jake Poueff won, but I stood there, and I’m pretty sure it pissed off many people backstage.

The following Eclipse I became the number one contender for the Deathmatch title, which was all I wanted. But what happens then? I get attacked backstage by the man who at that time was Deathmatch champion, Deacon Cage. And the fact that he got me out of the ring for an entire month and a half is a shame, but the real injustice happened when I discovered that he was never fined, or suspended, not even a fucking warning. No one approached him and told that idiot to calm down! And yes, I am not a JM Hardy or a Brad Payne, but someone needs to do something with that maniac! By the way, have fun now that’s you who’s in the hospital, you piece of shit.

So… then I’m injured, and while I’m on my hospital bed I discover that EPW officials have decided to put me in a Monsters Ball match… They knew I’d refuse to use any weapons at all, yet they put me in there. Twenty-four hours trapped in a dark room, just like this one, but even darker and with no food or drink, not even this coke can… Anyway, I went out there with the odds stacked against me. And by the end of the match, they probably realized I wouldn’t shut up and they couldn’t make me change my mind. So why not take me out? “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. Not with me. My spirit is unbendable, learn that EPW.

And now I find out I have to face the man who is probably the biggest killer inside the cage, Unknown. As I said, I’m probably gonna get destroyed by him, and probably that’s what they want. But trust me when I tell you, no matter what happens in there, sooner or later I’m going to win the Deathmatch title. And when I do, all this cheap-ass violence that has been degrading the business will disappear. Technical wrestling will fight and it will survive, just like I will. Unknown, whether you want to admit it or not, you are being used to take me out…

I understand this is all about making money, but I’m not going to participate in the self-destruction of our society. Maybe guns are sold in the United States, maybe it’s a global problem, but make no mistake, this can be changed.

Violence brings money to few and pain to many. Me, I bring peace. I bring you a way to save yourselves, your children, and the children of your children. Learn to embrace change, people, because it’s coming.

Oh, and Cage, have fun in the hospital. You deserve it, bro. Now get out of here.

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Brad Payne

Deacon Cage​
Deathmatch Title​

Pedro Rodriguez​

Bold and centered, always waiting.
Never disregarding, not once discriminating.

Focused on one and one only.
The one that lies beneath.

He relishes the temptation, the creeping doom..
Destruction, defeat...

Whatever its name - Unknown - it is prepared.


A fighting bag of wind is all you have been reduced to.

A weak shell for a weak soul..

I will take it upon myself to separate the two.


I was not forced to be in the position that I am in.
I will not be used to hurt you, Pedro.

I've made a career out of hurting people..

I lead this life, this is the path I've chosen. I am not bound by chain and shackle, but free will.

Free to do what ever I want to you, Pedro. You said it yourself, and you've gone and made this easier than it already was.

You are pathetic, and what makes it worse is that you know that, and you'll do nothing...nothing to change that fact.

You search for rust in a mine filled with diamond...because it's the easiest thing to claim.

You put in little work, and like a fool you dub yourself savior...

Save yourself.
Do not walk through those curtains that upcoming night...

My profession of hurting others may just transcend into the murdering of others...
I'm willing to cross that line.

I'm willing to keep fighting just to get it through your fucking skull even if there isn't one left to get through to..

Your body will assume its proper form when my fists fucking....tear...it....apart..

I'll go that mile, and I'll take your fucking heart with me..
Don't fuck with me..you of all people should take heed to that notion..

You know better than anyone else that I can play the fool, and look fucking good doing it...
Brush myself off of your remnants and move on, Pedro, what are you doing?

Look at me...

I'm wasting my time.
I have nothing to learn from you, but to fall to new depths..

Where is your spirit? Where is your fire, dragon?

A lack of spirit always ends in defeat.

I told you this before.
You were the one from that group who was going to be great.

You've thrown it all away for what?

A chance at a Deathmatch title?

A chance of grasp at Deacon Cage's throat?

Put some thought into your actions and you will be able to eliminate your regrets.

But it is far too late for such in a cage with the man I've become.
The influence that has driven me to the nasty mother fucker that stands in front of this lens for all to see...

And the funny thing is I'm trying my best to hold back...hold my tongue...be the role model.

The gentleman.

This is my last resort, for that man will perish upon the Eclipse's arrival.

This man dies along with you, Pedro.

I've embraced the inevitability...you..

You will not fare well.
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