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I used to think of myself as a god.

The robes and the regalia. The pomp and stature. Everything about me down to the way I spoke was to project an air of superiority. To become a titan of Olympian stature walking in the world of modern man. Something deserving of worship. Because belief is power and people flock to religion en masse because deep down, they want to find some meaning in the world around them. Stupid, savage animals that they are, they fear…

Well, they fear the unknown.

Isn’t that funny?

It’s like there’s been some intrinsic link between us from the start. You represent an idea I long exploited to bring myself success. I built a reputation by preying on the fears created by your namesake. We belong together, you and I. Perhaps that’s what drew us in when darkness fell over EPW. Or perhaps we are both simply opportunists. After all, there was so much strength in that group.

So much wasted strength.

But the Lost Soul fell and the darkness was lifted from EPW. And all of a sudden, people believed there was nothing to fear. Yet here we are. Two things very much worth fearing. You, still the unknown. Still the thing lurking in the darkest of dreams that you have always been. But I? I am not a god. I no longer claim to be.

While you are the unknown, I am the certainty. The certainty of pain and despair and violent, brutal endings. I am the bleakest of fates that can never be deterred or avoided or stopped. I am as solid and real as you are ethereal. Whatever twists of fate brought us here, you have been set on my path, shepherded toward your own destruction. And make no mistake, that destruction is assured. It’s all I have to offer.

Remain elusive. Stay shrouded in darkness. It makes no difference.

I’ll reach in blind and find a heart to tear out.

After all, I no longer fear the unknown.

I only fear the fate that will befall him.
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