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I sit in the corner of my house in Naperville, Illinois. Rachel is not home and I am left alone for the first time in awhile. Rachel has kept me company so I don’t go insane. I guess with everything I been through there is a possibility I might go insane. But now that she is gone, I think I am becoming insane for the moment. I sit here mumbling random thoughts. I sit here in the corner of my room, without my baby. Without my Deathmatch Championship, I go insane.

Or maybe I am going insane because of my opponent I am facing this week.

“Superstar of the year...”


“Almost unbeatable...”

I remember when I was a pitcher and I had a record of 15-0 or 14-1 and people would be like ‘oh shit we’re facing this kid.” I always would think I am the fear people hate to feel. Everybody on the other teams feared me during my baseball prime and when I walked, they stepped aside. People would come see my team play, and they would only want my autograph. They would stay for hours after games just to see me.

Well, I don’t have dominance like that anymore. I am a wrestler, not a baseball player. Unknown is the guy people might not like, but they still buy 100 dollar tickets just to see a monster doing work. Unknown is the wrestling version of me.

“I am never going to beat this guy…”

Unknown is the Goliath of wrestling. I am fucking David. I have bigger things to deal with than fighting an EPW legend. I have to defend my Deathmatch Title in two weeks against two over-confident son-of-a-bitches. I should be focusing on that!

“This guy ends careers. I have to defend my fucking title!”

I punch a huge hole in the wall next to me. The drywall comes crumbling down next to my toes and I just stare at it. The anger is building up. I don’t want to face Unknown. You can already put another win on his resume now. I never have been an underdog before. This feeling sucks. Rachel, come help me.

“Unknown. My chances of winning this match are known. Zero percent and whether or not I will come out of this alive. Well, that is unknown.”

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Suddenly, the door knocks. I jump up from my corner. The hole in the wall is still visible. My state of insanity is visible. I cannot control it. I run at all the windows and pull the shades off the hanger. The sun shines right into my eyes. I fall to the ground and shut my eyes. My eyes water up and start to burn. I scream in pain. The door continues to knock.

I find it deep inside of me to open my eyes and start to crawl. You know you’re insane when the sun hurts you. I crawl through my open bedroom door. I see the stairs and continue to crawl. I attempt to crawl down the stairs, but as soon as I do my body starts to slide. With each step of the stairs, my body bounces and I feel my abdominals bruise more every time I fall down a step. I finally end up at the bottom and I am physically drained and mentally more insane. I start to tear and all I can hear it.



I continue hearing knocking and yelling and screaming. Rachel would have a key to the house if it was her. My insanity is bringing scenarios in my head that are unimaginable. I try to fend off my imagination, but it is getting the best of me. I have a feeling it is the end. I crawl over to the living room. I am going on whatever my first instinct is. My instinct leads me to my dresser. I open it and take out a camcorder.

Even in all this craziness, I turn on the camcorder easily and it is recording. I lay it on the counter of the dresser and it is recording straight in my face.

“This…This could be the end.”

The knocking continues.

“I am Tim Feeley. And I will not be able to defend my Deathmatch Championship in two weeks. Also, I will not be able to fight Unknown this week on Eclipse. I will not be able to fight because in a matter of seconds, maybe minutes, or possibly hours, Unknown himself will break through my door and viciously injury and possibly kill me. No people, I am not insane.”

Yes. I am insane.

“Hear that knocking in the background? It is a suicidal madman. He will risk breaking the law to come and get a piece of me. Honestly, I am in a flux since I don’t have my title. I have no strength without it and I have been stressing about it. I am not ready to take on a guy walking into my house. I will not be able to defend myself. So for everyone who has ever given a fuck about me, here I am! This is the last you will see of me!”

The knocking continues…

“Unknown is a sick person. Hell, the Superstar of the Year persona he got awhile ago is deceiving. I just figured out why he wants to come kill me now. It is because he is unprepared to lose against me this week. He has to fight me when I am least prepared. And that moment is now! You bitch! I am scared to face someone who is scared to face me? What the hell! He realizes my ultimate potential. He knows I am going to be Superstar of the Year this year! Fuck Black, Haze, and all those other wanna-be superstars! Way to give me a boost Unknown because once you walk into this house, I will be the one kicking a hole into your face and revealing who Unknown really is!”

There is now stomping on the door…

“Come in this house you bitch! I won’t wait until Eclipse to kick your ass! Your weakness isn’t too unknown for me! I will not turn down this fight! I am the most superior athlete too ever step foot on this planet. I am Tim Feeley and I am about to teach you a lesson about not picking fights with the wrong person!”

I stand up, adrenaline pumping through my insane body. I hear the door being kicked over and over again. Finally, the door is knocked down. A rush of fear flows through my body.

“Oh shit!”

But that fear is drained out quick and I am ready to fight. The person walks through the door and looks at me. Wait.

It’s not Unknown.

It’s only Rachel.

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Let’s try the video camera again.

Here I am sitting in my basement. The drywall that I punched in two days ago is currently being repaired. Rachel has put my down here with the camera. She doesn’t want to throw out the tape that I used to film my little outburst I had, yet she doesn’t want that footage being around. Therefore, I am recording over my outburst and I have to say something.

And I press play.

“So two days ago I was…yes, I was insane. I punched a hole in the wall, I fell down the stairs and got a broken rib, and I didn’t let Rachel in the house. That caused her to kick down the door because she thought something was happening in the house. So now the wall is being repaired and the door is getting fixed tomorrow.

I was insane. I really was. Rachel, thankfully, calmed me down and I was able to collect my thoughts and relax. She told me next time not to over think everything. I told her I need my Deathmatch Title back. She said she understands, but I am taking my anger out the wrong way. What I have to do is get a game plan. Maybe next Eclipse I should find Drew Maverick and attack him or cheap shot him, just like he did too me. It sounds like a good idea and I think I might do that. Another reason why I was like how I was is because I am trying to focus for my match at Date with Destiny. She said to relax and attack that match like I have attacked all my other matches in which I have won. And finally, I was acting that way because I am freaking out about my match with Unknown.”

The thought of the match worries me and I put my head down for a few seconds before I rise it back up.

“I have had big matches in my career. Obviously, my first match was huge and I won. Izrah and I had some legendary battles, in my opinion, which I fought very hard to win and I came up short twice. I lost the Last Resort Battle Royal. I think I was the last person to be eliminated. That was a heartbreaker. And then I won the vacated Deathmatch Title. But honestly, I don’t think I have had a bigger match than my match this week. I face a superstar. I face the EPW Superstar of the Year. I face the hardest obstacle of my wrestling career. As far as I know, we aren’t wrestling for a title. However, we are fighting for momentum. Momentum going into Date with Destiny. And I am fighting for something bigger than that, I am fighting for self pride. I want to know that I beat the best! The people who contend for the Deathmatch Title, well, they suck! Izrah is a big name and I couldn’t beat him! Unknown is a bigger name than Izrah. If I can beat Unknown, the sky is the limit for me! I will become an instant contender for the World Title…

It sounds as if I care for the guy. Hell, maybe I do a little. But once I get in the ring with this guy, all respect is out the door. I am going to rip this mother fuckers head off and throw it around like my bitch. I will continue my hot steak here. It has been five commanding wins in a row. I will beat Unknown and make it six. And then I will beat the two idiots at Date with Destiny and it will be seven. The streak will never end. I was saying two days ago about how people like Unknown have people step to the side to let Unknown walk by. Well, Unknown will be stepping aside to me after I beat him and I beat the rest of the EPW roster. In two months, as the weather becomes less humid and the leaves begin to change colors, everybody will hate Tim Feeley and what I have become! I will have become the biggest superstar in EPW. Nobody will be able to contain me. Not even Unknown, or Lost Soul.

I’ll admit. I have no clue what Ultimate Edge is. I heard you wrestle in a cage. Others have told me it’s best of three falls. I have no clue. I guess I’ll be finding out. All I really know is that it doesn’t matter what type of match it is. If we’re in a cage, I will be throwing Unknown’s head back and forth into the steel fence. I will rip his skin open and he will be profusely bleeding. The wrestling mat will become a blood bath and Unknown will be swimming in his own blood.

And before I leave, I honestly hope it is best of three falls. People might beat somebody once and, unless there is a rematch, people call it a fluke. Well, I will be beating Unknown twice in one night. He might get the best of me one fall, but either way I will be winning twice.

I am two three counts away from being recognized as one of the best wrestlers in EPW.”

Camera off.

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The match was under Ultimate Edge rules, which means you'r supposed to promo that's what sets it apart from a regular match.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK I didn't know that. Kinda just figured it was 3 roleplays of anything, but make them smaller. My fault. I'll work on three new ones today. Mind if I use these as part of my DWD roleplay?

And if I can please delete these.

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You can use them for DWD yes since it doesn't count for this one, tough break.

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Living and Lavishing







Wrecking and Ravaging



But I’m Ok, more than that.. I’m alive.
You want the things that correlate with being successful in this life we've chosen.

I sat through your promos and I wasn't the slightest bit annoyed. I saw a child before a lens, and the child played his part well. Zeal, fear, tantrums, and ignorant stupid optimism to top it all off.

So fragile and potential-filled, you will prove the least bit difficult. I've no lessons to teach the hard-headed, and I've no points to prove to such a man.

Age would prove your adulthood, but you've chosen to act otherwise. Like you've got this all figured out; like I'm the answer to all your obvious faults. You've used your bleak imagination and contorted all that I am as a man into a simple victory...

I'm no simple man, and I won't be beaten by you.

You're not a powerful person. No matter how hard you try.

Those who flaunt their power disappear when the truly powerful appear.

Dust to dust, like you never existed.

It's awful when a person loses their life. What had taken years to put together will be destroyed in one moment.

One moment chosen by me:

This nameless, vicious fucking brute.
You best believe I enjoy it. Every second, minute and hour.

Otherwise I wouldn't have chosen to do this.

With a dubious distinction and an arousing doubt...you continue down this road.

Unaware of what lies around the corner, oblivious to whether or not you're well-equipped.

Far from it, Tim.

You're running on fumes.
This streak, your fumes.

The facade that gets you down this road.

Fucking sluggish. You've already broken down before I've even taken the first blow into consideration. One shot shy of crumbling.

I'll give you everything.

I will bring forth all that I am as a man, as a warrior. All that my life has given me into creating, sculpting what you see before you now, will come to that cage and we will walk within the hurricane. Dance to the beat of our souls in the deathblow dance.

There will be nothing of me that does not walk through those ropes, that does not weight my punches, that does not fuel my kicks, my grapples, my will.

Heart is not everything, and nor is pride when there is no man to carry them into the fray.

You're going to fight me; you're going to fucking fight, and you're not going to look like a little bitch doing it.

You want things, and I wasn't going to patronize you for it, but you went overboard.

Greed overwhelmed you.

In the course of your incessant rambling you became unstoppable.
You declared yourself winner.

With me being so high above you..

Above average.

You had the nerve to get greedy, allowing your ego to get in the way. You just had to throw open the doors and scream “look at me; I’m the other white meat”. Pigs shouldn’t have egos.

You’ve served yourself up.

Repetition is glorious, but it's gotten you nowhere.

Look where repetition got me in this wrestling world.
Coming out every night, doing the same thing night after night.

Possibly the single most innovative wrestler and fighter in the ring today.
I'm an artist out there.

Simply put for simple mind:
I'm amazing.

Overrated? Over-hyped?
Not my fault.

I've earned my keep.

To sum up everything I've ever said to you, Tim, I'll state this:

I'm better than you. In all the ways that your simple mind could possibly struggle to imagine. I wouldn't call myself your better, nor will I refer to myself as your superior.

I am your impossible.

If only you had lived an honest life, you wouldn't have died in obscurity.

Dust to dust, like you never existed.​
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