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(The Oracle is lying down on his stomach, on a sidewalk. A black trench coat protects his chest from the burning concrete. His black slacks guard his knees from any stress. The Oracle's white boots radiate, especially on this very sunny day.

It is odd, the sun seems to be beaming, almost too brightly.)

Nate Cook, I am going to make this short and simple. I like you, well..., as much as I could like any human being (his face sours).

Think about it, we are very much alike. We are both driven by our anger. Fueled by our crimson rage. Our rage, directed at the liars, the cheats, those who have been handed success, without any merit.
We are two hard-working, decent men who have been given the short end of the stick, to say, by society. Nobody ever lent either of us a helping hand, or pushed us to the moon. No, we both had to dedicate hours upon hours of sweat, blood, yes blood, and tears to even survive. Whether it be in the independent wrestling promotions or a slum in Seattle, we both fought for our survival.

You and I have every right to be scornful, to seek out vengeance against those who were given opportunities you and I could only dream of.

There lies the problem, however (The Oracle clasps his hands together, his expression not changing in the slightest).

Nate Cook, your wrath isn't harnessed properly. The only thing you care about is yourself. You don't give a damn about punishing those who truly deserve it. The greedy, the perverts, the murderers, the addicts, the entitled, the amoral, the sane. Nate Cook, you are angry about the injustice life offers, but you don't take a stand. You do nothing about it. You fail. Never, have you truly taken a stand against what you claim to hate.

I, on the other hand, have fought an up-hill battle my entire life.

I've dedicated my life to punishing the scum on this planet. Peeling the scabs off the face of the Earth. I have taken a stand. A stand against every single liar and fool in the world. I've channeled my anger, and have made the world a better place by doing so.

Nate, you're apathetic. Apathy is the worst sin of all in my book. You truly don't care, either way, about the big picture. There's no love, no hatred, simply emptiness inside of you.

Aww. It is sad, really. I liked you. I really did. (The Oracle scowls)

Its a shame what I'll have to do to you on Eclipse.

You will pay for your sins by blood. I will make an example out of you. I'll show all of the heartless hinds in the back what is in store for them when they cross me.

Nate, there is no escaping my wrath. In two nights, we will face off, surrounded by walls of steel. You'll be trapped, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You'll have to face your punishment. Oh, what a punishment it will be.

I'm going to bludgeon you with my two fists until your last seconds of conscious. Then, I will lock in the Shades of Gray, which will slowly suck the last bits of life out of you. I'm not finished there. I'll assault your lifeless body until all sorts of fun stuff happens. It'll be real fun. In fact, if I get lucky, I might actually get your brain to bleed! (The Oracle laughs maniacally)

Remember Nate Cook, you've earned it!

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Maniacal laughter, fade out. Enter reality.

Reality, meet my buddy The Oracle.

Reality, he’s been ducking you for years. He’s going to make my brain bleed, killing me. He’s going to hurt me.

Oracle, watch the tape.

You’re a tactical young man. So was Tom Leach, shit, it’s in his name. But I’m gonna hit you.

Not the sinners. Not the wicked.

You, motherfucker.

I’m not mad because my uncle touched me. Or some kid beat me up.

I’m angry because we live in a society where the price to feed your family is the very ability to feed them.

I’m no maniac. I’m a regular old man. A man whose going to beat you in the face till the fight stops. Then shake your hand. There is no war here.

That would require us being equals. This is homicide. This assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

I’m no bad guy. Your no hero. We’re just two idiots who fight for a living.

And I am better at being a violent idiot than you.

Oracle, how about you and Reality go find the Truth and a crystal ball.

Your gonna die.
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Valiant words, Nate, valiant words.

However, I know the truth. I know you.

Nate, I can feel the years worth of frustration building up inside of you.

I've ignited a fire in you. A fire that is fueled by your memories of defeat. Coming so close to achieving the very accolades you've fought for your entire life to get. Contracts, titles, status. You were so close, only to have these prizes snatched away from you at the last minute.

The boyhood dreams of success, so tantalizingly close, only to fade away before your very eyes.

Nate, my friend, your life has been one of disappointment. You know that damn well, which is why you're so very desperate to get yours' before it is taken away from you.

The fact is that you've pushed the memories of failure and disappointment to the darkest corner of your mind. You're trying to pretend that nothing ever happened. Why? Because you can't handle the truth.

You can't cope with the fact that the world is out to get you! Everything you try to do ends the same way, in failure! It was never meant to be. You're a failure.

There is no denying the fact that all of these short-comings are slowly eating away at your soul. The only option you have is to pretend that your failures never happened. Who knows, maybe if you say it enough, believe it enough, it'll be true.

I enjoy watching your miserable life drag along, Nate. I get to make it even worse come Eclipse. But, hey, who knows? Maybe our match is the way out your miserable life. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to have me end your suffering, forever.

We know the torture you go through, Nate. You have two choices; you may either let this fire empower you, or you may allow it to engulf you.

Bye bye...

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He's ignited sometyhing in me...

Is it my primal rage building like the tributaries to a great river?


Is it my deep shame at struggling towards my dream for so long...


It's a yawn.

You, unlike myself. are a copy and paste organism. Conjecture mixed with bravado stirred with false bravado. I;m the cookie monster to you cookie cutter kids.

Realise this: Your simply not good enough. Your not capable of breathing the air where I live. The gutter is a castle for those of us who live here. And to think you could brawl with me, when the stench alone would kill you is laughable. I'm God with the balled up fists. Jesus f the elbow shot. Zeus of the ground and pound.

I'm me punching you in the face.

Inside that cage, I build you a tomb.

Inside that tomb, I place your beaten body.

Atop your beaten body, I place the embers of the "flame" youve started.

And, for all the others just like you, I bathe you in the waters of clear headed vision.

I took my son to an amusement park today. He said, "Daddy, what's an Oracle?". I told him it was tragedy. The viewing glass of mortals to the Gods.

Look into a mirror, my new friend in pain.

Gaze into your own eyes.

You'll see that body atop that tomb.

You'll watch the flame lick at your wounds.

Yu'll know that Lazarus rose from the grave.

You'll know that you can't.

See you in the cage.

It's like a fable. When the ant met the tire.
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