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So this is my BTB. The fed isn't Indy, nor is it a big mainstream promotion like WWE, I'm going for a company similar to the early NWA-TNA stuff, it begins in March of 2010, enjoy.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling is ready to take the wrestling world by storm. With a star studded roster full of big names and extraordinary talent, UCW will surely be a force to be reckoned with. Many wrestling fans have been very surprised by the rapid rise of UCW, securing big name and pricy signings to big contracts, how could it be financed? UCW is surprisingly backed by a very wealthy businessman, the businessman has remained anonymous, but why would he pour his money into a wrestling company? He is obviously a wrestling fan, and apparently is willing to make a loss on the company to get to have the biggest names and best talent in wrestling do what they do best in his company, and he has made some smart signings behind the scenes too. The wrestling genius Jim Cornette has been signed, and is expected to have a big say backstage, and will be part of a booking team of other great wrestling minds. UCW has secured a tv deal for a one hour show every Wednesday named Warfare, to take place on the Versus channel from 11 - 12 pm, and other channels outside of America aswell as monthly pay-per-views. Can UCW become a main stay in the world of pro wrestling or wil it fade away and become nothing but a distant memory, time will tell.

UCW Roster

Rob Van Dam
Height - 6'0
Weight - 237
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - 5 Star Frog Splash
UCW Accomplishments - None

Matt Morgan
Height - 7'0
Weight - 310
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Carbon Footprint
UCW Accomplishments - None

Tommy Dreamer
Height - 6'2
Weight - 260
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - DDT
UCW Accomplishments - None

Height - 5'8
Weight - 180
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Go 2 Sleep
UCW Accomplishments - None

D-Lo Brown
Height - 6'1
Weight - 286
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Low Down (Stretch out frog splash)
UCW Accomplishments - None

Amazing Red
Height - 5'6
Weight - 150
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Code Red (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)
UCW Accomplishments - None

Bobby Dempsey
Height - 6'0
Weight - 280
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Death Valley Driver
UCW Accomplishments - None

Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Height - 5'7
Weight - 210
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Liger Bomb, Brainbuster
UCW Accomplishments - None

Height - 5'10
Weight - 194
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Shadows Over Hell(Diving splash to the back of a kneeling opponent)
UCW Accomplishments - None

Jeff Hardy
Height - 6'1
Weight - 215
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - The Swanton
UCW Accomplishments - None

Fergal Devitt
Height - 5'11
Weight - 178
Alignment - Face
Finisher(s) - Bloody Sunday (Lifting single underhook DDT), Prince's Throne (Fireman's carry double knee gutbuster)
UCW Accomplishments - None

Eric Young
Height - 5'11
Weight - 220
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Spike Piledriver, Death Valley Driver
UCW Accomplishments - None

William Regal
Height - 6'2
Weight - 240
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Knee Trembler, Regal Stretch
UCW Accomplishments - None

Austin Aries
Height - 5'9
Weight - 202
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - 450 Splash Last Chancery (bridging arm triangle choke)
UCW Accomplishments - None

Roderick Strong
Height - 5'10
Weight - 212
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Strong Hold (Elevated Boston crab with a knee to the back)
UCW Accomplishments - None

Douglas Williams
Height - 6'0
Weight - 235
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Chaos Theory Suplex
UCW Accomplishments - None

Scott Steiner
Height - 6'1
Weight - 276
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Steiner Recliner
UCW Accomplishments - None

Height - 6'2
Weight - 245
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Even Flow DDT
UCW Accomplishments - None

Height - 5'10
Weight - 205
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Gringo Killa, Frog Splash
UCW Accomplishments - None

Kevin Steen
Height - 5'10
Weight - 219
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Crossface
UCW Accomplishments - None

Shelton Benjamin
Height - 6'2
Weight - 248
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Paydirt
UCW Accomplishments - None

Brian Kendrick
Height - 5'8
Weight - 184
Alignment - Heel
Finisher(s) - Sliced Bread
UCW Accomplishments - None


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Nice to see you back. Hopefully we'll see some 'full' shows with some more detail and such in it from you, as you definitely have the potential and drive for a great BTB. Roster looks awesome, but the lack of a backstory throws me off a bit. Nonetheless, good luck with this.

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UCW Championships

UCW World Championship

UCW Junior Heavyweight Championship

UCW Telivision Championship

Other On Air Employees

Mike Tenay
Role - Play by play commentator

Don West
Role - Color commentator

Jim Cornette
Role - General manager

David Penzer
Role - Ring announcer

Lacey Von Erich
Role - Backstage interviewer

17/April/2010 - UCW 1: Uprising
22/May/2010 - UCW 2
19/June/2010 - UCW 3
10/July/2010 - UCW 4 : Revolution
21/August/2010 - UCW 5

still here
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I'm loving the roster. All I'm interested in is reading some good shows with in-character promos and matches, so make sure you do a lot of research before you get writing.

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Just to say that I've added a backstory and changed Matt Morgan's and Roderick Strong's alignment to face and heel respectively, nothing major, just to do with long term planning, also added the TV title, simply because I forgot to addd it when I made the post :p The wrestlers I've picked are all ones I am very fond of, there isn't really one there I don't like, so that will help a lot with motivation and writing, thanks for feedback and first show will be up soon, ciao.

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Warfare Preview - 31 March 2010
UCW's first ever show, UCW Warfare will take place on Wednesday, the 31 of March 2010. The show has a lot to live up to, and with the impressive card set it looks like it will. In a 6 man tag team match the team of Tommy Dreamer, the explosive KENTA and the high flying Irishman Fergal Devitt take on Eric Young, Homicide and "A Double" Austin Aries. Shelton Benjamin takes on the amazing high flyer Amazing Red. With the athleticism of these 2 it should be an amazing match. And in the first ever main event, former world champions and good friends Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam face off. Don't miss the first ever installment of Wednesday night Warfare, 11 - 12pm on the versus channel.

Confrimed for Warfare:
*Tommy Dreamer, KENTA and Fergal Devitt v Eric Young, Homicide and Austin Aries
*Shelton Benjamin v Amazing Red
*Rob Van Dam v Jeff Hardy

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Warfare Results - 31 March 2010

Pyro explodes and the Warfare theme plays as the camera pans around the arena, showing various cheering fans, aswell as some signs. The camera then goes to the commentators, Mike Tenay and Don West.

Mike Tenay: Hello everybody, and welcome to the first ever Wednesday night Warfare. I'm Mike Tenay, and this is my broadcast partner Don West.

Don West: I'll tell you what Mike, I've been waiting for this night for a long time, as has the whole wrestling world, and I know it's gonna be special, let's hope the questionable decision of having you on commentary isn't a sign of things to come.

Mike Tenay: I'm not even gonna dignify that with a reply.

The camera goes to the entrance ramp, where im Cornette is walking down to the ring with a grin on his face and a microphone in hand. Cornette enters the ring and looks out at the crowd, smiling.

Jim Cornette: Welcome to Warfare!

Cheap pop.

Jim Cornette: Ultimate Championship Wrestling is finally here, and we are gonna do everything to make sure you people never leave disappointed.

Another small pop from the audience.

Jim Cornette: And let me set the record straight, forget entertainment, this is a wrestling show!

More cheers from the crowd as Cornette grins and looks around the arena.

Jim Cornette: And we are damn proud of it. Because we have got the best wrestlers in the world today, whether it's Rob Van Dam...

Fans react well to van Dam's name.

Jim Cornette: Or Matt Morgan...

More cheers.

Jim Cornette: Shelton Benamin...

Mixed reaction.

Jim Cornette: Or Jeff Hardy.

Loud cheers from the fans.

Jim Cornette: And speaking of Jeff, in tonight's main event, Jeff Hardy will take on Rob Van Dam!

Big pop from the crowd.

Jim Cornette: And trust me, that is one match you can not afford to miss. Now UCW has got so much talent, we've also got 3 championship's which need holders, the telivision title, the junior heavyweight title, and ofcourse, the UCW world title. Now there are many worthy contenders for the world title, and it seems no matter what match I set up for that belt, someone will be complaining about being left out, but there are 8 names who won't be.

Cornette pauses, grins and looks towards the top of the ramp.

Jim Cornette: At UCW's first ever pay-per-view, UCW 1: Uprising, we will crown the first ever UCW world champion. A tournament will take place involving 8 of our top contenders, many of whom are former world champions, at the Uprising the quarter finals, semi finals, and final will take place, and the man who can win all of his three matches, and rise above the rest of the competitors, will be our new and first champion. If you'll look towards the titantron you'll see the draw for quarter final matches for yourselves.

Cornette points towrd the screen where the following matches for the quarter finals are shown.

Rob Van Dam v William Regal
Matt Morgan v Scott Steiner
Shelton Benjamin v Tommy Dreamer
Jeff Hardy v Brian Kendrick

Jim Cornette: So there you go, when all is said and done, 1 of those men will be the world champion. But that's not all, we've gotta crown our first junior heavyweight champion too, and that will happen next week, right here on Warfare. Every junior heavyweight will compete in a battle royal, and the last man standing in the ring will be crowned the new champion, like I said, every light heavyweight on the roster, including Jushin Liger, Amazing Red, Homicide and Austin Aries.

Mixed reaction for the various names.

Jim Cornette: But like I said, this is a wrestling show, and I amn't gonna stay out here talking, it's time for some wrestling.

Cornette drops his mic and leaves the ring, slapping some fives with the ringside fans as he walks to the back.

Backstage we see KENTA, whos is swinging and stretching his arms, with a focused look on his face. He slightly backs away and looks to this side. The camera zooms out to reveal Eric Young and Homicide, standing beside him.

Eric Young: Woah, no need to worry. KENTA, you know I've heard a lot about you, I've seen you wrestle too, and I must say, I'm impressed. It's pretty sad really, I mean, you're wrestling over here in America, where your talents aren't half as appreciated as they should be, think about it, I bet you are twice as well known and popular in Japan as you are here, right?

KENTA stares into space for a second, thinking.

Eric Young: And I bet you had to work twice as hard as American wrestlers do to get recognized, right.

KENTA doesn't answer, but looks at Young.

Eric Young: You know I'm right KENTA. Me and my friend Homicide here, we got sick of being mistreated and held down, we got sick of all these ignorant, hateful Americans and we took a stand, I suggest you do the same.

Young steps closer to KENTA, almost whispering directly into his ear.

Eric Young: We're on opposing sides in a 6 man tag match tonight buddy, but it doesn't have to be like that, all you have to do for me is show you're dedication tonight, and I promise you won't regret it, it'll be the first day of the rest of your life. Think about it,

Young smiles and walks away with Homicide, as KENTA contines to stare, seemingly considering the offer.

*Commercial Break*

Tommy Dreamer, KENTA and Fergal Devitt beat Eric Young, Homicide and Austin Aries
After some fantastic aerial moves, the match turns to chaos, KENTA nails Austin Aries with a GTS, and Homicide, the legal man for the other team enters, as Homicide is about to strike KENTA, KENTA tells him to stop, and lays down, Homicice can't believe his luck, assuming KENTA is allowing him to pin him. As Homicide is bending down to pin KENTA, KENTA rolls him through to get a 3 count. KENTA laughs outside the ring, as Homicide looks shocked, and then furious, Young and Homicide shout at KENTA from inside the ring as the winning team celebrate.​

Mike Tenay: What a match, you won't see action like that anywhere else.

Don West: I can't believe KENTA just cheated his teammates to victory like that!

Mike Tenay: Cheated? Last time I checked, the inside cradle was a legal move.

We go backstage to see Lacey Von Erich standing with a microphone in hand, beside Shelton Benjamin, Benjamin has his head held high, grinning.

Lacey Von Erich: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me now, Shelton Benjamin. Now Shelton, you will be participating in the tournament at UCW 1 to crown the first ever UCW champion, your thoughts?

Shelton Benjamin: Look Lacey, I am the gold standard, the greatest pure athlete in wrestling today, and like it or not, that's a fact. As for me being in the tournament, well it's hardly a surprise, I mean how could I not be included in the tournament?

Shelton looks up and smiles.

Shelton Benjamin: It would be the beginning of the end for this company, fans inside and outside the arena would riot. My fans would create uproar on the internet, it would all ultimately lead to his company closing.

Lacey Von Erich: And tonight you wil...

Shelton cuts Lacey off almost immediately, totally ignoring her.

Shelton Benjamin: And tonight, I've got Amazing Red. How this guy got a spot in this company is beyond me, he's not very talented, he's about 4 foot, and yet, his ring gear doesn't even fit him. It's obvious that Red has no place being in the same ring as me, and I'll prove it tonight.

Benjamin walks away with a smile on his face.

Mike Tenay: Shelton Benjamin certainly isn't short on confidence.

Don West: And why should he be? He's an amazing talent.

Mike Tenay: There's no doubting that, but so is Amazing Red, and it could be a fatal mistake for Shelton to underestimate him, Shelton Benjamin versus Amazing Red will take place when we come back, don't go anywhere.

*Commercial Break*

As we come back from commercial we see Shelton Benjamin walking down a hallway with a cocky smile on his face. We then see Amazing Red, who looks very focused.

Shelton Benjamin beat Amazing Red
A great match displsying both mens amazing athleticism. Shelton made fun of Red early on and payed for it with a beating from Red to the delight of the crowd. Shelton dodged a springboard from Red and hit a paydirt for the victory.​

Mike Tenay: A big win for Shelton Benjamin in his UCW debut.

Don West: All 5 foot 6 of it.

Mike Tenay: Well there's no doubting Amazing Red's heart, he gave everything tonight but in the end it just wasn't enough.

We go backstage where Rob Van Dam is in his locker room, he has his leg raised very high, stretching it. The fans give a huge pop when they see him. Jeff Hardy then walks in to another big pop.

Jeff Hardy: Rob, what's up man?

RVD stops stretching his leg as he sees Jeff.

Rob Van Dam: Jeff Hardy, how've you been?

Jeff Hardy: Not bad, I'm pretty pumped for tonight though, my comeback match, against the one and only Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam: Cool man, so am I.

Jeff Hardy: You're a good friend Rob, but when that bell rings we're no longer friends, and I will do anything to win that match.

RVD smiles.

Rob Van Dam: That's cool man, survival of the fittest, do what it takes to win, I get that.

Jeff chuckles slightly.

Jeff Hardy: I'll see you out there man.

Jeff walks away and the camera stays on RVD, who goes back to stretching his leg, after a few seconds, William Regal enters the room and again RVD stops his stretching.

William Regal: Hello... man.

Rob Van Dam: Hey man.

Regal rolls his eyes.

William Regal: look, I'll make this quick, me and you are facing each other in the tournament quarter final at UCW 1, an...

Rob Van Dam: Cool.

Regal looks very ticked off at being interrupted.

William Regal: Don't interrupt me again.

Rob Van Dam: Sure.

William Regal: And I just came to tell you that you're too laid back and arrogant to ever beat me, I will beat you, and I will become the first UCW world champion.

Regal smiles thinking of it.

Rob Van Dam: I'm afraid I've gotta disagree with you Willy, there's only gonna be one man standing tall with the world title at UCW 1, and his name will be...

Van Dam points his thumbs at himself.

Rob Van Dam and Crowd: Rob... Van... Dam.

Regal rolls his eyes.

William Regal: I'll see you at the pay-per-view.

Regal begins to walk away, RVD stil has a smile on his face.

Rob Van Dam: Not if I see you first.

Regal turns around looking very annoyed.

William Regal: Not if I see you first? What does that even mean?

Regal looks at Van Dam, still grinning.

William Regal: I can't wait to wipe that smirk off your face.

Regal walks away leaving the camera on RVD, still smiling.

*Commercial Break*

A quick advert for the debut of Jushin Liger and the light heavyweight battle royal next week plays.

Rob Van Dam beat Jeff Hardy
A blistering, 10 minute match which was no doubt a worthy main event. The 2 shook hands at the bell but went right at it. They exhanged numerous holds and signatures, RVD kicking out of a whisper in the wind and getting his foot on the rop after a twist of fate. There was some interference from William Regal and Brian Kendrick, but Hardy and RVD fought them off. In the end, Van Dam dodged a Swanton attempt from Jeff Hardy and then hit a 5 star frog splash for the main event win. Jeff Hardy shook RVD's hand after and RVD celebrated as the show went off the air.​

Mike Tenay: That's what Ultimate Championship Wrestling is all about, no doubt a match worthy of being Warfare's first main event.

Don West: These 2 tore the house down, and in my eyes they've gotta be considered favourites for the world title tournament.

Mike Tenay: Rob Van Dam picks up huge momentum going into it, thank you for joining us on the first ever episode of Warfare.

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Warfare Preview - April 7 2010
On the second installment of Warfare, 3 matches have been announced. Last week KENTA tricked Homicide and Eric Young, frustrating Young, who had offered to form an alliance with Kenta. This week EY and KENTA will go one on one. In a match announced last week by Jim Cornette, 8 junior heavyweights on the roster will participate in a battle royal, the winner will be the first ever UCW light heavyweight champion, which of the 8 high flyers will take the gold? In a big main event 4 men that will be vying for the world title at UCW 1 will meet in a 4 corners match. Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan and Shelton Benjamin all look to build more momentum heading into UCW's first pay-per-view. To get into the match participants must tag in off one of the legal men, as in a tag team match, the first legal man to score a pin or submission will be the winner, this is certainly a very unpredictable and important main event.

Confirmed for Warfare
*Eric Young v KENTA
*Junior heavyweight battle royal for the junior heavyweight title - Amazing Red v Jushin Liger v Homicide v Little Guido v Jerry Lynn v Fergal Devitt v Roderick Strong v Austin Aries
*4 corners match - Shelton Benjamin v Scott Steiner v Matt Morgan v Tommy Dreamer

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Warfare Results - 7/April/2010

The show kicks off with some fireworks and the camera goes to Mike Tenay and Don West.

Mike Tenay: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the second edition of UCW Warfare. Don, we've got a huge show lined up for tonight.

Don West: Gotta agree with you there Mike, we will crown our first ever UCW junior heavyweight champion!

Mike Tenay: At UCW 1: Uprising, 8 top competitors will compete in a tournament to crown the first UCW champion. Tonight, 4 of those men compete in a 4 corners match.

Don West: Shelton Benjamin, Tommy Dreamer, Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner have a great opportunity tonight. In this match there will be 2 legal men in at once, you tag in off your opponents to get into the match, the first man to score a pin or submission wins.

Mike Tenay: And ofcourse Eric Young takes on KENTA, EY has gotta be unhappy after what happened last week.

Little Guido makes a quick, pretty standard entrance. Followed by Kevin Steens entrance, Steen enters with a microphone in hand, he enters the ring and holds the mic to his mouth.

Kevin Steen: Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to be treated to the long awaited UCW debut of Kevin Steen.

Steen looks around and smiles a bit.

Kevin Steen: For those of you who don't know who I am, allow me to inform you. I am the future of this industry, a future UCW world champion no less. Arrogant? No, because that's the truth. And what you have in the ring across from me is Little Guido, a man with no future in this business, his best years are gone, and even they weren't so great.

Guido attempts to start the match, moving towards Steen looking angry, but the ref holds Guido back.

Kevin Steen: Now I realsie it must be difficult to watch a guy like Guido, so for the benefit of my fans, I will be provivding commentary on this match.

Steen dropos the mic and clotheslines Guido and the ref calls for the bell, as Steen picks his microphone back up.

Kevin Steen beat Little Guido
Steen destroyed Guido, and provided commentary the whole way through, proclaiming his onslaught "amazing" and proclaiming himself the best in the world. Steen hit an impressive moonsault and then put on a crossface, Kay tapped immediately.

Mike Tenay: Steen is as cocky as they come.

Don West: And as talented, what a dominant victory.

Mike Tenay: He's no doubt an impressive talent, Little Guido is no pushover and that was a big win for Steen.

We go backstage to Lacey Von Erich, standing by with Eric Young and Homicide.

Lacey Von Erich: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Eric Young. Eric, tonight you will wrestle KENTA, how are you feeling before your match?

Eric Young: lacey, last week I offered KENTA the opportunity of a lifetime, I offered him the chance to team with me and Homicide, the chance to no longer be held down by the ignorance of American people and wrestling fans, to take a stand, and he threw it back in my face. KENTA is just as ignornt as the American fans that cheer him, last week, when he pinned Homicide, he sealed his fate. Tonight KENTA is going to regret ever crossing Eric Young.

Young and Homicide walk out of the scene as the cameras go back to the ring.

KENTA beat Eric Young
Homicide was always a factor on the outside, and left brass knucks beside Young, then went to the other side of the ring and distracted the ref. Fergal Devitt ran in though, and took the brass knucks just as Young was about to pick them up, Young shouted insults at Devitt. KENTA rolled up Young quickly and got a 3 count.

Mike Tenay: Last week it was Homicide, and this week KENTA pins Eric Young.

Don West: And once again it's under thanks to underhanded tactics, Devitt had no business interfering.

Mike Tenay: Underhanded, all Devitt did was get rid of the brass knucks.

A short vignette plays promoting Jeff Hardy.

Austin Aries won a junior heavyweight battle royal to become the first UCW junior heavyweight champion
Eric Young came out and distracted Fergal Devitt, allowing Homicide to come from behind and eliminate Devitt. The final 4 were Jushin Liger, Amazing Red, Roderick Strong and Jushin Liger. Red eliminated Strong with a hurracanrana and Strong immediately held his ankle, screaming in pain. the 2 refs in charge checked on Strong, and didn't notice Aries get thrown over the ropes by Liger. Red and Liger both grappled against the ropes and Aries quickly rolled in and shoved both men over. As Liger and Red landed beside the refs they saw Aries in the ring and announced him as the winner. Aries celebrated with his title as Liger and Red argued with the refs.

Don West: Wow! Austin Aries is the junior heavyweight champion.

Mike Tenay: I can't believe this, Aries was eliminated before Red and Liger, surely this won't be let slip.

Don West: He was smart enough to pick his spots and take his opportunity, I say well done to him.

We go backstage, where Jushin Liger and Amazing Red are still srguing with the ref's. Jim Cornette approaches them.

Jim Cornette: Guys, guys, relaxe.

Amazing Red: Relaxe? You saw what happened out there Jim, Aries was eliminated, how ndid the ref's not see it? Me or Jushin should be the junior heavyweight champion right now. You've gotta reverse that decision.

Liger nods in agreemen with Red.

Jim Cornette: I know, I know your upset, but I won't be reversing the decision. Right now Aries is celebrating winning the junior heavyweight title and I amn't just gonna walk in and take it off him.

Red shakes his head and rolls his eyes in frustration.

Jim Cornette: But what I will do is give you guys a chance to do it.

Cornette smiles.

Amazing Red: I'm listening.

Jim Cornette: Next week it's gonna be Jushin Liger versus Amazing Red, and the winner will face Aries for the junior heavyweight title at UCW 1.

Red smiles and looks at Liger, who nods at Red, the scene then fades.

Shelton Benjamin beat Tommy Dreamer, Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner in a 4 corners match
Benjamin stayed out of the match the whole way through, with exchanges between Dreamer and Steiner, Dreamer and Morgan and some short ones betweem Morgan and Steiner. Morgan overcame Steiner and hit a carbon footprint, but Benjamin tagged in off Morgan's back and clotheslined Morgan in the back of the head and threw him out of the ring. Benjamin covered the other legal man Steiner to pick up the victory. Dreamer almost broke the pin but was too late.

Mike Tenay: What a main event, Benjamin's second win in a row, and he was only in the match a few seconds.

Don West: A few seconds was enough, Benjamin is riding a wave of momentum going into UCW 1.

Mike Tenay: What a show, we'll see you all next week folks.

OOC: Wasn't really feeling it in terms of promos and segs this time, just need to get going a bit more, I plan on making changes to the roster soon, just trimming the fat a little.

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UCW News Center - 3 wrestlers released

In big breaking news, Ultimate Championship Wrestling have released Jerry Lynn, Little Guido and Steve Corino. There are expected to be more roster changes in the coming days or weeks.

*Guido, Lynn and Corino were all signed in the early stages of the company, when it was expected they would be important members of the roster. However, UCW went on to sign wrestlers such as Matt Morgan and Rob Van Dam, and so all 3 wrestler's became less and less valued.
*Warfare is just a 1 hour show, and management feel the roster is too big, so some wrestlers had to be released.
*Another reason the 3 were released was simply to save more money, UCW is more focused on paying for and keeping it's main eventers, so it felt paying these 3 was somewhat a waste of it's resources as they weren't appearing on shows.
*UCW wants to sign younger wrestlers and unior heavyweights, who they can make into stars themselves, rather than using experienced wrestlers whos best years are behind them. Expect more roster changes soon.

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Loving the Kenta/Eric Young & Homicide Feud
Sorta liked the Jeff Hardy/RVD Match...
Didn't like how you didn't use them at all in the second show
Liked the Battle Royal and the makings of a great match at UCW 1
Work on the promos a little bit
Also I don't like how you show the match result before the description

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Kind of surprised you fired Jerry Lynn, however you have plenty other veterans on the roster, so not that much of a great loss.

I to think you should put the match result after the match.
The promos need a little work, but that will come with time, maybe watch some vids on youtube to get a feel of the characters.

Not much to say about the matches as it is recapped, nothing wrong with that however.
I too am intrigued by the feuds you have going.
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