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Hi folks! Lord Aaronous Lecoccous here, and I'm here to tell you about the newest global promotion in wrestling! Thats right UCW-Ultimate Championship Wrestling is a revolutionary promotion that has jumped up out of nowhere and is giving WWE and TNA a run for their money! (This is set about a year in the future.)

UCW Roster:
Main Event: AJ Styles(face)-Stolen from TNA, Styles has been with UCW since day one. Styles is the most over wrestler in the company.

John Cena(face)-John Cena was picked up after WWE released him. John Cena is said to have been released for steroid use, but he is yet to have problems in UCW.

Charlie Haas(face)-Came to the UC tryouts and made the cut. Haas left WWE due to lack of use. He is a top contender in UCW.

Shelton Benjamin(face)-After countless times of sudden drops of him in storylines in WWE, Shelton got fed up and left. To weeks later he debuted in UCW.

Tommy Dreamer(face)-Thanks to Paul Heyman, head of UCW creative, The Innovator of Violence made his wrestling return in UCW after leaving WWE.

Chris Jericho(heel)-Jericho jumped ship to UCW after countless visits from UCW owner Aaron Frame. Jericho is the leader of the lockerroom.

Eddie Gurerro(heel)-Eddie came to UCW with Chris Jericho seeking to further build his image. Eddie has been a credit to UCW.

Christopher Daniels(heel)-Daniels followed along Styles foot steps when he realized how good AJ had it in UCW. Daniels is the second most over wrestler in UCW.

Edge(heel)-Edge was released by WWE due to the mishap with Lita and Matt Hardy. UCW jumped all over an oppertunity to have Edge wrestle for them.

Christian(heel)-Brought in by Edge, Christian is one of the biggest talents in UCW. Christian is a top contender.

Thats my mainevent roster, I have small backstories on all these guys as you can see. I plan on haveing the rest written up by the end of this week. And this will be run as if it were a real promotion, there will be injuries and releasings and signings and there will be news updates to notify the fans of these happenings. So I hope that you will enjoy this.

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UCW Upper Midcard/Midcard/Lower Midcard Roster

Upper Midcard Roster:

Spanky(face)-Spanky was picked up from a RoH show and has wrestled for UCW ever since.

Paul London(face)-Paul was brought in due to his skills. He is a true highflyer.

Tajiri(face)-The Japnese Buzsaw, he was brought to UCW after his untimely release from TNA. WWE released him before that.

Matt Hardy(face)-Matt Hardy was released from WWE after the problem with Edge and Lita. After a while of indy shows he went to work for RoH. UCW picked him up there.

Jeff Hardy(face)-Left TNA to work with his brother in UCW. He has been drug free ever since.

Rob Van Dam(face)-Yet another wrestler fed up with lack of use in WWE, UCW gladly offered a spot for RVD ad his awesome kicks.

Raven(tweener)-Raven is an odd person. He come and goes from UCW, but when he is truely needed he is there. TNA also books him, but UCW is his first priority,

Simon Dean(heel)-Originally planned by UCW creative to go back to being Nova, Simon refused to drop the gimmick that he was given in WWE. Thats ok, the UCW creative team know how to use him.

Robby Fame(heel)-Talented young superstar that literally rose out of nowhere. UCW owner Aaron Frame found this guy in a gym in Hollywood. He has been most impressive to watch.

Carlito Carribean Cool(heel)-Another WWE steal, and it wasn't a failure either. Carlito has been nothing short of amazing in ring and in promos.

Muhammad Hassan(heel)-Brought into UCW by means of better pay and bigger push, a true steal from WWE.

Divari(heel)-He followed Hassan from WWE. UCW also wanted him because Hasan and Divari would become top tag contenders as well as great singles superstars.

Triple H(heel)-Fired from WWE after divorcing Stephanie McMahon, UCW gave this wrestling god another run.

Midcard Roster:

Sabu(face)-Sabu wandered into UCW seemingly from nowhere. UCW was glad to sign him.

Val Venis(face)-Val Venis was released from WWE due to not haveing a use for him. UCW easily persuaded this superstar to wrestle for them.

Tazz(face)-After seeing Tommy Dreamers success in UCW, Tazz followed along and returned to wrestling in UCW.

Steven Richards(face)-Steven was among a long list of people released from WWE. Stevie was brought into UCW by the wishes of Simon Dean and The Blue Meanie.

Justin Credible(heel)-Justin Credible was brought in by Rhyno. Justin has been a bit of a problem backstage.

Rhyno(heel)-Another amonst WWE releases, UCW was quick to pick up Rhyno.

Test(heel)-Yet another WWE release picked up by UCW to work in the midcard ranks. Test has had a good attitude and keeps the lockerroom in good spirits with his jokes and pranks.

Amish Roadkill(heel)-Formerly in ECW, after the fold he worked mostly indy shows till UCW found him and signed him.

Balls Mahoney(heel)-Also a former ECW wrestler, he did a few stints in JCW then mostly worked in Japan. Paul Heyman and Roadkill are responsible for his signing.

X-Pac(heel)-Only brought in for Triple H and DX. Other than that, UCW had no interest.

Road Dogg Jesse James(heel)-Brought in by UCW creative to be part of one of the best tag teams ever, the New Age Outlaws.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn(heel)-Also brought in to be in the NAO.

Lower Midcard Roster:

CM Punk(face)-CM Punk came to UCW after WWE set him in development a never used him. CM Punk is a top cruiserweight.

Glen Gilberti(face)-Also known as Disco Inferno, Glen was released from TNA awhile ago. UCW found him and put him to work.

Funaki(face)-Funaki quit WWE to work in the cruiserweight division of UCW. Funaki is also UCW #1 announcer!

Mark Jindrak(face)-Brought in from OVW, Mark Jindrak teams up with Garrison Cade and make one hell of a tag team.

Garrison Cade(face)-Brought in to work with Mark Jindrak, these two make a great young tag team.

KAZARIAN(heel)-Used very little if at all in WWE so UCW gave him an oppertunity to prove himself to the world wide audience.

Bily Kidman(heel)-Tired of being overshadowed by Chavo Gurrero, Kidman quit to try his luck in the UCW cruiserweight race for gold. He has been an amazing asset to the UCW roster.

Jody Fleisch(heel)-Originally brought in by Spanky to fued with him, Fleisch suffered a bad knee injury that put him out for a few months before the fued started. Jody is working his way back tothe top while rehabbing his knee.

Satoshi Kojima(heel)-doesn't speak a lick of english, but he can wrestle like no other. He is willing to do things our own commentator Mick Foley wouldn't dream of.

Alex Wright(heel)-We hunted down this German superstar all the way back to his home in Germany just to have him wrestle for us. He used to have a pretty boy gimmick in WCW, and in UCW its no diffrent.

Opener Roster:

Maven(face)-Released by WWE, UCW picked him up in hopes to make him a star.

Gangrel(face)-Brought to UCW to work with Mideon, Gangrel has been such a great addition to the roster.

Mideon(face)-Came to UCW seeking work. UCW gladly gave him a job.

Violent J(face)-Publicity is the only reason why J is in UCW.

Shaggy 2 Dope(face)-Again just another publicity stunt.

Chyna(heel)-Brought in by the wishes of X-Pac, Road Dog and Billy Gunn.


Al Snow-WWE dropped him sp UCW picked him up.

Duane Gill-Brought in to do the job.

The Blue Meanie-Brought in by Simon Dean.

Flash Funk-Came to job.

Bob Holly-Left WWE to work in UCW, quite persistant.(we didn't want him!)

Thats the full roster as of late, look for new signings and releases!


Mick Foley-Brought out of retirement to become the next JR!

Diamond Dallas Page-:Left TNA and later came to be an announcer for UCW.

Titles:(all titles vacant)
UCW World
UCW Tag Team
UCW Cruiserweight
UC Hardcore

Look for my first show soon!

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The first UCW show will be up this week, I'm writing it while sitting through classes. It looks good on paper so I hope it looks good on here. I hope to have it up around Wednesday, if not Thursday.

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UCW Fanatics Dirt Sheet

This is the DIRT SHEET!!!

by: The Superfan

Well as you all know the UCW is about to have their first show and I have insider info on the show!

Rumor has it that there will be a few surprise appereances by wrestlers and staff not listed on the roster! This is exciting cause that means anyone could show up! I also heard Stone Cold will make an appearence! This is exciting!

Well thats all I got, see ya later till next time!

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UCW Wednesday Massacre

*Pyros go off as the show starts.*

*A promotional video is shown and it shows diffrent clips of the UCW wrestlers doing stuff that you dont see everyday.*

Mick Foley: Hello ladies and germs, haha! Welcome to UCW, the best wrestling in the entire world. I'm the hardcore legend Mick Foley!

Diamond Dallas Page: And I'm the one and only Diamond Dallas Page! And tonight we have a how for you.

Mick: Thats right DDP! Tonight we'll see new most champions crowned and my specialty match, hardcore!

*Al Snows music sounds off as he walks down to the ring accompanied by Head. Following him is the rest of the people in the match, AKA the JOB Squad. They all climb into the ring and Al grabs the house mic and begins to speak.*

Al: I know what everyone wants!

*The crowd yalles "HEAD!" A "HEAD" chant starts.*

Al: Wrong! I'm unveiling the newest UCW title tonight!

DDP: What?!

Mick: This is highly unorthadox!

*Al climbs out of the ring and looks under the apron. He pulls out a box, slides it into the ring and follows suit.*

Al: In this box it holds the new UCW Jobber title!

DDP: What the hell is this?

*Al Proceeds to pull out a toy championship belt from the bx.*

Al: Lets get this match under way!

Mick: Hey! That's my line!

*Al throws Head at the Blue Meanie who catches it and begins to "struggle" with it. Al, meanwhile, trades punches with Bob Holly who ends up throwing Al out of the ring and following him. Duane Gill and Flash Funk are in a tie-up. Duane comes out with a headlock which leads to Funk irish whipping him into the ropes and delivering a drop kick upon Duanes eventual return.*

DDP: This...this is the greatest match ever!

Mick: Oh my god...your serious! You need help.

DDP: You are so right.*prtends to cry*

*Al and Bob have now gotten into the weapons and have been wacking each other with the likes of the dreaded cookie sheet and the garbage can of carnage. Funk and Gill have now spilled out of the ring and into the crowd and are fighting to the back. Meanwhile...Head has Meanie in a...submission hold of some kind appearently.*

DDP: Head is one of the most talented in that ring right now.

Mick: I'm starting to worry about you man.


Mick: What?!

*The Meanie is eliminated by Head! The Meanie has tapped out to Head! Meanwhile Bob Holly destroys Al Snow with Bobs own greatest hits bootleg DVD. Eye rake by Snow, SNOWPLOW!*

Mick: Snowplow out of nowhere! This could be the end!

DDP: Oh man that was wicked! Did you see Hollys head bounce? WOW!

Mick: I've just recived that Duane Gill and FLash Funk have...well...vanished...

*Snow covers Holly 1...2...3. Al Snow is victorious.*

Mick: I'm sorry folks, that was a complete waste of time.

DDP: Are you kidding?! Five star match of the night!

Mick: I'm not, but I sure hope you are.


*We return with Christopher Daniels music playing and him in the ring. He has a mic in hand and is about to speak.*

Daniels: I'm out here for one thing and one thing only, the UCW title! This title belongs in my hands! i deserve to be the first UCW champion! I demand...

*Daniels is cut off by AJ Styles music. Styles makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic and begins to speak.*

Styles: Shut the hell up! The only thing you deserve is to get a first class ass-whoping from me! If anybody is to be awarded the championship, it would be me!

*Some strange music hits over the PA and everyone looks to the stage.*

Mick: Whos music could this be?

DDP: The Masked Luchadore of Detroit?


*All of a sudden Tommy Dreamer makes his way onto the stage and the crowd goes nuts.*

Mick: Holy Crap! It's the Innovator of Violence himself, Tommy Dreamer!

DDP: Who?

Mick: Tommy Dreamer!

DDP: Who?

Mick: To...shut up!

Dreamer: Both you peices of crap can shut the hell up! A true legend as myself can no longer stand to hear you two b****es complaining about not haveing the title!

*Aaron Frames music hits as he makes his way onto the stage.*

Aaron: Tommy! Now I know why you're one of the best in the business! I have just signed a match, it will be Tommy Dreamer vs AJ Styles...

Daniels: What about me?!

Aaron: If you'd shut up like you were told to twice you'd let me finish. It will be Tommy Dreamer vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels for the UCW Wolrd Heavyweight Championship!

Mick: Yes! Thats an awesome match! Mr. Frame does it again!

DDP: Yeah! I hope he books a better match next time!

Mick: What?!


*ICPs music plays as they walk down to the ring.*

Mick: Get ready for one of the bet tag team matches you'll ever see. The first ever Hell in a Cell Tag Team Armageddon!

*RVD and Sabu enter the ring from the crowd without music or introduction. ICP run and get on the other side of the ring. Sabu begins o climb the cage to the top. Shaggy follows suit. Justin Credible and Rhyno also jump out of the crowd and are beating down Violent J! Sabu and Shaggy are stareing each other down on top of the cage. RVD taunts the crowd with his whole f'n show pose. Balls Mahoney and Amish Roadkil run down the ramp with chairs in hand! Balls smacks Rhyno over the head and Roadkill gets the chair kicked in his face by RVD!*

Mick: So much chaos, so fast! The match hasn't even started yet!

DDP: woo...

*Sabu has put Shaggy on the floor with a piledriver. He then kicks him while he is down. Sabu begins to climb down the cage when Violent J comes out of nowhere and knocks him off the top! Sabu goes crashing on a pile of chairs in the audience! Rhyno and Credible fight off Bals and throw him in the cage. RVD follows along with Roadkill.*

Micck: Sweet tator pie served in grandma Moses straw hat! Take it from me that hurts! Sabu might be dead!

DDP: You ain't kidding!

*J and Shaggy climb down the cage and go after Sabu's lifeless body. They pick him up and carry him inside the ring. The ref closes the door and this match is underway. Rhyno and Credible are working over Balls, ICP are stomping Sabu and RVD is kicking the crap out of Roadkill. J goes for the cover on Sabu 1...2..Kickout!*

Mick: Remember folks, this is an elimination style match. You get pinned or tap out and its over for your team.

*Credible picks up a chair and holds it in front of Balls. GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhyno Gores Balls with the chair and goes for the cover. Roadkill is too busy getting kicked by RVD to make the save and Roadkill and Balls Mahoney are eliminated!*

Mick: Balls and Roadkill are eliminated!

DDP: Damn, I thought they would win for sure.

*The ref opens the door and Balls is thrown out by Rhyno. RVD sees this and ejects Roadkill out the door. RVD then superkicks Credible in the face dropping him then roundhousing Rhyno in the face. Rhyno staggers and RVD hits him with a dropkick. Meanwhile Sabu is now beating ICP around the ring. With a kick to Shaggy, a DDT then a dropkick to J. Sabu has grabbed a chair, he climbs the turnbuckle, Arabian Facebuster on Shaggy! he goes for the cover 1...2...3! ICP are eliminated!*

Mick: Good riddens to ICP!

DDP: Yeah, I'm crazy and even I don't like them.

*Both RVD/Sabu and Credible/Rhyno stop fighting to throw ICP out the now open door of the cage. Afterwards they stare eachother down.*

Mick: These two teams are left and they are stareing eachother down.

DDP: Down where? Down to China Town!

Mick: Sure...
*RVD poses for the crowd and Rhyno blind sides him. Rhyno delivers an atomic drop on RVD. Meanwhile, Sabu and Credible are tradeing punches. Sabu then takes Credible and slams his head into the steel sideing. Rhyno has RVD in a sleeper hold! RVD is fadeing! RVD is checked ...1...2..RVD wakes up! RVD gets to his feet and starts to elbow Rhyno in the gut. Rhyno's grip is released and RVD delivers a kick to Rhynos head and Rhyno goes down. Sabu DDTs Credible. RVD and Sabu look at each other! They climb opposite turnbuckles! Sabu does a leg drop on Credible and RVD does the Five Star Frog Splash on Rhyno. They both go for pins 1...2...3! RVD and Sabu win!*

Mick: RVD and Sabu have become the first ever UCW tag team champions!

DDP: What happend? I as watching some porn.

Mick: Just shut up. Up next it'll be Spanky takeing on CM Punk in a ladder match for the UCW Cruiserweight title!


Mick: Welcome back folks as we get ready for some cruiserweight action!

*CM Punks music plays as he walks down the ramp and to the ring never takeing his eyes off the ladder. Punk grabs the ladder and slides it in the ring as well as himself. He sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring as Spankys music plays and he enters the ring. CM is uick to climb the ladder when Spanky enters the ring and the bell rings. CM is almost to the top when Spanky dropkicks the ladder from the top rope sending CM Punk crashing to the outside hitting the barrier. Spanky whips himself into the ropes and does a springboard shooting star press on CM. After a few moments of resting Spanky picks up CM and CM throws a few punches to Spankys gut and then a spinning heel kick to srop Spanky. CM grabs a chair from under the ring and climbs up on the apron. CM attempts a springboard moonsault but Spanky is able to get his knees up. Spanky stands up wearily and he slides into the ring. He sets up the ladder and begins to climb. When he gets to the top he looks down at CM, at the belt, at CM, at the belt, he then looks at the crowd. Spanky then climbs completely ontop of the ladder and looks down at CM Punks body which isn't moveing. Spanky does a corkscrew moonsault onto CM on the outside! Both men are down and hurt. Both men then stir and get up and they climb into the ring. They begin to trade punches. Spanky gets the upperhand and backs him into a corner. CM trades spots with Spanky. Spanky blocks a punch and delivers the Sliced Bread #2.*

Mick: Theres the Sliced Bread #2! This one could be over!

DDP: Spanky, get up!

*Spanky stirs and CM is lifeless. Spanky comes over to the ladder and is about to climb when out of nowhere Jody Fleischcomes in and DDTs Spanky. onto a chair he brought in. Jody picks CM up and tells him to climb.*

Mick: Jody Fleisch just took Spanky out of this match! NO! Spanky is being robbed!

DDP: Robbed of what? He wasn't the champion!

*CM Punk climbs the ladder and grabs the Cruiserweight title to win.*

Mick: Dammit! This is not right!

DDP: Mick! Shut up!

*CM Punk climbs down and him and Jody stare each other down.*

Mick: Maybe CM is a little mad about Jodys unwanted help.

DDP: Thats wh...forget it.

*CM and Jody stare at each other for a few more moments before shakeing hands.*

Mick: What? This is insane!

*Spanky is up and both men turn to get a bot to the gut. Both men are bent over and Spanky delivers a double Sliced Bread #2 to the two men!*

Mick: Yes!


Mick: Shut up!



*Aaron Frames music plays as he makes his way down to the ring. He has a mic in hand.*

DDP: Oh man, get ready to be bored.

Mick: You must not want a job, huh?

Aaron: I'm sure all of you are haveing one hell of time here at UCW! Now, all of you are probbly wondering why I'm out here. I have a little surprise for you all. As you know this is a tough job being me.

DDP: Sure, whatever!

Mick: Quiet!

Aaron: So I've decided to hire a comissioner.

Mick: What?

DDP: Oh great, a comiss.

Aaron: That's right, I've hired a comissioner! Now, before I untroduce this new worker, I must say that you all might be a little bit surprised. So without further adieu, welcome your new comissioner!

*"Here comes the money!" Shane McMahon makes his ay down the ramp and climbs into the ring.*

DDP:For once, I'm shocked....

Mick: My god, it's Shane McMahon, Vince McMahons own son! But why? Why would Mr. Frame hire the son of his compet...OH! I see!

DDP: AH! Don't look!

Mick: Mr. Frame hires his competition! Shane is heir to the throne!

Shane: Yes, shocking isn't it? I bet your all wondering why I decided to work for Mr. Frame.

DDP: Damn right we are!

Shane: My own father gave the entire company to my sister! He left me out in the cold!

Mick: What? Whoa!

DDP: That's harsh, even for Mr. McMahon.

Shane: Mr. Frame, lets make history!

*The two shake hands then exit.*

Mick: I'm still speechless.

DDP: After the break, we'll see a 6 way battle! Don't miss it!

Mick: Line theft, again...


*Raven is sitting in the corner of the ring while Triple H is makeing his entrance. The two stand across from each other. The two are in the middle of the ring now, face to face, meanwhile, Simon Dean and Robby Fame slide in from nowhere and start beating these other two around. Meanwhile, Carlito and Paul London rush in and "help" Robby and Simon. Robby and Paul whip Raven into the ropes and deliver a double back heel kick. Carlito and Simon are stomping Triple H in the corner when Triple H clothelines them both. Triple H then goes to work on Simon, Robby and Paul begin fighting and Carlito goes after the downed Raven. Triple H delivers a kick to Simons knee putting him down. Triple H then locks in a submission hold on Simon. Carlito picks up Raven, Raven kicks Carlito in the gut and delivers the Evenflow DDT! 1...2...3!*

Mick: Holy crap! Carlito is eliminated already!

DDP: I hoped he'd make it farther.

*Robby hips Paul into Raven, ending with Paul spearing Raven. Robby then clubs Paul in the back of the head and does a reverse DDT. Robby climbs to the top rope...Robbywood FX!!!*

Mick: My god, have you ever seen anything like that?!

DDP: NO! Never! That was like a double shooting star press!

*Robby goes for the cover 1...2...31 Paul London is eliminated! Simon and Triple H are back to tradeing licks, Simon gets the upperhand then delivers a suplex. Simon follows with a push and choke move as he gets his push-ups in while chokeing Triple H. Simon picks up Triple H and delivers the Novacaine! 1...2...3! Triple H is eliminated! Simon turns around and Robby hits the Robbywood Destroyer! 1...2...3! Simon is eliminated by his own tag team partner.*

Mick: In this match it's every man for himself. Purely business.

*Robby turns around to get a boot to his gut by Raven. Raven attempts the Evenflow, but Robby reverses it into a slingshot to the corner. Raven is face first in the corner, Robby runs and dropkicks Raven in the corner. Raven is down and Robby climbs the turnbuckle. Robby wastes time poseing for the crowd when he tries his moonsault Raven moves and Robby hits the mat hard. Raven takes advantage and picks Robby up and whips Robby into the ropes and follows up with a basic hip toss. Raven then drops a knee into Robbys face and follows up with a chokeing of Robby with his knee. Raven gets up and picks Robby up. Robby starts fighting back and does a hurricanrana on Raven. Robby then picks Raven up and delivers a spinning neck breaker. Robby runs to the ropes, rolls, and does a rolling leg drop.*

DDP: Robby Fame is such an amazing athlete. I say we make him UCW Champion!

Mick: No way! He doesn't deserve it! He's a cocky little punk! I hope Raven ends Robbys career here.

DDP: Deep, man, deep.

*Robby puts Raven in a butterfly lock and rolls him around. Raven looks to be in serious pain. Raven looks as though he's about to give up, but he gives one last attempt at the ropes an grabs them forceing Robby to let go. Robby sets Raven in the corner, mounts and delivers ten punches to Ravens hed. Robby then tornado DDTs him out of the corner. Robby goes up top and attempts a Pheonix Splash and botches it severly landing on his right leg sickeningly like. Robby rolls around in pain.*

Mick: Robby looks as though he might have hurt himself, good for that little pompous punk!

*Raven picks Robby up and delivers the Evenflow DDT. 1...2...3!*

Mick: Evenflow DDT from nowhere and Raven wins!

DDP: Whats he win?

Mick: ...you know, I'm not sure.

*"Here comes the money!" Shane McMahons music plays as he makes his way onto the ramp. Raven is standing against the ropes to keep himself up and Robby Fame is still on the mat seemingly in pain.*

Shane: Congrats, Raven! In fact, congrat to BOTH of you.

Mick: What? Why?

DDP: I unno.

Shane: What I mean is that even though Mr. Robby Fame lost, he still gets a prize. Now the last two competitors were promised a prize for this match. Raven, since you won, you get the UCW TV Title!

*A beautiful girl walks down the ramp with the belt and blimbs into the ring and she presents the belt to Raven.*

Shane: Now, Robby, even though you lost I present you with a prize for makeing it to the final two. I present to you the UCW US Title!

Mick: What? He didn't earn that!

DDP: Yes he did! He made it to the final two of this match.

*Another girl takes the US Title to the ring and presents it to the barely standing Robby Fame. Shane leaves as his music blares.*


*We come back and see Tazz backstage with a ref seemingly waiting on someone. In the background we see a fake wooden bush enter from the left behind Tazz. The bush lifts up to reveal leg and now we see Steven Richards lifting the wooden bush prop over his head as he brings it down upon Tazzs head. Tazz recoils a bit then turns around.*

Tazz: What the hell? Are you my opponent?

*Stevie nods then tries to run but Tazz catches him and locks in the Tazzmission. Stevie taps fast and Tazz suplexs him. The ref raises Tazzs hand and awards him with the hardcore championship.*

Mick: What? Thats it? I'm appauled!

DDP: He he, bush.

Mick: Well, after the break, get ready for the Main Event!


Mick: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Lets go down to the ring for the...


*Christopher Daniels music plays as he enters. He takes his time walking down the ramp, taunting the crowd. When he enters the ring all the lights go out and strobe lights are focused on the entrance at the top of the ramp. AJ Styles music blares as he take his time to make his way on the stage. He s in his usual tights with a towel over his head. He jumps around on the stage a litle before almost sprinting to the ring, followed by a spot light. When the lights come back on AJ and Chris re punching each other. AJ backs Chris into the ropes and whips him into the other ropes. Leapfrog by AJ and another leapfrog attempt turns into a sit out powerbomb by Daniels. Daniels goes for a springboard moonsault, but he has to bail and land on his feet as AJ Styles moves out of the way.*

Mick: Where is Tommy Dreamer?

DDP: Beats me.

*AJ dropkicks Chris and bth men get back up, then Chris dropkicks AJ and both men get back up. They then stare at eachother with smiles. The two men then tie-up and go through a presession of reversals ending with AJ hurricanranaing Daniels. With this Tommy Dreamers music hits and he comes out brandishing a kendo stick. Tommy runs down and AJ is ready for him. But before Tommy gets to the ring Chris rolls AJ up in a school boy but Tommy is there in time to break it up with his kendo stick. Chris stand up and Tommy canes him over the head and throws him out. He also throws out the now broken kendo stick. Tommy turns around to get superkicked by AJ and Tommy goes down.*

Mick: Tommy just made a huge impact!

DDP: Yeah! On AJs foot! HAHAHAHAHA!

*AJ then looks at Daniels who seems to be good and out then he picks Tommy up and sets up for the Styles Clash. AJ picks Tommy up in a powerbomb position and Tommy reverses it into the Dreamer DDT! Tommy goes for the cover, 1...2...3!*

Mick: Tommy wins! My god Tommy wins!

DDP: That was a bit abrupt...don't you think??

Mick: It doesn't matter Tommy won! Goodnight folks!!!

*The screen fades out into the UCW logo.*

Sorry it was so crappy and the Main Event was rushed. Please be gentle on the rateings.

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Yeah bold and colors would help. The length was pretty good except it was a bit overboard with an armageddon hell in the cell and a ladder match being in the same show. Overall though it seems pretty original. Sorry for the non full review but I will be sure to give a full review next time. All in all I enjoyed most of it, I like the roster and a pretty original commentating team. Tommy Dreamer winning was a shock and I liked that.

7/10 for this week, keep in mind the bold and color. Try to organize it a bit better.

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Sorry about not haveing it in bold and color I was in a wickd rush typeing it. The reason it had a hell in a cell armageddon and a ladder match was because it was the first show and I wanted it to be something special. But other than that this was a rushed show like I said....

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I agree w/ the comments about the show being misorganized, but it turned out to be a decent show, not to mention the commentary from DDP and Foley. I feel that their were other elements of the show that I've missed such as match time, match psychology and accuarate storylines. Yet again, who am I to say? It is your first show, afterall. 7.5/10

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Fire Wolf said:
lol... you made a Seperate Forum for a BTB... You're really funny
Yeah I got a little extreme with it, but hey I thought it was a good idea....

*We see the UCW logo as the UCW theme song "Headspace" by Velvet Revolver plays as we see small clips of the UCW wrestlers doing moves and such. This is followed by a video with other more generic music playing as it shows highlights from Wednesday. Such as RVD/Sabu winning the tag titles, CM Punk vs Spanky, the six man elimination match and it ends with Tommy Dreamer haveing his hand raised with the UCW title. We then go to the arena were some flashy yet bland pyros go off on the entrance stage. We now see our two commentators who begin to talk.*

Mick: Welcome folks, to another exciting UCW wretling event. Tonight will be nothing short of amazing as we will see two teams battle it out to become the number one contenders for the UCW tag championships.

DDP: Thats right, we'll also see Robby Fame defend his US championship against a mystery opponenent.

Mick: As well as a battle royal feautring just about the whole UCW roster for the number one contendership for the UCW title.

Hassan and Divari vs The Hardy Boyz

*Hassan and Divari are walking down the ramp as their music plays. They get to the ring and climb in. Hassan and Divari grab mics.*

Hassan: I am sick and tired of being underestimated by you americans! You are always putting me and my people down! I am as much of an american as any of you!

Divari:[musslum jiberish]

Hassan: I will prove myself tonight as I ta...

*Hassan is cut off by The Hardy Boyz theme music. The Hardy Boyz run in and slide into the ring and the two teams begin to fight. The bell rings and the referee restores order. The two men in the ring are Jeff and Hassan. Jeff whips Hassan into the ropes, leapfrogs him runs into the ropes himself and comes back only to get clotheslined by Hassan. Hassan picks up Jeff and delivers a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. He drags Jeff over to his corner and tags Divari in he kicks him in the ribs which Hassan is exposing. Divari follows up with running to the ropes and clotheslineing Jeff. Divari goes for the cover. 1...2..kickout!*

Mick: Jeff was just able to get that shoulder up!

DDP: Yeah, it would have been hella embarassing to lose here.

*Divari picks Jeff up, whips him into the ropes and goes for a back elbow but Jeff ducks. Jeff comes off the other ropes and front drop kicks Divari and Divari goes down. Jeff is now crawling to Matt who is wanting in badly. Hot tag to Matt and Divari tags Hassan in and Matt cleans house. Right hand to Hassan, another right to Divari, and a kick to Hassans gut and he whips Hassan into the corner runs and gets on all fours. Jeff is in the ring and runs towards Matt and Hassan but Hassan reacts quickly jumping off Matt and clotheslineing Jeff. Matt goes after Hassan but is blindsided by Divari. Divari throws Matt outside and Hassan and Divari double team Jeff. They whip him into the ropes and deliver a double back elbow. Hassan goes for the pin but the ref tells Hassan that Jeff is not the legal man! Hassan goes outside as Divari is sent back to his corner and Jeff rolls out of the way. Hassan picks Matt up and throws him into the ring. Hassan rolls in and Matt is up. Matt goes for a drop kick but Hassan blocks it and Matt is grounded. Hassan then locks in a camel clutch and has Matt squeling in pain. Jeff comes in to save Matt and succeeds but not before being hit in the back of the head by Divari. Jeff blocks another punch by Divari and kicks him in the gut and delivers a Twist of Fate!*

Mick:Twist of Fate, but neither Jeff nor Divari are the legal men!

DDP:Thats too bad, now we have to keep watching this.

*Matt is up and him and Jeff pick up Hassan. Matt whips him into the corner, follows and gets on all fours. Jeff runs and jumps off Matts back and lands on Hassan. This attempt is good. Matt delivers a Twist of Fate to Hassan and goes fo the cover. But the ref is distracted by Chyna!*

Mick:What the hell is she doing out here? She's from DX!

*While Chyna distracts the referee Triple H and X-Pac enter and Triple H Pedigrees Matt and X-Pac throws Jeff out of the ring where the New Age Outlaws stomp on him. X-Pac joins NAO in the stomping of Jeff. Triple H drags Hassan over Matt and Triple H bails cueing Chyna to get down. The referee turns around just in time to see this and starts to count.*

Mick:NO! DX just helped Hassan and Divari steal the number one contendership for the tag titles!

DDP:Hey! Maybe they're joining DX!

Mick:Lets hope not!

*The ref starts the count 1...2...3! Hassan and Divari have won the number one contendership. Divari slides in the ring to pick up Hassan and the two are celebrating. While they celebrate DX slides into the ring and Hassan and Divari look as though they are surrounded by enemies. But they all smile and start hugging and shakeing hands and Triple H presents them both with DX shirts.*

Mick:NO! This is not happening! Hassan and Divari have joined DX!

DDP:WOO HOO! This is great!


*We return with Tommy Dreamer in the ring with a mic. He is also wearing his newly aquired UCW Title.*

Tommy: I still can feel the electricity from Wednesday when I won this championship! And I have all of you to thanks. Why? Because without all of you I wouldn't have the courage or the motivation to go out there and beat those two punks to hell and back!

*Tommy is cut off by the music of Christopher Daniels. Daniels makes his way onto the stage with a microphone.*

Chris: Old man, shut your mouth! You got lucky! If it wasn't for your little kendo stick, you wouldn't have won! Plus that push over AJ Styles is not hard to beat! And tonight I will win that battle royal and we will meet again one on one! Mark my words!

Tommy: If you think you can take me bring it on right now! C'mon little man lets see what you got!

Chris starts to go down but stops and gets a big smile on his face.

Chris: Oh ho ho! I almost fell for that one! Thats your plan, tire me out by makeing me kick your ass so I can't compete in the battle royal! Nice try! But I will compete, and I...WILL...WIN!

Mick:Powerful words form Christopher Daniels!

*Chris drops the mic and walks backstage as his music plays. Tommy Dreamer has a confused look on his face as the screen fades out.*


*We return with Robby Fames music playing and him in the ring. He has a brace over most of his right leg. Robby grabs a mic and begins to speak.*

Robby: I'm here, now where is my mystery opponent?! C'mon where are you?! Let's go, I'm tired of waiting!

*Robby waits for a while till the lights go out. The lights come on and standing in front of him is...Simon Dean, Robby Fames own tag partner! Simon kicks Robby in the gut and delivers the Novacaine! Simon goes for the cover 1...2...3! Simon Dean is quick to escape with the US Title and Robby Fame has a look of utter disbelief.*

Mick: Simon Dean, Robbys own tag partner has just robbed him of his title. Thats why it doesnt pay to be evil.

DDP: Do you know how stupid you sound?

Mick: Up next, its what you've all been waiting for! The battle royal!


*We come back and the whole UCW roster is in the ring save Dreamer, Fame, Dean, The Hardys, and Hassan/Divari and Chris Daniels is nowhere to be seen. The bell rings and its mass chaos! Duane Gill is the first one thrown out. Al Snow, Blue Meanie and Flash Funk are also thrown over and Bob Holly is thrown through the ropes. J and Shaggy throw Maven over then get thrown over themselves by Rhyno. Gangrel and Mideon try to throw out Balls Mahoney but get thrown out themselves, Balls can hold his balance and he goes out too. Maven drop kicks Garrison Cade out and Mark Jindrak drop kicks Maven out. CM Punk, Glen Gilberti and Funaki all fall over each other over the ropes. Jindrak is thrown over by the New Age Outaws! John Cena presses Billy Kidman and throws him into KAZARIAN, Jody Fleisch and Alex Wright and they all go out. Satoshi Kojima tries to throw out Roadkill and succeeds but boes out with him. RVD and Sabu throw out Val Venis, Tazz, Steven Richards and Justin Credible before Rhyno Gores them and all three go over. Spanky and Paul London dropkick Tajiri out and then are clotheslined out by Carlito. Carlito is then thrown out by Edge and Christian. Edge and Christian also throw out Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas before AJ Styles and John Cena double team and throw them out. AJ then turns on Cena and attempts to thro him out but Cena over powers him and throws him out. Cena is thrown out by Eddie then Eddie by Y2J. Y2J is alone in the ring and he thinks he won when Chris Daniels comes in and throws him over.*

Mick: Daniels wins! That cheap bastard!

DDP: No he didn't!

Mick: What?

*Bob Holly Comes in and throws Daniels over the ropes! Bob is the number one contender!*

Mick: Bob Holly is the number one contender!!

DDP: Holly crap!

Mick: Till next time folks!

*screen fades out*

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UCW Preview

Ok my board is down and nobody even went there so, forget it.

Wednesday Night Massacre preview.

With Hassan and Divari in DX The Hardys will be looking fo a little revenge.

Robby Fame was beat by his own tag partner, what will happen between this team.

And Bob Holly is the number one contender for the UCW title, will he be able to beat Tommy Dreamer?

Find out on Wednesday Night Massacre!
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