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I will be writing a match every week featuring todays superstars against yesterdays superstars.

This weeks match: Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold vs. Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton vs. Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker in an elimination chamber

The match starts out with Bret Hart and the Undertaker. Bret starts to attack Taker with punches and kicks. Hart then whips Taker into the turnbuckle and gives him a 10 punch. Hart then gives Taker a russian leg sweep. Hart then whips Taker against the ropes but Taker gives Hart a big boot. Taker then starts to get Hart up and then Hart trips the Undertaker and locks him in the sharpshooter. Taker is about to give up when Stone Cold is let out of his chamber and gives Hart a stunner. Austin then pins Hart but he kicks out. Austin then gets Taker up and tries to give him a stunner but Taker pushes Austin against the ropes and gives him a sidewalk slam. Taker then twists Austin’s arm around and sets him up for the old school. As Taker is climbing the turnbuckle Hart comes up and punches Taker a few times. Hart then gives taker a super DDT. Austin then grabs Hart and whips him against the ropes and they each give each other a closeline at the same time. now everybody is down and the next person to come out is Flair. Flair then goes for the pin on Hart but he kicks out. Flair then tries to pin Austin but he kicks out. Flair then goes over to Taker and locks in the figure-4-leg lock. Taker is screaming in pain and then Taker falls back and the ref starts counting then Taker sits up and stairs at Flair and starts choking him. Flair then lets go of the submission. Taker is about to chokeslam Flair but Austin attacks Taker. Hart then closelines Austin out of the ring. Flair then goes behind Taker and rolls him up but he kicks out. While that is happening Hart piledrives Austin on the outside. Taker then gets Flair up grabs his throat and chokeslams Flair onto the steel from inside the ring. Taker then drags Flair into the ring and pins him for the elimination. Hart gets in the ring and tries to attack Taker but Taker knees Hart in the stomach and gives him the last ride and pins Hart for the second elimination. Then Hulk Hogan gets let out of his chamber. Hogan then boots Taker in the face and gives him a leg drop. Hogan tries to pin Taker but he kicks out. Hogan then gets Taker up and whips him but Taker reverses it so that Taker whips Hogan and he does it so hard that Hogan falls out of the ring. Taker then falls bck to take a rest. on the outside of the ring Austin is getting Hogan up and trips him and sets him up for the catapolt. Austin then catapolts Hogan threw the glass of one of the chambers. Austin then gets in the ring and starts fighting with the Undertaker. Austin then gives Taker a spinebuster. Austin then gives Taker a suplex, austin pins Taker but Taker but Taker kicks out. At this time Hogan is starting to get up and is cut open. Now Randy orton gets released from his chamber. Orton then goes to the outside and gives Hogan a RKO onto the steel. Orton then drags Hogan into the ring and pins him for the 3 count. Orton and Austin then start to double team Taker. Then they give Taker a double DDT. They both try to get Taker up but Taker then chokes the both of them and gives them a double chokeslam. Taker then tries to pin Orton but he kicks out, Taker does the same to Austin but he kicks out also. Taker then gets Austin up slowly. Orton starts to get up also. Taker then signals for the tombstone. while this is happening Orton is starting to climb the turnbuckle. Taker then sets Austin up for the tombstone.Now orton is on top of one of the chambers. Taker gives Austin a tombstone and pins him for a three count. Taker then turns around and Orton gives Taker a huge crossbody one of the chambers and Orton pins taker but he kicks out. Orton then gives Taker a backbreaker. then Taker sits up and then stands up. Orton starts punching Taker but it has no effect. Orton then gives Taker a dropkick and Taker falls down. Taker then starts to get up and is bended over and Orton gives Take a RKO and pins him for the three count.

Orton then celebrates by climbing all four turnbuckles.
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