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This is my first BTB so I hope you all enjoy it.

Ultimate Hardcore Wrestling
UHW is a Wrestling Organzation in which, there are no DQ, and there are no Count outs.
roster includes:
Heyman (Owner)
Triple H (UHW World Heavyweight Champion)
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Hardcore Holly
Al Snow
Eddie Guerraro (UHW Tv Champion)
Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam
Big Show
Spike Dudley (UHW Light Heavyweight Champion)
Ken Shamrock
Bubba Ray Dudley
D'von Dudley
Steven Richards
Rey Mysterio
Randy Orton
Scott Stiener
Paul London
Chris Benoit

UHW Presents
Hardcore Havok

The show kicks of with a Warning saying "UHW's Hardcore Havok suggests that viewers should not attempt any of these stunts or activities at home. These stunts are preformed by Profetionals and Queasy viewers at home that vomit at the sight of blood should leave the room."
Fire works go off and pyros start up. The camera goes over to Jr and King.

JR: Good evening every one and welcome to the first HARDCORE HAVOK, and folks, we have a good night for you all.

KING: Yes that is right. Tonight we have the Dudley Boyz facing off against The Big Show in a good old fashion Handicap match. Then Rey Mysterio and Vicsera will face off for #1 contendership for the Tv Title.

JR: But lets not for get about the Weapon of choice match between Chris Benoit and RVD.

KING: I wonder what weapons they will choose.

JR: And the Amazing main even, where Spike Dudley will defeand his UHW Light Heavyweight Championship against Tajiri, Akio, and Paul London in a Fatal Fourway Elimanation match.

KING: I cant wait!

Kurt Angle's Music plays. He is now in the ring demandind a microphone.

ANGLE: Triple H! I demand a Title match against you. I'm an Olympic Gold Medalist for god's sake. I deserve that title.

Scott Stiener's Music plays and he goes to the ring and grabs Angle's Mic. Angle grabs another mic.

STIENER: Why would you deserve the UHW World Heavyweight Championship? I'm the Genetic Freak. I am FreakZilla.

ANGLE: I'm sorry I didn't get that, why dose FartZilla think he deserves the title?

Scott Stiener angerly stairs at Angle. Then JBl's music plays and he comes out in his limo. He grabs a mic and goes in the ring.

JBL: Why do you two deserve any title. The people want a Champion that they can be proud of.

Orton's music plays and he goes to the ring and grabs a mic.

ORTON: I'm so sick of your guys complaining. I should get the title match.

The four wrestlers all look at each other and start to walk towards each other. Chirs Benoit's music plays and he runs to the ring and grabs a mic.

BENOIT: Hay, I have an idea. Why don't you all shut up before I make you all tap out? I deserve the match.

Heyman walks to the stage.

HEYMAN: I have a great I idea. Why not have you all have a title match? At our First PPV, Capitol Punishment we will have Triple H vs Kurt Angle vs Scott Stiener vs JBL vs Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit in an Elimanation Chamber.

Triple H's music plays. He walks up to Heyman and grabs his mic.

HHH: I'm not going to face these guys. There not even close to my legue.

Heyman grabs back his mic from Triple H.

Heyman: You will face them at Capitol Punishment, and your title depends on it.

Heyman walks backstage.


JR: And were back for the Handicap match.

KING: And it right now.

Handicap Match

Dudley's music plays, then Big Show's music plays.

(Ding, ding, ding)
The Dudleys bolth charge at The Big Show but he delivers a double closeline. D'von quickly gets up, bounce off the ropes but Show hits him with a big boot. Bubba hits the Giant from behind a few times with a few devestating blows to the Big Shows back, but Show turns around and gives Buba a body slam. Bubba rolls out of the ring. Show turns around and D'von closeline's Show out of the ring, but D'von too lands out of the ring. Bubba grabs a chair and and lifts it up and swings the chair at Show, but the menicing giant grabs D'von and pulls him in front of him self as a sheild. Big Show Grabs Bubba and throws him into the bairer. Show then picks up Bubba like in a gorilla press but he throws him into the post. Bubba starts to bleed. Big Show turns around and D'von hitts him with a shovle over the head. D'von then rolls him in the ring and covers him.
and Show just throws him off.
Show stands up and furiously stairs at the shocked D'von. D'von runsat Show and Show delivers an Arn Anderson spinebuster. Big Show then picks up D'von and gets his hand around D'von's throte, but Bubba runs in the ring and hitts Bigg Show in back of the head. Show just drops to the ground. The Dudley try to lift Show to his knees but Big Show pushes them down to the ropes. The Dudleys then go to bolth sides of the Big Show. Then they bolth run at the and Big Show Closelines Bubba, but D'von dives strait into the back of the Big Show's Knee and Show's Knee gives out . D'von then throws Show into the ropes and the Dudleys send the Big Show to Dudleyville with a 3D, And the bolth cover. 1.......2.......3. (Ding, ding, ding)
Winners: The Dudleys

KING: Wow, What a match.

JR: Yes it was, but right now is Rey vs Viscera

#1 contender match

Rey's music plays, followed by Viscera's.

Rey runs towards Viscera and slides under his legs and bounces off the ropes. Viscera turns around and Rey jumps and dose a Hurricanrana. (Ding, ding, ding) Rey bounces up and dose a drop kick to the back of Vicsera's head. Viscera gets up and Rey runs and goes for a spinning ddt but Viscera catches him and lifts him above his head and drops him to his shoulder and dose a firemans carry slam. Viscera gets up and runs against the ropes and dose a big splash. He picks Rey up and throws him over the ropes. Viscera goes out side and grabs a chair and wacks Mysterio with it. He sets the chair down and give Rey a Piledriver onto it. Viscera rolls Rey in the ring. Viscera goes to pick him up but Rey gives Viscera a low blow, then toe trips him and Viscera drops to the second rope. Rey runs and bounces off the rope and hitts Viscera with a 619. Viscera flys back and stands up and acts all groggy. Mysterio goes for the spring board hurricanranna but Viscera catches him and does a sitout powerbombpin....1......2.......3 (Ding, ding, ding)
Winner: Viscera


JR: We are back for the Weapon of Choice match.

KING: I cant wait to see what weapon they choose.


RVD's music plays and Rob comes out with a ladder. Then Chris Benoit's music
plays and he comes out with a Barbedwire bat.

(Ding, ding ding) Benoit walks towards Van Dam, but RVD throws his Ladder at Chris. Benoit falls down and Rob quickly kicks the barbedwire bat out of the ring, Benoit gets up and the two tie up and benoit pushes RVD a little bit but Rob kicks Chris in the head. Van Dam then suplexes the Crippler on the ladder, Benoit rolls out of the ring. RVD then does a sunset flip over the top rope onto Benoit. RVD trys to punch Chris but Benoit ducks and pulls off a german suplex. RVD slowly getts up but Benoit grabs his Barbedwire bat and smashes it over Rob's head. Benoit rolls Rob in the ring, Benoit goes up to the tope turn buckle, but RVD gets up and shakes the tope rope. Benoit drops so he is sitting on the turn buckle and Van Dam delivers a Frankenstiener. RVD picks up Benoit and does a tiger suplex. Van Dam then runs and bounces off the rope, and hit Benoit with a rolling Thunder. Rob looks down at Chris then does his tumb taunt and the whole arena screems "Rob Van Dam." RVD setts up the ladder and does a 5-star frog splash, but Benoit moves out of the way. Benoit then looks down at Van Dam and taunts. He clims up the ladder and does a flying headbut. Benoit then grabs RVD's legs and does a vicious sharpshooter, but then HHH runs in the ring, kicks benoit in th gut, and hitts him with a Pedegree. HHH rolls under the rope and Rob slowly stands up not realizing that HHH just did a run in, clims the Ladder and successfully pulls of a 5-star frog splash. Rob covers him.
(Ding, ding, ding)
Winner: RVD


JR: We are back for the Main Event.

KING: I can't wait JR. A fatal four way elimanation match for the UHW Light Heavyweight belt.


Akio's music plays, followed by Tajiri's music, then Paul London's music plays, and finally Spike's music plays.

(Ding, ding, ding) London runs and closelines Akio out of the ring. Spike runs at Tajiri with his belt, but Tajiri quickly delivers a series of devestating strikes to spike. London Jumps up to the apron then jumps and pulls of a spring board moonsalt to Akio out side the ring. Spike then gets up and drives his head srait into Tajiri's gut. London grabs a crutch from under the ring and swings it at Akio, but Akio duck and drop kicks him srait into the bairer. Spike picks up Tajiri and ddts him. Akio runs in the ring and pulls off a hurricanrana to spike. Tajiri grabs the belt from off the ground and tossess it to Akio and he catches it, Tajiri then kicks it into Akio's head. Spike gets up and pushes Tajiri down. London runs in and goes for a school boy on Spike.
kick out.
Paul London kneals up all frustrated, but then Tajiri hitts Paul with a Buzzsaw Kick. He goes for the cover.
London is Elimanated. Spike stands up but Akio his on the top rope and hitts the Akio time and goes for the cover.
Kick out, but its to late. Spike argues with the ref and just decks Akio. Akio trys to get up But then Tajiri hitts the BuzzSaw Kick. The cover.
(Ding, ding, ding)
Winner: Tajiri

JR: What an amaving main event, here on Hardcore Havok.

KING: Tajiri is the new UHW Light Heavyweight Champion! I wonder what Spke will do next week. And next week Viscera will face Eddie for the Tv title.

JR: Well, So long folks, see you next week on Hardcore Havok.
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Good show. I suggest you use some more of the wrestlers you have on your roster.
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