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IT BEGINS................

This is the launch of my booking thread, UGW!!! Experience the Ultimate!!

Current UGW Roster (Changes may occur)

Billy Gunn
Bubba Ray Dudley
Booker T
Charlie Haas
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
D’Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Orlando Jordan
Randy Orton
Renee Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Rodney Mack
Sean O’Haire
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Sylvian Grenier
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
William Regal

AJ Styles
Amazing Red
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin
Elix Skipper
Fallen Angel
Low Ki
Matt Hardy
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Ultimo Dragon

Dawn Marie
Miss Jackie
Stacey Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus

Eric Bischoff- UGW Commissioner
Jim Ross- Fury Commentator
Josh Matthews- Reporter
Lillian Garcia- Fury Announcer
Michael Cole- Blaze Announcer
Shane McMahon- UGW Owner
Tazz- Fury Commentator
Terri Runnels- Reporter
The Coach- Blaze Commentator
Tony Shiavone- Blaze Commentator

Evolution (Triple H, Flair, Orton & Batista)
Eugene & Regal
La Resistance (Dupree, Grenier & Conway)
The Dudleys (Bubba Ray & D'Von)


UGW Shows
Monday Nights: Fury (8:30PM-10:30PM) (FOX Sports)
Thursday Nights: Blaze (9PM-10PM) (ESPN)

PPV Calendar
JAN- Final Revenge
FEB- Quest for Glory
MAR- Destiny
APR- Breaking Point
MAY- Beyond Belief
JUN- Over the Edge
JUL- High Risk
AUG- Summer Bash
SEP- A Night of Hell
OCT- Freefall
NOV- The Great Rumble
DEC- UGW Golden Ring 1

Get ready for the Ultimate Global Wrestling experience!!

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OK, to give you an update on how things went down, the WWE began to fail in popularity and Shane McMahon ended up buying his father's company and has repackaged it into UGW (Ultimate Global Wrestling). There is no brand split, just one jam packed roster full of wrestling's best superstars.

These are the UGW title belts:
UGW Undisputed Championship- vacant
Intercontinental Championship- Christian (carried over from WWE)
United States Championship- John Cena (carried over from WWE)
UGW Tag Team Championship- Kidman & London (They defeated RAW tag champs La Resistance on the last ever WWE show to win the titles)
UGW Lightweight Championship- Rey Mysterio (carried over from WWE)

Also, on the last ever RAW, Shane McMahon announced that then World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton would face the current WWE Champion Kurt Angle on the upcoming Thursday Night Blaze telecast to crown the companies first ever Undisputed Champion.

So get ready to experience the ultimate on UGW!!

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Great Roster, I like the idea of your own PPV names and shows nice creativity!
Good to see Schiavone being a commentator, and amazing red will make a great addition to the crusierweights

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Detroit, Michigan 02/01/05​

Dark Matches Summary:

-Maven defeated Orlando Jordan via pinfall with the Maven Effect.
-Fallen Angel defeated Ultimo Dragon via pinfall after the Last Rites.
-Chris Benoit defeated Billy Gunn via submission with the Crippler Crossface.

The Show
The fireworks hurtle into the sky and light up the sold out arena as we kick off UGW FURY, live!! Fury commentators Jim Ross and Tazz welcome us to the show and announce that to kick things off it will be a match for the UGW Lightweight Championship between Shane Helms and the champion, Rey Mysterio!!

Motorhead sounds through the stadium as Evolution’s own Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring and it seems like he’s decided that he’s got a better way of starting tonight’s Fury!! Orton gets a mixed reaction from the crowd and in just three days time on the first UGW Blaze telecast ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton will face Kurt Angle to crown the UGW Undisputed Champion!! Randy Orton immediately proceeds to proclaim his victory this Thursday and the addition of Kurt Angle to his list of legends that he’s put to rest. Orton claims that there is simply no stopping destiny and the beginning of the Randy Orton era as he becomes UGW Undisputed Champion!!

It’s to play the game!! Triple H’s music blasts and ‘The Game’ makes his way down to the ring and Orton seems surprised at his mentor’s sudden appearance. Triple H hits the ring and tells Randy to calm down and not to get ahead of himself. The Game tells Randy that just because he beat a nobody like Chris Benoit to become World Heavyweight Champion on a brand show such as WWE RAW that he shouldn’t assume Kurt Angle is going to be as easy. Triple H says that’s why as leader of Evolution Randy should give Triple H the opportunity to face Kurt Angle this Thursday and he will become the rightful UGW Undisputed Champion. Randy is shocked at what he’s hearing and seems reluctant to give Triple H a shot at the greatest prize in wrestling. Orton claims that he earnt the title shot but Triple H demands his prodigy to give him the title shot as the crowd boos in anger!! Orton is extremely worried as he looks at Triple H and says……..NO!!

Triple H tells Orton that he doesn’t want to make that decision and as the tension builds between Evolution’s master and the apprentice the music of Kurt Angle plays and the Olympic Hero walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. Angle asks what the hell is going on here!?! Angle asks Triple H why he’s trying to get a title shot against the Olympic Hero, especially when the contract’s already been signed!?! Triple H starts to get angry but now Angle turns his attention towards Randy Orton. Angle tells Orton that yes he is the Legend Killer and he has killed many legends, but there’s no way he’s can kill an Olympic gold medalist!! Orton comes back by telling Angle to stop living in the 90’s but we can’t blame him because that is the last time he had hair!! The crowd gives a pop for this but Kurt doesn’t like it and yells at Angle!! “You’re pretty cocky Orton!! Pretty cocky for someone who’s about to get the crap beaten out of him!!!”

Orton seems puzzled, Oooh!! Out of nowhere it’s Luther Reigns and he just knocked Randy Orton senseless with a steel chair!! Orton is motionless and Triple H stares at Luther Reigns but he doesn’t do anything and turns his back on Orton and Reigns. As Triple H is actually trying to leave the ring Kurt Angle attacks him and the two men start trading punches. Angle knocks The Game over the top rope to the outside, Triple H gets back to his feet with Angle and Reigns calling him back into the ring but Triple H turns around and walks up the ramp leaving Randy Orton behind.

As Kurt Angle stands over Orton and finishes posing in the ring Fury commentators Jim Ross and Tazz give the audience a recap of the birth of professional wrestling’s newest company, the UGW!! We see footage of Vince McMahon’s regime being bought out by his son Shane and the development of wrestling’s new number one organization, Ultimate Global Wrestling!!

UGW Lightweight Championship
Rey Mysterio© vs. Shane Helms​

After the creation of UGW the then current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio was awarded with the Lightweight Championship by company owner Shane McMahon but with the stipulation that Mysterio would have to defend it on UGW’s first ever Fury show. Commissioner Bischoff then chose Helms as the man who would get the title shot tonight.


Helms hit a diving cross body on Mysterio which got a near fall on the champion. Shane Helms was extremely frustrated and took a wild swing but Rey ducked and then tripped Helms whose head fell onto the bottom rope. The crowd noticed Rey’s opportunity and called for the 619 which was agreed to and Mysterio sprinted across the ring-OOH!! That was Shannon Moore!! Shannon Moore held onto Rey’s foot as he attempted to bounce off the ropes and his head planted into the mat. Rey slowly got to his feet and with Shannon Moore on the apron he bounced Moore’s neck off the top rope and sent him falling to the outside!! Wait a minute, unawares to Mysterio and the referee Shane Helms is taking the padding off the turnbuckle in the opposite corner. Rey turns around and Helms but is floored by a big dropkick. Rey is on his back and Helms grabs him by the legs and flips him through the air…………..into the steel turnbuckle……..oh my god VERTIBREAKER!!!………..1

Winner & new UGW Lightweight Champion: Shane Helms
Time: 12:23

Unbelievably Shane Helms has beaten Rey Mysterio and he’s the new cruiserweight champ!! Rey’s head slammed right into the exposed turnbuckle and those dirty tactics are what allowed Helms to hit the Vertibreaker which he hasn’t used for years and get the win in an amazing opening match!!

JR: Shane Helms and Shannon Moore just screwed Mysterio out of the Lightweight title!! Why did they do it!! It’s reprehensible!!

Helms holds the belt to the crowd with approval and as a stunned Mysterio clambers back to his feet……WHAM!! Helms smashes the championship belt against the skull of Mysterio in a shocking move that angers the disappointed crowd!! Mysterio’s busted open from the two blows and Helms poses with his foot on the chest of Mysterio holding the belt aloft as Shannon Moore looks on and smiles with blood in the ring and the crowd booing furiously!!

JR: Oh this isn’t right!! This isn’t right at all!!


As Fury comes back from the break JR and Tazz show us a replay of what happened just before the commercials with Shane Helms cheating his way to the Lightweight Championship and then bloodying Rey Mysterio in a merciless attack.

Shane McMahon is backstage with his new assistant and Diva Search winner, Christy!! Shane tells Christy to let all four superstars know that it will be Evolution’s Randy Orton and Triple H facing Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns in a blockbuster tag match with all UGW staff and superstars banned from ringside with a penalty of suspension!!

John Cena vs. Mark Jindrak​

The ‘Reflection of Perfection’ Mark Jindrak was given a big opportunity in facing Cena tonight and has taken it right up to the Doctor of Thuganomics in the beginning of the match.


After being beaten severely by Jindrak on the outside Cena survived a couple of near falls and slid out of a backdrop attempt. Cena starts to fight back with right hands and then whips Jindrak to the ropes. Jindrak comes off the ropes quickly but he’s put to the mat by Cena’s version of the Lou Thesz Press!! Cena is on top of Jindrak and firing away with right hands and then he gets up…………..WHAM!!! Five Knuckle Shuffle!!! Cena hit it and Jindrak is really in trouble now, Cena starts to pump!!! FU-NO!!! Jindrak turns it into a rollup; he’s got Cena’s tights!!! ..............
Jindrak clotheslines Cena to the mat but as he pulls John Cena back to his feet he’s whipped to the corner. Cena charges into Jindrak in the corner and winds ‘The Reflection’. Cena picks up Jindrak and hangs him up top; he’s looking for the Superplex!!! No!! Jindrak shoves Cena to the mat and sends his opponent crashing hard. Mark Jindrak climbs down and stalks his opponent like a lion. As Cena gets up Jindrak looks for Picture Perfect but Cena rolls out, wait, FU!! YES!!!

Winner: John Cena
Time: 9:02

Mark Jindrak rolls out of the ring as Cena celebrates-GORE!!!! RHYNO!! Rhyno came out of nowhere and GORED CENA!! Cena’s almost been broken in half!!! Rhyno picks up the US Championship belt, holds it up to his face sniffing it psychotically and then drops it down onto Cena’s motionless body and leaves the ring!!

JR: I can’t believe it!! Look at Cena, he’s not moving!!

Tazz: Oh this looks like bad news for John Cena, did you see Rhyno? What an animal!!

UGW Commissioner Eric Bischoff is backstage with his nephew Eugene!! Eugene still has his arm in a cast from the beating he received at the hands of Triple H on one of the last ever WWE RAW’s. Eugene asks ‘Uncle Eric’ what he can do while he’s injured but Bischoff just tells him not to do anything and he wishes that Eugene was dead. The camera shows a wide shot with Shane McMahon standing behind Eric and the crowd pops as Bischoff turns around to see the UGW owner. Shane shakes his head at Eric telling him that’s not the way to treat family, unless it’s Vince McMahon!! Shane O’Mac tells Eric that Eugene is valuable to the company, injured or not and effective immediately Eugene is the UGW’s newest backstage reporter!! Eugene jumps around with glee then hugs Shane and skips away looking for William Regal to help him find someone to interview. As Eugene leaves Shane pats Eric on the back and Bischoff stands there looking very sour about what just happened.

UGW Tag Team Championships
La Resistance (w/Dupree) vs. Kidman & London​

La Resistance makes their way out to the ring followed by Kidman and London-but wait, it looks like Paul London is coming down to the ring alone and it seems as if he has no idea where his partner Billy Kidman is!! Paul London gets in the ring and begins to tell La Resistance that they won’t get a shot at the tag titles because Kidman has no showed but he’s interrupted by GWE Commissioner, Eric Bischoff!! Bischoff, who is on the Titantron, tells London that he’s responsible for his partner and there has been a match booked so a match will take place. Bischoff announces that London will face La Resistance in a handicap match………and the tag team titles are still on the line!!

UGW Tag Team Championships
La Resistance (w/Dupree) vs. Paul London
Handicap Match

Paul London showed no fear and started with all guns blazing against La Resistance making it clear that he wasn’t going to give up the UGW tag titles without a fight.


Grenier looks for a powerslam but London rolled through into a rolling pin……
Grenier kicked out but London’s back on his feet and clotheslines Grenier to the mat. London runs to the ropes-Oh!! Damn Dupree!! Renee Dupree pulled down the top rope and sent London falling to the outside!! The referee questions Renee who walks away as if to know nothing as Conway throws London back into the ring. London gets taken to the top rope-wait!! Falling Tornado DDT by London!!! Paul London nailed Sylvian Grenier……..wait, he’s climbing back up to the top rope-Shooting Star Press!! WAIT A MINUTE!!! Dupree just shoved London off the top rope and the referee didn’t see a thing because he was being distracted by Rob Conway!!! Now Conway’s in the ring with Grenier………..Au Revoir!!

Winners & new UGW Tag Team Champions: La Resistance
Time: 6:45

Paul London just could not survive the onslaught and amount of numbers that were against him especially with the interference of Renee Dupree. As La Resistance celebrate up the ramp Paul London looks devastated about what just happened and angry at seemingly being abandoned by his partner Billy Kidman who has disappeared!!

The cameras switch to the car park and we see William Regal with Eugene who is looking desperately for someone to interview. Regal tells Eugene that he may not get an interview because it’s only his first night but as he says it a familiar limousine with big horns pulls up. Eugene runs up to the limo as the doors open and out pops, Orlando Jordan and JBL!! JBL is looking extremely unhappy and does not like Eugene being around but Eugene pleads for an interview so JBL gives in and tells the ‘pipsqueak’ to hurry up!!

With a great deal of difficulty and a lot of stuttering Eugene asks JBL how he feels no longer being the WWE Champion and JBL tells Eugene to shut up about that. So Eugene, with some more stuttering asks JBL how it felt losing to Kurt Angle in the Fatal Four Way with also Eddie Guerrero and John Cena on the last ever WWE SmackDown!! JBL gets even more angry and Jordan tells Eugene to cut it out so Eugene says to JBL “Did….Did…..Did it hurt when the……The Undertaker chokeslammed you through your, your vehicle…Mr Bradfield!! JBL screams his right name at Eugene and is about to hit him until William Regal steps in. Regal stands face to face with JBL and warns him that if he lays a finger on Eugene he’ll have him to deal with. JBL huffs at Regal and storms off with Orlando Jordan close behind.

The crowd erupts as some familiar music plays and Y2J Chris Jericho hits the arena ready to host the first ever UGW Highlight Reel!! The ring is set up and Jericho introduces the Highlight Reel’s guest, the former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, returning from injury, Edge!!!

Edge appears through the smoke to a mixed reaction from the hyped up crowd and as he gets in the ring the tension between him and Chris Jericho is obvious. Y2J asks Edge what it’s like to be back from injury and asks what he thinks of his own brother winning his Intercontinental Championship that his was stripped of!! Edge tells Jericho that the first thing he’s gona do is beat Christian and win the Intercontinental Title straight back. Jericho tells Edge to hold on cowboy and there’s only one man who’s gona take that title and it’s Y-2-J!! And if Edge doesn’t like it he can check with any of the Jerichoholics out there!!! The Jerichoholics cheer for their man and Edge stands there with a disagreeing look. Edge says that it appears there’s a bit o a problem on there hands. Edge proposes that in one week on the next FURY the Edgehead’s watch Edge face Chris Jericho one on one with the winner facing Christian for the Intercontinental Championship at Rebirth!! Jericho says well that’s fine with me but tonight’s all about the bling bling so how about a sample of what’s gona happen in one weeks time!!

With that Jericho nails Edge with a right hand and both men start trading punches furiously. Edge gets the upper hand by knocking Jericho to the mat and mounts Y2J and continues with the hard right hands. Wait……..somehow………yes!! Jericho rolled Edge onto his back and he’s going for the Walls of Jericho!! He’s going for the Walls, can he get it-NO!! Edge spins Jericho with his leg strength and sends Jericho across the ring. Edge squats in the opposite corner, the Edgeheads chant for the Spear!! The Jerichoholics plead for Y2J to get out of the way!! Jericho gets up, Edge charges……….UUGGH!!! Jericho moved!!! Jericho moved!!!! Edge’s shoulder went straight into the steel ring post!! Edge falls out of the ring in pain but as he slowly regains his composure and goes up the ramp holding his shoulder he and Jericho stare at each other intensely because they both have their sights set on facing Christian at Rebirth!!!

JR and Tazz take time out to acknowledge this weeks UGW Fury sponsors, Sprite: “Obey your thirst” and CC’s: “You can’t say no”.

Tajiri vs. AJ Styles​

AJ Styles came out to a thunderous ovation for his debut on GWE debut. The crowd recognizes this young superstars amazing talent and are behind him in his opening match.


Styles whipped Tajiri into the turnbuckle……..Moonsault Kick!!! What a move from The Phenomenal One!! Enziguri by Styles!!! Cover………………..
Tajiri barely kicked out but he’s still in the match, what a start in the GWE from AJ Styles!! Tajiri rolls out of the ring but Styles- Asai Moonsault!!! OOHH!!! Tajiri saw it coming and dived out of the way, Styles has gone crashing to the outside!! As both men slowly get to their feet Tajiri is up quicker…….WHAM!!! Tajiri whips Styles hard into the steel steps!!
As the match returned to the ring Tajiri got a couple of near falls before Styles fought back but was then put to the mat by a running back elbow from Tajiri.
Tajiri whips The Phenomenal one into the corner and looks for a frankensteiner off the top rope……….NO!! AJ shoves Tajiri to the mat…….Missile Dropkick!!! AJ Styles is completely on top in his GWE debut match and he looks for the Styles Clash……WHAT THE HELL!!! Someone just smashed Styles with a steel chair!!!

Result: No Contest due to Kenzo Suzuki's interference
Time: 7:38

The referee rings the bell to end the match but that doesn’t matter to Suzuki who continues to beat down AJ Styles but the Phenomenal One begins to fight back and puts Suzuki to the mat with a running heel kick. Oooh!!! Tajiri hit Styles with the green mist!! Tajiri laughs as Styles struggles to see his attackers and then knocks Styles down with a vicious kick. Both men stand over Styles as Hiroko steps into the ring, she smiles sadistically and gives Suzuki an order and Kenzo proceeds to deliver a bone crunching Clawhold STO. With Styles down Suzuki screams into the mike “yangrufang wofita cumoodess hochi!!” which Hiroko then translates to “Kenzo says: prepare for Japanese Evil!!

JR: Well what does this mean!! Look at Styles he’s been pulverized!!

Tazz: Well it looks like Tajiri and Kenzo Suzuki are now on the same page. They’ve got some sort of alliance and the mean business!!


Evolution (Orton & Triple H) vs. Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns

Triple H starts off in the ring against Luther Reigns and is surprised by his opponent’s power and strength. The Game takes some hard lefts from the Southpaw of Reigns and is taken to the mat by a vicious clothesline. Angle tags himself in with Triple H on the mat and isolates The Game!!

Once Orton was tagged in the match went up a notch as he went straight after Kurt Angle with hard right hands and then a vicious uppercut that stung the Olympic Gold Medalist. Orton began to taunt Angle and got the crowd going with his own version of a German Suplex that cannoned Angle’s neck into the mat. With Angle struggling to his feet and confidence growing Orton climbed the top rope and launched himself off for a flying cross body!! WOW!! Angle caught Orton and rolled through with the move…….Anglelock!! Angle locked it in and Orton’s cocky attitude has cost him but Triple H comes in to save the day and hits Angle in the back of the head. Reigns tried to help Angle but ended up being thrown out of the ring by The Game. Triple H pulls Orton to his feet and started to berate Orton for being to cocky and actually shoves Orton to the mat!! Orton gets up looking angry at his leader and as the tension rises between the two Angle sees his opportunity, sneaks up behind Triple H and nails him with a German Suplex.

The match continues with Triple H and Orton seemingly back on the same page when Orton saved Trips from a gut wrenching bear hug applied by Luther Reigns. Orton and Angle get tagged in at the same time and start going at it with punches flying back and forth but Angle gets the upper hand and plants Orton with a perfectly executed overhead belly to belly suplex. Orton gets up as Angle goes for the Angleslam but Orton slips out and goes for a big dropkick but Kurt saw it coming and ducked causing Orton to hit the mat. Orton gets to his feet……..ANGLESLAM!! Kurt Angle hit it!! ……
Orton somehow kicked out of the Angleslam!! Kurt Angle can’t believe it and he takes off his shoulder straps looking all business as he stalks the Legend Killer. Angle turns Orton over- ANKLELOCK!! Orton is caught and he’s in pain!! Triple H runs in the ring desperately but Reigns cuts him off and the two knock each other to the outside and start a fight of their own!! Orton struggles desperately and he turns the move over!! Orton kicks Angle in the head and Kurt bounces off the ropes, Orton is kneeling down like a cat ready to pounce as Kurt bounces of the ropes……….RKO!!! Like a flash of lightning Orton planted Angle with the RKO!!! Could it be!!!

Winners: Evolution
Time: 17:36

What a finish!! Randy Orton hit that RKO out of nowhere to get a big win for Evolution!!! More importantly Randy pinned the man who he will face on Thursday night for the UGW Undisputed Championship!!! Is he gona do it again on Thursday and create history!! As Orton poses in the ring with his arms raised to the crowd he is joined by all of Evolution including Triple H despite their earlier altercation as Tazz assures us that the first ever Blaze will be off the hook and JR promises a slobber knocker to remember!!

UGW Fury fades out………..

FURY Match Results:​

- Evolution’s Randy Orton & Triple H defeated Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns.
- AJ Styles vs. Tajiri resulted in a No Contest following interference from Kenzo Suzuki.
- La Resistance defeated Paul London in a handicap match to win the UGW Tag Team Championships.
- John Cena defeated Mark Jindrak.
- Shane Helms defeated Rey Mysterio to win the UGW Lightweight Championship.​

So that was my first show, what'd u think??

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^I think they pointed out that they were a tag team:D
Great idea making them a tag team anyway!
Well anyway, great solid show!

I loved it! Shane Helms winning the lightweight title was great, can see Rey wanting revenge.

Eugene being a reporter should be comical. London and Kidman seem like they may fued!

All up great show, Orton/Angle should be awesome this thursday! 9/10!

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