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UFC vs. boxing and how things are trending

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Carlos Toro did a pretty detailed analysis looking at Google trends and PPV buyrates to see how boxing is faring these days vs. UFC and whether the notion that boxing is dying is true. He found that boxing is actually having an up year in 2017 vs. UFC, which has shown declines this year.

Full analysis:

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2017 (already) has been one of the best boxing years in the last 20 years. Best fighting the best.

Something that UFC has always boast about. But look how roles reversed. Trying to make money fights that ignores legit rankings, ducking legit challengers etc.

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Boxing is def bigger this year with stars like Conor and Ronda missing and you got gigantic fights left like Canelo vs triple g which might do 2 milion buys. I'm certain it'l break 1 milion. Then you have Mcgregor vs Mayweather which also is a boxing fight.
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I think it's cute that this study was done post Ronda, Conor, Brock from 2013 to 2016. This study literally was during a lull in UFC.
Boxing is clearly hotter in 2017 than ufc and it looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Rousey and brock aren't fighting again and brock was a stopgap at best to stop the bleeding. Conor has long transcended ufc so they need him far more than he needs them.

And boxing was in a lull at the same time.

Both sports thrive on popular fighters.
Every sport does just like pro wrestling. NBA is thriving now because it has two megastars whereas the NFL numbers are down given the controversy surrounding its biggest star. Neither the mlb or nhl have a standout star though the cubs winning did create huge buzz but its the stars not the teams themselves that longterm create interest.
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