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UCWF: Ultimate Championship Wrestling Federation

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I will be doing a thread on my own, I will be doing both shows, the first of which will be up next week. All monthly pay per views are joint promotions. It will begin the night before Wrestlemania.

UCWF Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho def. Randy Orton
UCWF Championship: Kurt Angle def. Edge and Brock Lesnar
International Championship Gauntlet Match: AJ Styles def. Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Booker T and JBL
Number One Contenders: Monty Brown def. Chris Benoit, Kane and Big Show
Television Championship, Hardcore Match: Rhino def. Raven
Womens Championship: Trish Stratus def. Molly Holly and Gail Kim
Cruiserweight Championship: Tajiri wins Cruiserweight Open

UCWF Owner: Vince McMahon
Mayhem GM: Mick Foley
Live Wire GM: Paul Heyman

Monday Night Mayhem
Friday Night Live Wire

Mayhem Roster:
UCWF Worlds Heavyweight Title
Chris Benoit (F)
Chris Jericho (F)
Goldberg (F)
Big Show (H)
Kane (H)
Monty Brown (H)
Randy Orton (H)
UCWF Television Title
Raven (F)
Rey Mysterio (F)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Sabu (F)
Steven Richards (F)
Abyss (H) w/James Mitchell
Mr Kennedy (H)
Rhino (H)
UCWF Mayhem Tag Team Titles
Americas Most Wanted (F)
Dudley Boys (F)
Hardy Boys (F)
Billy & Chuck (H)
Worlds Greatest Tag Team (H)
UCWF Womens Title
Christy (F)
Lita (F)
Miss Jackie (F)
Trish Stratus (F)
Candice (H)
Gail Kim (H)
Molly Holly (H)
Stacy Keibler (H)
Torrie Wilson (H)
Victoria (H)

Live Wire Roster
UCWF Title
Brock Lesnar (F)
Christian (F)
Kurt Angle (F)
Undertaker (F)
Edge (H)
Shawn Michaels (H)
Triple H (H)
UCWF International Title
AJ Styles (F)
Boogeyman (F)
Samoa Joe (F)
Booker T (H)
Christopher Daniels (H)
Simon Dean (H)
UCWF Live Wire Tag Team Titles
London & Kendrick (F)
Mexicools (F)
Cade & Jindrak (H)
La Resistance (H)
T&A (H)
Triple X (H)
UnAmericans (H)
UCWF Cruiserweight Title
Amazing Red (F)
Billy Kidman (F)
Brian Kendrick (F)
Chavo Guerrero (F)
Juventud (F)
Paul London (F)
Akio (H)
Jamie Noble (H)
Kid Kash (H)
Tajiri (H)
Ultimo Dragon (H)

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Everything looks great HBK. Its too bad that we couldnt revive Breakdown, and bring back the topic that was going strong. Im sure others would agree.

One recommendation though, if your not going with the WWE name, then DONT use WWE ppv names. Just makes it not accurate. Thats it though, good job.

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I'll be reading the first show and reviewing.

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Eh, another thread?

Couldnt you just bring back the original Breakdown with Lethal Killa? Thats what I would have preferred. Anyways I'll look to see where this goes before I pass Judgement.

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Exellent mixed rosters so hopefully you can create some new exciting fueds. The concept is good but as Lethal Killa mentioned, don't use WWE Pay-Per-View names! It's unrealistic and really makes no sense. Interesting Wrestlemania results and Jericho vs. Brown already booked for No Mercy, should be decent. All the best HBK!

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Thank you for all your replies, as I have already mentioned, first show up Monday. I also named the PPV's after the WWE ones, because I like the names, they are not all WWE PPV's and are in different orders.

April - No Mercy
May - Great American Bash
June - King of the Ring
July - Bash at the Beach
August - Summerslam
September - Badd Blood
October - Halloween Havoc
November - Survivor Series
December - Fully Loaded
January - Royal Rumble
February - Unforgiven
March - Wrestlemania

Crimsontide said:
Eh, another thread?

Couldnt you just bring back the original Breakdown with Lethal Killa? Thats what I would have preferred. Anyways I'll look to see where this goes before I pass Judgement.
I explained on my old thread that I decided that I didn't want to return to Breakdown with Killa, I was going to but I decided not to.

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Halloween Havoc, and in my mind GAB will always be a WCW one.

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Monday Night Mayhem Preview
A HUGE main event has been announced for the upcoming Season Premiere of Monday Night Mayhem, Chris Benoit will face the Legend Killer Randy Orton. Also announced is a big Television Championship match, Rhino defends against the homicidal, genicidal, suicidal Sabu. The number one contendership for the tag team titles at No Mercy will also be up for grabs when the Dudley Boys face off against Billy and Chuck. Expect a big season premiere for Monday Night Mayhem and the UCWF.

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Man, how many thread are you gonna make? I understand the decision but still, try to stick with ONE thread. Well, great roster and preview and hopefully you stick with this and this could be a great year.

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I do normally stick with ONE thread, and the only reason I did change them was because KOP wanted to continue his old one, and mine and Killa's Breakdown's were too similar. There is no problem with this thread so this will be my last.
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