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My last BTB finished one month ago today.​

On the whole, 2003 wasn't the best year for the World Wrestling Entertainment. The majority of matches were lacklustre and didn't live up to their hype, PPV buy rates weren't exactly top notch and the general interest in professional wrestling declined over the year, even though Wrestlemania 19 arguably being one of the better Wrestlemanias. Despite the cons of 2003, there were a few pros. The rise of Brock Lesnar was in full swing, as the WWE showcased one of the best athletes they have ever had, every single week. Legends such as Kane, Undertaker and Triple H still had impressive matches and could still draw fairly well, and a fresh batch of young, eager wrestlers emerged.

2004 looked to be a great year for the WWE, as big plans were made! By October 2003, the Wrestlemania card was near enough completed and almost set in stone, but WWE met its master soon enough. Wrestlemania XX was originally supposed to be the most stacked card in Wrestlemania history, with matches such as The Rock vs The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar and Triple H vs. Ric Flair, but injuries prevented such an appealing card to take place. The Rock, wrestling his first match back broke his arm and was expected back one week before Wrestlemania, so obviously there wasn't enough time to build the match up sufficiently. Stone Cold Steve Austin, however, pulled out of the match for different reasons, for unknown reasons actually. The only thing that was let out, is the fact that Steve needed to spend more time with his family, and according to several sources, he near enough begged Vince for the time off. Finally, Triple H vs. Ric Flair was just a general booking change. Rumours surfaced that Flair felt he didn't deserve to main event Wrestlemania, simply because there are more deserving, younger and hungrier superstars than him.

So with three of the biggest possible Wrestlemania matches cancelled for one reason or another, WWE creative had to improvise, and that’s what they did, and what great improvising it was! The granddaddy of em' all drew 20,087 to the iconic Madison Square Garden on the night of March 14th, raking in approximately $2.51 million from ticket sales, and was televised over 90 countries worldwide! One major announcement that WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon on the night made, was the fact that as soon as the event finished, the WWE will be undergoing a huge transformation. He didn't give any explanation as to why, or how this transformation shall be taking place but he did clearly state that no-one in the WWE's job is safe, not even the GM's or even his own.

So a reasonable 2003, a few injuries, a few trauma's, a few mistakes, a great start to 2004, and a great Wrestlemania! Things are only looking up for the WWE and the superstars, right?! ....Not quite. Many superstars’ jobs weren't safe; nobody knew what would happen over the course of the next 6 months to a year. No job was guaranteed by this time next year, and every single worker, from Tony Chimel to Jerry Lawler to Brock Lesnar was scared for their job. McMahon's ego has got the best of him, and many people within the WWE expect it to grow even more as time goes on, as well as the idea of a new beginning. Who knows what the chairman, and one of the richest men in the world, is going to do next? The one thing we do know is, only time will tell.

Wrestlemania Twenty Results

Chris Jericho defeated Brock Lesnar to become the new WWE Champion
Triple H defeated Booker T to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker defeated Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels defeated Goldberg due to interference from Sting
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defeated The APA and The Basham Brothers to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions
Victoria defeated Trish Stratus to retain the WWE Women’s Championship
Eddie Guerrero defeated The Big Show, Edge and John Cena to become the new WWE United States Champion
Ric Flair and Batista defeated The Dudley Boys to retain the World Tag Team Championships
Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship​


General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewer: Jonathan Coachman

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
World Tag Team Champions: Evolution (Ric Flair and Batista)
WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

Bill Goldberg
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Benoit
D-Von Dudley
Garrison Cade
Mark Henry
Mark Jindrak
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Randy Orton
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rodney Mack
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Steven Richards
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sylvan Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
Val Venis

Gail Kim
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Trish Stratus

General Manager: Paul Heyman
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Matthews

WWE Champion: Chris Jericho
WWE United States Champion: Eddie Guerrero
WWE Tag Team Champions: The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

A Train
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Chuck Palumbo
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Edge - Inactive for 3 weeks
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty Too Hotty
Sean O’Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Ultimo Dragon

Dawn Marie
Torrie Wilson

Ohio Valley Wrestling

AJ Styles
Alexis Laree
Bobby Lashley
Brandon Silvestry
Carlos Colon
Chris Harris
Christopher Nowinski
Douglas Durdle-Williams
Eddie Fatu
James Storm
John Hennigan
Ken Anderson
Kenzo Suzuki
Matt Anoa'i
Maven Huffman
Nuufolau Seanoa
Phillip Brooks
Scott Colton


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Source: The Wrestling Observer
Wrestlemania XX was considered a huge success for the WWE, bearing in mind the struggles and roadblocks that were put in the way. The feeling backstage is that almost everyone performed amazingly and all of the "higher-ups" are ecstatic about the show! One thing that is worrying a lot of people backstage, workers and the roster, is the fact that no-one’s job is safe.

Despite many rumours, Vince McMahon's "promo" last night at Wrestlemania was half of a shoot. Everyone backstage knew what Vince was announcing, but they didn't know exactly what he was going to say, and that he actually means that everyone’s job is seriously on the line. However, as of last night, many people’s jobs are no longer on the line, as their jobs are non-existent. The WWE has released:

Spike Dudley
Paul Bearer

As well as releases, other talent has been moved up and down. Lance Storm and Al Snow have both been removed from the roster page, and are now trainers in WWE's developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Speaking of OVW, some of the WWE roster has been moved down there, to improve their skills and possibly return to the main roster later on. Christopher Nowinski, Maven and Rosey have been moved to the roster. It is most likely that Nowinski will be spending the most time down there and Maven the least. However, WWE have signed many stars for the OVW roster, many of which WWE have signed from Jeff Jarrett’s company, Total Non-stop Action. Former two-time NWA TNA Team Champions, America's Most Wanted, consisting of James Storm and Chris Harris are suspected to spend less than a month in OVW, as they are expected to join the Smackdown tag team division before Judgement day! Other signings from NWA TNA include former WCW Alumni, AJ Styles, as well as ROH and TNA worker, Brandon Silvestry, also known as Low-Ki. It is expected that many superstars from OVW shall be called up to the main roster over the coming months, especially as Vince looks to cut the wage budget, and bring in fresh, new and entertaining talent from all over the world.

Last night, at Wrestlemania XX, we saw only 3 of a possible 8 titles change hands. At the moment, creative are high on the new WWE Champion, Chris Jericho, and feel that he current tweener/face role since winning the royal rumble in January has been his best work yet, and it is expected that Jericho shall be having a lengthy run with the title. On the Raw side of things, the World title picture isn't as interesting. For the second year straight, Raw has put up a Triple H vs. Booker T match at Wrestlemania and it was one of the lowest rated matches of the night, being rated only at a 6/10. Paul Levesque (Triple H) has now been champion for almost 3 months now, and apparently he 'uncharacteristically' suggested that he should lose the belt, in order to put someone over. Booker T is expected to take a backseat for a while, as he is nursing a few niggling injuries that he's had to endure over the past few months. He shall be featured on Raw, but he shall be falling in to the mid-card, and possibly the tag team division, so he isn't used as regularly. Also, look for long reigns for Eddie Guerrero as the US champion, but a less long reign for Mysterio as the Cruiserweight Champion, however nothing has been confirmed yet.

In other news, it looks as if Smackdown's brutal Diva; Shaniqua shall be making the hop to Raw to start her proper wrestling career. Recently, she has been managing the Basham Brothers, however, creative are high on Shaniqua, as are the trainers and believe she can easily be a huge player in the Women's division, with rumours surfacing that the swap could come as soon as the March 15th Raw! On the topic of the Women's division, creative are planning on raising the profile of the division, by dedicating a lot more time and effort to the superstars, on screen and off. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but many feel that Heat may be turned in to an interbrand women's only show. Another proposed idea for the women's division, is making the title available on both brands. Creative think that the divas on Smackdown are becoming stale, with no real target for any of them, but they don't want to cram the Raw Roster.

Just some news and notes, nothing special. Expect a Raw preview up by Tuesday, and the show by next week? School is getting in the way, and it may be getting in the way even more soon.

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I don't think I have ever seen your work, but this is a good start. Interesting to see that you changed around the results. Your starting situation is pretty lame, but that seems like that was the point. Good luck.

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Don't like the move of Maven down to OVW. Maven's look alone in Mid-to-Late 2004 warranted at LEAST a Intercontinental Championship push. Not even kidding he looked AMAZING around this time period even if he only knew how to do dropkicks.

Do like that you've changed the results of Mania and early 2003/2004 booking, though. Will put you in a very good starting place as opposed to having to book around a boring Benoit reign.

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Gotta agree with Ghetto Anthony on the Maven thing, he had the look to be a midcard stayer. HHH/Booker T again for the WHC at Mania? Awful decision imo, nobody would've wanted to see that angle again after Trips BURIED him the year before. Anyway it's a good period to start in, with good rosters, good luck.

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Monday Night Raw Preview|| March 15th 2004
Blue Cross Arena|| Rochester, New York

Monday Night Raw rolls in to the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester New York, only 24 hours removed from one of the most EXPLOSIVE Wrestlemanias to date, and tonight we will witness the fallout from the annual wrestlingextravaganza!

Last night we saw the ever-dominant, Evolution, walk out of Madison Square Garden, the exact same way they came in; with all of the gold. The World Heavyweight Champion Triple H managed to defeated Booker T in what was a brutal affair, with the five time former WCW champion only microseconds away from capturing the gold, on more than one occasion! With Wrestlemania now out of the way, The Game has a tonne of momentum heading in to Backlash in just over a month, and Eric Bischoff has confirmed that we will find out who his opponent will be, with a 15 man, over the top rope battle royal! Who will have gain the opportunity to face Triple H at Backlash for the World Heavyweight title? We will find out, tonight!

On the contrary, one man isn't as happy as Triple H; that one man being Triple H's former friend, turned enemy, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! After nearly breaking his back during the Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels finally got his hands on Goldberg for the first time last night. However, it just wasn't meant to be. As HBK was tuning up the band, ready to nail Goldberg with a Sweet Chin Music, the lights went off, and the former 6 time WCW Champion Sting arrived and almost took Michaels' head off with his signature black baseball bat! Will we hear from Shawn, or even Sting tonight! Will either of them be here tonight?! Will Goldberg have anything to say?! So many questions, so little answers, you can't miss out!

Rumours also have it, that tonight, a new Diva has joined the Raw roster and will make her Raw debut tonight! This is news Trish Stratus has not taken kindly to, saying on WWE.com that nobody shall be taking her place as the top diva, and nobody shall be taking her opportunity to prove it, as she intends to win the Women's title at Backlash, from Victoria! Stratus has challenged this unknown opponent to a match tonight; a match which Eric Bischoff and Victoria will be keeping a close eye on! Who will Trish' mystery opponent be tonight, and will she be sending shockwaves through the women's division, or will she just be another fish in the ocean!? Find out tonight.

As well as all of this, tonight, we shall be finding out the number one contenders for Ric Flair's and Batista's World Tag Team Titles, as Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak take on Thuggin n' Buggin enterprises, Mark Henry and Rodney Mack. Last night, we saw Evolution convincingly take out the Dudley Boyz in what seemed to be a fairly dominant match for the champions, but tonight we will see what other team will take a shot at dethroning the kings of the tag team division!

Also, "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton says he has an announcement to make regarding the Intercontinental championship, and the debut of Christian's own segment, THE PEEP SHOW! With so little confirmed for tonight's show, it is obvious that it is going to be one hell of a ride; a ride you can't afford to miss out on! All of this, is just an extra reason why you should tune in to Monday Night Raw!

Confirmed for Tonight
Trish Stratus vs ????
The debut of Christian's own, The Peep Show!
Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs Thuggin n' Buggin Enterprises (Rodney Mack and Mark Henry)
We hear from the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton!
15 man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to determine Triple H's number one contender for Backlash!


look for the show to be up by Sunday, at the latest, hopefully. 8*D​

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Hey man,
This preview for Raw looks very good. I can hardly wait to see what happens on the night after Wrestlemania. I hope that we will see Sting arrive on the show and possibly even win the 15 man battle royal. Good luck with your show. I'll be watching.

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The fifteen man battle royal as well as the tag team match should be good, mainly due to the fact that the two teams involved own. Teddy Long to be epic on the outside of the ring, please. Promos from Christian and Randy Orton sounds sweet as well.

The shows definitely got the potential to be a good one, I'll check it out.

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Monday Night Raw || March 15th 2004
Blue Cross Arena|| Rochester, New York

Instead of beginning the show with the usual Raw opening video, 'Step Up' by Drowning pool plays alongside some highlights of the Raw side of things from last night's Wrestlemania, with the video package ending with Triple H raising the World Heavyweight Title in the air, victorious after defeating Booker T.

***Opening Video***


Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are only 24 hours removed from the biggest Wrestlemania in WWE history, and here tonight in the Blue Cross Arena, the atmosphere is just as electric as it was last night in Madison Square Garden! What a night it was, King!

Jerry Lawler: You're not wrong, J.R! So much happened last night, it will be hard to get a word in edgeways with the fallout from last night. There's so much to talk about, and I can guarantee you they'll be so much going on tonight!

***Sexy Boy*** hits to a HUGE ovation, in respect for one of the all-time greats, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Jim Ross:
And this man was in the center of one of the most controversial Wrestlemania matches, and endings in the history of the event. Hell, it was one of the most controversial endings in pro wrestling full stop!

Jerry Lawler: Shawn Michaels had it coming, J.R. He said he was going to break the back of Bill Goldberg; how can you condone that type of violence?! How can you condone Michael's for wanting to not only end a wrestler's career, but possibly end their life altogether? I'll answer that one for you J.R, you can't. HBK is in the wrong, and he deserved everything he got, in my opinion.

Shawn is dressed ready to compete and he looks like he means business. He climbs in to the ring, and grabs a microphone from Lillian. He waits for his music to stop; he then raises the microphone to his mouth.

Shawn Michaels:

***Seek and Destroy*** plays before HBK can go any further! The crowd is split, half booing and half cheering, as THE ICON STING makes his way down to ringside. Shawn Michaels motions for Sting to come in to the ring, however Sting just stands outside, with a microphone.

Shawn, I'm going to get the first, and the last word in here. I did what I did last night, simply because it needed to be done. Shawn, remember when you were the best in the world? Remember when you were on top of the mountain of professional wrestling, and everyone was gunning for you yet you STILL shown respect to whoever decided to step up on that given night? You still managed to maintain a level of respect which is almost invisible in the current Wrestling world, despite the whole locker room out to beat you down. Bill Goldberg was in that position. He wanted, HE NEEDED to do whatever it took to win the Royal Rumble and nearly end your career, simply because he wanted to be at the top.

The crowd and HBK are in confusion?

I wasn't invited here Shawn, I came here because I felt the need to inject a dose of respect in to the industry. When me and Ric Flair had 5 star matches, week-in week-out, we still had respect for each other whether we liked each other or not. The same with Andre and Hogan, (pops) Owen Hart and Bret Hart, (even bigger pops) and Steve Austin and The Rock! (The BIGGEST pop!) So why can't you Shawn? Eh? Why can't you carry the same respect as you did seven years ago? Why can't you keep your head held high, exactly to how you were 7 years ago? Has all of the respect you've earned got to your head? Has the praise in your ability to perform and entertain expanded your ego, or are you just a disrespectful BITCH!

This draws almost an EQUAL reaction from the crowd. If anything, it's leaning towards more heat for Sting, as HBK shakes his head and bites his bottom lip in frustration as he once again signals Sting to come in to the ring.

No, Shawn, I'm not going to fight you, because that's exactly what you want. I'm not going to be molded in to your hands and I am not going to give you what you want. Why do you want to fight me anyway, Shawny'boy! You're the Heartbreak Kid god dammit! You're the first ever WWE Grandslam winner, MR WRESTLEMANIA HIMSELF! What have you got to prove by fighting a 'washed up' former champion like me, nothing, that's what. You've got nothing to gain, and neither have I, so why should I!

The fans boo at the dismissal of a fight between the two.

(pointing to the crowd) C'mon don't be like that... because I know someone who does have something to gain from facing you, and I suppose you have something to gain by facing him. He's a very talented athlete, one of the best I've seen, and I really do think you'll have a hard time defeating him.

Shawn looks confused, but slightly interested at who Sting has lined up for him. The crowd start cheering, not having the slightest clue who it could be!

***I'll show you, YOU'LL SEE*** hits, to an astounding amount of boos as the crowd are awfully let down by the choice of opponent. Shawn Michaels smirks, but seems a little bamboozled by the decision, wondering whether this is a trick or not. Sting is at ringside, clapping enthusiastically, obviously willing Richard's on. A pumped up Richards slides in to the ring, and the match is underway!

Match One | Singles Match
Shawn Michaels
vs. Steven Richards
Steven Richards instantly claps his hands, prompting the fans to do the same, but they don't. Richard's looks a little bit gutted, as Sting shouts from the outside... "GO GET EM' RICHARDS! Michaels looks at Sting on the outside, and smirks as Richards takes the opportunity and leaps for the legs of HBK to take him down, but the Showstopper sidesteps Richards and nails him with five vicious right hands to the jaw. Shawn then whips Stevie in to the ropes, to only elevate him in to the rafters with a HUGE back body drop, causing Richards to writhe in pain on the mat. Shawn locks eyes with Sting once again but not for long, as HBK knows better and gets straight back to work on Richards.

Mr Wrestlemania throws Stevie in to the ropes once more, but as he bounces back he attempts to hit a clothesline which is ducked by HBK! As soon as Richard's turns around... BOOM! SHAWN MICHAELS HITS A PERFECTLY PLACED SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Shawn goes for the cover, and gets an easy three count over a very capable (8*D) Stevie Richards.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via pinfall @ 1:52

***Sexy Boy*** plays for the second time tonight, as HBK doesn't even allow the ref to raise his arm in victory as the staredown with "The Icon" is THAT intense. The Stinger breaks the awkwardness, and cracks a rather sadistic smile as he backs up the ramp swinging his baseball bat, leaving HBK confused in the center of the ring as Raw goes for a commercial break.

As Raw returns from commercial break, we are welcomed by a "before the break" screen, showing the altercation between Sting and Michaels, more specifically the staredown after the Michaels/Richards match.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw and already it's been a night where anything can happen! The Icon, Sting, made his Raw debut, showing up to confront HBK after SCREWING him out of his match against Goldberg last night!

Jerry Lawler: C'mon J.R, Sting said it himself, Shawn Michaels isn't that man he used to be, and it shows. The dam Showstopper went out last night to end the career of a man, how can that be tolerated. Sting only wants to show Shawn what respect means, again, and he explaining that doing what he did last night is the best way of doing that.

Cameras quickly go backstage in to the parking lot, to see a limousine pull up. A man steps out with brown leather shoes, with a grey suit. As the camera moves up from the feet, to the face of the man, we realise it is TRIPLE H! The World Heavyweight Champion is accompanied by The World Team Team Champions, Ric Flair and Batista, as well as the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton. The arrogant quartet slowly make their way through the arena, as it seems as if they're coming to ringside.They whisper in each other's ear, but whispering far to quietly for the cameras to pick anything up.

Jim Ross:
And there they are, King! The four men, which I hate to admit, are the best in this business.

Jerry Lawler: The past, the present and the future; all in one big happy family! And they're in the arena, tonight!

The shot of Evolution fades, as we see a small video package of Wrestlemania, set to the song "Touche" by Drowning Pool.

As the video package ends, we hear ***Jade and Cindrak.*** (nice theme?) The two youngsters burst out of the curtain, receiving a light pop, but nothing too compelling. The two best friends calmly make their way down the ramp, and slide in to the ring, climbing on to two different turnbuckles and posing for the crowd.

Jim Ross: Tonight, these two young lions have got one heck of an opportunity, to become number one contenders for Ric Flair's and Batista's World Tag Team Championships at Backlash. Should Jindrak and Cade win tonight, I believe they will have a great chance of walking out of Edmonton the new World Tag Team Champions.

Jerry Lawler: I don't know J.R. I admit, these two superstars are technically sound and they're both two amazing athletes, but are they better than the mixture of experience and youth, technique and power, and just general chemistry that is Evolution? I don't disagree with you J.R, it's just Evolution seems unstoppable at the moment, and it will take one hell of an effort to put an end to Evolution's reign as tag champs.

***MacMillitant*** hits, as Henry and Mack, accompanied with Jazz enter, to a surprsingly large amount of heat! The trio walk down in unison, ignoring all of the abuse they are receiving from the New York natives! Cade and Jindrak wisely get out of the ring, allowing the trio to get in the ring and do their business; attracting more heat from the crowd, which they successfully do!

Jerry Lawler: I like this team of Mack and Henry, J.R. They have it all; strength, charisma, chemistry, and a woman by their side! Is there anything more they could ask for?

Jim Ross: Well yeah, there is something more they could ask for, and thats to not be as stuck up their own asses as much as they are. If they want to be taken seriously here on Raw, the need to get their head out of the sand and focus, i'm tellin you King!

Jerry Lawler: You're just jealous, J.R.

Match Two | Tag Team Match
Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak
vs. Mark Henry and Rodney Mack w/ Jazz​
With the fact that the two teams are garnering little to no reaction forgotten, this match is generally entertaining. For the most part, it is back and forth action with both teams gaining, and losing, the advantage. It isn't up until Mark Henry hits a very impressive spinebuster that one team gains a visible advantage.

The match follows the general formula of a tag-team match of the heels picking one man of the opposite team, and grinding down on him, him being the unfortunate Garrison Cade. The match finishes when just as it seems Cade and Jindrak are regaining the advantage, Jazz made her way up to the apron to cause a distraction for the ref so presumably Henry and Mack could cheat. Mack ran to clothesline Cade but HE DUCKS, AND MACK SENDS JAZZ CRASHING TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR BELOW! Jindrak runs in, and crossbodies Henry and Cade rolls Mack up for the three count!

Winners: Lance Cade and Mark Jindrak via pinfall @ 7:51

***Jade and Cindrak*** plays once again, as the crowd pops at the victory of the two young lions. The two scramble to their feet, and have their arms raised in victory as Henry, Jazz and Mack are on the outside arguing about what went wrong.

Jim Ross: They've done it King! Jindrak and Cade are going to live their dream, and in just over a month they are going to compete for the World Tag Team Championships!

Jerry Lawler: Ahh, I'll hand it to em' J.R, they did well to overcome Henry and Mack. But that still doesn't change the fact that they will have little to no chance at ALL of beating 'Naitch and The Animal at Backlash/

Jim Ross: I wouldn't count them out, King, Cade and Jindrak have all the tools required to win the titles, and they earned that opportunity to do so tonight against a very impressive team. I feel on any given night, the result could have been the other way around, but tonight... it's Cade and Jindrak who are victorious!

... BUT THEY'RE NOT VICTORIOUS FOR LONG! RIC FLAIR AND BATISTA HAVE HOPPED THE GUARDRAIL AND HAVE AMBUSHED THEIR OPPONENTS AT BACKLASH! The champs simultaneously club the back of the head of their opponents, sending them crashing to the mat. They then lay in some vicious kicks to the small of the back, as well as the neck, the shoulders and the head. The crowd CAN'T STAND the sight of two of the most hated men ambushing their number one contenders like this, and they aren't afraid to show it as they rain down on Flair and Batista with an onslaught of boos! Raw goes for it's Second commercial break, as J.R is shouting "GET THESE TWO SAVAGES AWAY!"

As Raw returns from commercial break, we are greeted by the sound of ***Just Close Your Eyes*** which gathers quite a few boos as Captain Charisma trots down the ramp cockily, preparing for the debut of his new segment; The Peep Show!

Jerry Lawler:

Jim Ross: The sooner this is done and dusted, the better. All this is for is to boost Christian's ego even more, and many thought that wasn't even possible. What has Christian done to deserve this time? Nothing, thats what!

Jerry Lawler: Don't hate the player, hate the game, J.R, and the rules of the game are bent in the favour of Christian. I can't wait!

Captain Charisma jogs up the steel steps, and leaps the the middle rope, posing, and grabbing a microphone of Lillian Garcia at ringside. He then sorts out his collar on his shirt, as his theme dies down. The crowd are still booing Christian, to no surprise.


The boos are far too loud for Christian to carry on, he tries once more but louder.


Still far to much noise.


It doesn't help matters but he does it anyway, only to get even more heat. He waits 20 seconds before the crowd give up and realise he isn't paying attention to them.

WELCOME TO THE PEEP SHOW! My name is Christian, and I AM your host for the evening. Tonight, we shall be going down memory lane; appreciating what the legends of the past have done for us in this ruthless business we call professional wrestling. Shall we begin?

Heat, as the crowd simply can not be arsed for this.

Excellent, cameramen in the back, if you will?

A picture of Hulk Hogan pops up on the screen, as the crowd pops at the sight of "The Hulkster".

Hulk Hogan, the Immortal One! The man that has revolutionized professional wrestling. The man that brought professional wrestling to the mainstream audience, and the man who put this sport on the map. The man, that in 1987 bodyslammed a 505 pound man, I mean, that is impressive! Bu what was Hogan really like? Well my sources tell me he was an asshole. A politician. A mastermind of his own gain. And a selfish, washed up has-been. And ladies and gentlemen, not a thing has changed!

Christian sure is doing a good job at the crowd giving him abuse, he's receiving a tonne of it at the moment. A picture now comes up of The Undertaker.

Next up, the Undertaker! Has competed in 12 Wrestlemanias, and won every single match! That is unheard of in the WWE! A four time WWE champion. A 6 time tag-team champion. A former hardcore champion and one of the biggest badasses around! But Taker, we all know you aren't dead. We all know you're just an egotistical maniac that gets a buzz of pretending something you're not, need I say more?

The levels of heat are constantly raising, as Christian has gone from being an average heel to being hated within the space of a few minutes. A picture of THE ROCK comes up, as the crowd turns electric, but they are a bit apprehensive as they know Christian is only going to say bad things about him.

Ahh, the People's cham... Hey, wait a minute, thats not the picture I asked for!?

Christian's right, because it isn't a still image, it's the Rock; LIVE backstage.

Rock, what the hell do you think you're doing?

The Rock: What the hell do I think I'M doing?! Know you're role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH CHRISTIAN, because there are only two things the people want to hear in New York City...

Cheap pop as the crowd are buzzing, seeing the Rock for the first time since November! As the Rock says this, he does his signature "sniffing" pose.

The Rock:

The crowd is cheering at the top of their lungs, as they chant in unison with the People's champ

The Rock:
And the second thing the people want hear, is the sound of your whiny ass crying all over New York City as The Rock sends you from pillar to post all round the Blue Cross Arena.


Christian: Yeah, thats real cute Rocky, but if you don't mind, I've got a show to get on with.

The Rock:OH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH! The Rock hasn't done yet, jabroni. The Rock has got a question for you Christian... Just, who in the BLUE HELL do you think you are disrespecting the legends of this game, HUH!?!

Christian: I am Christi...

The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE! All that matters is that at some point in your pathetic little life, someone is going to whip you'r ass so hard even Momma Christian won't wanna touch it! And believe me when I say this Christian, that someone could easily be...(whispers) THE ROCK!

Oh dear! Christian is getting shat on with the stereotypical Rocky catchphrases

Christian: Oh yeah, well why don't you come down and prove it, big shot?

"OOOOOHH" is all that is heard throughout the arena, as the Rock raises his eyebrow as if to say "y'serious?" ***Know Your Role*** hits to a STANDING ovation, as Rocky struts the only way The Rock can, unbuttoning his shirt on the way down. By the time he gets to the foot of the ramp, he throws his shirt to the floor, still looking in great condition as he slides under the bottom rope. As soon as he gets in, CHRISTIAN DIVES OVER THE OPPOSITE TOP ROPE. The Rock doesn't look impressed, but he doesn't look surprised either as Captain Charisma hightails it over the guardrail.

The Rock, in frustration, tears down the set for "The Peep Show". Bringing down TVs, flipping chairs and sofas over and all sorts of stuff! Christian is in a sea of fans, with his bottom jaw almost touching the floor in horror of how close he was to being confronted, face to face by The Great One. The Rock then picks up Christian's dropped microphone and climbs to the top rope.

The Rock:


The Rock: WHAT THE ROCK...

Silence, and a longer pause again as Rock looks down on Christian, doing the "Just Bring It" taunt. He whispers...

The Rock:
is cookin'!

The electric crowd fade in to a chorus of boos, as we now see a shot of The WWE Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton backstage. The 3rd generation superstar looks in to the sky, before Johnathan Coachman steps in to the shot.

Johnathan Coachman:
Randy, first off, congratulations on your tremendous performance last noght, defending your Intercontinental title against a very hard challenger in Chris Benoit.

Randy Orton: ... Thanks

Johnathan Coachman: I understand you have requested some time to make an announcement?

Randy Orton: Indeed I have Coach (snatches mic off of Coach) Y'see, i've been the Intercontinental champion since what? Armageddon? And i've defeated all there is to defeat; Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Christian, Chris Benoit, Mick Foley... EVERYONE! And quite frankly, it's not only becoming boring, it's becoming DISGUSTING! It's becoming disgusting that no-one has the skill to even CHALLENGE me. Back in my father's and even my grandfather's era of wrestling, the talent were exactly that, talented. They had guts, skill and charisma and were ALL worthy of competing for this prestigious prize. But now? No-one in that locker room, outside of Evolution, are worthy of shining my shoe!

With that said, my announcement. Tonight, there are no number one contenders. I am going to go to that ring later tonight, and the first man to join me, will have the opportunity to compete for this very title. (slaps belt) So whoever it turns out to be, i'll see you out there.

Randy walks off of the shot, before popping back in again a few seconds after

Randy Orton:
Oh and just a word of advice; DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE

Randy goes for for real this time, leaving a bamboozled Coachman standing there, aimlessly. Before a "Wrestlemania Recall" package plays, highlighting the Women's title match between Victoria and Trish Stratus, which saw the champ retain over the Toronto born diva. Raw then goes to commercial break.

As Raw returns ***Time To Rock and Roll*** plays, to a standing ovation. Trish, who has been on the losing end of things recently skips down the ramp, ready to fight. She rolls in to the ring and grabs a microphone

Trish Stratus:
Okay, so as you may have heard, a new diva is here on Raw, yet nobody knows who she is. And we ALL know Monday Night Raw... that's my territory! No new female athlete walks on to my show without being put through her paces. So if this "new" girl wouldn't mind showing up and fighting me, I would certainly appreciate it.

Silence, until ***Mean Machine**** hits and Smackdown's Shaniqua enters the arena, to many people's surprise! The 6ft monster casually walks down the ramp, as Trish is as shocked as everyone else!

Jim Ross:

Jerry Lawler: Oh no, J.R, I have a feeling is in a hell of a lot of trouble here!

Match Three | Singles Match
Trish Stratus vs Shaniqua​
Neither of these women are getting a negative reaction, despite Shaniqua being heel on Smackdown, and to many's surprise, thre newbie puts on a very technical match with a game Trish Stratus. The match starts off with a good few minutes of impressive chain wrestling, the complete opposite of what everyone thought! But it doesn't take long before this match turns in to a good ole' fashioned brawl, as Shaniqua shows a great deal of strength, lifting Stratus over the top rope and on to the floor. The advantage Shaniqua then had carried on with several brutal punches and forearms to the head of Trish, and a couple of throwings in to the barricade and steel steps, causing Trish to yelp in pain.

The match finishes with Trish still trailing, however after ducking a clothesline from Shaniqua, she jumps on her back and locks in the sleeper hold! Shaniqua manages to last a good 30 seconds or so before collapsing on her knees, as Trish hopes to gain a victory over the newcomer through choking her out. Shaniqua then falls on her back, with no movement. The referee lifts Shaniqua's arm once, twice and three times!? NO! Shaniqua manages to keep the arm, and fights the vicious choke Stratus has locked in. Trish tries her best to keep the hold in, but Shaniqua grabs the ankle of Trish and LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!

Both women are screaming in the center of the ring in pain... BEFORE BOTH WOMEN TAP AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME! IT'S A DRAW!

Winners: Shaniqua vs Trish Stratus ends in a draw via double submission @ 6:30

The two immediately let go of their respective holds simultaneously, almost as a sign of respect. The referee then tells Lillian Garcia the result and she announces it. The crowd are cheering both women, with "Lets go Stratus, SHANIQUA!" chants. Both women make their way to their feet, Stratus favoring the right ankle and Shaniqua holding her chest gasping for air. The two look at each other dead in the eyes in the center of the ring, and Trish reaches out her hand for a handshake! Shaniqua accepts, obviously as a sign of respect, as the two raise each others arm in the center of the ring as ***Mean Machine*** hits once again.

Jim Ross: What a great sign of respect from both women here tonight, and what a great outing by both women! Y'see King, this is why professional wrestling is the best sport on this planet, for scenes exactly like this!

Jerry Lawler: But will handshakes and friendly embraces win you championships and earn you success? No it doesn't J.R, one day these women are going to clash again and it won't be as pretty; I can assure you!

As a shot of Shaniqua and Trish making their way up the ramp fades out, we are faded in to a video package.

***Video Package***

A clip of Triple H hitting the pedigree on a bed of nails on Cactus Jack at the Royal Rumble in 2000

Narrator: For every action...

A clip of Mick Foley hitting Triple H around the head with a barbed-wire baseball bat

Narrator: There is an opposite and equal reaction.


A clip of Triple H squaring up to HBK

Narrator: For every argument...

Clip of Shawn Michaels hitting the Sweet Chin Music on Triple H

Narrator: There is an equal and opposite argument

Clip of Victoria hitting the Widows Peak on Molly Holly

Narrator: And for every ounce of force and impact...

Rapid-fire clips of Benoit hitting the headbutt, Booker T hitting the Scissor Kick and Goldberg hitting the Jackahmmer

Narrator: There is backlash!

APRIL 18 2004

Commercial Break

As Raw returns from the commercial break, we are in the parking lot with CHRISTIAN walking away. Johnathan Coachman follows.

Johnathan Coachman:
Hey, Christian! Can I get a word for a second?

Christian: (nervously) Uhh, yeah, make it quick though.

Johnathan Coachman: What do you think of The Rock, after the things he said tonight?

Christian: What do I think of The Rock? Put it like this Coach; I may get a lot of stick for running away, but I ran away FOR THE PEOPLE! The "People" wouldn't be able to live their everyday life without The Rock, hence why I didn't stay. Y'see, if I stayed, The Rock would be in the nearest medical facility, having a fat nurse licking his wounds clean.

Johnathan Coachman: Alriiiight, so why're you off in su...

Christian: OH SHIT...!

Oh shit indeed! Christians face looks like its been slapped round the face with a wet fish, as on the other side of the car park we see THE GREAT ONE!

The Rock:
Come here and get the beatin of yo' life by The Rock!

The crowd pops, as Coachman sidesteps out of the way of an incoming Rock, and Christian sprints faster than you can say Captain Charisma in to a neighboring taxi cab! The cab instantly speeds of in to the distance, as Rocky tries to keep up with it but he eventually gives up. Out of breath, The Rock slams a near car hood in frustration

The Rock:
Son of a bitch!

Elsewhere, we see HBK SHAWN MICHAELS! We see The Showstopper climbing a thin set of steel steps.

Shawn Michaels:
STING! Come out, now! C'mon Stinger, don't play games with me, I know you're up here.

Michaels makes his way up the stairs, and is now on the rafters above the ring! Michaels then glances across the other side of the rafters, to see a man with a black cloak facing the other way! HBK sprints towards him

Shawn Michaels:
You've got hell to pay, come here!

The man doesn't react, and stays perfectly still. Michaels comes steamrolling across the rafter and NAILS "STING" IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! BUT ITS NOT STING, IT'S A CARD BOARD CUT OUT!

Hey, Shawn! Over here

We hear a voice, from the other side of the rafters, the same side HBK just came from! Michael's turns around and realizes its Sting!

You've gotta work harder than that to get me Shawn. Trust me when I say that, ahaha!

Michaels puts his hands on his knees, resting, visibly exhausted from sprinting across the rafters, especially after his match earlier tonight. Sting then goes back down the steps from once Michaels came, as the cameras go back to ringside with J.R and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross: Oh my! What else can happen tonight! The Raw debut of Shaniqua, We've seen the return of the Rock, the television debut of Sting and we still have an intercontinental title match, and a 15 man battle royal to come!

Jerry Lawler: I can't wait J.R, and the Intercontinental title match is just about...

What perfect timing! ***Line In The Sand*** hits to an astounding amount of boos, as The Intercontinental Champion, The Legend Killer, Randy Orton enters the arena with his belt wrapped firmly around his waist.

Jim Ross:
He doesn't seem at all scared, King. Which is quite surprising considering he has issued an open challenge to ANYONE in the locker room and I tell you, the Raw locker room is stacked full of incredible talent!

Jerry Lawler: Of course he's not scared, J.R, he's the Legend Killer, he's a third generation superstar, he's the Intercontinental Champion, and he is the future! If you were all of them things, JR you wouldn't be sweating it either. If anything, i'd be scared for the person challenging Orton tonight, simply because he can end your career like ... THAT!

Orton does his 'Legend Killer' taunt on the middle turnbuckle before getting down, untieing his title belt and giving it to the ref. Orton signals at the top of the ramp for his challenger, whoever it is, to come down. Line In The Sand comes to an end, as we await the arrival of his opponent.


Fire comes out at the top of the ramp, as well as from the turnbuckles scaring Orton and the ref, as ***Slow Chemical*** plays to a HUUUGE reaction. Kane, who we haven't seen since October has made his Raw return, and what a way to do it! Orton looks like he's just seen a ghost, as he instantly jumps through the middle ropes on the opposite side of the ring.

Jerry Lawler: I take it back JR, I would be scared if I were Orton! He's back!

Jim Ross: Damn right he's back, King! Through hell, fire and brimstone, The Big Red Machine Kane makes his return after nearly 5 months. Oh my King, I bet Orton regrets issuing this open challenge now.

Jerry Lawler: N'ahh, who I am I kidding JR. Orton is one of the smartest, young superstars in the WWE, i'm sure he'll know what to do.

Match Four | Intercontinental Championship Match | Singles Match
Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton vs Kane
As Kane does his taunt and pyro in side the ring, The Legend Killer snuck around the back and has AMBUSHED THE BIG RED MACHINE FROM BEHIND! The bell sounds, and we are officially underway. After gaining the advantage, the ever-opportunistic Orton keeps piling on the offence with kicks to the ribs of a grounded Kane. Orton keeps pummeling Kane with the stiff kicks before dropping an elbow to the back of the head of Kane.

Orton then picks up Kane before whipping him in to the corner, which Kane reverses. Orton floats over the 300+ pound monster and tries to get a quick one with a schoolboy roll-up, but he only just scrapes a two count. The two then quickly get to their feet, and Kane comes rushing towards Orton to really get this one started! However, the ever-wise Randy falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring underneath the bottom rope. Kane follows The Legend Killer, wanting to get his hands on not only Orton, but the Intercontinental Gold, also. Orton runs around the ring and slides back under the bottom rope on the opposite side. As Kane follows, the witty Orton kicks the head of Kane as he is sliding in.

Kane backs out, reassessing the situation, which allows Orton to vault over the top rope and HIT A FLYING CROSSBODY OVER THE TOP ROPE! BUT KANE CATCHES HIM! Orton is in a world of trouble here, as Kane is just carrying him like a bag of sugar. Kane slams the small of the back of Randy in to the apron of the ring, before doing it again, and again, AND AGAIN before finishing off with a snake eyes on the barricade! Kane then rolls back under the ring to break the referees ten count.

Kane looks to continue the offence by picking up Orton, however Randy hits some stiff rights and lefts to the stomach of Kane, before dropkicking the knee of the challenger, causing him to fall to one knee. Orton then removes the padding on the floor of the outside, exposing the bare concrete floor of the Blue Cross Arena, before Orton goes behind Kane and RKO's HIM ON TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! Orton then swiftly makes his way up and rolls back under the bottom rope on the referee's 9 count... BUT ORTON SHOCKINGLY COMES BACK ON TO THE OUTSIDE FOR MORE! Orton lays in with some kicks to Kane, and he picks him up and rolls him in to the ring, knowing if it came to a brawl he'd lose.

Randy flings Kane across to the other side of the ring, to which Kane bounces back, and connects with a vicious big boot to the jaw of Orton! Orton crawls back in to the turnbuckle, as Kane follows. Kane lifts Randy so he's standing up right and hits him with almost a dozen different strikes! From elbows, to shoulders, to kicks to uppercuts, Kane hits them all as the Champ seems to be fading out of it!

BUT ORTON SNAPS AND TURNS KANE AROUND, BACKING HIM UP IN TO THE CORNER! Orton strikes Kane several times, before stepping up on to the second turnbuckle and hitting him with the ten punch, well more like the 15 punch, as it takes the referee physically interfering for Orton to quit. However, he eventually does and lets Kane out the corner... or so they think. Orton immediately hits an impressive dropkick, nailing Kane in the jaw just as soon as he takes a step out of the turnbuckle. Randy then climbs to the top rope, looking for some more high risk offense... Kane staggers up and Orton goes for a crossbody, BUT KANE CATCHES HIM AND THROTTLES HIM! HE RAISES ORTON HIGH IN TO THE AIR FOR THE CHOKESLAM...

But Orton squirms out of it, ad dashes towards the ropes and launches himself over the top rope, getting his head round from the fact he was seconds away from being Chokeslammed to hell and losing his title. Orton gestures to slide in to the ring at the referees 6 count, but he doesn't and stays on the outside, getting himself counted out! Kane wins that match, but Orton retains the title!

Winner: Kane via Count-out @ 8:01. Randy Orton retains

Randy Orton has sneakily crept out of a very sticky situation. Kane seems pissed off, as ***Slow Chemical*** as despite him winning, he is walking away title-less. The fans are boo'ing Orton a fair bit, as he makes his way back up the ramp with a grin across his face.

As Raw returns from commercial break, 10 men have already entered the ring. Test, The Dudley Boyz, Matt Hardy, La Resistance, The Hurricane, Tommy Dreamer, The Hurricane and Val Venis the ten men. Five more competitors are expected to join the ten already in the ring, to start the match.

***Whatever*** plays to a fair reaction, as The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit, intense as ever, makes his way down the ramp. When he gets in to the ring, he climbs the second turnbuckle and raises both arms. ***Rap Sheet*** Then hits to an even bigger reaction, as Booker T has the chance to earn a title shot for the second PPV in a row. He does his usual entrance, and gets in the ring. ***Holla*** plays, causing a bad reaction for Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner, as he makes his way down the ramp, flexing his muscles and generally doing stuff thats not impressive, and that no-one gives a shit about.

With only two men left, ***INVASION*** hits as Goldberg enters the arena, getting an impressive reaction of both pops and boos. Berg' does his usual entrance, however he SPRINTS down the ramp and slide in to the ring. As soon as he gets in to the ring, he SPEARS The Hurricane straight out of his boots. As the match starts to get underway, with one competitor yet to make an entrance. There is a huge 14 man clusterfuck of a brawl in the center of the ring for a good 30 seconds before...


The crowd rises to its feet giving the biggest pop heard in years! Steve Austin hasn't been seen on-screen for over 6 months, and hasn't been in a WWE ring for double that. Stone Cold, looking in great shape, struts down the ramp with his usual attire, knee-braces and all, climbing up the stairs, climbing the top rope and uncharacteristically delivering a diving crossbody on to at least 6 men, as the match is now officially underway!

Match Five | Main Event | 15 Man, Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Test vs. D-Von Dudley vs. Bubbah Duddley vs. Rico vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Benoit vs. The Hurricane vs. Rene Dupree vs. Sylvain Grenier vs. Scott Steiner vs. Val Venis vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. Booker T vs. Stone Cold​
With the bell going after the match has already started, the official beginning of the match is hectic! Austin wiped out the jobbers of the match with an uncharacteristic crossbody to get things rollin' properly. Then separate brawls start to take place all over the ring. Goldberg and Scott Steiner hitting each other with stiff rights to each other's jaw, Benoit and Booker nailing cringeworthy chops to the chest, causing WOOO reactions throughout the crowd,and Steve Austin just generally running roughshod through the rest of the jobbers. And as if this match couldn't get any more hectic, ***Line In The Sand*** plays, as Evolution (HHH, Batista and Flair***) enter the arena! Triple H sits with JR and King to joining them on commentary, as Flair and Batista stand at the top of the ramp looking down on the match.

Mean while, in the ring, the crowd pops as The Dudley Boyz manage to find space to hit a 3D on Rene Dupree. Sylvain Grenier comes in to try and save his partner, but both Bubbah and D-von duck the double clothesline attempt, and hit their own clothesline on Sylvain, eliminating him from the match. On the other side of the ring, Chris Benoit is trying to push Booker T over the rope, but Val Venis comes over and starts trading blows with Benoit, which doesn't end up being too much of a smart idea because as soon as Venis swings, Benoit ducks, gets the back of Venis and GERMAN SUPLEXES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Triple H on commentary plays down the spot saying Benoit would never be able to do that to someone the quality of a Ric Flair of Triple H.

As if things could get any worse for The Hurricane, after only just getting up and recovering from a devestating Spear from Goldberg, he gets knocked over the top rope by The Dudley Boyz, who seem to be using each other very well to earn themselves a shot at Triple H at Backlash. The cameras pan to the top of the ramp, to see Flair and Batista making their way to ringside, but from behind Cade and Jindrak blindside them, in revenge of what they do to them earlier in the night! Triple H is going ape on commentary!

In the ring, we see The Dudley Boyz go for the "WAAZZAAAP" off the top rope, however GOLDBERG HITS A DEVESTATING HIGH KICK TO THE JAW OF D-VON, SENDING HIM CRASHING DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW! Bubba then goes and tries to get payback for his brother's elimination, but Goldberg' uses his AMAZING strength, lifts a near 300 pound Bubbah Dudley over his head and throws him over the top rope, to the outside to crash and burn on top of his brother! Within the space of a few seconds, Goldberg has eliminated both of the Dudley Boyz!

On the opposite side of the ring, Scott Steiner joins in the melee between Benoit and Booker which has been ongoing since the outset of this match. The three connect with lethal rights and lefts before Rene Dupree of all people swings Steiner round AND CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! RENEE DUPREE HAS ELIMINATED BIG POPPA PUMP! Steiner is fuming on the outside! Dupree turns around, and does a celebratory dance in the center of thing ring, before Stone Cold spins him around, raises both middle fingers, hits a toe kick... BAM, STUNNER! STUNNER! STUNNER! The crowd go crazy for the sight of Austin's signature move, which Dupree oversells, and falls over the top rope, comically.

Matt Hardy and Val Venis, now the visible underdogs of this match are keeping to their own business, hammering each other with rights and lefts, before Hrdy ducks on and hits the Side Effect on Venis. Benoit manages to get out of the brawl and turns his attention to Hardy. Chris goes to deck Hardy, but Matt ducks and hits A SIDE EFFECT ON BENOIT! Hardy is on a roll, as Booker makes is way over to Hardy. V1 gets the first kick though, burying his foot in to the sternum of Booker and attempting the twist of fate!... but Booker pushed Hardy away straight in to the grasp of Goldberg, who overhead, belly to belly suplexes Hardy over the top rope, ending all of the momentum of Hardy. Berg then turns his attention to the two men who have been quiet all match, Dreamer and Rico. The two see Goldberg looking at them, and they glance at each other, before running in unison to double clothesline Goldberg, but the big man runs straight towards them, and hits a double spear! He picks Dreamer up, and tosses him over the top rope with ease. He then picks Rico up, and goes to throw him over, but he stops... he lifts him up in the air before nailing Rico with the Jackhammer! He then throws a lifeless Rico over with ease.

The cameras go back on to the ramp, which sees Cade and Jindrak still getting the better hand of Evolution, as the four men who will battle at Backlash brawl their way in to the back. The cameras turn their attention back to the ring, which now only has Goldberg, Chris Benoit, Stone Cold and Booker T. The impressive Goldberg now turns his attention to the Rabid Wolverine, and lines him up for the deadly spear. Goldberg lowers his head and sprints towards Benoit at a rapid pace, and just as Goldberg is about to connect, BOOKER T HITS THE SCISSORS KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF A RUNNING GOLDBERG! The fans go crazy for Booker, as he saves Benoit from a vicious spear! Benoit and Booker then, as a team, pick Goldberg up and collectively throw him over, eliminating one of the favorites!

As Booker and Benoit turn around, proud of what they just accomplished, it is BENOIT WHO TURNS AND INSTANTLY LIFTS THE LEGS OF BOOKER AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Booker falls backwards over the top rope, but lands on his feet on the floor, shocked that Benoit would do such a thing! Booker curses Benoit, as the referee surrounding the ring tell Booker he must leave the ringside area.

The final two, Stone Cold and Chris Benoit, meet each other in the center of the ring with a very intense staredown. The tension builds and builds and builds... until its AUSTIN WHICH LAUNCHES BENOIT WITH A HARD RIGHT! Benoit doesn't back down, however, as he replies with an equally hard right hand, as the two reply with even harder shots several times. Austin then runs to the rope bounces off and Benoit attempts a clothseline which Austin ducks. SCSA bounces back off of the opposite ropes and hits the Lou Thesz press! Austin then gets back up and hits a knee drop to the bridge of the nose of Benoit, WHICH SPLITS HIM OPEN! Stone Cold then picks up Benoit, waits for a second AND HITS THE STUNNER! He then throws Chris over the top rope, however BENOIT HANGS ON AND LANDS ON THE APRON! With Austin on the inside, and Benoiut on the outside of the ropes, the both start exchanging heavy fists.

HHH all of a sudden rips off his headset, and sprints down the ramp. He slides in to the ring, grabs the legs of Austin and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Austin, unaware of whats going on, tumbles over the tope rope...

BUT HE DRAGS BENOIT DOWN WITH HIM, AND THEY BOTH IT THE MAT AT THE SAME TIME! Both men's feet have touched the floor, at exactly the same time! Triple H seems happy, though, simply because he feels he got rid of Austin and made Benoit win the match! The referees are arguing on the outside of the ring about who's feet touched the floor first. The crowd are near enough silent, unsure of what to say or do until...


Vince McMahon's infamous music hits, and the Chairman of the WWE walks out on to the top of the ramp, with a microphone in hand.

Vince McMahon: Hunter, you may have thought you've outsmarted Mr Bischoff, and you may have though you have outsmarted these fans, but by god you haven't outsmart Vincent Kennedy McMahon dammit. There was not a winner tonight, to determine a number on contender for your title, however at Backlash there shall be a winner.


Vince McMahon:
Because at Backlash, on April 18th, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada... for the World Heavyweight Championship... it shall be Triple H...


Vince McMahon:
versus The Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit!

Great pop for Vince, giving Benoit a well deserved shot at the title

Vince McMahon:

The crowd go NUTS AT THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH AT BACKLASH! Hunter's face looks amazingly pissed off. Benoit and Austin, who are on the outside, look at each other before looking at HHH in the ring and grinning at the champ. ***No Chance*** hits again, as Raw fades to black.

***End Show***​


This is my second ever show, my first full show, so please bare that in mind. I know it isn't top quality, and I know you will find shows 100x better than this, but please bare in mind what I just said. Also, i'd like as much advice and feedback as possible, simply because I want to grown and progress as a booker as much, and as fast as possible. So any advice, whether it be storyline wise, vocabulary wise or even lay-out wise would be amazing, as long as it isn't pointless and it has some reason.

Also, I will return any feedback you give me, and I will try and do the same for your show as i'veasked of you for mine. Thankyou.​

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Thursday Night Smackdown! || March 18th 2004
Ocean Center || Daytona Beach, Florida

To open this monumental show, surprisingly there isn't any Wrestlemania recap video. There isn't any opening commentary and there isn't any pyro or video package in general. Instead we have Smackdown announcer, Tony Chimel, standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand. The crowd become silent realising Chimel has something to say; Ladies and Gentlemen, may I now introduce you to, your NEW WWE Champion, Chris JERICHOOOO!! The crowd blow the roof off, greeting the new WWE Champion with huge amounts of respect and admiration. Jericho does his usual entrance, but this time we get unbelievable amounts of pyro once the countdown is up on the tron. Y2J, dressed in black trousers, black leather shoes and a silver, sparkly waistcoat with no shirt and belt around his waist, makes his way down to ringside, proudly. The facial expression tells a story that any one man can be happy, they just have to work, and that is exactly what Jericho has done. On the way down he high fives some fans at ringside before seeing a little child, must be 10 years old at the most, and Jericho takes off his Y2J pendant and puts it around the neck of the youngster; prompting plenty of cheers for the champ. As soon as he gets in to the ring, he unties his championship belt and climbs the second turnbuckle holding his belt as high as possible, for all to see. He waits for the red-hot crowd to pipe down so he can speak, as he stands in the center of the ring, arena blacked out and a bright spotlight on him.

When the crowd are quiet enough, Jericho begins to speak. Consider this an acceptance speech, or consider it an average promo. Chris begins talking about what professional wrestling meant to him as a teenager. He says that even as a teenager, fifteen or sixteen years of age, he worshiped the ground Shawn Michaels walked on. Jericho continues to talk about why HBK was such a huge factor in determining what path Chris would go down in life; which was professional wrestling. Y2J moves on to talk about how he started as a youngster in the industry, in the Hart dungeon. He discusses how he met amazing superstars such as Edge, Christian, Bret Hart, Owen Heart, Jim Neidhart and everyone in between, which cemented all ideas that he wanted, and he WOULD become a professional wrestler. After the age of nineteen, and making his way through the Hart wrestling school. The champ moves swiftly on, discussing his emergence in the mainstream professional wrestling business, being signed by his current boss, Paul Heyman, in a little promotion called Extreme Championship Wrestling. He describes his time in Philadelphia as more of a learning curve, than an actual job, as he was still only young and had so much to learn. After gaining attention from other companies, Jericho moved to work for Raw's general manager, Eric Bischoff, in World Championship Wrestling. The Ayatollah of Rock n Rollah explains that this is where he really developed, not only as a wrestler, but as a man too by facing legends of the business, such as Hogan, Flair, Nash, Hall, Sting, Benoit, Malenko and Raven. Jericho continues to talk in this serious manner, yet cracking off a few jokes here and there, as he moves on to his arrival in to 'the best company in the world'.

He talks about how he fitted right in with 'the boys' and brings up such names as Road Dogg, X-Pac, Shane McMahon, Tazz, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He continues by talking about how immediately successful he was, holding several title belts, but that wasn't enough; he needed the big one. And the big one is exactly what he got, in December 2001 as he became the first ever....EEEEEEEVVEEERRRRRR... WWE Undisputed Champion of the world! Receiving a tonne of cheers from the Florida crowd, Jericho becomes a lot more serious as he explains how he had a huge downfall in his career. Many things happened after losing the undisputed championship, and he just became the lowest of the low, a jobber, and a general loser.... and then 2004 came around. Chris explains that for all of 2003, he promised himself that 2003 would be HIS year and he would be THE MAN, but these promises were nothing but empty, pointless false hopes that never came to a reality. Chris took some time off and trained harder than ever, towards the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004, and he returned on January 25th and lasting over an hour, defeating 29 other men to earn the right to mean event the grandest stage of em' all; Wrestlemania XX.

Chris explains that there was no question about who he'd choose to face, and that ended up being 'the biggest, the baddest, the most ridiculous, smallest head jackass in the whole of the World Wrestling Entertainment; Brock Lesnar. However, before Jericho could move on to discussing the match at 'Mania, the Smackdown! General Manager rudely interrupts the champ, who doesn't seem too pleased to see him, as do the crowd. Heyman, look as arrogant as ever, explains why he came out. He told Jericho that he is now the figurehead of the blue brand and for the blue brand to overcome the fame and fortune of Raw, we need the figurehead to features as much as possible. That’s why Paul has booked the Champ in a match, for tonight! Jericho half-understands Heyman, but obviously isn't pleased as he wants to take the night off. Heyman announces Jericho's opponent to be none other than the man who was unsuccessful against The Deadman last Sunday night, KURT ANGLE! The Ocean Center at first boos the General Manager for making this match, as they want to see as little of Angle as possible, but a few smarks in the crowd pop for the potential this match has to be a classic! Paul's music plays once again, leaving a serious WWE Champion in the center of the ring, more than a bit pissed off.


Once we return from commercial break, we are greeted by the US Champion, Eddie Guerrero who dances and prances out to ringside, ready to make his first title defence against the FORMER US Champion, The Big Show. A jolly Eddie Guerrero makes his way, half way down the ramp before his opponent, the 500 pound monster, The Big Show ambushes him from behind, getting this match underway earlier than expected. A seemingly pissed off Show carries on the onslaught for a good two minutes before throwing Eddie into the ring so the match can 'officially' get under way. Throughout the match, it is The Big Show grounding and pounding on the champ, not allowing him to get an offence in whatsoever. However, as Eddie is dazed in the center of the ring, Show runs against the ropes, bounces back off and attempts to hit a shoulder block. However, Latino Heat gets out the way and Show hits the referee! Eddie, who crumpled on to his knees, makes his way back up, ducks a clothesline of Show and kicks him square in the jewels, Sending the big man down to the ground faster than a sack of potatoes! Eddie then uses the rest of his energy to climb to the top rope, and hit the frog splash! Guerrero doesn't even have the energy to hook the huge leg of Show, as he just lies on top of him as he waits for the referee to regain his sense and make the three count. 1...2...3! We see Eddie celebrate for a while, obviously glad that he retained his newly won belt, and he makes his way up the ramp after lieing, cheating and stealing another victory!

Elsewhere, in an interview set backstage, Josh Matthews is standing by with a microphone in hand. He casually introduces his guests at this time, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The World's Greatest Tag Team; Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. The champs walk in to view and stand either side of an intimidated Matthews. Josh firstly congratulates them on winning the titles last Sunday in a hard fought triangle tag team match, to which the Shelton replies "We don't need no congratulating, we're the best in the world regardless of what you say, or what they say" which garners some decent heat. Josh then quickly moves on to their match tonight, against the experienced duo of Too Cool; Rikishi and Scotty-2-Hotty. Charlie Haas then snatches the mic off of Matthews and says that Rikishi and Scotty are just two dancing buffoons and don't even pose a threat to them tonight. He then goes on to say that they are just like the APA and The Basham Brothers, the two teams they defeated at Wrestlemania, in the fact that they are just born to be losers and they will never become as successful as themselves. Benjamin then leans over and says "You want to know why? Because we're the World's Greatest" before walking off set, leaving a scared Matthews to stand there, awkwardly.

The screen then fades to black, before "Step Up" by Drowning Pool, the theme song of Wrestlemania XX plays, as a video package opens to highlight the Smackdown side of things at the wrestling extravaganza, only four days ago. It opens up with the epic, triple threat, Cruiserweight encounter between the champ, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman, which saw 'The master of the 619' walk in to MSG as the champion, and walk out in the exact same fashion after hitting a double 619 on both of the challengers! Next up, it was the classic fatal four way match for the United States Championship, in which we crowned a new champion in 'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero after he defeated Edge, John Cena and the former champion, The Big Show! The match ended with Eddie Guerrero using his father's signature move, The Gory Special, to make 'The Doctor of Thuganomics' submit! We quickly move on to the penultimate Smackdown! match, which saw the Deadman take on the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle. A match which saw almost everything, from submissions, to grappling, to striking to chair strikes, it was the Undertaker which came out victorious; extending his Wrestlemania undefeated streak after a tombstone piledriver in the center of the ring. Finally, we see highlights of the main-event, Chris Jericho challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. It's a good minute of highlights for this single match, as we see F5s, Lionsaults, a Shooting Star Press but the last move we see is Jericho locking in the Walls of Jericho, causing Lesnar to tap out after suffering so much! The last image we see is MSG on its feet in appreciation of Jericho, holding his newly won title in the air, as Smackdown goes for commercial break.


When we return from commercial break, we see a during the break screen. It shows Edge minding his own business walking down the corridor until he walks past a locker room and all of a sudden... BOOM! The door bursts open and we can see at least two pairs of arms grab Edge and pull him in to the locker room, however we don't see the faces of the men. The door closes as explosively as it opened and all we can hear are boots and punches digging in to the former tag-team and intercontinental champion! As Michael Cole introduces what happens, he says "he doesn't know who, he doesn't know how and he doesn't know why; but whoever did this won't get away with it" to which Tazz agrees and says that Edge is a tough son of a bitch and will get whoever did this. We then go back to the clip and see Edge getting booted out in to the corridor as he rests his head on the door frame, as backstage personnel come rushing to attend the attacked, Edge. Cole and Tazz once again discuss what just happened and who it could be, but neither of them could come up with a logical explanation and we'll just have to find out when they reveal themselves.

As cameras go back to ringside, the tandem of Scotty-2-Hotty and Rikishi make their way down to the ring for their match against the WWE Tag Team Champions, in a non-title bout. On their way down, Cole and Tazz talk about how this could be the perfect time for Too Cool to get a victory over the champs and rocket them up to number one contention for the titles. They receive a decent reaction from the crowd, but it's nothing on the amount of heat Benjamin and Haas get upon their arrival to ringside. The match begins unfairly, as Shelton offers a handshake to poor little S2H and doing the right thing, he accepts... only to be dragged in to the grip of Benjamin and nailed with a t-bone suplex! And that sets the tone for the almost the rest of the match; the heel champions grounding and pounding on the weaker opponent and not allowing him to get a tag to his frustrated partner. Although eventually Scotty makes the most of an amateur mistake made by Shelton as he ducked his head way too early as he attempted a back body dropping, leaving the door open for Scotty to crack a boot to his jaw! He then makes the tag to Rikishi, who gratefully accepts and starts wreaking havoc! He hits a big kick to the jaw of Haas who falls on his ass in the bottom turnbuckle; the perfect position for a stink face and just as Rikishi's cheeks are inches away from Charlie's face the arena blacks out. GUILTY is heard, with the sound of jail doors slamming shut as everyone so confused and as the lights come back on two long-haired men appear and are beating the hell out of both teams with steel chairs, obviously sending a message to someone! The ref calls for a disqualification, as the two men flee, and Cole and Tazz discuss what just happened, and who those two men were!

As the hype dies down, the cameras go backstage, peeking through a gap in the door and the frame, allowing us to see the WWE Champion taping up his wrists. Josh Matthews knocks on the door and asks him if he can have a word, to which the champ says yes. Matthews asks him about the match he has been put in tonight with Kurt Angle. Jericho replies by saying "Listen Joey, I've defeated Angle once before and I'll do it again. He claims he can snap my ankle, he can't even snap up a decent haircut and there's nothing more to say; end of discussion." Josh, who is now a little irritated about Jericho mispronouncing his name, then asks Y2J about Lesnar, as no-one has seen or heard of him since his loss since Wrestlemania and Jericho replies; "I don't blame him Joey, if I tapped out in front of millions of Jerichoholics, I'd be embarrassed as well, staying as far away from this place as possible is the smartest thing he's ever done." Chris lets of a quick smile, before he resumes taping his wrists up as Matthews thanks him for his time and Smackdown goes for commercial break.


We return to see an outside shot of The Ocean Center in Florida as Cole and Tazz talk about what a night it's been already and how the fans in Florida are still as amped as ever about what's still to come tonight. A match graphic comes up with Jericho vs. Angle advertised, as they talk about how that match came about and what a match it promises to be! However, before that, the three men who competed in last Sunday's Cruiserweight title match, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero will be teaming up tonight to take on the Japanese trio of Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda in 6 man tag action!

We go in to the office of Smackdown's! general manager, Paul Heyman who is just ending his phone call. The only thing to note of Heyman's one sided conversation is he asks whoever his caller was that "if they are definitely going to be here tonight?" Obviously, Heyman gets the answer he wants as he chuckles and replies with "excellent, I'll see you soon then. Okay, fine, g'bye." Heyman closes his flip-up mobile as a knock comes at the door, and to a fairly large positive reaction, Mr Thursday Night and former ECW alumni, Rob Van Dam enters the GM's office and shakes his long time friend's hand. Heyman questions RVD about what he wants and surprisingly, RVD takes on a slight heel role here. He and pressures Heyman in to answering why he wasn't included on the Wrestlemania card, and why he wasn't even approached! Paul then cements himself as the real heel in this situation by just generally burying RVD's talent and saying how much he has downgraded since his ECW days. How his love for the fans has hurt him in more ways than one, and should he turn in to the competitive, athletic, selfish RVD that he once was, Heyman guaranteed success, no matter what. RVD remains speechless before spitting on Heyman, calling him a jerk and walking out of the GM's office. Cameras go back to ringside as Cole and Tazz chat about what the f#@? Heyman is on about, and what he wants out of RVD to turn his back on his loyal fans that have been there since day one?

Anyhow, still at ringside, Mysterio's, Kidman's and Chavo's music all hit respectively as the three opponents just four days ago enter separately, ready to team up! Kidman and Mysterio, who remain good friends despite their recent matches, stand in one corner where as their tag-team partner and the heel of the trio stands in the other on his lonesome. The team of Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda enter next, who are all getting on like a house on fire and that is reflected by how well they work together in the match. They pile on the pressure on the Champ, distracting the referee and illegal moves and so forth until Rey-Rey finally makes a tag to his friend, Kidman, who raises hell and dominates the opposing three competitors for a good while; however the numbers game catches up eventually and Kidman is piled on. The match ends when Mysterio and Kidman are in that much of a state, Guerrero decides to intervene and for the first time in the "so far" 7 minute match, do something! He marches around the ring to grab the time-keeper's steel chair and looks like he's going to clear house; AND HE DOES! He wipes out Tajiri, Sakoda and Akio with three brutal chair shots to each of their heads, obviously causing a disqualification but it doesn't matter as the fans love Chavo at this moment! BUT CHAVO TURNS AROUND AND THUMPS MYSTERIO AND KIDMAN IN THE TEMPLE WITH THE CHAIR, WHICH IS NOW DINTED AFTER FIVE VICIOUS CHAIR SHOTS! The love for Chavo was short lived, and has now came and gone as he now has the whole of the Ocean Center booing him, and he couldn't care less. "He just ruined a perfectly good match, and for what!?" is what Michael Cole is heard shouting from ringside. Chavito is the last cruiserweight standing, as he looks towards Tony Chimel who his holding Rey's Cruiserweight belt. Like a psycho, Guerrero falls to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope, stalks Chimel and the belt and snatches it away from it. His eyes glaze over at the sight of the belt before he slings it over his back and walks back up the ramp, leaving an unknowing Rey an unpleasant surprise for when he recuperates. Cole and Tazz talk about what the hell Chavo is doing, and what this means for the Cruiserweight division, before Smackdown goes to its penultimate commercial break.


We return with a video package informing us that "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles is coming to Smackdown, soon! We don't see an image of this man, only a silhouette, but he looks rather small but well built. Cameras go back to ring side and the man who was viciously attacked earlier tonight, Edge, walks out with blood all over his face, and he doesn't look to pleased about it. He doesn't enter with his music or anything, just him getting down to the ring as fast as possible, as Cole and Tazz ask if even Edge knows who attacked him. Edge wipes part of his crimson mask away from his eyes and slides under the bottom rope. He snatches the mic of Tony Chimel and calls out JAMIE NOBLE, SEAN O'HAIRE AND CHUCK PALUMBO!? The crowd is silent as they have no idea why Edge has called out these three men. But all of a sudden, Noble's music hits and he comes down the entrance ramp to a fair amount of boos, Noble stands by the ring and with a smirk on his face shouts "why me, what have I done?" arrogantly. Noble feints to slide under the bottom rope to fight Edge, but he pulls back last minute as Edge rushes in, leaving enough time for Palumbo and O'haire to come from behind and ambush Edge for the second time tonight. Noble, seemingly the ring leader of the trio, then strolls in and lays in some boots before a DONG is heard! The arena blacks out and seconds later when the lights come back up, O'Haire, Palumbo and Noble are gone leaving only Edge in the center of the ring. However, Edge regains a little consciousness and crawls to the fallen microphone which is only a meter of two away. He grabs it and lifts it to his mouth, panting, while still lying on his back. He says "is that the best you got, because whatever that was, it wasn't good enough." He brings the microphone away for a few seconds, regaining his breath before beginning to speak again, this time vowing revenge on each and every single one of them men, one by one, slowly but surely. He then makes it up to his knees, and collapses on the mat once again, more than likely because of lack of blood. EMT's come rushing down, as Tazz and Cole discuss the disgusting and seemingly unprovoked attack that we just witnessed. Smackdown then fades out in to the Raw Rebound! with the last shot being Edge stretchered out of the arena.

The Raw Rebound recaps the showdown and part of the promo between Sting and HBK that begun Raw, as well as the tag-team championships, Number one contender match between Cade/Jindrak and La Resistance, and the cowardly attack that followed. Following this, it also highlights the most important bits of the Peep Show, including the return of The Great One! The segment highlights everything of importance on Raw, ending with VKM's announcement of the Triple Threat between Triple H, Chris Benoit and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Heavyweight Title at Backlash.

Cameras then go backstage to see Jamie Noble walking around on his ones, as Josh Matthews approaches him. JM questions him about what that was all about, and Noble simply replies; "No comment." Matthews pesters him again, however Noble repeates what he just said, despite us being able to see in his face he wants to just let loose with his emotions and feelings etc. Noble storms off and gets in the car, before we return to ringside as Tazz and Cole talk whats up with Noble? Jericho and Angle then enter the arena, ready for their match up, next!


As we return to Smackdown for the final time tonight as the bell rings to officially get this stellar main event underway, as the new WWE Champion locks horns with Kurt Angle! It is Kurt Angle that gains the early advantage through perfect chain and mat wrestling, quickly waring the champion out, and thats how it continues for a good five minutes. It is only up until around the six minute mark that Y2J regains any momentum as he flips out of a german suplex attempt and hits a very impressive dropkick, perfectly placed on the jaw of the Olympic Gold Medallist. Jericho then starts beating down on Angle, using dozens of different strikes and high flying maneuverers, before eventually hitting a picture-perfect headscissors takedown, leaving both men lieing down in the center of the ring due to fatigue. The two then get up at the referees 8 or 9 count and they start trading blows before going counter for counter, move for move for a good 3 or 4 minutes. Towards the end of the match, it is the champ which is in the drivers seat as he has his opponent aptly placed on the top rope. AND HE HITS A BRAINBUSTER OFF OF THE TOP ROPE WHICH MUST HAVE SHATTERED THE NECK OF KURT ANGLE! ITS OVER, 1...2...3! CHRIS JERICHO RETAINS THE TITLE!
However, his celebration doesn't last long as the infamous music of the fomer WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, plays and Lesnar, dressed in a tracksuit and black tank top comes sprinting down the ring, defeating Y2J in a trade of blows, and he sets Chris up for the F5.... AND CONNECTS! Lesnar has a huge grin over his face as he looks down on the champ, and spits in his face, before leaving and Michael Cole and Tazz close the show, slagging off Lesnar!



Just so you all know, i'm trying different writing methods to see which I prefer, but i'd also like some input from you guys about what you prefer, so tell me what could/should be done to improve my writing style/layout etc. But any other feedback will be great also. Just another note, i'm going at my own pace so don't expect a rhythym for the amount of shows churned out, it all depends on school, as I have my GCSEs coming up real soon. This is very much like a side project and something for me to focus on during my free time, so bare that in mind. Expect some news and notes this week, though.​
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