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Two questions for the price of one

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I had two questions. The first is why does the store always say it's sold out of everything? Is there a limit to the number of items sold a day, week, or month? Also, is it posted anywhere how many posts you need to reach the next level? The might be some to add to the help page, if it's not already there. I looked, but could not find it.
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The number of posts to reach the next level used to be somewhere and I can't find it. I think it's the following, and correct me if I'm wrong, which i will be.
Feel free to fill in the blanks

0-100 - Newbie
100- 350 - Jobber
351 - 750 - Mid-Carder (Thanks white_tiger)
751+ - Main-Eventer
2,500+ Icon
3,500+ Legendary Icon.

You can change your custom title with points in the store. YOu have 15 now and need a lot more.

Title | Minimum posts
Newbie 0
Jobber 100
Mid-Carder 350
Main Eventer 700
Superstar 1400
Icon 1900
Legendary 2500
Legendary Icon 3500
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