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I had two questions. The first is why does the store always say it's sold out of everything? Is there a limit to the number of items sold a day, week, or month? Also, is it posted anywhere how many posts you need to reach the next level? The might be some to add to the help page, if it's not already there. I looked, but could not find it.

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The reason the store says out of stock is because you don't have enough points to but it so it says out of stock but when you have enough points it won't say out of stock anymore.

And I don't know about the level things.

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The number of posts to reach the next level used to be somewhere and I can't find it. I think it's the following, and correct me if I'm wrong, which i will be.
Feel free to fill in the blanks

0-100 - Newbie
100- 350 - Jobber
351 - 750 - Mid-Carder (Thanks white_tiger)
751+ - Main-Eventer
2,500+ Icon
3,500+ Legendary Icon.

You can change your custom title with points in the store. YOu have 15 now and need a lot more.

Title | Minimum posts
Newbie 0
Jobber 100
Mid-Carder 350
Main Eventer 700
Superstar 1400
Icon 1900
Legendary 2500
Legendary Icon 3500
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