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Two cool pictures of Savage and Piper

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My cousin sent me two pictures the other day that were posted on the forum he belongs to and I thought I would share them here. They are two unique pictures of Randy Savage and Roddy Piper from back in the day. As you can see, they both are holding up both the WWF Title and the Intercontinental Title belts.

I was searching around on the internet trying to find any info about it, and there is no real documentation to explain the pictures. But from the looks of it and based on assumption, they are from non-televised events where they were facing probably facing the respective champion at the time and won (for the night) or somehow had a screwy finish. They probably just just ended up posing with both belts to send the crowd home happy.

Anyway, they are really cool, and any old school fan will really appreciate them. Check them out:

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Wow, I'd love to have a bigger version of the Macho Man pic, poster size, and frame it. That's class.
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