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Hello and welcome to Tweety's Music Mafia!
Co-hosted by Rugrat

The game's rules are as follows:

1. Play to your win condition. Town is Town Aligned, Mafia is Mafia Aligned. Town win condition is to eliminate all threats to Town. Mafia win condition is to control the majority or reach a gamestate where nothing can stop that from happening.

2. Do not discuss the game outside of this thread, do not share QT links with people who are not supposed to have access to the QTs.

3. Copypasting your role PM is forbidden, paraphrase your flavour if asked for it.

4. Day 1 lasts 36 hours, Night 1 lasts 24 hours. From day 2 onwards, every dayphase lasts 24 hours, every night phase 12 hours.

5. All non-town players have been given fake characters and corresponding flavours. As such, flavour/character hunting is highly discouraged. Any character can belong to any alignment.

6. Role resolution is as follows [list blatantly copied from Barry's game]:
Passive Roleblock / Nexus
Bus Drive / Redirect *
Roleblock *
Kill / Poison / Arson
Watch / Track / Follow / Voyeur / Motion Detect

* If these roles interact in such a way as to create a paradox, the roleblock will take precedence​

Sample Role PM:

Welcome to Tweety's Music Mafia!

You are Seether - Town Aligned.

Tweetums had prepared some flavour for you here but after having to cut a few roles, you unfortunately had to miss out on this game. Oh well, better luck next time!

Vanilla Townie - You have no role in this game.

You win the game if all threats to town are eliminated.​

Player List:

1. Magic - Within Temptation - 1x Random Night Vigilante, "Hydra" - Killed N2
2. PHEN0M - Motionless In White - 1x Roleblocker, 1x Bodyguard - Endgamed
3. jeffatron - Bury Your Dead - 1x Grave Digger - Endgamed
4. Poyser - Andy James - 3x Silencer, 2x Silenced Vote Benefactor - Daykilled D2
5. SavageX - Emmure - Hated, Post Restriction - Modkilled N2
6. CamillePunk - Chimaira - 1x Cop - Killed N1
7. Lawls - Suicide Silence - 2x Strongman, 2x Rolecop - Endgamed
8. Barry Burton - Breakdown Of Sanity - Armorsmith - Killed N4
9. Doddsy - Neaera - 2x Gunsmith - Endgamed
10. NotGuilty - Bullet For My Valentine - Godfather, 1x Attention Seeker, 2x Redirector - Endgamed
11. Odo - Zeromancer - 2x Watcher - Killed N3
12. Rop3 - Scar Symmetry - Conditional Double Voter - Lynched D3
13. V. Skybox - Raunchy - Hammerer - Lynched D4
14. TKOK - Demon Hunter - Messenger, 1x I Play Dead - Lynched D5
15. Curry - Caliban - 1x Day Vigilante, 1x Jailkeeper, Liar - Endgamed
16. LethalWeapon - Thy Art Is Murder - Serial Killer, 1x Bulletproof, Permanent II - Lynched D2

Rep List:
1. Jam
2. Alco
3. Big Man

The game so far:
End of Day 1 - Nobody was lynched
End of Night 1 - CamillePunk was killed
Mid-Day 2 - Poyser was daykilled
End of Day 2 - LethalWeapon was lynched
Mid-Night 2 - SavageX was modkilled
End of Night 2 - Magic was killed
End of Day 3 - Rop3 was lynched
End of Night 3 - Odo was killed
End of Day 4 - V. Skybox was lynched
End of Night 4 - Barry Burton was killed
End of Day 5 - TKOK was lynched and Mafia win

Day 1 has started. With 16 players alive, achieving a lynch requires 9 votes. 36 hours remaining.

That's the way it has to be
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A bit of advice: don't get anyone close to lynch unless you really want to lynch them. Especially not me.

Vote Barry
Welcome back.

Still searching
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Subtle Skybox is subtle.

Assuming he's putting creativity towards the roles rather than the setup so I'm not expecting too many surprises. Mean's we'll have to work hard to balls this up day 3/4.

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Just lethal

Well I don’t think CP did great either but don’t tell him that :heston

Tweet was scum so. Can’t even remember who the 4th was

In the bleak midwinter ....
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Hello, im not going to start playing until tomorrow. Grieving right now.
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