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On Friday night, January 14th, The ROH Champions (Strong, Hero, Castagnoli, & Daniels) took on the ROH All-Stars (Richards, Generico, & the Briscoes) in a contest all about bragging rights and big money. For more than 30-minutes, these 8-men battled it out for the right to truly claim they are the best, and, in the case of the All Stars, possibly earn themselves a shot at a title by pinning a champion.

And when it was all over, that is exactly what happened. After all the back-and-forth action, where either team could have picked up the victory, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels found himself on the receiving end of a top rope elbow drop from Mark Briscoe and then on the losing end of a three-count. The All-Stars picked up the win, the cash prize, and right to boast how they defeated the Ring of Honor champions.

Well, as seen in the video posted above, Christopher Daniels is proving himself an honorable champion by offering to defend the title against the man who pinned him in Richmond: Mark Briscoe. Daniels stated he would give Mark that match anytime, and ROH officials have decided what better place for “The Fallen Angel” to defend the title than in the City of Angels!

It will be ROH World TV Champion Christopher Daniels defending against Mark Briscoe on January 28th as part of “WrestleReunion 5”! Add this to the World Title match and the KoW/WGTT rematch, and Los Angeles is already lining up to be a must-see event! Don’t miss out, tickets are available here: http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=213, and for more information on the “WrestleReunion 5” convention, click here: www.wrestlereunion.com!
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