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True Kingpin Storylines Thread

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This time I'm serious, I'm gonna write the storylines.

: I will be doing SmackDown! only, but if anything important happens with RAW I'll let you know.

: I will focus on the main storylines of the show, so any matches with only the results are just normal matches.

: Feedback would be great.

*I will begin from after the WWE Royal Rumble PPV 2005. Here are the results of the show:

- Batista won the Royal Rumble, lastly eliminating John Cena.
- Triple H def. Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Title.
- JBL def. Kurt Angle & Big Show to retain the WWE Title.
- Kane def. Gene Snitsky.
- The Undertaker def. Heidenreich in a Casket Match.
- Trish Stratus def. Victoria to retain the Women's Title.

The first show will be up soon.
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Here's my first show!

*Sorry I forgot to announce it: Heidenreich is fired, and I may be rehiring some old WWE superstars for my Storylines.


WWE SmackDown!: Episode I

SmackDown! begins with the General Manager Theodore Long heading to the ring.

Long: Hello everybody and welcome to SmackDown!. Now as you know, because of this past week’s Royal Rumble match, SmackDown! has been left without a challenger to the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. So, I’ve decided that next week in the Main-event, SmackDown! is gonna have it’s own Royal Rumble match! Of course, the WWE Champion will be defending his title against…

The GM is cut off as JBL enters the arena and gets into the ring.

JBL: Listen Theodore, how can you expect me to defend the WWE Title again after just coming off a Triple Threat PPV defence? You know, I think I know what you’re up to. You’re trying to take away the title away from me without having to strip me of the belt. All these Fatal Four-Way and Triple Threat matches are wearing me out.
Long: I’ve heard enough; you can’t accuse the General Manager like that!
JBL: Maybe I can’t, but I can sign a petition against you!

The TitanTron then shows Orlando Jordan and the Bashams backstage getting the three Dudleyz to sign a petition.

Long: JBL you can sign petitions, moan, groan and raise your tone but it’s not gonna change the fact that next week you’re gonna face any former World champion of your choice with the WWE Championship on the line, and tonight you’re gonna face The Undertaker in a No-DQ non-title match with the Cabinet banned from ringside PLAYA!

The GM smiles and leaves the ring, and JBL looks infuriated!

Match I: Funaki def. Billy Kidman to retain the Cruiserweight Championship:
Kidman gets the Cruiserweight belt but the ref tries to take it off him. As the two struggle to get the title, Kidman eventually pulls it away but gets dropkicked in the face by Funaki as the title goes smack in Billy’s face! Funaki then pins Kidman for the 3-count!

Backstage, Kurt Angle is telling Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak that they have a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship that evening:

Angle: That’s right guys, you get a shot at the WWE Tag titles tonight. Then, I’ll win the SmackDown! Rumble next week and become the WWE Champion at WrestleMania.
Reigns: Uhh Kurt, you do realise that we’re in the Rumble too, right?
Angle: Yeah I do, but you guys are gonna help me out, yeah?

Jindrak and Reigns look at each other.

Angle: What?
Jindrak: It’s just that we’re not sure to trust you not to eliminate us next week.
Angle: Listen to me, Mark. After all of the things that I’ve achieved in my career, there’s still one thing I haven’t done – won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Now of course you two are my backbone and buddies, but I’m sorry; if I have a chance to eliminate either one of you, I won’t think twice about it.
Reigns: Well then Kurt, OK.
Angle: What do you mean, “OK”?
Reigns: If we get a chance to eliminate you, you won’t have the chance to even think about why we did it!

Jindrak & Reigns leave the room as Angle looks on in anger!

A limo pulls up in the parking lot, and Vince McMahon gets out of it!

In the arena, Rey Mysterio comes out and challenges the U.S. Champion John Cena to a title match.

Cena comes out…

Cena: Listen Mysterio, as much as I’d like to come down to that ring, kick your ass and retain my title, you haven’t earned a title shot. So why don’t you qualify for my U.S. Championship then call me out, ok?
Mysterio: Well why don’t you face me right now in a non-title match, and if I win why don’t we face off next week for the title?
Cena: Well…you’re on!

Cena runs to the ring and the match begins!

Match II: John Cena def. Rey Mysterio in a Non-title match:
Mysterio takes Cena down with a Flying clothesline and then goes for a 619. As he runs towards the ropes, Cena quickly grabs his legs and rolls him up in a School Boy pin. The ref counts to 3 without noticing Cena’s feet on the ropes!

Cena celebrates on the outside with the U.S. Title as the crowd do not like the way Cena cheated to beat Mysterio.

Match IIII: The Bashams def. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship:
Reigns hits the Spinning Neckbreaker on Danny as Jindrak has Doug busy on the outside. As Reigns goes for the pin, Kurt Angle runs out to the ring and distracts the ref! Reigns asks Angle what the hell he was doing! As they argue, Danny Basham rolls Luther up for the 3-count!

After the match, Angle apologizes to Luther and Jindrak. As they ask him what’s he doing, the Bashams use a WWE Tag Team title belt each to knock Reigns and Jindrak out! Angle then raises the Bashams arms as it seems that the Bashams have abandoned JBL and Angle has turned on Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak!

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero meets Booker T…

Eddie: So Booker, are we gonna challenge for the Tag titles or what, homes?
Booker: Hey Eddie I like you and I respect you, but for now our Tag Team relationship is postponed. I’ve gotta be prepared for next week and for WrestleMania.
Eddie: So what? I’m gonna win the SmackDown! Rumble next week but I don’t wanna…
Booker: What did you say? You think you’re gonna win the SmackDown! Rumble? Eddie, no one but me is gonna kick ass and go on to WrestleMania next week.
Eddie: Booker I hate to break it to ya homes, but I’m winning that match next week so you better stay away, get it? “Latino Heat” is gonna take over next week, and…
Booker: No you ain’t fool, next week Booker T is gonna win the SmackDown! Rumble, is gonna go to WrestleMania and is gonna win the WWE Title at WrestleMania and there ain’t nobody or nothing that’s gonna stop me so CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKA?!

Suddenly, Vince McMahon walks in…

Vince: Hey you two, I could hear you arguing from outside! Now if you’ve got a problem with each other, you can solve it in the ring tonight dammit!

Vince leaves as Booker and Eddie stare each other down!

After a break, we begin the fourth match of the evening:

Match IV: Booker T def. Eddie Guerrero:
Eddie takes down Booker with a Missile Dropkick, but only gets a 2-count. Eddie then hits the Three Amigos on Booker and signals to go up top for the Frog Splash. Eddie taunts of the turnbuckle a bit before he jumps. He goes for the Splash but Booker T gets his knees up. As Eddie is kneeling over in pain, Booker T nails a quick Scissors Kick and then pins Eddie Guerrero for the victory!

After the match, Booker T helps Eddie up and offers him a handshake. Eddie simply trash-talks in Booker’s face and walks away!

After Booker T leaves the ring, Vince McMahon’s music hits and the WWE chairman makes his way to the ring.

Vince: I know everybody is wondering why I’m here tonight, so I’ll just get right to the point. First of all, as you all know, last year’s Royal Rumble match saw that time’s WWE Champion Brock Lesnar interfere in the match and that lead to Goldberg’s elimination. Plus Booker T, as a distraction from The Undertaker’s gong, eliminated Kane. Well, I do not want this year’s Royal Rumble match to be disturbed, so I promise to personally fire anybody who interferes in the match…including the champions of the company! Now as for my second announcement, I have decided that the night after WrestleMania, on RAW, we’re going to have another draft lottery! Just like last year, it doesn’t matter if you’re JBL or Eric Bischoff; anybody can get traded, although this year there is one change: if a champion gets traded, he takes his title with him! However in this case, the opposite champion will get traded to the other show. So for example if JBL gets traded to RAW and he is still WWE Champion, then he’ll take the title with him and the World Heavyweight Champion will come to SmackDown!. The U.S. Championship opposes the Intercontinental Championship, the Tag Team Championships oppose each other and the Cruiserweight Champion opposes the Women’s Champion! On a final note, good luck to everybody in the SmackDown! Rumble next week!

As Vince gets to the back, Funaki walks up to him…

Funaki: Hey Mr. McMahon, I Funaki, SmackDown! No.1 Announcer and No.1 Champion!
Vince: Yeah I know Funaki. Oh and while I’m here, I’ll just let you know that next week you’re defending the Cruiserweight Title.
Funaki: Ok Mr. McMahon, who will I defend and retain against?
Vince: I’m still thinking of a few challengers, so you’ll just have to find out next week.
Funaki: Mr. McMahon before you go, please let me tell you a joke.
Vince: OK OK, what?
Funaki: What’s a mixture of Vince McMahon and Funaki?
Vince: What?
Vince: Uhh…yeah! Great joke, Funaki. Well, I’ve got to be going.

Vince walks off with a puzzled look on his face!

After another break, we see The Undertaker backstage walking to the ring for the Main-event!

Backstage, Theodore Long notices JBL and tells him to announce his opponent for next week after the Main-event.

Main-event: The Undertaker def. JBL in a No-DQ Non-title match:
JBL throws ‘Taker into the steel steps and then throws him back in the ring. JBL then picks ‘Taker up, but the “Dead Man” fights back and pummels the WWE Champion with right-hands into the corner! ‘Taker then goes for the Old School, but JBL uses his able arm and pulls ‘Taker off the ropes. JBL gets ready for a Clothesline for Hell. He charges toward ‘Taker, but gets nailed with a Big Boot! ‘Taker then picks JBL up, nails a Chokeslam and gets the 1-2-3!

After the Main-event, ‘Taker leaves the ring and JBL takes a mic.

JBL: Well, I have to choose a former World champion to face next week on SmackDown!. Well after what happened earlier tonight, I choose to face Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle comes out on the stage and the two superstars stare each other down as SmackDown! goes off the air!.

- Funaki def. Billy Kidman to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.
- John Cena def. Rey Mysterio in a Non-title match.
- The Bashams def. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.
- Booker T def. Eddie Guerrero.
- The Undertaker def. JBL in a No-DQ Non-title match.

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Hey Kingpin it's good to see you back in this. Goodluck with your storyline and your shows. By the way good Smackdown Vince's announcement was huge also seeing Cena talk smack to Rey was great. 8.5/10 from me awsome show

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Great Job man, I really enjoyed this. Really interesting show followed with some huge storyline changes. LIking the Cena turning heel approach and the draft lottery will be huge! Next week should rock with Angle vs JBL and a Royal Rumble! Cant wait!

Sorry to double post but I forgot a rating, I give it a 9.

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Preview for SmackDown!: Episode II

Scheduled Matches:
- 30-Man SmackDown! Rumble.
- Kurt Angle vs. JBL for the WWE Championship.
- ? vs. Funaki for the Cruiserweight Championship.
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