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Triple WHC Switcharoo

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I'm afraid already but after the stupid promo from Orton I'm calling it now
ADR beats Shamoose, Title change Nr 1. Ziggler cashes in and wins, Nr 2. Orton defeats ziggler later on and gets WHC, NR 3.
It's something for the record books, they could brag with this crap for years at NOC ads, it would be as stupid as the 18secs at WM and I'm so very f'in afraid that the WWE is stupid enough to do this.

Please, can somebody tell me it's just in my head and not even Vince would agree to that? Please? fpalm
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Orton goes for filming soon, so no.

But it isn't a bad idea anyway. He's the best out of that bunch.

But it won't happen.
That would mean Sheamus losing though, so no it won't happen.
It could very well happen, or something similar. I don't care much about the WHC anyway.
I'd be down for it. But no way Orton would get his hands on it since he is leaving very soon, and I'm sure they don't want to make him lose it on a random episode of Raw/SD just so he can film.

The Sheamus - Del Rio - Ziggler switch MAY happen, leading to Ziggler-Orton for the WHC.. But Ziggler goes over in this scenario unless for some fucked up reason WWE happens to go and give it to Orton for 2 weeks..

Well Orton vs Ziggler shouldn't be after the WHC match anyway. But yeah the 'triple switcharoo' would be a bad idea and shit all over the title.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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