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Triple H?

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So is Trippers coming back this sunday in any shape or form? What do you think? In what scenario could he possibly return?
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I've given up on guessing when HHH is gonna return - every PPV it's the same discussion and same disappointment! But if he does return:
6th man in SD chamber
Beat up Sheamus
Beat up the winner of one of the EC matches (heel turn in the process, leading up to WM Title match?)
Raw general manager

if he returns...

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Who knows. I think WWE still doesn't know what to do with him, whether that is full on feuding with Sheamus again - which kayfabe wise is the obvious thing that should happen seeing as he is the man that set The Game on the shelf for a year. But with the possibility of facing Taker at Mania, he would need to get involved after 2-21-11. So like I said, who knows. We'll find out within the next 3 days though I'm assuming...
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