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Triple H to induct Shawn Michaels into the HOF

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Just watched a video from the Wrestlemania press conference, where HHH reveals that he'll be inducting Michaels. Personally I don't think anyone else would be suitable to induct HBK, what are your views on this?

Here's the video
Go to about 2:13

If this has already been posted or there's an official thread to the Hall of fame, then please just let me know.
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Anybody else would have been a travesty tbh.
Ric Flair and now Shawn Michaels. Pretty good, I say.

The question is: Who will induct Triple H when he eventually goes in? I guess it will be Shawn Michaels.
I guess Shawn, Vince or Stephanie. Should be a good one though, especially if they don't shy away from all the juicy stuff everybody wants to know lol.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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