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UGO.com has posted a list counting down the top 25 most overrated wrestlers of all-time. The ranking is topped by 13-time world champion Triple H, who was named Most Overrated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards on three consecutive occasions (2002-2004), and again in 2009.

Regarding the self-proclaimed “King of Kings”, UGO.com wrote: “For too long, Triple H has received a free pass from internet wrestling fans, but we say, “No more!” Sure, he used to be great, but that was before he destroyed his body and moved on to destroying the careers of younger wrestlers. Folks these days like to say that “The King of Kings” makes people into stars, but wrestlers tend to either succeed despite the terrible, emasculating beatings he gives them or just disappear back into the midcard. What’s worse is that he does it all with the same four boring, mechanical moves – a fact which goes strangely unnoticed by the world’s Cena-bashers, who tend to love “The Game.” If Triple H was as great as people say he is, the past 13 years of constant pushes shouldn’t have just turned him into another Rock or “Stone Cold,” it should have gotten him elected King of the Universe.

“And The Chaperone looks atrocious.”

The complete ranking is as follows:

25. Diesel
24. Arn Anderson
23. Alberto Del Rio
22. Jerry Lynn
21. Shelton Benjamin
20. Verne Gagne
19. Jeff Jarrett
18. Sabu
17. Finlay
16. Christopher Daniels
15. Mr. Anderson
14. William Regal
13. Indy Geeks (Mike Quackenbush pictured)
12. Randy Orton
11. Gorgeous George
10. Scott Hall
9. Dean Malenko
8. Owen Hart
7. Christian
6. Curt Hennig
5. Miss Elizabeth
4. Jerry “The King” Lawler
3. Giant Baba
2. Hulk Hogan
1. Triple H

Jeff Hardy should’ve been in Curt Henning’s place. WTF he was on this list because his nickname was “Mr. Perfect”?
Some of these guys were great wrestlers.

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Had to refrain from laughter as soon as I saw AA listed.

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How the hell is Jeff Jarrett "overrated"? Everyone on here parrots that stupid line from the rise and fall of WCW dvd about him "never drawing a dime".

And the only person who should be considered most overrated is CM Punk. Guy could no show ten events in a row and the IWC would still proclaim him to be the best thing since sliced bread.

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“For too long, Triple H has received a free pass from internet wrestling fans, but we say, “No more!”
What in the hell is this guy talking about? When has HHH ever received a free pass from internet fans? :confused:

Anyways, I obviously don't agree. There are some other questionable names on that list too imo. If it was written in a more objective manner I think it would be more credible to me. Instead it just looks like a little bash fest tbh. HHH is overrated because he's had all these years on top but never reached the heights of Austin or Rock, he's buried talent and he has 4 moves. Ok, well if that's the case then why isn't Taker on the list? Meh.

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Christopher Daniels? What did he ever do to deserve this?
WTF is Sabu doing on that list? If anything, most of the IWC disrespects him for being a spot monkey.
Shelton Benjamin? You mean one of the most athletic, if not the most athletic, people to have ever been in a ring?
Obvious troll is obvious

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Personally, I would have had Owen, Bulldog or Jarrett #1. That's just me opinion.

This is just a list of popular midcard guys that never got the respect they deserved with a few ME names thrown in there. Very bad list overall.

I would have thought guys like Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn would have never even been considered for a *most overrated* list. Who the Fuck has overrated them? Malenko is one of the most underrated performers of the past 20 years.

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Arn Anderson???? Alberto Del Rio??? JERRY FUCKING LYNN??? CURT HENNING?

Two of the greatest in ring workers of all time, plus Arn Anderson who is vastly underrated, and ADR who is a pretty great worker himself based on his time in Mexico.

The list is obviously a joke by some Cena mark.

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Some of the names are true, but Jeff Hardy not being on the list invalidates it.

Jeff Hardy and John Morrison are #1 and #2. Unquestionably.

Alberto Del Rio being on there is just nonsense to the highest degree. Why is he there? Just because he got an extraordinarely huge push early in his career? Then put Lesnar/Sheamus on there as well. You can't be on the most overrated of all time list if you've not even been there a year.
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