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Triple Crown Champions

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I realized something when watching Eric Young come out with the old Heavyweight belt.

TNA right now has 4 Triple Crown champions, though one of them is one that no one has thought of for the last month.

AJ Styles - Triple Crown and the only Grand Slam
Kurt Angle - The only man to hold the three titles at once
Samoa Joe

Seriously, most people forget that Abyss is a 1 time Tag Team champion with AJ Styles, and he was the Heavyweight Champion back when the belt changed hands on disqualification. He hasn't been on TV for over a month, but he is also the current Television champion.

It's odd, I always though it'd be Christopher Daniels that would be the next Triple Crown

Oh yeah, there are two other TNA wrestlers that have three kinds of belts, but haven't gotten the heavyweight belt.

Douglas Williams picked up his three belts pretty quickly, Tag with British Invasion, X-division while he was still with British Invasion, and the Television belt when he broke away from Immortal. Shame he hasn't been on the iMPACT much recently

Eric Young's title reigns are all over the map. He's a FOUR time tag team championship, most known for his championships with Robert Roode, but he was also technically a tag champion with Kaz as Super Eric, and technically a tag champ with "The Band" Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. He's also a 1 time X-division champion, though it was stripped almost immediately. And of course, he was the one that renamed the Global belt to the Legends belt.

By the way, I'm a huge Eric Young fan. So since he's currently wearing the TNA Heavyweight belt (even if he dug it out of a trash can), he's a Grand Slam champion in my book.
Hell, he was also once the World Beer Drinking Champion, so he's held 5 belts. Beat that AJ!
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A.J.'s a Triple crown in NWA (when TNA was with TNA), and a Grand Slam with TNA.

Also, A.J. is a "Grand Slam" in the secondary titles. Why?

X-Division Title (back when X-Division was the sub-title to the NWA/TNA World Title)
Legends Title
Global Title
TV Title

That many accolades... and TNA doesn't even recognize/promote that type of history. They should hype that up with him to, oh I don't know, give credibility to the dude, not to mention give Abyss (as much as I dislike the gimmick/dude), Joe, and Angle (not like he needs it) credibility, too.
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