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Triple Cage

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Do you think WWE could figure out a way to alter the way WCW used the Triple Cage from WCW .I could see them altering it a little, and useing it efficiently. Maybe for a tag team title match or something.
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I'd love see WWE start using some of WCW's old gimmicks, but if they were going to do it, they'd probably have already done it. 'War Games' would be a great gimmick for Survivor Series, I think. I remember when WWE was running three brands (Raw, Smackdown & ECW) I had many stoned conversations about the possibility of WWE introducing a 3 Ring Royal Rumble Match, like WCW's 'World War 3', with ten particiapants entering each ring. The last man in each ring could earn a spot at Wrestlemania. I'm sure if this would be any good, but it might have been worth trying. It could well have sucked.
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