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Hi guys. Now I'm not really sure if your aloud to post things like tributes in here as I'm not really down with the rules and guidelines for this.

Tag Division - 2000-2001​

My tribute is about 3 teams that I have picked as my favourite teams during this time period. The 3 teams I picked have been in great matches and all were tag team champions. Lets get started.

Team 1 is a team that is all about risks. I'm talking about Team extreme. The combination of real life brothers, Jeff and Matt. The hardy boys. There first tag team reign was June 29, 1999 however since we are talking about 2000-2001, there first reign in that time was September 24, 2000.

They won the tag team titles in a steel cage match taking on Edge and Christian.


One of the funniest teams ever in the WWE. Edge and Christian. They would goof around in the ring, backstage and more. They were also a great team of wrestlers. There first tag team championships came at Wrestlemania 2000 in one of the greatest matches in WWE history.

This team was also a team that no one really knew who the best wrestler was as both men were so great in the ring.


The third and final team that I will be looking at is the Dudley boys. Brother Ray and Brother Devon. Most famous for getting the tables, both Brother Ray and Devon have brought hardcore into WWE.

They proved that in there matches such as TLC matches that they took part in against the 2 teams listed above. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Edge and Christian.


More matches that they include are these -


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Those were great days for sure....but I remember the days when entire promotions were built around tag teams.

I would put Memphis at the top of the list....

Koko Ware and Bobby Eaton
The Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane and Steve Keirn)
The Rock and Roll Express
The PYT Express (Koko and Norvelle Austin)
The A-Team, The Masked Assasins, Fire and Flame (same guys different hoods)
The Sheepherders (Bushwackers before Vince nutered them)
The Batton Twins
The Nightmares (Ken Tinbs and Danny Davis)
The Dirty White Boys/ The Grapplers (Tony Anthony and Len Denton)
The original Midnight Express (Rose, Condrey and Austin)
The Galaxians (Jim Cormette's first team)

all wrestled in the same 5 year period.

Now that was a hotly contested time.
Man, that list brings back some great memorys doesn't it. You have listed some of the best tag teams from back in the day. Thanks for sharing.
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